Crimean War Research Society

Members' wants and items for sale

For sale:
Uniform of a Crimean era Rifleman of the 95th, price £500.
The uniform consists of: Kilmarnock bonnet; tunic; linen "sandbag" trousers; black leather boots. Black leather shoulder belt and waistbelt with ammunition pouches; Blue painted water canteen; black canvas haversack; bayonet and frog. Rolled greatcoat ("en banderole"); replica rifle.
Any member interested should contact Judy Gardiner of "The Thin Red Line" on: +44 (0)1597 823272.

For sale:
11th Hussars replica uniform made by Keith Perks at Victorian Times; includes jacket and cherry trousers - chest 42" w/ 34" shirt sleeve (28" coat sleeve) and trousers w/ 37" waist & 31.35" inseam. Bill Carman at the British Army Museum served as a consultant in the making of the uniform. Over USD 1700 invested; willing to sell for USD 1500. Seller will include a copy of Mollo's "Into the Valley of Death" and other reference materials in the sale.
For more information, contact Stephan Wiley at 45345 Bear Lake Rd, McArthur, CA 96056, USA; cellphone 530-941-1974.