Adjutant General Sir George Augustus Wetherall's
Returns Relating to Officers in the Army (Crimea).
Searchable Database by Hugh Small

The Crimean War Research Society is very grateful to Hugh Small for granting the Society a permanent licence to maintain this database. The digital database consists of scans of pages 2-70 of Returns Relating to Officers in the Army (Crimea) by G. A. Wetherall, the Adjutant General, dated 16 March 1857.
The 'Wetherall' database is a very useful guide to finding out if a particular army officer served in the Crimea and what were his service dates. It is a good starting point for anyone trying to find an officer who may have served.
However, published in 1857 with something over 4000 names it is quite accurate, but not complete. 150 years later it has formed the starting point for Tony Margrave's great ongoing work, Officers in the East which is available HERE at our shop at in either hard or soft cover versions. In his painstaking research Tony Margrave has found many more officers and his work contains a great deal of concentrated information about each officer
Click here to view a scan of the first page of Wetherall's book which outlines the order from Parliament.
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