SP39 Officers in the East, 1854, 1855, 1856. 236–page SOFTBACK edition. This is the consolidated 1st Edition and Supplement. It is the first part of a major work of enormous value to historians, researchers and students of the Crimean War. By Tony Margrave. Preface by Major Colin Robins OBE FHistS. (See also SP39–HB, the HARDBACK edition). [A4, 236pp, perfect bound].

Abbott Frederick Tydd Assistant Surgeon Abbott George MD Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Abbott George Surgeon 2 Class (l/r) Abbott George Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Abbott John R 12th Bengal NI Lieutenant Colonel (Infantry) Abbott John Ensign Abbott John Lt Col 12th Bengal NI Abercrombie Robert Lieutenant Acheson Henry Hamilton Purveyor Acklom George Evatt Lieutenant Acton Walter Actg Asst Surgeon Acton Walter Assistant Surgeon Acton William Molesworth Cole Captain Acton William Surgeon 2 Class (l/r) Acton William Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Adair Allan Shafto Lieutenant Adam Frederick John Lieutenant Adams Andrew Leith MD Surgn 2 Cl Adams Cadwallader Bvt Lt Col 49th Foot Adams Cadwallader Captain Bvt Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Adams Charles Major Adams Frank CB Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Adams George CB Comm Gen Adams George CB Commissary General Adams George CB Commissary General Adams Henry William CB Maj Gen 49th Foot Adams Henry Cornet Adams John Alex. Philip 2nd Capt RA Adams Thomas Edmund Lieutenant Adamson Joseph S Major Adamson Robert Isaac Lieutenant Adcock Herbert Burrows Ensign Addams J S DA-Comm FTD (RA) Addington The Hon Charles John Captain Addington The Hon Leonard A 2nd Capt RA Addy John 2nd Captain Addy William Lieutenant Adlington Henry Smith Captain Adrian John Joseph Asst Surgn Adrian John Joseph Asst Surgn Adye John Miller Capt Bvt Maj & Bvt Lt Col RA Adye John Miller Capt Bvt Maj & Bvt Lt Col RA Adye Mortimer Capt & Bvt Maj RA Aebi Frederick Louis Jean Lieutenant Agar The Hon Charles Welbore Herbert Captain Agnew James Captain Ainger Major Surgeon 1 Cl (l/r) Ainslie Frederic George Lieutenant Colonel Ainslie James Captain Ainslie William Bernard Lieutenant Colonel Airey James Talbot CB Lieutenant Colonel Airey James Talbot CB Lt Col 2/Coldstream Guards Airey Richard Brig Gen after Maj Gen unattached Aitchison William Captain Alban Frederick Lieutenant Alder Francis Lieutenant Alder Samül B Deputy Assistant Commissary General Alder Sydney Assistant Surgeon Alderson Dr Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Alderson Edward Mott Lieutenant Alderson Henry James 1st Lt RA Alderson MD Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r). Alderson MD Surgn 1 Cl (l/r) Alderson R R Surgn 1 Cl (l/r) Alderson Rev R C/F Alderson William M. Dixwell Lieutenant Aldridge John Lieutenant Captain Aldridge Robert Barttelot Lieutenant Aldworth Richard William Captain Alexander Charles Carson Alexander Lieutenant Colonel. RE Alexander Charles Carson Lt Col RE Alexander Classaud Adjutant & Captain Alexander Henry Lieutenant Alexander Sir James Edward Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Thomas Surgn 1 Cl after DIG Alexander Thomas Surgn 1 Cl Staff after DIG Alexander William Gordon Lieutenant Alison Frederick Montagu Lieutenant Alison Frederick Montagu Lt 72nd Foot Allan George Captain (Engineers) Allan W Lieutenant Allardice John M'Dermid Lieutenant Allen Alfred Quartermaster Allen George Quartermaster Allen John Edward Lieutenant Allen Peter MD Actng Asst Surgn Allenby E Apothecary Aller Hans Horneman Lieutenant Colonel Alleyne Douglas Lieutenant Allhusen F.B. Ehrenberg Ensign Allinson Edward Dawson Asst Surg RA Allison H Ensign Allix William Kent Capt 1/1st Foot Allix William Kent Captain Alloway George H Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Alt Henry Daniel Ensign Ambrose George James Captain Amherst The Hon William Archer Lieutenant Ancell Malcolm Currie Assistant Surgeon Ancell Malcolm Currie Asst Surgn Anderson Abraham Quartermaster Anderson Arthur MD Surgn 1 Cl Anderson Charles Captain Anderson Charles Lieutenant Anderson David MD Surgn 2 C Anderson George MD Surgeon Anderson George MD Surgn Anderson James H Pringle 1st Lt RA Anderson James Assistant Surgeon Anderson John Henry Quartermaster Anderson John Richard Capt RA Anderson Joseph Henry Lieutenant Anderson Richard Captain Anderson Robert Carew MD Surgeon Anderson Thomas Quartermaster Anderson William Abbot Surgeon Anderson William Christian 1st Lt RE Andrewes Wiliam Gilly 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Andrews J Apothecary Andrews Mottram Major Andrews William Alexander Assistant Surgeon Angelo Edward Fox Lieutenant Anley Frederick Augustus 1st Lt RA Anley Henry Thomas Lieutenant Annesley Arthur Lyttleton Lieutenant Annesley Charles Jasper D Captain Annesley James O.D Ensign Annesley Robert Ensign Annesley The Hon Hugh Lieutenant Annesley The Hon Robert John Lieutenant Annesley William Richard Lieutenant Captain Ansell August. Edward Henry Captain Anson Archibald Edward Harbord 2nd Capt & Capt RA Anson The Hon Augustus Henry Archibald Captain Anstey Edmund Francis Captain Anstruther Henry Lieutenant Antrobus Edward Crawfurd Captain Aplin John Guise Rogers Captain Bvt Major Aplin John Ensign Aplin Philip Henry Prender Captain Aplin Vincent Cornet Applegate Theodore G.B Ensign Applewhaite Augustus Lieutenant & Adj Appleyard Federick Ernest Captain Arbuckle E. Ker Vaughan Captain Arbuckle Edward Vaughan Lieutenant Arbuckle George B Vaughan Captain ArbuckleC V Lieutenant Arbuthnot Charles G Capt & Bvt Maj RA Arbuthnot Henry Thomas 1st Lt RA Archer Edward Archer Francis Blisset Deputy Commissary General Archer James Gubbins late 6th Drgn Gds & Major TC Archer Richard Hallilay Lieutenant Archer Willaim Spearman Assistant Deputy Commissary General Armit George William Captain Armit Louis John Amadée Capt RE Armstrong Arthur Savory Lieutenant & Adjutant Armstrong Arthur William Samül Freeman Captain Bvt Major Armstrong Captain 3rd Madras N.I. Armstrong Charles Lt Armstrong Edward Marcus Lieutenant Captain Armstrong Frederick Gerard Ensign Lieutenant Armstrong H Cornet Armstrong James Eckell Assistant Surgeon Armstrong James J Cornet Armstrong James Jekell Assistant Surgeon Armstrong James Wells Lieutenant Colonel Armstrong James Wells Lt Col 49th Foot Armstrong Lancelot Assistant Surgeon Armstrong Robert Philip Lieutenant Armstrong T.P St George Captain Armstrong W A Captain (Infantry) Armstrong William A Captain Armstrong William Bruce Assistant Surgeon Armstrong William Cornet Armytage Henry Major Arnold William Trail Captain Arthur Frederick Ensign Arthy H P Apothecary Arx Adrian von Captain Ashton Joseph Lieutenant Ashwin James Collins Lieutenant Asschenfeldt Julius Ensign Astley Edward D'Oyley Lieutenant Astley John Dugdale Captain & Bvt Major Astley R Lieutenant Aston J Quartermaster Atcherley Francis Topping Captain & Bvt Major Atherley Mark Kerr Col 92nd Foot Atherley Mark Kerr Colonel Atkinson Edward Atkinson George Assistant Deputy Commissary General Atkinson Humphrey John Gillett Asst Surgn Staff Atkinson James Captain Atkinson John Quartermaster Atkinson Robert Assistant Surgeon Atkinson Thomas George B Lieutenant Atkinson Thomas George B Lieutenant 46th Foot Atkinson Thomas George B Lt 46th Foot Atkinson Thomas Johnston Asst Surgeon Attree Frederick Simes Captain Au Baron F von Lieutenant Auchmuty J Captain Auchmuty John Captain Austen A G Major (Artillery) Austen Edgar Edward Lieutenant Austin Alfred John Lieutenant Austin Hugh Whitechurch Captain Aylett James Quartermaster Aylmer Fenton John Lieutenant Aylmer Frederick Charles Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Aylmer Henry Lt Col RA Aylmer Henry Lt Col RA Aynge G A DA-Comm FTD (RA) Ayton H A Whitmore Lieutenant Ayton H A Whitmore Lt 84th Foot Bacon John Joseph Lieutenant Baddeley John Fraser Lodington 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj Baddeley John Fraser Lodington 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj RA Bader Charles Bagnell Rev H W Asst C/F Bagshawe Rev John B RC Chaplain Bähler Bënedicht Gottlieb Lieutenant Bailey James Deputy Assistant Commissary General Bailie William Alex Captain Baillie Henry David Lieutenant Baillie J Capt Turkish Contingent Baillie James William Cornet Baillie James William Cornet Royal Regt of Horse Guards Baillie John Captain (Staff) Baillie Robert Capt 44th Foot Baillie Robert Captain Bain David Stuart Erskine MD Surgn 2 Cl Bainbrigge Arthur Captain Bainbrigge Edward Lt RE Baird Alexander Cornet Baird James Ensign Lieutenant Baird James Lt 41st Foot Baird John Cornet Baird Sir David Bart Lieutenant Baird Sir David Bart Lt 74th Foot Baird Thomas Carpendale Lieutenant Baird William Lieutenant Bake Samül Commissary in Chief of the Field Train Baker Francis Bramley Assistant Surgeon Baker James Cornet Baker Robert Broome Captain Baker Thomas Durand Lieutenant Baker Valentine Lieutenant Baker William Lieutenant Bakewell Robert Hall MD Actg Asst Surgn Balcombe James Quartermaster Balding Charles Acting Assistant Surgeon Baldwin George Walter Captain Bale Henry Edward Captain Balfour F Captain Balgonie Alexander Viscomte Capt 3/Gren Guards Balgonie Alexander Viscomte Captain Balinhard W. Carnegy de Lieutenant Ball Alex Francis Captain Ball Edward Alfred Lieutenant Ball Francis Lieutenant Ball Joseph Veterinary Surgeon Ball Tertius Act. Asst Surgn Ballard John Archibald Lieutenant Madras Engineers. Lieutenant Colonel Imperial Ottoman Army Bally William Lieutenant Baly George Asst Surgn Bamford Robert Carter Captain Bampfield William John Paymaster Banbury Richard Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Banbury William Quartermaster Banks William 2nd Captain Banner Robert Murray Major Banon E J Deputy Assistant Commissary General Bansen Heinrich Captain Bansen Hermann Captain Barber Henry Howard Cornet & Lieutenant Barber W J Apothecary Barclay Henry Ferguson Captain Barclay John Barford E B Lieutenant Baring Charles Captain Baring Francis Capt & Bvt Maj 1/Scots Fus Guards Baring Francis Captain & Bvt Major Baring Henry Lieutenant Barker Charles Vet Surgn (lr) Barker Frederick Grote Lieutenant Barker George Robert CB Capt & Bvt Maj RA Barker George Robert CB Capt & Bvt Maj RA Barker John Veterinary Surgeon Barker Joseph Act. Asst Surgn Staff Barker Joseph Asst Surgn RA Barker Veterinary Surgeon (Cavalry) Barlee John B Deputy Assistant Commissary General Barling Surgeon Barlow John Capt 14th Foot Barlow John Captain Barlow Maurice Col 14th Foot Barlow Maurice Colonel Barnard Henry John Lieutenant Barnard Henry William Maj Gen after Lt Gen Barnard Robert Cary Major Barnard William Andrew M Capt W 2/Gren Guards Barnard William Andrew M Captain Barnes George Robinson Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Barnes Richard Moore Captain Barnes W R Maj Turkish Contingent Barnes W R Major (Staff) Barnett Oliver Asst Surgn Barnett William Townsend Capt RA Barnside Frederic R Eyre Captain Barnston Robert Capt & Bvt Maj 90th Foot Barnston Robert Captain & Bvt Major Barnston William Captain Barr James Ensign Barr William Alexander Actg Asst Surgn Barrett Charles Carter Captain Barrett Richard Doyle Captain Barrett William MB Assistant Surgeon Barrett William MB Asst Surgn Barron Netterville John Lieutenant Barrow John Edward Ensign Barry Charles William Capt RE Barry Daniel Paterson MD Surgeon Barry T Act. Asst Surgn Barry Thomas Stawell Act. Asst Surgn Barry William Wigram 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Barstow George 2nd Capt RA & Bvt Maj Barstow John Arthur Lieutenant Barstow Thomas Quartermaster Bartlett Henry Commissary General Bartley John Cowell Captain Barton George Pigot Actg Asst Surgn Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Barton George Pigot Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Barwell Captain Barwell F Lieutenant Bassano Christopher Bakewell Surgn 2 Cl Bassett Arthur Lieutenant Bassett Gustavus Lambert Basson Eduard Lieutenant Bastard Baldwin J Pollexfen Lieutenant Bath Henry Vet Surgeon (l/r) Bath Henry Vet Surgn (lr) Bathe Henry Percival de Lieutenant Colonel Bathhirts Maj (l/r) Bathurst Frederick Thomas Arthur Hervey Captain Bathurst Henry Captain Battersby R L Major (Infantry) Battiscombe Henry L Ensign Lieutenant Battiscombe R C Capt Art Turkish Contingent Battiscombe Robert Charles Captain (Artillery) Battiscombe Robert Charles Captain (Artillery) Baür Adolph Ernst Lieutenant Baumgartner Robert Julian Major Lieutenant Colonel Baxlee J.B Deputy Assistant Commissary General Baxter Francis Hastings MD Surgeon Baxter Francis Hastings MD Surgn 2 Cl Baxter James Fleming Lieutenant Baxter W R Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Bayfield Samül Joseph Assistant Surgeon Bayfield Samül Joseph Asst Surgn Bayley Edward Robert Ward Lieutenant Captain Bayley Edward Captain & Bvt Major Bayley George Lieutenant Bayley Henry Lambert Brisbane Assistant Commissary General Bayley Paget Captain Bayley Walter Douglas Lieutenant Bayliff Richard Lane Lieutenant Bayly G Act. Asst Surgn Bayly Richard Kerr Lieutenant Bayne George C Ensign Baynes Arthur S Deputy Assistant Commissary General Baynes Charles Edward Stuart 1st Lt RE Baynes Henry J Le Marchant Lieutenant Baynes Robert Stuart Capt 8th Foot Baynes Robert Stuart Captain Baynton Bathurst Charles Lieutenant Bazalgette Evelyn Lieutenant Bazalgette James Arnold Paymaster Bazalgette Sidney Augustus 1st Lt RA Bazalgette William Joseph Capt 37th Foot Bazalgette William Joseph Captain Beachamp Fitzmaurice Lieutenant Beachamp Francois Gustavus Lieutenant Beale Robert Henry Asst Surgn Beale Thomas Chaytor Actg. Asst Surgn Asst Surgn (l/r) Beale Thomas Chaytor Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Beales A Captain Beales Charles Captain (Cavalry) Beamish George Perceval Lieutenant Beatson George Stewart MD Surgn 1st Cl Beatson William Ferguson Lt General Beatson William Ferguson Lt General Beatson William Ferguson Lt General Beattie William Berkeley Paymaster Beatty James McNeill Asst Surgn Beatty John William Cornet Beauclerk Lord George Augustus Major Beaufoy Charles Asst Surgn Beaumont F E B Captain (Engineers) Beaumont Godfrey Wentworth Lieutenant Beaumont Godfrey Wentworth Lieutenant Beaumont John Ensign Beaumont Rev William John MA Becher E (?) Surgn Beck Charles Henry Lieutenant Beck Richard Edward Lieutenant Becker Carl Assistant Surgeon Becker Rev A C/F. Beckwith Henry Assistant Surgeon Beckwith J F Captain (Infantry) Beckwith Sydney Lieutenant Colonel Beddoe John Bedford Charles J R Ensign Bedford Richard B. Roland Lieutenant Bedingfield John Lieutenant Beeching J Apothecary Beetham Dillon Lieutenant Belfield William Paymaster Bell Edward W D Major Bell George Col 1st Foot Bell George Colonel Bell James Nicholas Assistant Surgeon Bell James Lieutenant Bell Montagu Wrigley Lieutenant Bell Thomas Lynden Lieutenant Bell William Robert Ensign Lieutenant Bellairs William Capt & Bvt Maj 49th Foot Bellairs William Captain & Bvt Major Bellamy Percy Lytton Lieutenant Bellanti C. Bellew William Lieutenant Belson F C Capt RE Benbow Edward Lieutenant Benison Jonathan Lieutenant Benison Samül Paymaster Bennet Andrew Quartermaster of Brigade Bennett Adrian Ensign Lieutenant Bennett Adrian Lt 7th Foot Bennett Francis Levett Paymaster Bennett George Lieutenant Bennett Robert Adjutant Captain Bennett T Westropp Adjutant Bennett Thomas Wainright Act. Asst Surgn Bennett Valentine Lieutenant Benson Arthur Edward Lieutenant Benson George Thomas Paymaster Benson Henry Roxby Major Bent Captain (Engineers) Bent George Capt Bvt Maj & Lt Col RE Bent H RA Major (l/r) Bent Hugh 2nd Capt RA Bent Hugh RA 2nd Captain RA Major O.H.A Bent John Surgn RA Bentinck Sir Henry John William KCB 28th Foot Maj. Gen after Lt Gen Benwell Frederick William Lieutenant Benyon Sam Ashton Yate Lieutenant Berdmore Scrope Reynett Captain Bvt Major Major Beresford Edward Marcus Lieutenant Beresford George Robert Captain Beresford Henry Marcus Lieutenant Beresford Herbert Act. Asst Surgn Beresford M. de la Poer Lieutenant Beresford M. W de la Poer Captain Berger Friederich Lieutenant Bergonzie F Capt Turkish Contingent Bergonzie F Captain (Staff) Berkeley Charles Assheton Fitz-Harding Lieutenant Colonel Berkeley Lennox Major (l/r) Bernard Luke FitzGerald Bernard Paymaster Bernard S Maj (Transport) Berry Henry A Paymaster Berry Peter Surgeon Bertram Charles Pelgü Captain Bertram Robert Ensign Best Mawdistly Captain Best The Hon Robert Rainy Lieutenant Beswick Frederick Adjutant Bethune Duncan Monro Captain Major Bethune Robert Captain Betts Nathaniel Philip Asst Surgn RA Betty William Thomas Lieutenant Bevan Charles D 1st Lt RA Beveridge J Apothecary Bewes P Surgeon Bewley George William Quartermaster Bews James Hamilton Surgn Biddle T G Asst Surgn Biddle Waring Alexander Lieutenant Biddulph Michael Anthony Shrapnell 2nd Capt after Capt & Bvt Maj Biddulph Michael Anthony Shrapnell 2nd Capt after Capt & Bvt Maj RA Biddulph Robert 1st Lt RA Bigge Thomas Scovell Lieutenant Bilham David Quartermaster Billington George M Ensign Bindon H Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Bingham George Lord Lieutenant Captain & Bvt Major Bingham George Lord Lt Capt & Bvt Maj 1/Coldstream Guards Bingham Henry Lieutenant Birch Azim Salvator Lieutenant Birch John P Assistant Surgeon Birch Lee Lieutenant Birch Wyley Lieutenant Bird Henry Lieutenant Bird Samül Dougan Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Bird Samül Dougan Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r). Bird William Oliver Lieutenant Bird William Act Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Bird William Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) Birnie Thomas Knox Assistant Surgeon Birt Hugh. Birt W J Captain (Cavalry) Bissett George Edward L.C Captain Black George Barnes Mowbray Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) Black William Thomas Surgn 2 Cl Black Wilsone Lieutenant Blackall Robert Captain Blacker John Robert Lieutenant Blackett Edward William Captain Blackett Christopher Captain Blackett Christopher Captain Blackett Edward Ralph Actg Asst Surgn Blackett Edward William Captain Blacklin Richard Capt after Bvt Lt Col unattached Blackwood S Actng Deputy Assistant Commissary General Blades W Commissary Clerk Blair Arthur Kindersley Lieutenant Blair James Lieutenant Colonel Blake Ethelbert Henry MD Surgeon Blake Frederick Rodolph Lieutenant Colonel Blake George Quartermaster Blake Henry Arthur Lieutenant Blake John Ensign Blake Joseph Lieutenant Blake Michael Quartermaster Blake Stephen Paymaster Blakely Alexander Theophilus Maj (l/r) Blakely Alexander Theophilus Major (l/r) Blakely T Apothecary Blakeney H Asst. Comm FTD (RA) Blakeney Robert Capt & Bvt Maj 48th Foot Blakeney Robert Captain Bvt Major Blakiston Lawrence Lieutenant Blakiston Thomas Wright 1st Lt RA Bland J Captain Bland James Franklin Captain Blane Charles G Lieutenant Blane Charles Garrow Deputy Assistant Commissary General Blane Robert Maj & Lt Col Blane Seymour John Captain Blanel Carl Captain Blarer Baron Jacon von Lieutenant Colonel Bleazby Francis Cornet & Lieutenant Bleckley Thomas Macdougall MB Assistant Surgeon Blenkins George Eleazar Surgeon Blenkinsop Rev Edwin Clennell Leaton BA MA C/F. Blennerhasset Barry Captain Bliesner Adolph Lieutenant Captain Bligh Frederick Cherburgh Captain Blisset Henry Quartermaster Blissett Thomas Quartermaster Blood John Lieutenant Bloomfield James Arthur Lieutenant Bloore John T Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Blosse William Conyngham 2nd Capt & Capt RA Blount Herbert Captain Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Bloxsome Berkeley C William C Lieutenant Bloxsome W. Dowdeswell Lieutenant Blücher Carl von Ensign Blundell Henry Blundell Lieutenant Blunt Francis Theophilus Lieutenant Blunt Walter Frederick Lieutenant Blurton G Quartermaster Blythe Joseph Harry F Lieutenant Boate B U Lieutenant Boate H C Captain Boate Henry Charles Assistant Surgeon Bodkin James Cornet Boggs Alexander Indian Medical Service Medical Officer MRCS Bogle A H Captain (Artillery) Boileau Charles Augustus Penrhyn Captain Boldero George W Captain Bolton Arthur Nassau Ensign Bolton John Lawrence. 2nd Capt RA Bolton Richard G Bomford Lieutenant Bolton William John 1st Lt Bolton William John 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Bond Frederick Cornet Bond John Lieutenant] Bond William Wensley Ensign Bone Theodore Gordon Assistant Surgeon Bonham Francis Lieutenant Booth Robert N G Cornet Booth Robert Deputy Assistant Commissary General Booth William 1st Lt RA Boothby Basil Charles Lieutenant Boothby John George 2nd Capt after Capt RA Borough Richard Lieutenant Borrow John Captain Borton Arthur Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Borton Charles James Ensign Lieutenant Bosi Dr Surgeon (l/r) Bostock John Ashton MD Surgeon Bott Thomas Lieutenant Boudier E W Major (Infantry) Boudier Rev John George C/F. Boulton John 2nd Capt RA Bourchier Claud Thomas Capt & Bvt Maj 1/Rifle Bde Bourchier Claud Thomas Captain & Bvt Major Bourchier Eustace Fane Capt & Lt Col RE Bourchier Eustace Fane Capt & Lt Col RE Bourke Oliver Paget Major Bourke The Hon J. Jocelyn Capt & Bvt Maj 88th Foot Bourke The Hon J. Jocelyn Captain & Bvt Major Bourne Johnson Captain Bousted Robert Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Bouverie Henry Montolieu Captain Bowden Rev John Mil Ch. Bowen Eassex Assist Surgn RA Bowen Robert Surgeon Bower George Cuthbertson Lieutenant Bower Henry John Captain Bowles Charles Captain Bowles Vere Hunt Captain Boxall Robert Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Boyce Abel W Lieutenant Boyd Edward Captain Boyd James Browne Horner Lieutenant Captain Boyd Richard Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Paymaster Boyd William Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Boyd William Captain Boyle A Linton Assistant Surgeon Boyle Edward Patrick Asst Surgn Boyle John Frederick Clinton Lieutenant Boyle John Frederick Clinton Lieutenant 38th Foot Boyle Robert 2nd Capt RA Boyle Robert 2nd Capt RA Boyle The Hon Robert Edward Lieutenant Colonel Boyle The Hon William George Capt 21st Foot Boyle The Hon William George Captain Boyle William Capt & Bvt Maj 89th Foot Boyle William Captain Bvt Major Boynton George H Luton Lieutenant Br auns David Ensign Brabazon Anthony B Brackenbury Charles Booth 1st Lt RA Brackenbury H Captain (Infantry) Bradbury John Quartermaster Bradford Michael Lieutenant Bradford Ralph Lieutenant Colonel Bradford Ralph Lt Col 3/Gren Guards Bradford Wilmot Edward Major Bradley John Donaldson Lieutenant Bradshaw William Asst Surgn Bradshaw William Asst Surgn Brady Rupert George Lieutenant Brady Rupert George Lieutenant 1/1st & Captain 2/1st Foot Brady Thomas Clark Assistant Surgeon Brady Thomas Clark Assistant Surgeon Brady Thomas Clark Asst Surgn Bragge John Arthur Lieutenant Brakel Friedrich von Captain Bramley Alfred Jennings Lieutenant Bramston Thomas Harvey Captain Brandis Carl von Captain Brandling John James Capt & Bvt Maj Brandling John James Capt & Bvt Maj RA Brandt William Ensign Branfill Benjamin Aylett Lieutenant Branscombe J Graham Deputy Assistant Commissary Braun Octavius Lieutenant Braybrook William Leman Lieutenant (attached from the Ceylon Rifle Regiment) Braybrooke William Ensign Lieutenant Captain Bredin E.G RA Major (l/r) Bredin Edgar Grantham 1st Lt Bredin Edgar Grantham 2nd Captain RA Major O.H.A Breedon Thomas Henry Captain Breedon Augustus Lieutenant Breedon Harry A Arthur Lieutenant Brendon Algernon 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Brennan Edward FitzGerald Lieutenant Colonel Brennan Edward Fitzgerald Major (l/r) Brennan James Vet Surgn (RA) Brennan Richard 2nd Captain Breton Peter Wright Lieutenant Brett De Renzie James 3rd Madras Euro Inf Brigadier General O.I.C Brett De Renzü Lt Col 3rd Madras NI Brett Frederick H Asst Surgn Brett H Maj Turkish Contingent Brett H Major (Staff) Brett John Ensign Lieutenant Adjutant Brett Reginald Best Major (Artillery) Brewer J Apothecary Brice George Tito Captain & Bvt Major Brice William Henry Asst Surgeon Bridge James Cornet & Lieutenant Bridgeman O F C Captain Bridgeman O F C Captain (Cavalry) Bridges George Lieutenant Bridgman William Gill Vierey O Lieutenant (l/r) Captain (l/r) Briggs Charles Newton Captain Briggs George Major Briggs John Cornet Briggs John Paymaster Bright George Money Ensign Bright Robert Onesiphorus Captain Brigstocke George C H P Lieutenant Brinck Wilhelm Assistant Surgeon Brine Frederick 1st Lt RE Brinkley Matthew Lieutenant Captain Brinkman Theodore H Lieutenant Briscoe Henry Witby 1st Lt RA Briscoe Henry Surgn RA Brocas Reginald Lieutenant Brock Duncan Cameron Lieutenant Brock Edward J Vet Surgn (lr) Brock James Athol Lieutenant Brock W Assistant Surgeon Brock William Kortright Act. Asst Surgn Brockman C F Captain (Infantry) Brodigan Francis Lieutenant Broecker Hugo Ensign Bromhead Edward Lieutenant Bromsen Herman Ensign Lieutenant Brômsen Carl von Lieutenant Captain Brook William John Capt 30th Foot Brook William John Captain Brooke C C Captain Brooke Henry Francis Lieutenant Brooke James H Langford Lieutenant Brooke Robert Arthur A Cornet Brookes Joshua Rowland Royal Marine Artillery Captain (Artillery) TC Brookes Richard Edward Lieutenant Brooksbank Arthur Lieutenant Captain Broome A Captain (Infantry) Broughton Legh Delves 1st Lt RA Broughton Spencer Delves Capt & Bvt Maj RA Broughton Spencer Delves Capt & Bvt Maj RA Brown A. S. Montagü Lieutenant Brown Amyatt Ernie Captain Brown Charles Bradford Ensign Brown Edward Adjutant Brown G B Apothecary Brown George John Captain Brown George Lieutenant Captain Brown James Limdin MD Assistant Surgeon Brown James Montagu Captain Brown James Medical Officer MD St Andrews MRCS Brown John Henry 1st Lt RA Brown John Martin Captain Brown John Tatton Butler 1st Lt RA Brown John Wier Draper Surgn (l/r) Brown John Wier Draper Surgn (l/r) Brown Sir George GCB KH General Brown Thomas C Lieutenant Brown Thomas Calderhead Lieutenant 1/1st Foot & Paymaster Brown Thomas Southwell Captain Brown W Assistant Surgeon Brown William Edward Captain Brown William Lloyd Lieutenant Brown William MD Assistant Surgeon Browne A Lieutenant Browne Andrew Captain Bvt Major Major Browne Basil Henry Lieutenant Browne Charles A Gunter Lieutenant Browne Charles Edward Gore Adjutant Browne Charles Henry Lieutenant Browne Charles Orde 1st Lt RA Browne Cornwalls Wade Ensign Browne D P or W P Captain (Cavalry) Browne Edmund Robert [Post?] Browne Edward John Vesey Major Browne Edward P Wade Lieutenant Browne G Paymaster Browne George Richard Captain Browne Henry John Lieutenant Browne Henry Ralph Capt after Bvt Maj 9th Foot Browne Henry Ralph Captain after Bvt Major Browne Herbert Frederick Lieutenant Browne J. Frankfort Manners Capt & Bvt Maj RE Browne Lord Richard Howe Lieutenant Browne St John Thomas Lt Col RA Browne St John Thomas Lt Col RA Browne The Hon Cavendish Captain Browne The Hon James Lyon Captain Browne W P Capt Turkish Contingent Browne W P Captain (Cavalry) Browne William Price Lieutenant Browne William Valentine Actg Asst Surgn Browne William Asst Surgn Browne William Surgeon Browning Montagü C Lieutenant Browning Montagü C Lt 89th Foot Brownlow Francis Lieutenant Brownlow The Hon Edward Lieutenant Brownrigg Henry John Deputy Assistant Commissary General Brownrigg Studholme Lieutenant Colonel after Bvt Colonel Brownrigg Studholme Lt Col after Bvt Col 3/Gren Guards Brown-Westhead George Edward Captain Bruce Dr Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Bruce Dr Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Bruce Dr Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Bruce J F Lieutenant Colonel Bruce James DA-Comm FTD (RA) Bruce Michael Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Robert C Dalrymple Captain Bruce Robert Lieutenant Bruce Robert Maj 23rd Foot Bruce Robert Major Bruce Stewart Hervey Lieutenant Bruce Thomas Lieutenant Brüggemann Julius Lieutenant Brush John Ramsay MD Assistant Surgeon Brush John Ramsay MD Assistant Surgeon Brutton Edward Lieutenant Bryant Jacob Francis Lieutenant Bryce Charles Bryson Allen MD Assistant Surgeon Bryson Thomas Paymaster Bubb Edward Asst Surgn RA Buchanan George Buchanan George Lieutenant Captain Buchanan Henry J Captain Buchanan James John Neil Lieutenant Buchanan R. Dennistown Captain Buchser Joseph Assistant Surgeon Buck William Lewis Stuckley Lieutenant Buckley Charles Actg Asst Surgn Buckley Duncan Frederick Butt Captain Budd Ralph Captain Bvt Major Major. Buddenbrock Albert von Ensign Budgen Edmund Lieutenant Budgen Edmund Lt 82nd Foot Budgeon John Lieutenant Bulgay Henry Captain Bull George Cornet Bull John James Captain Bvt Major Buller Coote Lieutenant Buller Janes Captain Buller Sir George KCB 1/Rifle Bde Bulmer Hedley Deputy Assistant Commissary General Bulwer Edward Gascoigne Captain Bulwer William Gascoyne Captain Bünau Günther von Lieutenant Bunbury Charles Thomas Lieutenant Bunbury Charles Ensign Bunbury Henry William CB Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Bundé George Ensign Burchardt Otto Lieutenant Burden George Quartermaster Burden William Capt 9th Foot Burden William Captain Burdett Charles Sedley Lieutenant Colonel Burgersh Lord Francis William Henry CB Lieutenant Colonel Burgersh Lord Francis William Henry CB Maj after Lt Col Coldstream Guards Burgess Charles John Lieutenant Burgess Stapelton Dresing Lieutenant Burgoyne John Montagu Lieutenant Burgoyne Roderick G H Ensign Burgoyne Sir John Fox GCB KH Lt Gen RE Burgoyne Sir John Fox GCB KH RE Lt Gen Burke Bernard H Cornet Burke Henry U Captain Burke Henry Adjutant Burke James Thomas RE Burke John Hardman Capt 88th Foot Burke John Hardman Captain Burke Joseph Surgeon Burke Theobald Lieutenant Burke Walter Blake Burkett William Robert Actg Asst Surgn Burland William Harris Lieutenant Burnaby Alex Dickson 1st Lt RA Burnaby Edwyn Sherard Bvt Major Burnand Arthur Lieutenant Burnand George Sapte Captain Burne Owen Tudor Ensign Burningham Henry G C Lieutenant Burr John Veterinary Surgeon Burrard Sidney Captain Burrell William Henry MD Actg DIG Burridge Thomas Ensign Burroughs Frederick William Captain Burrowes Peter Cornet Burrowes Robert Francis Lieutenant Burrows Arthur George Capt & Lt Col RA Burslem Nathaniel Cornet Burt Charles Edward 1st Lt RA Burton Act Assistant Surgeon Staff & O.H.A Burton Adolph William Henry CB Captain Bvt Major Burton Edward John Surgn 1st Class Burton Fowler Captain Burton Francis Augustus Plunkett Captain Burton Richard Francis Captain (l/r) Burton Robert Graves MD Assistant Surgeon Busfeild William Ensign Bush Henry Stratton Lieutenant Captain Bussell Gust William H Lieutenant Butler Charles Richard Capt 20th Foot Butler Charles Richard Captain Bvt Major Butler Edward Charles Capt 36th Foot Butler Edward Charles Captain Butler George Stephen Lieutenant Butler Henry Thomas Captain Butler Henry William Paget Captain Butler Henry Captain Butler James Armar Captain Ceylon Rifle Regiment Butler Joseph Henry Lieutenant Butler Percy Archer Captain Bvt Major Major Butler Rev Pierce MA C/F Butler Richard Lewise Assistant Surgeon Butler Thomas Pierce Lieutenant Butler W Lieutenant Butt Thomas Bromhead Captain Butter Archibald Lieutenant Büttner Albert Ensign Butts Aubrey Thomas Lieutenant Butts Frederick John Captain Butts Rev. John RC Chaplain Buzzard Thomas Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Buzzard Thomas Surgeon 2 Class (l/r) Byam Henry Edward Lieutenant Byng The Hon Henry William John Capt 1/Coldstream. Guards Byng The Hon Henry William John Captain Byrne John Veterinary Surgeon Byrne Luke Veterinary Surgeon Byrne Tyrrell Mathias Captain Byrnes Thomas Edmond 2nd Capt RA Byron George Rochfort Lieutenant Byron John Lieutenant Cadogan The Hon George Capt & Lt Col after Col 3/ Gren Guards Cadogan The Hon George Captain & Lieutenant Colonel after Colonel Cahill Patrick Lieutenant Cairnes William Henry Captain Calcott C R B Capt 26th Foot Calcott C R B Captain Caldecott Barnes John Ensign Lieutenant Caldecott John Alexander Lieutenant Calder William Menzies Assistant Surgeon Calder William Menzies Asst Surgn Caldwell George Ross Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Call George Frederick Stevenson Major Callaghan F W Commissary Clerk Calthorpe The Hon Somerset John Gough Lieutenant & Captain Calthorpe The Hon Somerset John Gough Lt & Capt 8th Hussars Cambell Rev James MA C/F (P) Cambridge George W.F.C HRH The Duke of KG KP GCMG Maj Gen & Lt Gen Scots Fus Guards Cameron Arthur Wellington Captain Cameron Aylmer Spicer Lieutenant Cameron Duncan Alexander Colonel Cameron Duncan Alexander Lt Col 42nd Foot & Maj Gen (lr) Cameron Robert Lieutenant Colonel Middlesex Militia Major General Imperial Ottoman Army Cameron William Gordon Bvt Major Cameron William Gordon Lieutenant Colonel Campbell A H Captain Campbell A H Captain (Infantry) Campbell A Capt Turkish Contingent Campbell Archibald Campbell Lieutenant Campbell Archibald Colin Captain Campbell Archibald Neil Captain Bvt Major Major Campbell Archibald Captain & Bvt Major Campbell Colin Frederick Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Campbell Colin Lieutenant Campbell Donald Patrick Captain Campbell Douglass Henry Major (l/r) Campbell Duncan Major Campbell Edward DIG (l/r). Campbell Francis Pemberton Lieutenant Campbell George Captain Campbell George Lieutenant Campbell Henry Wotton Captain Campbell Hugh Archibald Beachamp Capt & Bvt Maj RA Campbell Hugh Archibald Beachamp Capt & Bvt Maj RA Campbell J. Pennock Lieutenant Campbell John Alexander Lieutenant Campbell John Goodrich Actg Assist Surgeon Asst Surgeon (l/r) Campbell John Gordon Captain Campbell John Thomas Lieutenant Campbell John Quartermaster Campbell John Quartermaster Campbell Neil Lieutenant Campbell Patrick John 2nd Capt RA Campbell Robert Dennistown Major Campbell Robert Olphert Lieutenant Campbell Robert Parker Lieutenant Colonel Campbell Robert Lieutenant Captain Campbell Rod. M'Donald Ensign Campbell Sir Colin Maj Gen after Gen GCB 67th Foot Campbell Sir J W Bart 1st Lt RA Campbell Sir John bart Maj Gen 38th Foot Campbell The Hon Henry Walter Captain Campbell The Hon Henry Walter Lt Campbell The Hon Henry Walter Lt 2/RIFLE BRIGADE & Capt 2/Coldstream Guards Campbell W W Major Campbell William Pitcairn Capt & Maj 23rd Foot Campbell William Pitcairn Captain & Major Campbell William Richard Newport Captain Campbell William Lieutenant Campion William Henry Lieutenant Cannell H W Veterinary Surgeon (Cavalry) Cannell H W Veterinary Surgeon (Cavalry) Cannon Osborne Barwell Captain Cannon Rev Francis C/F (P) Cannon Robert Major General Imperial Ottoman Army Cant David Lieutenant Canty Michael RC Chaplain. Cape Edward Ensign Car J P Acting Deputy Assistant Deputy Commissary General Carden George Lieutenant Captain Carden Henry Robert Captain Bvt Major Carden John Lieutenant Carden William Joseph Captain Cardew Ambrose Marshall Lieutenant Cardew Henry 1st Lt RA Cardew Rev Frederick Campbell MA C/F Cardigan James Thomas Brudenell The Earl of KCB Maj Gen. 11th Hussars Carey Charles Le Mesurier Captain Carey Falkland Capt RA Carey Lionel Stuart Traquair Munro Lieutenant Carey R Maj Turkish Contingent Carey R Major (Infantry) Carey R Major (Infantry) Carlaw John Acting Assistant Surgeon Carleton Dudley Wilmot Lieutenant Colonel Carleton George Captain (l/r) Carleton George Madras Art 2nd Captain O.H.A Carleton P A Paymaster of Divn Carleton William Henry Captain Carlyon George Gwavas Captain Carmichael G. Lynedoch Capt 95th Foot Carmichael G. Lynedoch Captain Carnegy James A Ogilvy Ensign Carney James Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Carolan George M'Gusty Asst Surgn Carove Anton von Captain Carpenter Charles Capt RA Carpenter Frederick Francis Deputy Assistant Commissary General Carpenter G W Wallace Captain Carpenter George Lieutenant Colonel Carr George Surgn 1 Cl Carr John Ralph Lieutenant Captain Carr Ralph Edward Captain Carruthers G T S Major (Infantry) Carte William Asst Surgn Carter John H S Lt RE Carter Robert Brudenell Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Carter Rowland Wimburn Assistant Surgeon Carter Samül George Captain Carter William Frederick Captain & Bvt Major Carthew Edmund John 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Cartmail Joseph Paymaster Cartwright Aubrey Agar Captain Cary Annesley Lieutenant Casolani Frederick Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Casolani Frederick Commissary Clerk Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Cass Arthur Herbert Lieutenant Cassidy Frederick Young Lieutenant Cassidy John Captain Cassidy Thomas Quartermaster Cassidy Thomas Quartermaster 21st Foot Castle Frederick John Lieutenant Cater William Edmund Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Cathcart The Hon Augustus Murray Capt after Bvt Maj 93rd Foot Cathcart The Hon Augustus Murray Captain after Bvt Major Cathcart The Hon Sir George KCB Maj Gen Unattached Caton Redmond Bewley Lieutenant Cator John Lieutenant Cator William BG RA Cator William Brig Gen RA Cattell William Assistant Surgeon Cattle William Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Cattley Alfred Creswell Ensign Cattley Charles Robert Caulfield Francis William Thomas Captain Causs Heinrich Lieutenant Cavanagh James W Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Cave William Lieutenant Cavendish James Charles 1st Lt RE Cay Charles Vidler Assistant Surgeon Cayley Henry Paymaster Cecil Lord Eustace H B G Captain Chads William John Bvt Maj 64th Foot Chads William John Bvt Major Chadwick John Adjutant Chadwick Thomas M Quartermaster Chalmers William Kelman MD Surgn Chamberlayne Denzil Thomas Lieutenant Chambers E Veterinary Surgeon Chambers E Veterinary Surgeon Champion John George Major Champion Reginald H 1st Lt RA Channon James Vet Surgeon (l/r) Channon James Vet Surgn (lr) Channon John James Veterinary Surgeon Chanter H Lieutenant Chantrell Charles Paymaster of Divn CHAPLAINS' DEPARTMENT Chaplin Arthur Lewis Deputy Assistant Commissary general Chaplin Arthur Lewis Deputy Assistant Commissary General Chaplin C H Captain (Infantry) Chaplin Clifford W Lieutenant Chapman Alfred Augustus Major Chapman Arthur Trevor L Captain Chapman Frederick E Capt & Bvt Maj RE Chapman Frederick E Capt & Bvt Maj RE Chapman Henry Parker Ensign Chapman John S DIG Chapman Stephen Remnant Captain & Bvt Major Chapman William D Lieutenant Chapple Robert Augustus Asst Surgn Chapple Robert Augustus Asst Surgn RA Charlton Edward Spicer Captain Charlton St John W C Captain Charteris The Hon Richard Lieutenant Colonel Charteris The Hon Walter Lieutenant Charteris The Hon Walter Lt 92nd Foot Chatfield George Kemp Lieutenant Chawner Edward Henry Captain Cheese John 2nd Captain Lieutenant Cheese Joseph QM of Brigade Lieutenant & 2nd Captain Chelius Georg Ensign Chermside Henry Lowther 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj RA Cherry Alfred Henry Veterinary Surgeon Chester Harry George Lieutenant Colonel Chetwode George Captain Chetwynd The Hon Charles C Lieutenant Chevalier Charles QM of Brigade & Lieutenant Chewton William Frederick Waldegrave Viscount Captain Chichester Charles Raleigh Captain Chichester Cornw. Henry Lieutenant Chichester Edmund P Lieutenant Chichester Henry Burrows Lieutenant Chichester Newton Charles Captain (Infantry) Chichester The Hon Augustus George Charles Major Childers Spencer Philip John 2nd Capt RA Chippendall Edward Capt & Bvt Maj 19th Foot Chippendall Edward Captain & Bvt Major Chippindall John Armitage Lieutenant Chislett W O Commissary Clerk Christie William John Captain Christison David Chrystie John Alexander Captain Churchill Charles Henry Spencer Captain Churchill John Spencer Lieutenant CIVIL SERVICE IN THE CRIMEA Claremont Edward Stopford Maj Canadian Rifles after Lt Col unattached Claremont Edward Stopford Major Clark Henry Assistant Commissary General Clark Hugh Assistant Surgeon Clark Lewis Trelawney Lieutenant Clark Thomas Asst Surgeon Clarke John Walroud Captain Clarke AEneas 1st Lt RA& 2nd Capt Clarke Charles George Lieutenant Clarke G DA-Comm FTD (RA) Clarke G. Calvert Major & Lieutenant Colonel Clarke H. Weller Ladbrooke Lieutenant Clarke James Alston Lieutenant Clarke James George Captain Clarke John Lardner 1st Lt RA Clarke John Assistant Surgeon Clarke Joseph Cornet Clarke M. de S M'K G.A Lieutenant Clarke Patrick Joseph Surgn 2 Cl Clarke Somerset Molyneux Wiseman Captain Clarke William Cappell Lieutenant Clarkson Charles James Palmer Lieutenant Clarkson Thomas Reeder Lieutenant Classifton Thomas Henry Captain after Bvt Major Clausen George Otto Captain Clay George Captain 19th Foot Clayhills James Menzies Lieutenant Clayton FitzRoy Augustus Talbot Captain Clayton John William Captain Clayton Richard Nugent Lieutenant Clayton Robert John Browne Ensign Cleary George Carleton Asst Surgn Cleather William Barclay G Lieutenant Cleaveland James Vet Surgn (RA) Clegg Walter Actg Asst Surgn Clendining Andrew Paymaster Clephane A R Capt Turkish Contingent Clephane A R Captain (Infantry) Clephane A R Captain (Infantry) Clephane Robert Douglas Captain Major Clerk Alexander Deputy Assistant Commissary General Clerke Francis Carr Captain Clerke Holt Waring Captain Clerke Shadwell Henry Lieutenant Clery G C Actg Asst Surgn Cleveland Archibald Cornet Clifford Henry Asst Surgn RA Clifford Miller Capt & Bvt Maj RA Clifford The Hon Henry Bvt Maj 1/Rifle Bde Clifford The Hon Henry Bvt Major Clifton Augustus Wykeham Captain Clifton Chandos Frederick Captain Clifton Thomas Henry Capt after Bvt Maj 7th Dragoon Guards Clinton Lord Edward Pelham Lieutenant Clinton Michael Quartermaster Clive C Lieutenant Close Vere Henry Captain Clowes George Cooch Lieutenant Clutterbuck Daniel HughLieutenant Clutterbuck George Watlin Lieutenant Clutterbuck James Hulton Ensign Coakley Thomas Lieutenant Coape Arthur William Lieutenant Coast Michael W. Lade Paymaster Coates Acting Assistant Surgeon Coates John MD Asst Surgeon Coates William 98th Foot Major (l/r) Coathupe Henry Bentinck Captain Coats John Captain & Bvt Major Cobbe George Power Ensign Cobbe Henry C Colonel Cobet W Captain Cobham Alexander W Ensign Cobham George Henry Lieutenant Cochrane John Thomas Vet Surgn (RA) Cockburn Archibald William MD Deputy Inspector General of hospitals (l/r) Cockburn Archibald William MD DIGH (l/r) Cockburn Charles Frederick 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Cockburn Edward Cludde Lieutenant Cockburn James Balfour MD Asst Surgn Cockburn John Jeken Captain Cockerill Robert William Asst Surgn RA Cockrell Robert Horsely 1st Lt RA Cocks Charles Lygon Lieutenant Colonel Cocks Octavius Yorke Captain Codrington General Sir William John KCB Coen William John Lieutenant Coffin Isaac Tristram Lieutenant Coghlan William Charles Captain Coke The Hon Wenman Clarence Walpole Capt 1/Scots Fus Guards Coke The Hon Wenman Clarence Walpole Captain Colborne The Hon Francis Maj & Bvt Lt Col 15th Foot Colborne The Hon Francis Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Colclough G Major (l/r) Colcough George Capt RA Colcough George Captain RA COLDSTREAM GUARDS Cole Arthur Lowry Major & Lieutenant Colonel. Cole Francis Burton Lieutenant Coleman Henry F G Lieutenant Coleman William W Asst Surgeon (l/r) Coles Richard George Captain Colins Evan Quartermaster Collin J Apothecary Collings John E Captain Major Collingwood William Pole Captain Collins James Veterinary Surgeon Collins Richard Cornet Collins Thurston Tarn Lawrence Cook Assistant Commissary 2nd Class Collum William Lieutenant Colquhoun Archibald C Deputy Assistant Commissary General Colquhoun F Crossley Deputy Assistant Deputy Commissary General Colquhoun H.M Lamont Lieutenant Colt Oliver Lieutenant Colthurst David Latouche Captain Colthurst Robert Edward Coote Lieutenant Captain Colville Robert Captain & Bvt Major Colville The Hon William James Capt & Bvt Maj 2/Rifle Bde Colville The Hon William James Captain & Bvt Major Combe Matthew Asst Surgn RA Combe Matthew Surgn 2 Cl Comblan P S Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Comine Robert Asst CG COMMISSARIAT DEPARTMENT Complin Edward John Concher Frederick Ensign Coney Philip George Captain Coney Rev Thomas C/F Coney Walter John Captain Connell Adolphus Frederick 2nd Capt RA Connell Adolphus Frederick 2nd Capt RA Connell F Captain (Infantry) Connell James Surgn 1 Cl Connell Thomas John Barlow Lieutenant Connell William Quartermaster Connolly Henry Hamilton 1st Lt RA Connolly John Agar Lieutenant Connolly John Charles Captain Connor Rev S C/F Conolly James Maj unattached Conran Marcell Captain Constable James Lieutenant Constant Stephen Price Veterinary Surgeon Constant Stephen Price Veterinary Surgeon Conyers Charles Edward Capt 2nd Dragoon Guards Conyers Charles Edward Captain Conyers Robert Rowland Captain Cooch Charles Capt & Bvt Maj 62nd Foot Cooch Charles Captain & Bvt Major Cook Edwin Adolphus Captain Bvt Major Cooke Anthony Charles Capt & Maj RE Cooke John Thomas Lieutenant Cooke Robert Ensign Cookesley Augustus Foulkes Deputy Assistant Deputy Commissary General Cookworthy Wiiliam Spicer Lieutenant Coope Rev William John MA C/F Coope William Jesser Lieutenant Cooper Astley Paton Captain Cooper Charles Actg Asst Surgn Cooper Edward Henry Captain Cooper Godfrey Captain Cooper John Vet Surgn (lr) Cooper Joseph Vet Surgn. Cooper Joseph Veterinary Surgeon Cooper Joshua Harry Captain Cooper Richard Augustus Lieutenant Cooper Robert Surgn 2 Cl Cooper Robert Assistant Surgeon 2 Class Coote Charles Coote Charles James Lieutenant Coote Holmes Coote Richard Lieutenant Cope George Harwood Ensign Copeland J Qmaster Copland Alex Lester Captain Copland James C Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Coppinger W P Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Corban William Watts Captain Corbett Augustus Patrick Meyers MD Assistant Surgeon Corbett Augustus Patrick Meyers MD Asst Surgn Corbett Edmund Captain Corbett Frank Captain Corbett William Henry MD Asst Surgn Corbett William Adjutant Corcoran Alexis Paymaster Cormick John Captain Bvt Major Cornes John Paymaster Cornwall George Captain Cornwall W.H. Gardner Lieutenant Cosby Thomas Prittie Lieutenant Costin Charles Lieutenant Cottee Alfred Lieutenant Cotter John Adjutant Cotterell Francis Vet Surgn (RA) Coulson George Bell Lieutenant Couper Henry Edward Ensign Courtney E Commissary Clerk Cowan James McHattie Assistant Surgeon Cowan John Black Cowell James Charles Murray Lieutenant Colonel Cowell James Captain Cowell John Clayton 1st Lt RE Cowell John Clayton 1st Lt RE Cowper James A Surgeon LRCS Edinbr D Edinbr Cox Augustus Green Lieutenant Colonel Cox C Assistant Surgeon Cox Euston John Lieutenant Cox John Ponsonby Lieutenant Cox John William Capt & Bvt Maj 13th Foot Cox John William Captain & Bvt Major 13th Foot Cox John William Captain & Bvt Major] Cox John Captain Cox John Captain (l/r) Cox Robert Allan Captain Cox Samül Symes Lieutenant Colonel Cox Talbot Ashley Lieutenant Cragge Cecil Webster Lieutenant Craigie Anthony David Capt RE Craster James Thomas Captain Crauford G P Lieutenant Crauford James Robertson Brig Gen (lr) 1/Gren Guards Craufurd R. E. Fazakerley 2nd Capt & Capt RA Craven Rev Charles Audley Assheton MA Mil. Ch Crawford Francis Haden Capt 98th Foot Crawford Francis Haden Captain Crawford James Robert Actg Asst Surgn Crawford Robert H Payne Captain Crawford Thomas MD Surgeon Crawfurd William John M Lieutenant Crawley Hugh Captain & Bvt Major Crawley Philip Sambrook Major Creagh C. Aug Fitzgerald Lieutenant Creagh Charles Major (Infantry) Creagh James Ensign Crealock Henry Hope Capt 90th Foot Crealock Henry Hope Captain Crease A R V Major (Engineers) Creasy James G Actg Asst Surgn Crerar James Surgn 2 Cl Cresdee William Quartermaster Cresswell Edward John Lieutenant Cresswell George Lieutenant Cresswell William Gilfred Baker Captain Crewe R Lieutenant Colonel (Staff) Crewe R Lt Col Turkish Contingent Creyke Alexander Stephen 1st Lt RE Crichton Robert Orr MD Assistant Surgeon Crisp Henry MB Assistant Surgeon Crisp Henry MB Asst Surg Crocker Alfred Surgeon Croft Henry Captain Croft Stephen Captain Crofton Edward Henry Lowther Captain Crofton Edward Walter Lieutenant Colonel RA Colonel O.H.A Crofton Edward Col RA Crofton Edward Col RA Crofton Gustavus St John Capt RE Crofton Hugh Dennis Major Crofton The Hon Alfred Henry Lieutenant Crofts Edward Captain Croker Arthur Charles Lieutenant Croker Edward Captain Croker Edward Lieutenant Croker John L Captain Crombie Alexander Captain Crompton Evan Captain Major Crompton W P Apothecary Crompton William Henry Lieutenant Crooke Rev Milward MA Assistant Chaplain to the Forces Crooke Rev Milward MA Asst C/F. Crookshank Alexander Crowder Deputy Assistant Commissary General Cross James Adjutant Cross Philip Henry Eustace Surgeon Cross Philip Henry Eustace Surgn 2 Cl Cross Richard F Senior Superintendent Crosse Herbert Edward Lieutenant Crosse John Burton St Croix Surgeon Crosse Joshua Grant Captain Crossman Edmond Douglas Lieutenant Crowe Robert Captain Crowe Robert Cornet Crowley Edmond C Vet Surgn (lr) Crowley Edmond Charles Vet Surgeon (l/r) Crowther Richard William B Lieutenant Crozier Rev James Alexander BA C/F Crufer Luzius Lieutenant Cruice James Act. Asst Surgn Cruickshank William MD Surgn 1 Cl after DIG Cruickshank William MD Surgn 1 Cl afterd DIG Cruse George Riding-master Crymes J Captain (Infantry) Cubbit Charles Campbell Lieutenant & Captain Cubitt George R Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Cubitt George Robert Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Cuddy W.H.L.D Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Cuffe Rev. Michael RC Chaplain. Cullen David MD Assistant Surgeon Cullen John C H Poyer Lieutenant Cullen W H Cullen William Fleming Asst Surgn Cumberland Charles Edward 1st Lt RE Cumberland George Burrell Major Cumberlege Richard A Ensign Lieutenant Cuming Edward William Captain Cuming Henry Asst Surgeon (l/r) Cuming Henry Asst Surgn (l/r) Cuming William Lieutenant Cummin lsacc Cornet Cumming Alexander DIG Cumming W H Captain (Infantry) Cumming William Captain Cummming Robert Commissary General Cuningham John Cornet Cuninghame William James Mongomery Captain Cunliffe Ellis Brooke Lieutenant Cunningham Michael Joseph Lieutenant Cunningham Michael Joseph Lieutenant 18th Foot Cunninghame Robert Campbell Captain Cunninghame W Cuninghame Captain Cunynghame Arthur Augustus Thurlow CB 51st Foot Major Gen Cunynghame Arthur Augustus Thurlow Lieutenant Colonel Cunynghame Arthur Augustus Thurlow Lt Col & Col 51st Foot & Maj Gen Turkish Contingent Cuppage John M Capt & Bvt Maj 89th Foot Cuppage John M Captain & Bvt Major Cure Alfred Capel Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Cureton Edward Burgoyne Captain Currie Francis Gore G Lieutenant Currie L Douglas Hay Captain Currie Robert Hamilton Captain Curtis Francis George Savage Lieutenant Curtis Frank John Lieutenant Curtis Reginald 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Curtois George Charles Widdrington Lieutenant Curtois Rowland L Sidney Lieutenant Curwen D'Arcy Lieutenant Curwen Henry Fraser Lieutenant Curzon The Hon Leicester Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Curzon The Hon William Henry Cornet Cusack John Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Cusack Samül Athanasius Assistant Surgeon Cust Horace W Capt 1/Coldstream Guards Cust Horace William Captain Custance William Neville Major Cuthbert Edmund Charles 1st Lt RA Cutler William Henry Cornet Czapkay A C Surgeon Dacres Richard James Lt Col Bvt Col & Maj Gen RA Dacres Richard James Lt Col Bvt Col & Maj Gen RA D'Aguilar Charles Lawrence Capt & Bvt Maj D'Aguilar Charles Lawrence Capt & Bvt Maj RA Dalgleish James Adjutant Dallas George Frederick Capt & Bvt Maj 46th Foot Dallas George Frederick Captain & Bvt Major Dallas Thomas Yorke Captain Dalrymple John FitzRoy Captain Dalrympole John Hamilton Elphinstone Lieutenant Colonel Dalton James Robert Lieutenant Dalton Robert FitzGerald Lieutenant Dalton Thomas Norcliffe Major Daly James M Lieutenant Daly The Hon Charles Captain & Bvt Major Daly Vesey Ensign Dalyell John Thomas Captain Major Dalzell James Captain Dalzell The Hon Robert Alexander George CB Lieutenant Colonel Damer Seymour Lionel W Dawson Capt 1/Scot Fus Guards Damer Seymour Lionel W Dawson Captain Dames Thomas Longworth 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA dams Frank CB Col 28th Foot Daniel Charles F. Torrens Capt & Bvt Maj 38th Foot Daniel Charles F. Torrens Captain & Bvt Major Daniel Henry Colonel Daniel Ludford Harvey Captain Bvt Major Daniell Cyrus Octavius Act. Asst Surgn Daniell Cyrus Octavius Act. Asst Surgn RA Darby Carrick Captain D'Arcy O'Connor MD Asst Surgn Dare Francis M Hall Lieutenant Dare Henry Hall Paymaster Darling Montagü William Deputy Commissary General Darling Sydney Capt 9th Foot Darling Sydney Captain Darrah Charles John 1st Lt RE Dashwood Charles Browne Lieutenant Dashwood Henry Walpole J RA 1st Lt & 2nd Capt Dashwood Richard Lewis Lieutenant Dashwood Walpole George Lieutenant Daubeney E Captain (Infantry) Daubeney Henry Charles Barnston CB Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Daubeney James Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Daubeny Alfred G Captain Daubney Frederick Sykes Captain Daubuz John Theophilus 1st Lt Daunt Robert Captain Daunt William Lieutenant Daveney Burton Maj & Bvt Lt Col Daveney Burton Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Davenport John Coltman Captain Davenport William Bromley Lieutenant Davidson J Lt Davidson J Lt EICS Davidson William Alexander MD Assistant Surgeon Davie George S Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Davie John Davie Ferguson Davies Francis Byam. Lieutenant Davies Francis Lieutenant Davies George Silvester Lieutenant Davies Henry James Lieutenant Davies John Surgeon Davies Owen Gwyn Saunders Captain Davies Robert Cornet Davies Thomas Major Davies William Paymaster of Divn Davis George Frederick Assistant Surgeon Davis Gronow 2nd Capt RA Davis Gronow 2nd Capt RA Davis J Apothecary Davison George W Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Davison George W Actng Asst Surgeon (l/r) Dawes Edward Alleyne Captain Dawes Wentworth Lieutenant Dawson Arthur Finch Lieutenant Dawson E S Francis George Captain Dawson Edward Finch Lieutenant Dawson George Frederick 2nd Capt RE Dawson Henry Charles Lieutenant Dawson J W J 1st Lt RA Dawson Rd William Erskine Lieutenant Dawson The Hon Thomas Vesey Lieutenant Colonel Dawson William Henry Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Day Henry Hooper Capt 88th Foot Day Henry Hooper Captain Day John Godfrey Lieutenant Day Reginald O DA-Comm FTD (RA) Day William Henry Assistant Surgeon De Boissiere Jean Valleton Act. Asst Surgn De Bourbel Augustus Alfred Lieutenant De Bourbel Henry Harold Lieutenant De Burgh Rev H C/F. De Burgh Rev H Chaplain to the Forces De Burres F J Commissary Clerk De Carteret Havilland J Lieutenant De Chaumont Francis Stephen Bennet Francois MD Assistant Surgeon De Chaumont Francis Stephen Bennet Francois MD Asst Surgn De Chaumont Francis Stephen Bennet Francois MD Asst Surgn RA De Chaumont W F Assistant Surgeon De Courcy J F R Major (Infantry) De Faberk William Frederick Act. Asst Surgn De Gingins Baron O Capt 1st Lt Inf Brit Swiss Legn De Havilland James 2nd Capt RA De Havilland James 2nd Capt RA De Horsey William Henry Beaumont Captain De Jersey Lovell Nicholas Cornet De Lisle Richard Francis Valpy Surgeon De Moleyns T. Aremberg 1st Lt RA De Moleyns Edward Charles 2nd Capt & Maj RE De Morel Charles Carew Capt & Bvt Maj 67th Foot De Morel Charles Carew Captain & Bvt Major De Ros William Lennox Lascelles Fitzgerald Twenty Third Baron de Ros Maj Gen De Salis Rodolph Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel De Vere Francis Horatio Capt RE De Vismes Henry A D de 1st Lt RA De Winton Francis Walter 1st`Lt RA De Winton George J Capt after Maj Brit Swiss Legn Deacon Daniel Qmaster Deacon James Lt Paymaster 1/1st Foot Deacon James Paymaster Dean H Lieutenant Deane George Lieutenant Deane Richard Grenville Ensign Deane The Hon M. Fitz Maurice Cornet Dearden John Lieutenant De'Ath (or Death) Charles S Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) Death William Veterinary Surgeon Dee John Surgeon Deeble William Surgeon Deedes William Captain Deeds William Henry Lieutenant Defin Baron Johann Captain Delamere Peter Herbert Lieutenant Delany Felix Veterinary Surgeon Delhoste D C A Captain (Infantry) Delmege Collis C J Surgn 1 Cl Dempster Charles Carroll Assistant Surgeon Dempster Charles Carroll Assistant Surgeon Denison Harry Captain Denne Lambert Henry 2nd Capt RA Dennie Henry W Lieutenant Dennis James Bullen Lieutenant Dennis John FitzThomas Major Denny William Colonel Denny William Surgeon Denny William Surgn 1 Cl Dent Thomas E Bowerbank Lieutenant Captain Der Gernon C Deputy Assistant Commissary General Derman William Adjutant Desborough Charles Captain (Staff) Desborough John Capt RA Descoudres Alexander Ensign Lieutenant Deshon Edward Lieutenant Deshon Frederick George Thomas Captain Bvt Major Desmond John Quartermaster Dettmar Montagü Lieutenant on attachment from the 7th Dragoon Guards Deverill Percy Julius Lieutenant Devine John Lieutenant Dew Armine 2nd Capt RA Dew Henry Robinson Asst Surgn Dewar James William Capt & Bvt Maj 49th Foot Dewar James William Lieutenant Captain & Bvt Major Dewar James Act Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Dewar James Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Dewar Peter McLeish Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Dick C C Captain (Infantry) Dick John Simeon Francis Lieutenant Dick John Simeon Francis Lieutenant 78th Foot Dick John Simeon Francis Lt 78th Foot Dickens Compton A S Lieutenant Captain Dickerson Stephen H Asst Surgn Dickins George Caldwell Major (Infantry) Dickins William D Scrase Captain Dickinson Charles Sheffield Col Brit Swiss Legn Dickinson Charles Sheffield Colonel Dickinson James C Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Dickinson James C Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Dickinson Joseph Daniel Lieutenant Dickson Alex George Captain Dickson Assistant Surgeon Dickson C R Actg Asst Surgn Dickson Collingwood Capt & Bvt Lt Col Col. & Maj Gen (lr) RA Dickson Collingwood Capt & Bvt Lt Col Col. & Maj Gen RA Dickson Collingwood CB RA Major Gen (Artillery) Dickson Collingwood CB RA Major Gen (Artillery). Dickson Graham Le Fevre Captain Bvt Major Dickson James Surgn Lieutenant Dickson Mathew Willliam Ensign Lieutenant Dickson Patrick Thorp Lieutenant Dickson Philip Lt RA Dickson Philip Lt RA Dickson Robert Graham MD Asst Surgn Dickson William Francis Major Diezelsky Louis von Captain Dilke William Wentworth G Captain Dillon Edward Langford Lieutenant Dillon Martin Captain Dillon Robert Captain Dimond John Woods Captain Dimsdale Henry Fraser Cornet Dingan Medical Officer Dirking Adolph Assistant Surgeon Disbrowe Edward Amelius Lieutenant Disbrowe William Herbert J Lieutenant Disney Edgar John Lieutenant Dix John Dixon Frederick Ball Lieutenant Captain Dixon G Captain Dixon George CB Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Dixon Henry Paymaster Lieutenant Dixon Matthew Charles Capt RA Dixon Thomas Dodd John Fenton B.P Lieutenant Dodgin John D. Garner Dods George Douglas MD Surgeon Dods William Lieutenant Doherty Charles Edmund Lieutenant Colonel Doherty D Hill J M DA-Comm FTD (RA) Doherty Daniel John Assistant Surgeon Doherty Daniel Quartermaster Doherty Neal Dohse Friedrich Captain Dolan Theophilus Assistant Surgeon Dolan Theophilus Asst Surgn Dollar John Veterinary Surgeon Dolmage J. De Gorregür Ensign Dombury C G Donnall Orlando Sawle Surgn 2 Cl Donnelly George Lieutenant & Captain Donnelly John Fretcheville Dykes 1st Lt RE Donnelly John Fretcheville Dykes 1st Lt RE Donovan Edward Eestby W Captain Donovan Henry George Lieutenant Donovan Thompson Lieutenant Dore Frederick Nassau Captain Dormer The Hon John B J Captain Dorrofield W Vet Surgeon (l/r) Dorrofield W Vet Surgn (lr) Dorrofield William Veterinary Surgeon (lr) Douglas Allen George Lieutenant Douglas Charles Lieutenant Douglas John Lieutenant Colonel Douglas John Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Sir Robert Bart Lieutenant Douglas Stuart Lieutenant Douglas William Capt after Bvt Maj 14th Foot Douglas William Captain after Bvt Major Dowbiggen M Hamilton Capt & Bvt Maj 4th Foot Dowbiggen M Hamilton Captain & Bvt Major Dowdall George James Captain Dowding William Mills Surgn 2 Cl Dowglasse George Lieutenant Dowling Daniel Lieutenant Dowling William Henry Lieutenant Downes Arthur William Deputy Assistant Commissary General Downes Henry MD Surgeon Downes Henry MD Surgn 1 Cl Downes Major Francis 1st Lt RA Downes R Apothecary Downie William Quartermaster of Brigade & 2nd Captain Dowse Richard Robert Surgeon Doyle Charles Hastings Lt Col unattached Doyle Rev. James RC Chaplain. Doyne Henry Archdall 1st Lt RA Doyne Philip John Capt (l/r) (Engineers) Drage W Acting Quartermaster Drage William Lieutenant Drake John George Quartermaster Drake John Mervine Cutliffe 1st Lt RE Drake Wiiliam Henry CB Deputy Commissary General Drake William Henry CB Deputy Commissary General Drennan Rev H C/F (P). Drew C Acting Assistant Commissary General Drewe Francis Edward Captain Dring William Paymaster Drought George Perceval Drought George Perceval Paymaster Drummond Alfred Manners Captain Drummond George Henry Charles Francis Malcolm Viscount Forth Ensign Drummond Gordon Maj & Bvt Col 1/Coldstream Guards Drummond Gordon Major & Bvt Colonel Drummond Hugh FitzHarding Lieutenant Colonel Drummond The Hon Robert Hay Captain Drysdale Andrew Knox Assistant Surgeon Drysdale Andrew Knox Asst Surgn Drysdale John Captain Du Cane Francis 2nd Capt RE Du Cane Francis 2nd Capt RE Du Plat George Cust Charles William Brig Gen KH Duberly Henry Paymaster Ducat Gordon Charles S Ensign Duckworth Captain George Ducrow Peter And. John Ensign Düsbery William Henry T Lieutenant Duff James Capt 23rd Foot Duff James Captain Duff Thomas A Fraser Lieutenant Duffey Rev Patrick C/F (RC ) Duffey Rev Patrick Chaplain to the Forces (RC) Duffin John Assistant Surgeon Duffin John Asst Surgn Dumaresq Alex. Macleay Lieutenant Dumaresq Charles Thomas Captain Dumaresq William Henry Hart Davis 1st Lt RE Dumbreck David MD DIG Dumbreck William Assistant Surgeon Dunbar James Brander Lieutenant Dunbar Penrose John Captain Dunbar Rothers Lennox Lieutenant Dunbar William Matthew Lieutenant Duncan James Cornet Dundas Lorenzo G Lieutenant Dunkelin Ulick-Canning Lord Lieutenant Colonel Dunlop John Assistant Surgeon Dunlop John Assistant Surgeon Dunlop Sir James Captain Dunn Alexander Roberts Lieutenant Dunn Josias Lieutenant Dunn Thomas Ensign Dunne John Hart Lieutenant Captain Dunne John William Captain (l/r) Dunne John William Lieutenant (l/r) Dunscombe Nicholas Captain Dunsford W H Apothecary Dupplin George Viscount Capt 1st Life Guards Dupplin George Viscount Captain Dupuis John Edward Lt Col RA Dupuis John Edward Lt Col RA Durant Celestine George Lieutenant Durant George Charles Selwyn Captain Durvill S Lieutenant Dwyer Gage Hall Lieutenant Dwyer John Captain & Bvt Major Dwyer Joseph Hamilton Assistant Surgeon Dwyer Joseph Hamilton Assistant Surgeon Dwyer Patrick Ensign Dyer Frederick Carr S Lieutenant Dyer Henry Clement S 1st Lt RA Dyer Swinnerton H Lieutenant Captain Dyke Percyvall Hart Ensign Dymock Frederick Henry Capt 95th Foot Dymock Frederick Henry Captain Dyneley Douglas Lieutenant Dyneley Edward Eldon Robert 2nd Capt & Capt RA Eade Rev. E Actng C/F. Eager Edward Hungerford Capt 40th Foot Eager Edward Hungerford Captain Eager Edward Hungerford Captain 40th Foot & Captain of Division Eager Robert John Capt Bvt Maj & Maj 31st Foot Eager Robert John Captain Bvt Major & Major Eames J A Asst Surgn Earle Arthur Maxwell Captain Earle Augustus Young 2nd Capt RA Earle William A Capt 49th Foot Earle William A Captain East Cecil James Lieutenant East Sidney Actng C/F Eaton Freeman James Actng. Asst Surgn Eccles Cuthbert Lieutenant Eccles William Hall Lieutenant Eddie Robert Assistant Surgeon Surgeon Eddington Edward Lieutenant Eddington James George Captain Eddowes W Eden Morton Robert Captain Eden T Lieutenant Edsall Horatio Surgeon (l/r) Edwardes Herbert Captain Edwardes The Hon William Captain Edwards Alexander Assistant Commissary General Edwards Charles Frederick Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Edwards Clement Alex CB Colonel Edwards Ernest Acting Assistant Surgeon Edwards George Comet & Lieutenant Edwards Henry Actng. Asst Surgn Edwards James Bevan 1st Lt RE Edwards Richard Lloyd Captain Edwards Robert Actng Asst Surgn Effendi Habeeb Risk Allah Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Effendi Yusuff Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Egan Henry W M AM C/F. Egerton Caledon Richard Major Lieutenant Colonel Egerton Philip le Belward Captain Egerton The Hon Arthur Frederick Capt 3/Gren Guards Egerton The Hon Arthur Frederick Captain Egerton Thomas Graham CB Bvt Colonel Ekin James MB Assistant Surgeon Eld Frederick Lieutenant Colonel Eldridge Frederick Lockwood Ensign Lieutenant Elgee Charles Captain Eliot The Hon Granville Charles Cornwallis Captain Elkes Frederick de F Vet Surgn (lr) Elkes Frederick de F Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Elkes Frederick de Fair Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Elkes Frederick de Fair Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Elkington Arthur Guy Assistant Surgeon Elkington J H F Major (Infantry) Elkington J H Maj Turkish Contingent Ellerman Edward John Maj 98th Foot Elkington J H Major (Infantry) Elkinson John Asst Surgeon (l/r) Ellerman Edward John Major Ellerman Edward John Major 98th Foot. Elliot Edmund James Lieutenant Colonel Elliot George Augustus Captain Elliot Richard Coffin Surgn RA Elliot The Hon Gilbert Captain & Bvt Major Elliott Alex. J Hardy Bvt Major Elliott Alex. J Hardy Capt & Bvt Maj 5th Dragoon Guards Elliott Archibald Quartermaster Elliott George Aug Lieutenant Elliott George Quartermaster Elliott John M'Dowell Lieutenant Elliott Nicholas G Lieutenant Elliott William Claude Lieutenant Ellis A Capt Turkish Contingent Ellis Arthur Edward Augustus Lieutenant Ellis Arthur Edward Augustus Lieutenant 33rd Foot Captain (Staff) Ellis C D A Captain (Infantry) Ellis George Adjutant Captain. Ellis Henry Disney Captain Ellis The Hon Frederick George Cornet Ellis Wilmot B E 1st Lt Ellison Cutherbert George Capt 1/Gren Guards Ellison Cutherbert George Captain Ellison Richard George Capt 47th Foot Ellison Richard George Captain Ellul Carmelo MD Actng Surgeon Elmhirst Charles Lieutenant Colonel Elmhirst William August Lieutenant Elmsall William de Cardonnel Captain Elphinstone Howard Crauford Capt RE Elphinstone John Captain (Engineers) Elrington Frederick Robert Capt after Bvt Maj 2/Rifle Bde Elrington Frederick Robert Captain after Bvt Major Elrington Richard John Paymaster Elton Frederick Cockayne Lieutenant Captain Bvt Major Elton Frederick Coulturst 1st Lt RA Elwes John Emilius Lieutenant Elwyn Thomas Lieutenant Eman James CB Lieutenant Colonel Eman James CB Lt Col 41st Foot Emerson Alexander Lyon Lieutenant Emmes J A Asst Surgn England Richard Capt 55th Foot England Richard Captain England Sir Richard KH GCB 50th Foot Lt Gen Ennis William Captain Ennis William Lieutenant Ennismore Viscount William Capt 1/Scots Fusilier Guards Ennismore Viscount William Captain Errol William Henry The Earl of Captain Bvt Majpr Erskine George Captain Erskine John Lowe MD Asst Surgn Escreet Rev J C/F. Esmond Thomas Lieutenant Espinasse James Paymaster Estcourt James Bucknall Brig Gen after Maj-Gen Unattached Eustace J E F Captain Eustace J F Captain Eustace Thomas Fox Lieutenant Evans Charles Henry Lieutenant Evans Dacres F Brigadier General (Infantry) Evans Dacres F ex 16th Bengal NI Brigadier General (Infantry) Evans Dacres Brig Gen 16th Bengal NI Evans Edward William Lieutenant Evans Francis Edward Captain Evans George Asst Surgn Evans H Captain (Cavalry) Evans Henry Charles Lieutenant Evans Henry Charles Lieutenant Evans John Adjutant Evans John Lieutenant Evans Robert Henry Lieutenant Evans Sir George de Lacy GCB Lt Gen Evans Thomas William Lt Evans Usher Williamson MD Assistant Surgeon Evans William E Lieutenant Colonel Evans William E Lieutenant Colonel 1st Bombay Fusiliers Evans William E Lt Col 1st Bombay Fusiliers Evans William Quartermaster Evelegh Frederick Charles Lieutenant Colonel Evelyn George Palmer Captain Rifle Bde Evelyn Rev J C/F. Everett John Frederic Lieutenant Everitt Edward Lieutenant Every Edward Captain Every Oswald William Ewart Charles Brisbane Lt Capt & Bvt Maj RE Ewart Charles Brisbane Lt Capt & Bvt Maj RE Ewart John Alexander Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Ewart John Alexander Maj & Bvt Lt Col 93rd Foot Ewart William Salisbury Captain Ewen Arthur Johnson Allix Ensign Ewing John Surgn 2 Cl Eyre Henry Lieutenant Eyre Henry Lt 2/Rifle Bde Eyre Philip Homan Ensign Eyre Richard Fitz-Richard Lieutenant Eyre Richard Lieutenant Eyre Sir William 73rd Foot Brig Gen after Maj Gen KCB Fahie Conroy Ensign Fair George MD Actng Asst Surgn Fairbairn William Home MD Surgn 2 Cl Fairfax W. George H.T Lieutenant Fairlie H J Captain (Cavalry) Fairtlough Charles Edward Captain Bvt Major Fairtlough Edward D'H Adjutant Lieutenant Falconer Alexander Quartermaster Falconer John Falkner Edward Newstead Lieutenant Captain Falkner Frederic Lieutenant Falls John Paymaster Falls John Paymaster of Divn Fanchili Martin Acting Assistant Surgeon Fane John Augustus Captain Farley G Asst Surgn RA Farley Nathaniel Asst Surgn Farmar William Roberts Captain Farmer William Langford Actng Asst Surgn Farquhar Alexander Asst Inspector of Hospitals (l/r) Farquhar James Lieutenant Farquharson Fras. Ed. H Lieutenant Farquharson G W Captain (Cavalry) Farquharson James Casmajor Maj Farquharson James Ross Lieutenant Farquharson William Lieutenant Farren Richard T CB Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Farrer James S Hawker Captain Bvt Major Farrrell H. Chamberlayne 1st Lt RA Farwell C W Commissary Clerk Fasson Stanhope Hunter MD Asst Surgn RA Fasson Stanhope Hunter MD Surgeon Faulkner J Cornet Faussett R Actng Deputy Assistant Commissary General Faussett William Capt Bvt Maj 44th Foot Faussett William Captain & Bvt Major Fawcas James Fawcett Alexander Ensign Fawcett Anthony Molloy Captain Fawcett Joseph Hodgson Fayres Rev Thomas. Fearnley Fairfax Ensign Lieutenant Feilden Henry Broome Lieutenant Feilden Osw. Barton Captain Feilden Robert Major Feilding The Hon Percy Robert Basil Lieutenant Colonel Feilding The Hon William Henry Captain Fellowes Edward Capt Bvt Maj 11th Hussars Fellowes Edward Captain Bvt Major Feneran Edward Lieutenant Fenn John Quartermaster Fenner William Lyle Veterinary Surgeon Fennessy R R Captain (Infantry) Fenwick Bowes Captain Fenwick George Roe Lieutenant Fenwick George Roe Lieutenant Fenwick George Roe Lieutenant Fenwick T H Captain (Infantry) Fereday Frederick Francis Paymaster Ferguson Adam Lieutenant Ferguson Arthur F Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Ferguson Charles Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Surgeon Ferguson James Lieutenant Colonel Ferguson John Stephenson Cornet Ferguson Rev A C/F (P). Ferguson Rev W C/F. Ferguson Robert Assistant Surgeon Ferguson William Assistant Surgeon Fergusson Sir James Bart Captain Fernandes F Apothecary Ferryman Augustus Hallifax Col. 89th Foot Ferryman Augustus Hallifax Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Field George Thomas Capt RA Field George Thomas Capt RA Field Meyrick Beaufoy Lieutenant Field Spencer Lieutenant Field Thomas Samül Poer Bvt Maj RA Fielding The Hon Percy Robert Basil Lt Col 1/Coldstream Guards Fiennes The Hon Nathaniel Lieutenant Filder William CB C-G Filder William CB Commissary General Finch The Hon Dan. Greville Captain & Bvt Major Findlay George Henry Asst Surgn Finlay Hamilton Paymaster Finnerty Charles Lieutenant Finnerty Charles Lt 47th Foot Fisher Arthur A'Court 1st Lt RE Fisher Arthur A'Court 1st Lt RE Fisher Charles Edward Lieutenant Fisher Edward Henry Capt RA Fisher Edward Rowe Lieutenant Fitter Henry J Vet Surgn (lr) Fitter Henry John Vet Surgeon (l/r) Fitz Gerald Hobart Evans Ensign Lieutenant Fitz Gibbon John Viscount Lieutenant Fitz Wygram Frederick W J Captain Fitz J Apothecary Fitzclarance The Hon Edward Lieutenant FitzClarence The Hon F C G Captain FitzGerald Charles Captain Fitzgerald David Purveyor FitzGerald Frederick Lattin Lieutenant Fitzgerald G Lieutenant Fitzgerald Henry Charles Captain Fitzgerald Henry Lewis Lieutenant Fitzgerald Lionel Edward Ensign Fitzgerald Maurice G B Lieutenant FitzGerald Thomas George Asst Surgn Fitzgerald Thomas Keane Lieutenant Fitzgerald W Henry G Captain FitzGerald W. Hervey Captain Fitzgerald William Henry Paymaster Fitzgibbon Charles Proby Lieutenant FitzHugh Henry Terrick 2nd Capt RA FitzMaurice George Robert R Ensign FitzMaurice The Hon Alexander Temple Lieutenant FitzMayer James William CB Lt Col RA FitzMayer James William CB Lt Col RA Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Thomas Mapleton Ensign FitzRoy Augustus Charles Lennox Capt RA Fitzroy Cavendish Charles Captain FitzRoy Charles Vane Lieutenant FitzRoy George Robert Captain FitzRoy Lord Augustus Charles L Lieutenant Colonel Fleming A. de Montmorcy Lieutenant Fleming George Veterinary Surgeon Fleming Joseph Lieutenant Fleming William Lieutenant Fletcher Alexander Lieutenant Fletcher Edward Phillips Deputy Assistant Commissary Fletcher Thomas Lieutenant Fletcher William Act. Asst Surgn Fletcher William Act. Asst Surgn RA Fletcher William Captain Flood C F Captain (Infantry) Flower Cook Sibbs Lieutenant Flower William Henry Assistant Surgeon Floyd John Captain Foaker Frederick Surgeon Foaker Frederick Surgn 1 Cl Fogo Alexander Scott MD Assistant Surgn RA Fogo James Macmillan Scott 1st Asst Surgn & Surgn RA Foley Patrick Francis Quartermaster Foley St George Gerald unattached Foley The Hon August. Frederick Colonel Follenius G Maj 4th Lt Inf Brit Forgn Legn Follenius George Major 4th Lt Inf BGL Folliott John Act. Asst Surgn Fonblanqü Edward Barrington de Commissary General Fonblanqü Edward Barrington de Commissary General Foote Richard Forde Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Forbes F Col (Cavalry) Forbes F Col Turkish Contingent Forbes John Lt 30th Foot Forbes F Colonel (Cavalry) Forbes George Lieutenant Forbes John Lieutenant Forbes Lestock Reid Lieutenant Forbes Sir William Lieutenant Forbes The Hon W Captain Ford Charles Lieutenant Ford H H Captain (l/r) Ford William Vet Surgn (lr) Ford William Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Ford William Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Forde Thomas Douglas Capt 46th Foot Forde Thomas Douglas Captain Fordyce Charles F Major Fordyce George William Lieutenant Colonel Forman Edward Roland Captain Fornaro Theodor Major Forrest James O'Bryen Captain (l/r) Forrest James O'Bryen Captain (l/r) Forrest John MD DIG Forrest John MD DIG Forrest William Charles Lieutenant Colonel Forster Francis Rowland Bvt Major Forster Francis Rowland Capt & Bvt Maj 4th Dragoon Guards Forster John Burton Captain Forster John Captain Forsyth Gerrard John Lieutenant Forteath Alexander MD Surg 2 Cl Forteath Alexander MD Surgeon Fortescü John Charles William Capt Bvt Maj & Lt Col RA Fortescü John Charles William Capt Bvt Maj & Lt Col RA Fortescü W Lieutenant Fosberry W Deputy Assistant Commissary General Fosberry William Thomas Exham Lieutenant Foster C Quartermaster Foster Charles Deputy Assistant Commissary General Foster Francis John Lieutenant Foster Frederick Wilmot Captain Foster G Lieutenant Colonel RE Foster G Lt Col RE Foster Henry Captain Foster John Philip Bohun Captain Foster Redmayne Burrell Comet Foster William John Lieutenant Foster William Captain Fotheringham Thomas F Scrymsoure Lieutenant Fowler Henry Day Surgeon Fowler Humphrey Adjutant Fox Augustus Henry Lane Capt & Bvt Maj 2/Gren Guards Fox Augustus Henry Lane Captain & Bvt Major Fox Charles Pierrepoint Lane Lieutenant Fox John Fox Sackville George Lane Lieutenant Frampton Heathfield James Captain France Charles Hoslen Captain Francis George Edward Captain Francis Henry Captain (Artillery) Francis John Francklyn John Henry Lt Col RA Francklyn John Henry Lt Col RA Frankish William Assistant Surgeon Franklen Charles Richard 1st Lt RA Franklin Charles Trigance Capt & Bvt Maj Franklyn Edward James Asst Surgn Franklyn Edward James Surgeon Fraser A W Ensign Fraser Colin A C Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Fraser Dr Surgeon 1 Cl (l/r) Fraser George Quartermaster Fraser James Alexander MD Surgn Fraser John MD Surgeon Fraser Lionel Mordaunt Lieutenant & Adjutant Fraser Lionel Captain Fraser Patrick Fraser Rev. A C/F (P). Fraser Rowland Aynsworth Captain Fraser The Hon Alex E Bvt Major Fraser The Hon David McDowall 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj RA Fraser Thomas Surgeon Frederick Arthur Thomas Lieutenant Freeborn William Lieutenant Freeman John Arthur Freeman Rev Robert MA C/F. Freeman Rev T Asst C/F. Freemantle FitzRoy William Lieutenant Freese J. Noble Arbuthnot Capt & Bvt Maj RA Freese J. Noble Arbuthnot Capt & Bvt Maj RA Freeth Rev. Thomas Jacob LLD (Lond) MA (Cantab) Asst C/F. Freme James Herbert Captain French H J Actg Asst Surgn French John Bolton Ensign French W Lieutenant Freund W H Actng Asst Surgn Frith Edmund Bentley Paymaster Frome Archibald R Surgeon Fry Charles Norris Ensign Fuchs Carl Lieutenant Fullarton H Acting Commissary Clerk Fuller John Augusts Captain Fuller John C IG (l/r) Furlong George William Ensign Furlong John Sheldon MD Assistant Surgeon Furlong John Sheldon MD Assistant Surgeon Furse George Armand Lieutenant Fyers William Augustus Captain Fyffe David Major Fyffe William Johnstone Asst Surgeon Fyler Arthur Evelyn Lieutenant Fyler John W. Townsend Lieutenant Fyler Lawrence Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Gabbott Joseph Lieutenant Gage The Hon Edward Thomas 2nd Capt & Bvt Lt Col RA Gage The Hon Edward Thomas 2nd Capt & Bvt Lt Col RA Gaines George Edwin Assistant Surgeon Gair William DA-Comm FTD (RA) Gaisford John William Lieutenant Colonel Gale Henry R Hoghton Lieutenant Galmanini Leandro Captain Galt Arthur Cornet Galton Herman Galton Captain Gambier Gloucester CB Lt Col RA Gambier Gloucester CB Lt Col RA Gamble Dominic Jacotin Captain Gamble Edward Parks MD Asst Surgn Gamble James Quartermaster Gammell Andrew Lieutenant Gammell F E Lt Gammell William Lieutenant Gannon James Qmaster Gant Frederick James Gardiner Henry Lynedoch Capt & Bvt Maj RA Gardiner Robert May Assistant Commissary General Gardner George Adjutant Gardner James Anthony Lieutenant Garnier Brownlow North Lieutenant Garrard R DA-Comm FTD (RA) Garrard Robert Lieutenant Garrett Algernon Robert Capt & Bvt Maj 46th Foot Garrett Algernon Robert Captain & Bvt Major Garrett Robert KH Bvt Col Brig Ben & Maj Gen 46th Foot Garrett Robert KH Bvt Colonel Brig Ben & Major Gen Garrett T Major Garstin Christophilus Captain Garstin G A Captain (Infantry) Gascoigne Gascoigne Clifton Lieutenant Gatty Edward Lieutenant Gaugreben Werner von Captain Gavin William Veterinary Surgeon Gavin William Veterinary Surgeon Gavin William Veterinary Surgeon 2d Drgns 17th Lancers LTC Gawne Edward Lieutenant Gaynor Charles Spencer Captain Gaynor Constantine Septimus Lieutenant Gaynor John Sherwood Captain Geary Henry le Guay 1st Lt RA Gem Henry Lieutenant Gem Thomas Assistant Commissary General George Edward Crosweller Lieutenant George George Thorne Paymaster George J Quartermaster Geraghty Patrick Ensign Adjutant Gerber Gustave von Captain Germon Richard Charles Henry Lieutenant Gery James Acting Assistant Surgeon Gethin Sir R Captain (Cavalry) Gibaut Walter Moses Assistant Surgeon Gibb Charles John Capt RE Gibbon James Robert Capt RA Gibbon James Robert Capt RA Gibbon Septimus Gibbons John Assistant Surgeon Gibson Alfred Lieutenant Gibson Charles Edgar Adjutant Gibson David Cornet Gibson David Cornet 2nd Drgns Gibson James Brown MD Surgeon Gibson James Brown MD Surgn 1 Cl Gibsone John Cornet Giffard A Captain Gifford John Wynter James Lieutenant Gignoux Louis Ensign Gilbert Philip Edward Victor Lieutenant Gilborne Edward Asst Surgn RA Gilborne James Luffingham Asst C/F. Gilborne John Henry Actng Asst Surgn Gilborne John Henry Assistant Surgeon Gilborne Richard Assistant Surgeon Gilborne Richard Assistant Surgeon Gilby Bentinck Duncan Captain Gilby Henry Mant Lieutenant Gildea G F Captain (Infantry) Gill Rev G J C/F. Gill Thomas McNeille Ensign] Gillam Isaac J Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Gillet Henry Lieutenant Gillum William James Captain Gilmour Charles Dalrymple 1st Lt RA Gilpin Bradney Todd Captain Ginestous Baron Louis Captain Gingins Baron Olivier de Captain Gingins Baron Olivier de Captain Gipps Henry Lieutenant Gipps Reginald Captain Glancey John Ensign Glanville G J Lieutenant (Infantry) Glazbrook Charles Stuart Capt 49th Foot Glazbrook Charles Stuart Captain Gleeson Rev - RC Chaplain. Gleig Alexander Cameron 2nd Capt & Capt RA Gleig Charles Edward Glendenning Andrew Paymaster Gloag John William Vet Surgn Gloag John William Veterinary Surgeon Gloster Edward Thomas Captain Glover R C Capt Turkish Contingent Glover R C Captain (Infantry) Glover R C Captain (Infantry) Glover Robert Mortimer Glyn John Plumptree Lieutenant Glyn Julius Richard Capt & Bvt Lt Col 1/ Rifle Brigade Glyn Julius Richard Captain & Bvt Major Glyn Richard George Lieutenant Glyn Richard Thomas Captain Glyn Riversdale Richard Captain Glyn Riversdale Richard Lieutenant Glynne Sydney Carr Lieutenant Goad George Maxwell Lieutenant Goad Thomas Howard Captain Godber Robert 2nd Captain Godby Joseph 2nd Capt RA Goddard Samül T Vet Surgn (lr) Goddard Samül T Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Goddard Samül T Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Godfrey Arthur William Lieutenant Godfrey Cornelius Godfrey Peter Captain Godley Henry Robert Crew Captain Godley William Alex Lieutenant Godman Richard T Lieutenant Captain Godwin Captain (Engineers) Goetz Otto Ensign Goff Robert Charles Lieutenant Going Richard Lieutenant Colonel Goldby William Quartermaster Goldfrap Frederick William Lieutenant Goldie Thomas Leigh Brig Gen 57th Foot Göldner Julius Lieutenant Goldner Ludwig Ensign Goldsmid F J Maj Turkish Contingent Goldsmid Rdereick John Major (Staff) Goldsmith Olivier Lieutenant Gontard Alfons von Captain Gooch George Cecil Lieutenant Gooch Percy Feilding Lieutenant Goodenough Arthur Cyril Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Goodenough Reginald Cyril Lieutenant Goodeve Henry H Goodlake Gerald Littlehayes Capt 1/Coldstream Guards Goodlake Gerald Littlehayes Captain Goodricke Henry Holyoake Lieutenant Goodwyn Julius Edmund Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Goold V Deputy Assistant Commissary General Gordon John William Capt Bvt Maj & Lt Col RE Gordon John William Capt Bvt Maj & Lt Col RE Gordon A Surgeon Gordon Alexander 2nd Capt RA Gordon Alexander Lieutenant & Adjutant Gordon Archibald MD Surgeon Gordon Archibald MD Surgn 1 Cl Gordon C A B Maj Turkish Contingent Gordon C A B Major (Infantry) Gordon C A B Major (Infantry) Gordon C Capt Gordon C Capt. EICS Gordon C. Van R Conway Lieutenant Gordon Charles George RE Gordon Charles Henry Captain Bvt Major Major Gordon David Alexander Lieutenant Gordon Edward C A Bvt Maj RE Gordon Edward C A Bvt Maj RE Gordon George Grant Lieutenant & Captain Gordon H.W Capt unattached late 86th Foot Gordon Huntley Adjutant Gordon John Salmon Ensign Lieutenant Gordon John Capt 82nd Foot Gordon John Captain Gordon R H Captain Gordon Rowland Hill Captain Gordon Rowland Hill Captain Gordon Samül Enderby 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj Gordon Samül Enderby 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Gordon Sir William Bart Capt 17th Lancers Gordon Sir William Bart Captain Gordon The Hon Alexander Col 1/Gren Guards Gordon The Hon Alexander Colonel Gordon William Cleather Deputy Assistant Commissary Gordon William Captain Bvt Major Gore Capt R C Turkish Contingent Gore Frederick William Captain Gore Frederick William Captain 3rd Foot Major TC Gore James Pollock Captain Gore Ralph 1st Lt RA Gore Thomas Lieutenant Captain & Bvt Major Goren Ames Lieutenant Gorman James Acting Assistant Surgeon Gorringe John MD Assistant Surgeon Gorringe John MD Surgn 2 Cl Gosling Robert Captain Gosling William Clarke Francis Madr Art Maj (l/r) (A) Gosling William Clarke Francis Madr Art Maj (l/r) (A) Gosselin Thomas Reginald Lieutenant Gostling F William Lieutenant Gough George Thomas Lieutenant Gough Thomas Bunbury Lieutenant Colonel Gough Thomas Quartermaster Goulburn Edward Colonel Gould Arthur Robert N Lieutenant Gould John Stillman Captain Gower Lord Frederick Leveson Lieutenant Grabham John Assistant Surgeon Grabowsky Count Stanislaus Captain Grabowsky Stanislas von Lieutenant Grace Sheffield Lieutenant Grace Thomas Ensign Lieutenant Gracey Alexander L Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Graham Charles Campbell Captain Bvt Major Graham Frederick Actg Asst Surgn Graham Gerald 1st Lt RE Graham J C Colonel (Staff) Graham J J Col Turkish Contingent Graham Lumley Bvt Lt Col 41st Foot Graham Lumley Captain Brevet Major Graham Nicol Lieutenant Graham Patrick Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Graham Patrick Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Graham Reginald Henry Lieutenant Graham Sir E Bt Assistant Commissary 1st Class Graham Thomas Lieutenant Colonel Grain Edward Metcalfe M 2nd Capt RE Grange Henry Assistant Surgeon Granger John QM of Brigade Lieutenant & 2nd Captain Grant John Actng Asst Surgn Grant Alexander Actng Asst Surgn Grant Alfred Elford Paymaster Grant C Lieutenant Colonel Grant C Lt Col Turkish Contingent Grant Charles Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Surgeon (l/r) Grant E Major (Infantry) Grant Edward Charles Paymaster Grant Francis Lieutenant Grant George Fox Lieutenant Grant John James Capt after Bvt Maj unattached Grant John Thornton CB Captain Bvt Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Grant The Hon George H E Captain Grant W Bvt Maj RA Grant W Bvt Maj RA Grant W Bvt Major RA & Captain of Division Grant Walter Colquhoun Maj (lr) Grant William James Eston Capt & Bvt Maj RA Grant William MB Asst Surgeon Grant William MB Asst Surgn Granville Bevil Capt 23rd Foot Granville Bevil Captain Grapp Alexander Lieutenant Graves John Stewart Surgeon Graves Thomas Molyneux Lt RE Graves William Henry Captain Gray Humphrey Captain Gray Richard Townsend Graydon George Capt RA Greaves Spencer Ley Lieutenant Green Andrew Major Green Charles Mingaye Lieutenant Captain & Bvt Major Green Charles William Major Green H Lieutenant Captain Green Henry Major Green Malcolm Scrimshire 16th Bombay N.I Major O.I.C Green Malcolm Captain (l/r) Green Owen QM 55th Foot Acting Paymaster Green Owen Quartermaster Green Owen Quartermaster 55th Foot Green Thomas Genry Lieutenant Green William Deputy Assistant Commissary General Green William Lieutenant Greene Astley Captain Greene D C Major (Infantry) Greene John Baker Assistant Surgeon Greenshill G DA-Comm FTD (RA) Greenway Theophilus Qmaster Greenwood John James Lieutenant Greer Arthur Jackson Asst Surgeon Greer Henry Harpur Major Greg Eustace Lieutenant Gregory A Morgan Hood Grosvenor Captain Gregory Charles Fredrick Lieutenant Gregory Frederick William Lieutenant Captain Gregory Thomas John Capt 2/1st Foot Gregory Thomas John Captain Greig David MD Actg. Asst Surgn Greig George Lieutenant GRENADIER GUARDS Greville Arthur C Capt 2/Scots Fusilier Guards Greville Arthur C Captain Greville Cavendish Hubert Lieutenant Grews Robert Alfred Cornet Grey Alfred Lieutenant Grey Edward Simpson Veterinary Surgeon Grey Francis Douglas Captain Grey George Henry Lieutenant Grier Alexander Assistant Surgeon Grier John Frederick Lieutenant Grier John Frederick Lt 88th Foot Grier Lyndon John Ensign Grierson Thomas Beattie Captain (l/r) Grierson Thomas Beattie Captain (l/r) Grierson W M Capt Turkish Contingent Grierson William M Capt (Infantry) Grierson William M Captain (Infantry) Grieve Frank Lieutenant Grieve George Lieutenant Griffin C L Captain (Infantry) Griffin Frederick Cockburn 1st Lt RA Griffin Michael James Assistant Surgeon Griffin T R Captain (Infantry) Griffith Boscawen Trevor Lieutenant Griffiths Arthur George F Lieutenant Griffiths Edward St John Lieutenant Griffiths Henry Darby CB Colonel Griffiths Leonard 1st Lt RA Grimes C Dispenser Grimston Oswald Augustus Captain Grinlinton John Joseph Lieutenant Grogan Henry William Captain Grogg Robert Lieutenant Grosse Edward Ensign Grove Joseph Charles Ross Captain Grove Robert Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Grubbe Henry George Lieutenant Grüssi Carl Ludwig Captain Grylls Shadwell Morley Lt & 2nd Capt RA Grylls William Richards Assistant Surgeon Grylls William Richards Assistant Surgeon Guard Morres Lieutenant Gubbins James Capt 85th Foot Gubbins James Captain Gubbins Stamer Ensign Lieutenant Gudgin Tom Parinder Veterinary Surgeon Gudgin Tom Parinder Veterinary Surgeon Guille William Dalgairns Lt RA Guise John Christopher Captain Gulland Alexander Dudgeon Assistant Surgeon Gulland Alexander Dudgeon Asst Surgn Gunn Francis L Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Gunter James Cornet Gunter Robert Captain Gurney Charles Lieutenant Guy Thomas Surgn 2 Cl Guyer J B Apothecary Gwilt John Captain Bvt Major Gwynn T L G C Captain (Cavalry) Gwynn T L G C Captain (Cavalry) Gwynne Charles M S L Captain Gyngell Rev George Haakins R Acting Commissary Clerk Hacke Adolph von Lieutenant Colonel Hackett John Bvt Maj 77th Foot Hackett John Bvt Major Hackett Samül Captain Hackett Simpson Captain Hackett Thomas Bernard Lieutenant Hackman H W Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Hadaway Samül Maitland Surgn 1 Cl Hadley Henry MD Surgn 1st Cl Hadley William Paymaster Hadow Rev Charles Edward BA (Oxon) C/F Häfelin Carl Ludwig Major Hagan William Wilberforce 1st Lt RA Hagü George Udny Lieutenant Haines Edward Eldridge Captain Hale Edward Blagden Lieutenant Colonel Hale Robert Hale Thomas Egerton Assistant Surgeon Hale Thomas Egerton Asst Surgn Hales Edward Ensign Hales William James Lieutenant Halford Charles Augustus Drake Captain Halkett Frederick J Colin Captain Halkett James Lieutenant Colonel Halkett John Thomas Douglas Major Halkett Sir Peter A Bt Captain Hall Angus William Lieutenant Hall Frederick Lieutenant Hall George Cornet & Lieutenant Hall George Madras Art Brigadier Geneneral (A) Turkish Contingent Hall George Madras Art Brigadier General (A) Hall George Madras Art Lt Col & Brig Gen (A) Hall George Major Madras Artillery Hall Henry Edward Lieutenant Hall J Commissary Clerk Hall Jasper Capt 4th Foot Hall Jasper Captain Hall John Peter Paymaster Hall John MD I.G.H Hall John MD I.G.H Hall Qmaster 2 Cl Hall Richard Morgan Captain Hall Robert J Hall Samül Lieutenant Hall Savage Lieutenant Hall William James 1st Lt RA Hall William Cornet Hallewell E G Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Hallewell E G Bvt Lt Col 28th Foot Halliday George Edmund Captain Hallowes Brabazon M Cornet Halpin Rev Robert Crawford C/F. Halsall H Mil. Chap Haly William O'Grady CB Col 47th Foot Haly William O'Grady CB Colonel Hamill E Dispenser Hamilton Robert William Captain Hamilton A Gibson Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Hamilton F.H. Anson Lieutenant Hamilton Francis Fisher Captain Hamilton Frederick Gustavus Assistant Surgeon Hamilton Frederick Gustavus Asst Surgn Hamilton Frederick William Colonel Hamilton G Qmaster 2 Cl Hamilton George John Ensign Hamilton Henry Meade Capt & Bvt Maj 47th Foot Hamilton Henry Meade Captain & Bvt Major Hamilton J Captain (Infantry) Hamilton James Alexander Lieutenant Hamilton Joseph QM of Brigade & Lieutenant Hamilton Robert C/F. Hamilton Thomas De Courcy Capt 68th Foot Hamilton Thomas De Courcy Captain Hamilton Thomas De Courcy Captain 68th Foot Hamilton Thomas W Assistant Surgeon Hamilton William Actng Asst Surgn Hamley Edward Bruce Capt & Bvt Maj RA Hamley Edward Bruce Capt & Bvt Maj RA Hammersley Frederick Capt & Bvt Maj 14th Foot Hammersley Frederick Captain & Bvt Major Hammond Maximilian Montagü Captain Hamond Henry Carr William Lieutenant Hampson Sir G. Francis bart Captain Hampton Charles John Ensign Hampton Theo. Lewis Cornet Hanbury William Assistant Surgeon Hand Charles Augustus Lieutenant Hand John Sidney Lieutenant Handcock The Hon Henry Robert Lieutenant Colonel Handcock The Hon Henry Captain Handcock The Hon Robert John Lieutenant Handyside William 2nd Capt Land Transport Corps Handyside William 2nd Captain Hanley Dudley MD Surgn Hannan James Assistant Surgeon Hannay Edmond Alexander Capt Royal Antrim Militia Artillery. (Attached X Fld Batt (8/1st Bn RA) Hanwell Joseph 1st Lt RA Harbord The Hon Ralph Lieutenant Harcourt John S Chandos Ensign Lieutenant Harding Francis Pym Capt Maj & Bvt Lt Col 22nd Foot Harding Francis Pym Captain Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Harding Robert Adjutant Hardinge Henry Captain Hardinge The Hon Arthur Edward Bvt Maj after Lt Col 2/Coldstream Guards Hardinge The Hon Arthur Edward Bvt Major after Lieutenant Colonel Hardy Harman Ensign Hardy Whalley Nicoll 2nd Capt RA Hardy William Captain Hare The Hon Charles Luke Major Hare W Captain (Infantry) Harford Charles Joseph Lieutenant Harford Samül Alex Lieutenant Hargitt Henry Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Harkness John Granville Lieutenant Harman George Byng Lieutenant Harman Ramsay Lieutenant Harmond Isaac Lieutenant Harness H J Captain (Infantry) Harnett Edward Lieutenant Harpley Matthew John Vet Surgn (RA) Harran Edward Adjutant Harries Thomas Captain Major Harrington Sidney C Purveyor Harriott Hugh C Lieutenant Harris Captain Harris Joseph Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Harris Noel Alleyne Lieutenant Harris Noel Hamlyn 1st Lt RA 7/12th Bn RA E (not listed) Arr Dec 1 1854 to March 1856. Harris Rev James Hay Beresford C/F. Harris W Apothecary Harris William Henry Actng. Asst Surgn Harris William Assistant Surgeon Harris William Indian Medical Service Medical Officer Harrison Broadley Major Harrison C Carlisle Rogers Deputy Assistant Commissary Harrison George Alex. Lieutenant Harrison Gustavus Nicolls Captain & Bvt Major Harrison H C Actng Commissary Clerk Harrison Henry Cornet Harrison John Assistant Surgeon Harrison Matthew Beachcroft Lieutenant Harrison Nathaniel Evanson Lt Col RA Harrison Nathaniel Evanson Lt Col RA Harrison R Apothecary Harrisson Francis J Lieutenant Harrop T A Apothecary Harrrngton W Lieutenant Hart W Quartermaster Hartley Captain (Engineers) Hartman Franz Assistant Surgeon Hartman G A Major (Cavalry) Hartopp John William Craddock Lieutenant Hartopp William Wray Lieutenant Hartwell Francis Houlton Lieutenant Harvest Edward D Lieutenant Harvest Henry Lewis Lieutenant Harvey John Edmund Captain Harvey L Apothecary Harvey Thomas Peter Lieutenant Harvey William Crosby Lieutenant Harward George Sisson 1st Lt RA Haslar Harmann Ensign Haslett William Lieutenant Hassard Fairfax Charles Capt RE Hassard Jason Captain & Bvt Major Hassell James William Hasted Edward Gould Lieutenant Hastie J Captain (Transport) Hastings Francis William Capt RA & Bvt Maj Hatchell E J Act. Asst Surgn Hatfield Randall Wilmer Lieutenant Hatton Edward H Finch Northamptonshire Militia Hatton Villiers La Touche Lieutenant Colonel Haughton William MB Asst Surgn Haughton William MB Asst Surgn RA Havelock Charles Frederick late 16th Lancers Brigadier General O.I.C Havelock Charles Col 53rd Foot Havelock Charles Colonel Haverty John Coghlan Surgn 2 Cl Havilland James de RA Lt & 2nd Capt Haward Wallace Assistant Surgeon Hawes George Harrington Captain & Bvt Major Hawker Ernest Augustus Paymaster Hawker H Adolphus (or Augustus) Paymaster Hawker Samül William Henry Captain Hawkes Richard Parker Lieutenant Hawkins Albert Assistant Surgeon Hawkins Albert Asst Surgn Hawkins Alexander Caesar Capt & Bvt Maj RA Hawkins E L Lieutenant (Artillery) Hawkins Septimus Moore Captain Hawkins Thomas Scott Captain Hawkins Villiers W Caesar Assistant Commissary General Hawley Robert B Capt & Bvt Maj 89th Foot Hawley Robert B Captain & Bvt Major Hawley William Hanbury Captain Hay Alexander Sebastian Leith Major Lieutenant Colonel Hay Graham Captain Hay Henry Hird Lieutenant Hay James George Lieutenant Captain Bvt Major Hay John Crosland Lieutenant Hay Lord Arthur Lieutenant Colonel Hay Lord Arthur Lt Col 3/Gren Guards Hay The Hon Charles Lieutenant Haydock Henry James Lieutenant Hayes James Adjutant Hayes R Surgeon Haygarth Francis Lieutenant Colonel Hayman Matthew Jones Captain Bvt Major Hayter O E Deputy Assistant Commissary General Hayter William DA-Comm FTD (RA) Haythorne Edmund Lieutenant Colonel Haythorne Edmund Lt Col 1/1st Foot Hayward George Actng Asst Surgn Hayward George Actng Asst Surgn RA Hayward Rev John Wheeler C/F. Healey John Dennis Actng Asst Surgn Hearn Charles Bush MD Surgeon Hearn Charles Shuckburgh 26th Madr N.I Capt (l/r) (I) Turkish Contingent Hearn Charles Shuckburgh 26th Madr N.I Captain (Infantry) Hearn Charles Shuckburgh 26th Madr N.I Captain (Infantry) Hearn John Henry Asst Surgn RA Heathcote Bache Harpur Captain Heathorn J B Captain (Artillery) Heathorn Thomas Bridges Captain (Artillery) Heaton Henry William Lieutenant Heaton John Richard Bvt Maj 37th Foot Heaton John Richard Bvt Major Hebden Tindall Captain Heberden Frederick Lieutenant Heberden Henry 1st Lt RA Hedley B Deputy Assistant Commissary General Heighman Clement Henry John Captain Heinecken Herman Lieutenant Heley John Major (l/r) Helme B Lieutenant Hely Joseph Paymaster Helyar Edward Hawker Lieutenant Hemphill William MD Assistant Surgeon Hemsworth H Deputy Assistant Commissary General Henderson G Capt EICS Henderson Robert Beatty Lieutenant Henderson William Actng Asst Surgn Heneage Clement Walker Ens after Lt 8th Hussars Heneage Clement Walker Lieutenant Heneage Michael Walker Captain Henegan Harry Ensign Henning Shurlock Captain Henry Andrew Quartermaster of Brigade & 2nd Captain Henry Charles Stuart Capt & Bvt Maj RA Henry Ernest Lieutenant Henry George Cecil 2nd Capt RA Henry George Cecil 2nd Capt RA Henry Robert John Captain Henry William 2nd Captain Henry William Lieutenant Henry William Lt Ambulance Corps & 2nd Capt Land Transport Corps Hensley Arthur Hensley Lieutenant Hepburn Henry P Lieutenant Colonel Hepworth Alfred Joseph Lunby Asst Surgn Herbert Arthur J Major Herbert George Flower Capt 31st Foot Herbert George Flower Captain Herbert Lloyd Actng Asst Surgn Herbert Magnus F Morton Captain Herbert The Hon William Henry Captain Herbet The Hon Percy Egerton Lieutenant Colonel Herbet The Hon Percy Egerton Lt Col 43rd Foot Herbing Friedrich Lieutenant Herey Francis John Captain Herford Ivan S. Andrew Lieutenant hermside Henry Lowther 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj RA Herring Henry L'Estrange Lieutenant Hesketh J Adjutant Hesketh William Pemberton Lieutenant Hesketh William Reginald Captain Hesse Friedrich Captain Hewett H R H DA-Comm FTD (RA) Hewett Philip George Captain Hewitt Isaac Henry Capt 52nd Foot Hewitt Isaac Henry Captain Heycock Charles Captain Heyland Alfred Thomas Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Heyland John Rowley Lieutenant Colonel Heyland Langford Rowley Lieutenant Heyman Henry 10th Bombay N.I Major O.I.C Heyman Henry 2nd Capt & Capt RA Heyman Henry 2nd Capt & Capt RA Heywood Alexander Adjutant Heywood John James Lieutenant Heywood Sidney Henry Lieutenant Heywood William Capt 14th Foot Heywood William Lieutenant Captain Hibbert Edward George Captain Major Hibbert Frederick Drummond Cornet Hibbert Hugh Robert Captain Bvt Major Hickes Henry J F 1st Lt Hickie Francis James Captain Hickman William Theodore Lieutenant Hicks John A Acting Assistant Surgeon Hickson John G Surgeon Hiffernan Edward Long Assistant Surgeon Higginbotham Charles Captain Major Higgins Patrick Quartermaster Higginson G Wentworth Alex. Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Higginson George Wentworth Alex. Bvt Lt Col 3/Gren Guards Higman Charles Brisbane Lieutenant Hill Andrew Lieutenant Hill Arthur Lieutenant Hill Arundell E Captain Hill Edward Nicholas Ensign Lieutenant Captain Hill Edward Rowley Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Hill Francis Charles Lieutenant Hill Frederick J George 1st Lt RA Hill Frederick J Ponsonby Lieutenant Hill Henry Hill Henry Seymour Lieutenant Hill J M DA-Comm FTD (RA) Hill James Morris RA Major (Artillery) TC Hill John Edwin Dickser Lieutenant Hill John Quartermaster Hill Kenrick Ensign Hill Percy Lieutenant Colonel Hill Peter Edward Lt RA Hill William Lieutenant Hilles W M Hilliker Henry 2nd Captain Hind H Captain (Infantry) Hind Joseph Lt Hinde Charles T E 65th Bengal N.I. Lieutenant Colonel Imperial Ottoman Army Hinde Gorge Langford Actg Asst Surgn Hine Daniel Benjamin Asst Surgn Hinsching Ernst Captain Hire George F Acting Assistant Surgeon Hitchock Henry James Lieutenant Hoar William Assistant Surgeon Hoban Thomas Quartermaster Hobbs Frederick FitzWilliam T Lieutenant Hobbs J Captain Hobbs Thomas Francis Major Hobson James St Clair Adjutant Hobson James St Clair Adjutant Hobson Rev W J BA C/F. Hodds H I DA-Comm FTD (RA) Hodge Edward Cooper CB Col 4th Dragoon Guards Hodge Edward Cooper CB Colonel Hodgson George Egerton Lieutenant Hodgson Robert Lieutenant Hodgson William Chauval Captain Bvt Major Hoey Peter Joseph Assistant Surgeon Hoey Peter Joseph Asst Surgn Hoey William Francis Lieutenant Colonel Hogan Francis V Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Hogan John Quartermaster Hogge Cameron Neville Captain Holbrook Charles James Ensign Holden Edward Shuttleworth Lieutenant Holden Henry George Major Holder Charles Lieutenant Colonel Holder John Alleyne Lieutenant (Infantry) Holdsworth John Kelly 1st Lt RA Holdsworth John Kelly 1st Lt RA Holford Josiah Lieutenant Holl Henry B Holland Thomas S Holleben Heinrich von Ensign Lieutenant Hollingsworth Thomas Smith Asst Surgn Holloway C W E DA-Comm FTD (RA) Holloway Thomas Burchell Lieutenant Holmes Frederic Lockwood Lieutenant Holmes George H Captain Holmes J Brigadier General (Infantry) Holmes James Gustavus Hamilton Paymaster Holmes John William Paymaster of Divn Holmes John 12th Bombay NI Brigadier General (Infantry) Holmes John Lieutenant Colonel Holmes John Lt Col 12th Bombay NI Holmes Richard Francis Adjutant Holroyd Tyssen Sowley Lieutenant Holt Alfred Lieutenant Holthouse Carsten Holton Francis MB Assistant Surgeon Home Anthony Dickson MD Assistant Surgeon after Surgeon Home William Surgn 1 Cl Honegger Heinrich Albert Captain Hood Charles Captain & Bvt Major Hood The Hon Francis Grosvenor Bvt Colonel Hooper Alfred Asst Surgn Hooper Alfred Asst Surgn Hooper Lucas George Assistant Surgeon Hooper Lucas George Assistant Surgeon Hope Charles Errol Lieutenant Hope Frederick Harry Hope Lieutenant Hope John Edward Lt & 2nd Capt RA Hope The Hon Adrian Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Hope The Hon Adrian Bvt Lt Col 60th Foot Hope William Lieutenant Hope William Major Hopkins John Captain Hopkins Patrick Quartermaster Hopson Frederick Thomas Ongley Lieutenant Hopton Charles Edward Captain Hopton Edward Lieutenant Horn Frederick Lieutenant Colonel Bvt Colonel & Brigadier General Horn Frederick Lt Col & Brig-Gen 20th Foot Horne Edmond Garland Adjutant Horne George Captain Hornridge John Hornsby William Spence Deputy Assistant Commissary Horsford Alfred H Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Hort John Josiah Lieutenant Colonel Hort Rev Charles Josiah BA C/F. Hoskins Bradford Smith Lieutenant Hoskins William Thomas MD Surgeon Hostache Alexander Lieutenant Hoste Dixon Edward 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Hoste William D Captain of Division Hotham Charles Lieutenant Houghton George Powell Lieutenant Houghton John George King Lieutenant Houghton W K Surgn 2 Cl Howard C.J.H Lieutenant Howard Edward Howard Edward Surgn Howard John Stanley Captain Howarth Thomas Orton Lieutenant Howett Henry Hollis Paymaster Howkins Theophilis Rt Lieutenant Howley John Lieutenant Hoystead Thomas N Actng Asst Surgn Huddlestone Thomas Quartermaster Hudson Alexander Robert MB Asst Surgeon Hudson Charles Captain of Division Hudson James Lieutenant Hudson John Lieutenant Hudson Thomas Wright Captain Bvt Major Major Hudson W Dispenser Hüy Frederick Captain Hüy Richard William Col 2/1st Foot Hüy Richard William Colonel Hugessen Richard A K Captain Hughes G William Bulkeley Lieutenant Hughes George Henry Captain Hughes James Vaughan Hughes R J Captain (Infantry) Huish Henry Surgn 2 Cl Huke William Vet Surgn (RA) Huleatt Rev Hugh C/F. Hulke John W Hulseburg John Wild Assistant Surgeon Humbracht Herman von Captain Hume Gustavus Capt & Bvt Maj 38th Foot Hume Gustavus Captain Bvt Major Hume Hamilton Lieutenant Hume Henry CB Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Hume John Richard Captain Hume Robert Lieutenant Captain & Bvt Major Hume Thomas David MD Surgn after DIG Hume Walter Lieutenant Humfrey Alexander Milne MB Asst Surgn RA Humfrey Alexander Assistant Surgeon Humfrey Benjamin Geale 1st Lt RA Humfrey Willliam Charels DIG Humphrey Alexander Milne MD Assistant Surgeon Humphrey Alexander Milne MD Asst Surgn RA Humphrey John Hundley Henry E Cornet Lieutenant Hünerwadel Adolph Ensign Hungerford Richard Assistant Surgeon Hungerford Richard Asst Surgn Hunt Andrew Major Hunt Arthur DA-Comm FTD (RA) Hunt Edmund D'Arcy Capt 6th Dragoons Hunt Edmund D'Arcy Captain Hunt Edward Joseph Lieutenant Hunt George Warwick Lieutenant Hunt John Paymaster Hunter Arthur Stuart 1st Lt RA Hunter C. Fleming Captain Hunter Charles Brig Gen (l/r) Hunter Edward Henry Captain Hunter FitzWilliam Frederick Lieutenant Captain Bvt Major Hunter R E Commissary Clerk Hunter Robert Francis Major Hunter Robert Scott Captain Hunter Thomas MD Surgn 1 Cl Hunter Thomas Surgeon Hunton Robert William Saunderson Raper 92nd Foot Hunton Robert William Saunderson Raper Ensign Hunziker Rudolph Ensign Hure The Hon C Captain Hurford Thomas Vet Surgn 12th Lancers Hurford Thomas Veterinary Surgeon Hursch Sigmund Ensign Hürst Peter Ensign Hurt Charles Captain Hurt Francis Richard Lieutenant Hurt Henry Francis Eden Lieutenant Husband John Bake Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Hussarzewski Julius Major Hussey Henry Veterinary Surgeon Hussey William Lieutenant Hutcheson Patrick William Acting Assistant Surgeon MRCS 1851 LSA 1852 Hutchins George Spicer Ensign Hutchinson Sir Edward Synge bart Lieutenant Hutchinson The Hon John William Hely Captain Hutchinson William Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Surgeon Hutchison Joseph Paymaster Hutchison Joseph Paymaster of Division Paymaster Hutchison Joseph Paymaster of Divn Paymaster O.I.C Huthwaite Francis Surgeon Hutton Charles Quartermaster of Brigade & 2nd Captain Hutton Frederick Wollaston Ensign Hutton George Morland Hutton Henry Prim Capt 31st Foot Hutton Henry Prim Captain Hutton Henry Prim Captain 31st Foot Major Captain of Division Hutton John Captain Hutton Thomas Bruce Lieutenant Hutton Thomas Captain Hyde George Clarence Actg Asst Surgn Hyde George MD Assistant Surgeon Hyde George MD Surgn 2 Cl Hyde John Martin Assistant Surgeon Hynde Lawrence M Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Hyndman Robert Blair Lieutenant Hyslop Maxwell Wither Lieutenant Image John George Lieutenant Captain INFANTRY Ingall William Lennox Captain Major Ingham Charles David Lieutenant Ingham George Lieutenant Ingham Joshua Cunliffe Captain Ingilby Charles Henry 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Inglefield H H A'Court Lieutenant Inglis John Captain Inglis Raymond Captain Inglis Thomas C Captain Inglis William Mason 2nd Capt RE Inglis William Captain Inglis William Captain Bvt Major Ingram Henry Paymaster Ingram Robert Bethune Captain Ingram Thomas Onslow W Captain Bvt Major Major Lieutenant Colonel Innes Charles Alexander MD Actg Asst Surgn after Asst Surgn Innes John Harry Ker Surgeon Inverity William David Lieutenant Irby John James Charles Lieutenant Ireland Richard Plunkett Capt 3rd West Indian Regt Ireland Richard Plunkett Captain Ireland Richard Plunkett Captain 3rd West Indian Regt Irvine Alexander Surgeon. Irvine Archibald Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Irvine Hazlitt 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Irvine Matthew Bell Deputy Assistant Deputy Commissary General Irving Alexander Capt & Bvt Maj RA Irving Alexander Capt & Bvt Maj RA Irwin Chamney Graves Asst Surgeon Irwin Frederick C Lieutenant Irwin John Lieutenant Irwin Thomas Adjutant Irwin William Thomas Actg Asst Surgn Irwine - Lieutenant Isaac Charles T Vesey Bunbury Captain Isdell Charles Wynn Ensign Iseuschjmid Johann Ensign Ives Gordon Maynard Lieutenant Ivey William Frederick Tortcato Surgeon Jackson David Quartermaster Jackson H D Lieutenant Jackson James Surgn 2 Cl Jackson Peter Neville Assistant Surgeon Jackson Peter Neville Asst Surgn Jackson Robert William Assistant Surgeon Jacob Arthur Edmund Assistant Surgeon James A P Apothecary James Benjamin Robert Paymaster James Edward Renouard 1st Lt RE James George Cornet & Lieutenant James Henry Lieutenant James William Ensign Jameson Robert O'Brien Lieutenant Jameson Robert O'Brien Lt 2nd Life Guards Jameson Robert Quartermaster Jameson Thomas Ross MD Surgn 1 Cl Jane Michael Allen Asst Surgn Jardine James MD Asst Surgn Jardine John Jary Robert Hernert Heath Captain Jasper W Asst Surgn Jebb Frederick William Lieutenant Jeeves William Young Assistant Surgeon Jeffcock Charles Edward Lieutenant Jeffreys Edmund Richard Lieutenant Colonel Jenkin Ebenezer Alfred Asst Surgeon Jenkins John T Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Jenkins Robert William Adjutant Jenkins William H Actng Asst Surgn Jenner Kentish Purveyor Jennings George Bingham Captain Jennings Henry Cornet Lieutenant Jenyns Soame Gambier Bvt Maj CB 13th Lt Dragoons Jenyns Soame Gambier CB Bvt Major Jephson John Holmes Assistant Surgeon Jephson William Holmes MD Surg 2 Cl Jephson William Holmes MD Surgeon Jervis Edward Lennox Captain Jervis Edward Cornet Jervois Edwyn Stanhope Lieutenant Jervoise Henry Clarke Lieutenant Jervoise Henry Clarke Lt 42nd Foot Jervoise Jervoise Clarke Captain Jesse William Howard 2nd Capt RE Jessop Charles Moore Act. Asst Surgn Jex Thomas Vet Surgn Jex-Blake Robert Hoey Lieutenant Jocelyn The Hon John Strange Captain John George Trevelyan Captain Johns Charles Edward Captain Johns Thomas Captain Johnson Alured Clarke C 1st Lt RA Johnson Charles Gray 1st Lt RA Johnson Charles H Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Johnson George Vanderheyden Capt RA Johnson James Godschull Lieutenant Johnson John Assistant Surgeon Johnson John Asst Surgn Johnson Walter John Lieutenant Johnson William Byrne Lieutenant Johnson William Young Ensign Johnson William Lieutenant Johnston James Crosse Assistant Surgeon Johnston Joseph MD Actg Ast Surgn Johnston Rev - C/F (P). Johnston Robert Lieutenant Johnstone William Capt 41st Foot Johnstone William Captain Johnstone Alexander MD Assistant Surgeon Johnstone J G R Maj (Transport) Johnstone John Douglas CB Major Lieutenant Colonel Johnstone John Douglas Ensign Lieutenant Joiner John Quartermaster Jollife H H Lieutenant Jolliffe Hedworth Hylton Captain Jones C L M Act Assistant Surgeon Jones Charles M Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Jones Dashwood 2nd Capt RA Jones Edward Kent Captain Jones Henry Mitchell Lieutenant Jones Henry Richmond Colonel Jones Hugh Maurice Capt 13th Foot Jones Hugh Maurice Captain Jones Humphrey Stanley DCG Jones John Quartermaster of Corps & 2nd Captain Jones Lewis John Fillis Lieutenant Jones Morgan Jones Actg Asst Surgn Jones Percy Malcolm Lieutenant Jones Richard Roynon 1st Lt RA Jones Sir Harry David Maj Gen RE Jones Sir Harry David Maj Gen RE Jones Stanley Assistant Commissary General Jones Thomas Captain Jones William Ensign Jones-Parry Sydney Henry Captain (Staff) Jordan Joseph Captain Bvt Major Jordan William Walker Lieutenant Julius Otto Ensign Julius Victor Ensign Kains Thomas Captain Kalazdy - MD Surgeon 1 Class (l/r) Kalazdy Dr Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Kauntz Henry Quartermaster Kay James Lieutenant Kaye Arthur Lister 1st Lt RA Kean William Assistant Commissary General Keane The Hon Hussey Fane Capt & Bvt Maj RE Keane The Hon Hussey Fane Capt & Bvt Maj RE Keate Edward 1st Lt RA Keeling James H Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Keir M DA-Comm FTD (RA) Keith The Hon Charles James Capt 4th Lt Dragoons Keith The Hon Charles James Lieutenant Captain Kekewich Lewis Lieutenant Kekewich S. Blomefield Lieutenant Kellet Edward Young Asst Surgn Kelly Charles Frederick Captain Kelly R Veterinary Surgeon Kelly Richard D Major. Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Kelly Thomas Conygham Major Lieutenant Colonel Kelsall Gustave Nicholls 1st Lt RE Kelsall John R Lieutenant Kelson Thomas Mortimer Lieutenant Kemp N. Captain (Infantry) Kemp William Lieutenant Kendall Henry MD Surgeon Kendall John Jennings Lieutenant Kennedy Francis Captain Kennedy George Robert Harry Lt Col RA Kennedy George Robert Harry Lt Col RA Kennedy Irving Francis Lieutenant Kennedy John Clark Maj & Lt Col 18th Foot Kennedy John Clark Major & Lieutenant Colonel Kennedy Thomas Actg Asst Surgn Kenny Courtenay W A T Lieutenant Kenrick Buxton Martin Lieutenant Captain Kent Henry Captain Keogh Henry Cornet Keogh Lynch John Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Keogh William Ensign Ker James Captain Ker W DA-Comm FTD (RA) Keraly Feancis Major (l/r) Keraly Francis Major (l/r) Kerr Henry Lieutenant Kerr John Craufurd Ensign Kerr John Manners Lieutenant Kerr Lord Mark Lieutenant Colonel Kerr William Ensign Kerr William Ensign Lieutenant Kessler Johann H J Major Kiall Mark Henry Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Kildahl James Robert Ensign Kilgour Patrick MD Asst Surgn Killeen Arthur James Lord Capt 8th Hussars Killeen Lord Arthur James Captain Killeen Roger Captain Kilvert William Lieutenant Kilvington Francis Henry Captain Kinahan Charles Henry Ensign Kindersley Edward Nassau Lieutenant King Augustus Henry 1st Lt RA King Augustus Henry 1st Lt RA King Charles Gerrord Paymaster of Divn King Charles Ley Lieutenant King Charles Richard Ensign King Edward Raleigh Lieutenant King Federick William 2nd Capt RE King George Smyth MD Asst Surgn King George Captain King George Major King Gerald Fitz Gerald Capt 13th Foot King Gerald Fitz Gerald Captain King Gerald Fitzgerald Lieutenant King Henry John Captain King Henry Lieutenant Captain King Isaac Lieutenant King James Smith Surgn 2 Cl King John Hynde Captain Bvt Major Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel King William Affleck Lieutenant King William Wallace Lieutenant Kingscote Fitzhardinge Lieutenant Kingscote Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge CB Capt 2/Scots Fusilier Guards Kingscote Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge CB Captain Kingsley James Richard Grant Adjutant Kingsley James William Lieutenant Kinlock Alexander Captain Kippen Horatio Nelson Lieutenant Kirby A Lieutenant Kirby Franklin Knight Lieutenant Kirk Charles Edmondstone Captain Kirk John Kirkby John T Ensign Lieutenant Kirke John Henry Lieutenant Kirkland John Agmondisham Vesey Capt & Bvt Maj 21st Foot Kirkland John Agmondisham Vesey Captain & Bvt Major Kirkpatrick Thomas Sutton Lieutenant Kirkwall George William Hamilton Viscount Captain Kirwan Charles John Asst Surgn Knapp George Henry Lieutenant Knapp Purveyor Acting Assistant Surgeon Knatchbull Francis Lieutenant Knatchbull Norton Lieutenant Knight C Apothecary Knight Charles Ernest Ensign Lieutenant Knight Henry William Captain Knight Lewis Edward Lieutenant & Captain Knight M Knight Philip Henry Lieutenant Knipe John Copeland Asst Surgn Knollys William Wallingford Lieutenant Knor Adolph Captain Knowles Charles B Lieutenant Knox David Actng Asst Surgn Knox Francis Walter Assistant Surgeon Knox George William Lieutenant Knox James Ensign Knox John Simpson Lieutenant Knox Lawrence Edward Lieutenant Knox The Hon William Stuart Major Koenecke F Assistant Surgeon Königer Friedrich Captain Körber Louis Lieutenant Kost Heinrich Assistant Surgeon Krause B Surgein Krütli Peter Ensign Kyle J Adjutant La Croix Carl Captain La Croix Otto Ensign Lacy Gilbert de Lacy Lieutenant Lacy Richard Walter Major Lacy Richard Captain Laing Patrick Sinclair Surgn 2 Cl Lake Atwell Colonel RE Lake Noel Thomas CB Lt Col RA Lake Noel Thomas CB Lt Col RA Lakin James H Lalor James Assistantt Surgeon (l/r) Lalor James Asst Surgn (l/r). Lamb George Henry Captain Lamb James Ensign Lieutenant Lambert Wal. McClellan Lieutenant Lambert William Francis 2nd Capt RE Lambert William Lieutenant Lambert William Quartermaster Lambton Arthur Lieutenant Lambton Francis Captain Lambton Frederick William Lieutenant Lamont Hafed Lieutenant Lamont James MD Assistant Surgeon Lampen Henry Ensign Lieutenant Lance H J Captain (Infantry) Lander Alfred Lieutenant Lander William Henry Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Landers Fitz Thomas Paymaster of Divn Landerset Jules Ensign Landry John Cornet Lane Alfred John Captain Lane Grenville Charles Lieutenant Lane Henry John Bagot Lieutenant Lane Henry Fletcher Quartermaster Lane John H Vet Surgn (lr) Lane John Humphreys Vet Surgeon (l/r) Lang John W Assistant Surgeon Langen Friederich von Lieutenant Langham John Philipson Assistant Surgeon Langley William Leslie MD Surgeon Langley William Leslie MD Surgn 1 Cl Laniland E DA-Comm FTD (RA) Lardner John Major Large John Edward Paymaster Larkin Edmund Medical Officer Larkins Robertson Captain of Division Lascelles Claud G W 2nd Capt RA Latham Oliver Matthew Captain Latourche Octavius Capt 98th Foot Latourche Octavius Captain Laughlin Edward James Lieutenant Laurie John Wimburn Lieutenant Laurie Julius Dyson Lieutenant Lavery Edward O'Connor Ensign Law Alfred Markland Lieutenant Law Francis Lowry Adeane 1st Lt RA Law James Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Law Richard Alexander Adjutant Lawless Rev George AM C/F. Lawlor Digby William Assistant Surgeon Lawrence Arthur Johnstone CB Col 2/Rifle Bde Lawrence Arthur Johnstone CB Colonel Lawrence Edward D Deputy Assistant Commissary General Lawrence Hector Macclean Lieutenant Lawrence Henry John Hughes Assistant Surgeon Lawrence John Lieutenant Lawrenson John Col after Brig Gen 17th Lancers Lawrenson John Colonel Lawrie John Captain Lawson George Asst Surgn Lawson Henry Ensign Lieutenant Lawson Robert MD Surgn 1 Cl after DIG Lawson William Ensgn & Lieutenant 42nd Foot & Lieutenant LTC Lawson William Ensign Lieutenant Layard Arthur John Capt 38th Foot Layard Arthur John Captain Laye Joseph Henry Bvt Maj 58th Foot Laye Joseph Henry Bvt Major Le Blanc Edward Surgeon Le Brun Rev Paolo RC Chaplain Le Brun Rev Paolo RC Chaplain. Le Couteur John Halkett Captain & Bvt Major Le Couteur John Halkett Captain Bvt Major 2/Cold Gds Le Feuvre William Seward Lieutenant Le Maitre A Acting Commissary Clerk Le Marchant Edward Captain Le Mesurier A Commissary Clerk Le Mesurier Andrew Alfred Lieutenant Le Mesurier Frederick Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Le Mesurier Frederick Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Le Mesurier William George 1st Lt RA Lea Frederick Percy Captain Leach Edmund Lieutenant Leach Walter Asst Surgn Leahy Arthur 1st Lt RE Leahy Arthur 1st Lt RE Leahy John Quartermaster Leake Henry Ensign Leared Arthur Learmouth Alexander Captain Leask James Greig MB Actng Asst Surgn Leatham Richard Blackburn Lieutenant Leckie William Captain Lee Frederick Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Lee John Acting Assistant Surgeon Lee John Ensign Adjutant Lee John Ensign Lieutenant Lee Rev J C/F. Lee T Lieutenant Lee Vaughan Hanning Lieutenant Lees Edward John Lieutenant Leeson Ralph Lieutenant Leeson Richard John Philip Lieutenant Leet Edward Lieutenant Leet John Knox Assistant Surgeon Lefroy Sir John Henry Lt Col RA Leggatt James Adjutant Legge Montagu Adam Henry Captain Legge The Hon Edward Henry Lieutenant Legge The Hon George Barrington Captain Leggett George Edward Lieutenant Legh Edmund Cornwall Capt 97th Foot Legh Edmund Cornwall Captain Bvt Major Legh William John Captain Legrew John Vet Surgn Leith J.A Wellesley Lieutenant Leith John Macdonald Lieutenant Lempriere Audley Captain Lempriere George Reid 1st Lieutenant RE Lempriere George Reid 1st Lt RE Lennard C Edward Barrett Ensign Lennox August Frederick Francis Capt & Bvt Maj RA Lennox Wilbraham Oates 1st Lt RE Lentz Louis Captain Leslie Charles Henry Captain Leslie George Capt RA Leslie Thomas Lieutenant Leslie Thomas Lt Royal Regt of Horse Guards Leslie William Henry Act Asst Surgn L'Estrange Champagne 1st Lt RA L'Estrange Paget W L 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Letts Alfred Benwell Lieutenant Levett Edward Lieutenant Levett Edward Lieutenant Lewer John R Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Lewes John Capt & Bvt Maj 3rd Foot Lewes John Captain & Bvt Major Lewes Rev John Mededith BA (Cantab) C/F. Lewin J Lieutenant Lewins Robert (?) Medical Officer Lewins Robert MD Surgeon Lewis August Walter Adjutant Lewis Charles Algernon Colonel Lewis Ernest Cornet Lewis H C Deputy Assistant Commissary General Lewis James Henry Assistant Surgeon Lewis John Edward Captain Bvt Major Lewis John W Doveton Lieutenant Lewis Leyson Edwin Lieutenant Lewis Robert Lieutenant Lewis Thomas Freke Lieutenant Lewis William Langmead Lieutenant Ley Henry Rooke Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Lidwell George Captain Ligertwood Thomas MB Assistant Surgeon Ligertwood Thomas MB Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Light Hugo Shelley Lieutenant Lilley J DA-Comm FTD (RA) Lilley John Quartermaster Lindesay Frederick J Sandys Captain Lindesay Patrick Lieutenant Colonel Lindesey J Mainwaring Deputy Assistant Commissary General Lindsay George Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Lindsay George Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Lindsay Henry Gore Lieutenant Lindsay Robert James Adj 1/Scot Fus Guards Lindsay Robert James Adjutant Lindsay The Hon Charles Hugh Lieutenant Colonel Lindsell Robert Henry Major Linford J Quartermaster Ling John Theodore 81st Foot Major O.IC Linton James Henry Lieutenant Linton William MD DIG Linton William MD DIG Lister Frederick D Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Listowell William The Earl of Lieutenant Listowell William. The Earl of Lt 2/Scots Fus Guards Litchford E B Captain (Infantry) Litle James Somerville Surgn RA Litster William Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Little Henry Alexander Lieutenant Little John Ensign Lieutenant Little Robert Kyle Lieutenant Little William Adjutant Littleton Thomas Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Litton Richard Weld Adjutant Lizars John Lizars Actng. Asst Surgn Llewellyn Jenkin Homfray Assistant Surgeon Llewellyn Jenkin Homfray Surgn 2 Cl Lloyd Edward Thomas Bvt Maj RE Lloyd Edward Thomas Bvt Maj RE Lloyd Ernest Augustus M 1st Lt RA Lloyd James Mathias Deputy Assistant Commissary Lloyd Montifort H. Trant Lieutenant Lloyd Thomas Conway Lieutenant Lloyd Thomas William John Captain Llüllyn Richard Captain Lock A R Commissary Clerk Lock Andrew C Knox Capt & Bvt Maj 50th Foot Lock Andrew C Knox Captain & Bvt Major Lockart L.W. Maxwell Lieutenant Lockhart Archibald Inglis Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lockhart James Augustus Lieutenant Captain Lockwood August Purefoy Surgeon Lockwood August Purefoy Surgeon Lockwood George Captain Lockyer Henry Frederick KH 97th Foot Lockyer Henry Frederick KH Bvt Colonel Lodder Henry Call Captain Loffler Friedrich Ensign Lofthouse Richard Chapman MD Assistant Surgeon Lofthouse Richard Chapman MD Assistant Surgeon on attachment from the 86th Foot Loftus Arthur John Captain Loftus Henry Captain Loftus William James Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Logan Joseph Lieutenant Logan Robert Abraham Major Logan Thomas Galbraith MD Surgn 1 Cl Staff after DIG Logan Thomas Galbraith MD Surgn 1 Cl Staff after DIGH Lomas J Dispenser Long Charles Poore Captain Long Edward Morton Lieutenant Longden John Edward Paymaster of Divn Longfield John Lieutenant Longheed Joseph Fletcher Longhurst Arthur Edwin T Asst Surgn Longley G Captain (Engineers) Longley George 1st Lt & Capt (lr) RE Longley Raynsford C 1st Lt RA Longmore Charles Joseph Captain Longmore John Act. Asst Surgn Longmore John Acting Assistant Surgeon Longmore Thomas Surgeon Lorch Lorentz Lieutenant 2nd Lt Drgns BGL Lorch Lorentz Lt 2nd Lt Drgns BGL Lord J K Lieutenant Lord J K Lieutenant (l/r) Lord J K Vet Surgn (lr) Lord William Barry Vet Surgn (RA) Losack Charles Warner Lieutenant Lougheed Joseph Fletcher. Asst Surgn Loughnan C F Surgn 2 Cl Lousada Count Ernest de Ensign Lousada Simeon Charles Captain Louth Lord Ensign Louttit James Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Lovekin James Magenis Ensign Lovelace R Major Lovell John Williamson Bvt Maj RE Lovell John Williamson Bvt Maj RE Lovett John Richard Captain Low Alexander Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Low H J R Lt Lowe A J R Captain (Infantry) Lowe Alexander W Lieutenant Lowe Drury Curzon Lieutenant Lowndes John Henry Captain Bvt Major Lowry Armar Graham Captain Lowry Edward L Barnwell Lieutenant Lowry James Armar Captain Lowry Robert William Captain Major Lowry Robert William Maj 47th Foot Lowry Thomas Graves 1st Lt RE Lowth John Jackson Lieutenant Colonel Luard Richard G Amherst Capt & Bvt Maj 77th Foot Luard Richard G Amherst Captain & Bvt Major Lucan George Charles Bingham The Third Earl of KCB Maj Gen after Lt Gen 8th Hussars Lucas C P Captain Lucas Jasper Captain Lucas Robert Act. Asst Surgn Luce Edward 1st Lt RA Ludlow Harvey Actg Asst Surgn Luff H L Apothecary Lukin Frederick Windham Lukin Frederick Windham Paymaster Lukin William Windham Aug 1st Lt Lumley Charles Henry Lieutenant Captain Bvt Major Lumley Frederick Douglas Major Lumsden Thomas Quartermaster Lundy Edward Louis Assistant Surgeon Lundy James Bell Commissary General Lüntzel Armin Surgeon Luttrell Henry A F Lieutenant Lutyens Charles Captain Luxmoore Frederick Lieutenant Lye Richard Leigh Captain Lyle Hugh Chetham 1st Lt RA Lynch Arthur Francis Henry Asst Surgn Lynch J T Captain Lynch William Edgeworth Asst Surgn Lyon Frederick Lee H 1st Lt RA Lyon William Charles Capt 92nd Foot Lyon William Charles Captain Lyons J Capt RA Lyons J Capt RA Lyons James 1st Lt RA Lyons James 1st Lt RA Lyons James RA Captain (Artillery) Lyons James RA Captain (Artillery) TC Lyons John Edward Captain Lyons Robert D Lyons Thomas Casey Captain Lys George Dobré Paymaster Lys George Mowbray Major Lieutenant Colonel Lysons Daniel CB Bvt Col 23rd Foot Lysons Daniel CB Major Lieutenant Colonel Bvt Colonel MacAlister James Indian Medical Service Medical Officer MacAndrew William MD Surgn MacAndrew William MD Surgn MacArthur A Asst (?) Surgn Macartney Christopher MB Surgeon Macartney Frederick Arthur A Asst Surgn Macartney James Actng Asst Surgn Asst Surgn Macartney John N Gooch Lieutenant Macartney John Captain Macartney Samül H Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Macauley Arther Frederick Staff Surgeon Macbean Forbes Capt 92nd Foot Macbean Forbes Captain MacBean William Frederick Captain Macbeath George Bvt Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Major Lieutenant Colonel Macbeth Alexander Mackay Assistant Surgeon Macbeth Franx Daxelhoffer Ensign Maccdonnough T Captain Macdonald Henry Alfred Captain Macdonald John Duntze Captain & Bvt Major Macdonald John Quartermaster Macdonald Norman Captain Macdonald P Major (Infantry) Macdonald Peter John Capt 3rd West India Regt Macdonald Peter John Captain Macdonald Peter John Captain 3rd West India Regt Macdonald The Hon James William Bosville Maj & Lt Col unattached Macdonald W C R Major (Cavalry) Macdonald William Donald Capt 93rd Foot Macdonald William Donald Captain Macdonell Alexander Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Macdonell Alexander Bvt Lt Col 2/ Rifle Brigade Macdonell John Ignatius Captain Macdonnell Alexander Sherine Surgn 1 Cl DIG Macdonnell William Paymaster Macdonnell William Paymaster 55th Foot Macdougall Alexander John 2nd Capt RA Macfarlane Robert Henry Captain Macfarlane Robert Henry Captain Macfee William H Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) MacGillivray J M DA-Comm FTD (RA) MacGregor John Indian Medical Service Medical Officer Machell R Lieutenant MacHenry John Lieutenant Mackay Angus John MD Assistant Surgeon Mackay Edward Ensign Lieutenant Mackay George Captain (Infantry) Mackay James Assistant Surgeon Mackay Neil McInnes Capt & Bvt Maj RA Macken F F Commissary Clerk Mackenna Theobald Captain Mackenzie C Fraser Captain (Infantry) MacKenzie Charles George Lieutenant Mackenzie John Lieutenant 2nd Captain Mackenzie Kenneth Douglas Maj & Bvt Maj 92nd Foot Mackenzie Kenneth Douglas Major & Bvt Major Mackenzie Richard James MacKenzie Roderick 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Mackesey Ernest Randolph R Ensign Lieutenant Mackesey William Henry Lieutenant Mackesy F Lieutenant Mackesy William Percy Pickard Asst Surgeon Mackey Angus John MD Act.Asst Surgn Mackey Angus John MD Assistant Surgeon Mackey Hugh Surgn 2 Cl Mackey Peter MD Surgn 2nd Cl Mackie William Sinclair Cathcart Captain & Bvt Major MacKinnon David Reid Surgeon Mackinnon Lionel D Captain Mackley William R Actng. Asst Surgn Maclachlan Donald G C 1st Lt RA Maclaren James D Maclean Alexander Assistant Surgeon Maclean Fitzroy David Lieutenant Maclean George Lt Col RA Maclean George Lt Col RA Maclean Sir George KCB C-G Maclean Sir George KCB Commissary General Macleod A Cornet Macleod George Husband Baird MacLeod Murdoch Lieutenant Maclise William Surgn MacMahon William Captain Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Macnamara William Assistant Surgeon Macnaughten Francis Edmund Lieutenant Captain Macneill Robert Lieutenant MacPherson Charles Acting Assistant Surgeon MacPherson Donald Assistant Surgeon Surgeon Macpherson Eneas Macintosh Surgn 2 Cl MacPherson Ewen H D Lieutenant Macpherson John Cameron Captain Major Macpherson Lachlan Captain Macquarie George W Captain Macreight Frederick Archibald Lieutenant M'Adam James Kennedy Lieutenant Madan William Lieutenant Madden C Asst Surgn Madden Charles Dodgson MD Actg Asst Surgn Maddock George Ashby Lieutenant Maddox R L Magani Benedicht Lieutenant Magee W Cornet & Lieutenant Magenis Frederick Arthur Lieutenant Magenis Richard Henry Captain Magill James M'Gellicuddy Lieutenant Magnay Christopher James Captain Mahony Arthur Acting Assistant Surgeon Maine Arthur Francis Lieutenant Mainwaring Stapleton Thomas Lieutenant Maitland Adam Captain Maitland Charles Lennox Brownlow Lieutenant Colonel Maitland Charles Lennox Brownlow Lt Col 3/Gren Guards Maitland J Apothecary Maitland John Quartermaster Maitland Keith Ramsay Captain Maitland William Whitaker Capt 49th Foot Maitland William Whitaker Capt 49th Foot Maitland William Whitaker Captain Majendie Vivian Dering 1st Lt RA Malan Charles H Lieutenant Malcolm John Dundas Captain Malcolm Leonard Neill Lieutenant Malden William Herbert Lieutenant Captain (Artillery) M'Alester Charles S Capt 46th Foot M'Alester Charles S Captain Malêt Henry Charles Eden Lieutenant Malêt Henry Charles Eden Lt 3/Gren Guards M'Alister James Surgn 1 Cl (l/r) Mallett Edward Charles Lieutenant Mallett John Paignton Lieutenant Malley James Cornet Malone Rev T RC Chapl. Man Lt (Transport) Mangles William Henry Lieutenant Manifold Michael Fenton Surgn 1 Cl Manley Robert George Captain Bvt Major Manley William George Nicholas Asst Surgn RA Manners Richard Abraham Lieutenant Manners William Norcott Lieutenant Manning J F Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Mansfeldt Julius Captain Mansfield Charles Edward Lieutenant Captain Mansfield Charles Edward Lt & Capt 33rd Foot Mansfield William Henry Captain Mant Frederick Duncan Ensign Mapleton Henry MD Surgn 2 Cl Maquay Captain (Engineers) Margeson William George Captain Marindin Henry Richard Major Markham Edwin 1st Lt RA Markham Frederick CB Lt Gen unattached Markham William Thomas Capt 1/Coldstream Guards Markham William Thomas Captain Marlow Benjamin William MD Asst Surgeon Marlow Benjamin William MD Surgn 2 Cl Marriott Henry Christopher Captain Marriott Thomas Beckett Fielding Lt Col RA Marriott Thomas Beckett Fielding Lt Col RA Marsack Henry Charles Ensign Marsden Alexander Edwin Actg Asst Surgn Marsh Edward Herman Lieutenant Marsh Hans Stephenson St Vincent Lieutenant Marsh Henry Fyke Lieutenant Marsh Joseph Deputy Assistant Commissary General Marshall Edward Pritchard 1st Lt RA Marshall Frederick Lieutenant Marshall Frederick Lt 2nd Life Guards Marshall Henry Cornet Marshall J Captain Marshall James Lieutenant Marshall John Barry Captain Marshall John Paymaster Marshall John Surgn 1 Cl Marshall Stephen H Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Marson Walter Samül Ensign Lieutenant Marston Jeffrey Allen MD Asst Surgn Martel Philip Gifford Assistant Surgeon Marten Thomas Lieutenant Captain M'Arthur Alexander MD Assistant Surgeon M'Arthur Alexander MD Surgn 2 Cl Martin Charles Nassau 1st Lt RE Martin Fiennes Wykeham Capt 4th Lt Dragoons Martin Fiennes Wykeham Captain Martin James Acting Assistant Surgeon Martin Robert Martin Robert Conolly Ensign Lieutenant Martin Thomas Captain Martin William George 1st Lt RA Martley John Captain Maskelyne William Vivash Ensign Lieutenant Mason C C Captain (Infantry) Mason Charles Acting Assistant Surgeon Mason Harry Wormald Captain Mason John Vet Surgn (RA) Mason R Mason Rev Joseph MA (Oxon) C/F. Massey Augustus William Lieutenant Massey Hampden Hugh MD Surgeon Massey The Hon Eyre C H Capt & Bvt Maj 95th Foot Massey The Hon Eyre C H Captain Bvt Major Massy Godfrey William Hugh Captain Massy Hugh Francis Captain Massy William Godfrey Dunham Lieutenant Master Robert Mathewes John James Captain (l/r) Mathews Stafford Church Lieutenant Matthew Thomas Patrick Surgn 2 Cl Surgn 1 Cl (l/r) Matthews John Echlin Lieutenant Matthews Mark Paymaster Matthews William Cornet Maude Francis Maj & Bvt Lt Col 3rd Foot Maude Francis Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Maude George Ashley CB Capt RA Maude George Ashley CB Capt RA Maude Robert Eustace Lieutenant Maule Arthur Dillon Adjutant Maule Henry Barlow 1st Lt RA Maule Henry Budgen Lieutenant Maule John Ramsay Lieutenant Maule Robert Capt 82nd Foot Maule Robert Captain Maule The Hon Henry L Col 39th Foot. AA. AAG HQs ca April to Aug 1 1854. DoD Varna Aug 1 1854. Maule The Hon Henry L Colonel Mauleverer Benjam Banbury Captain Mauleverer James Thomas Major Lieutenant Colonel Maund Henry Actg Asst Surgn Maunder Charles F Maunsell Francis Edwin Paymaster Maunsell Maunsell Edward Beachamp Captain Maunsell Thomas Captain Maunsell W W Major (Infantry) Maurice Robert M.B R Lieutenant Maxse Henry Fitzharding Berkeley Lieutenant after Captain Maxse Henry Fitzharding Berkeley Lt after Capt 21st Foot Maxwell Alexander Major Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Colin Captain Maxwell Edward Herbert Major Maxwell George Vaughan Maj & Bvt Lt Col 88th Foot Maxwell George Vaughan Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell James Captain Maxwell Robert Captain (Infantry) Maxwell Stewart John M 1st Lt RA Maxwell The Hon James Pierce Major Maycock John Gittens Captain Maycock John Gittens Lieutenant Captain Mayer Thomas Vet Sugn (lr) Mayhew Henry J Act. Asst Surgn Maynard Edmund Gilling Captain Bvt Major Maynard Rev Thomas Richard MA (Cantab) C/F. Mayne J E Major (Cavalry) Mayne Joseph Asst Surgn Mayne W Cornet Mayne William Cornet Mayne William Major Mayo John Ensign Mayow George Weynall Maj Gen unattached M'Barnet Alex Cockburn Captain M'Barnet Donald Hay Captain M'Bayne Evan Forbes Lieutenant M'Bean Thomas Hamilton Quartermaster M'Bean William Adjutant M'Bride Adam Paymaster M'Bride Adam Quartermaster M'Cain Michael Cornet M'Call William Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel M'Call William Cornet M'Carroll Edward Lieutenant M'Caskill Hector Major McDonald J W Major McDonnell Robert McDougall Rev H C/F. McDowall Alexander A Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) McDowell J W Captain (Cavalry) McEgan William B McEgan William B ex H.E.I.C Civilian Surgeon McEwan J Apothecary McGill William Ensign Lieutenant McGowan J. Anstruther Captain & Bvt Major McGrigor Alexander MD Surgn 1 Cl after DIG McInnis Peter Ensign Lieutenant McKutcheon Andrew Actg Asst Surgn McLean Acting Assistant Surgeon M'Clintock Theodore E Deputy Assistant Commissary General M'Cormack James William Lieutenant M'Coul George Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) M'Coul George Assistant Surgeon McQüen John Lieutenant M'Crea James Capt 45th Foot M'Crea James Captain M'Creagh Michael Captain McSweeney Rev Joseph RC Chaplain. McTernan Constantine L H Capt RA M'Culloch George MD Surgeon M'Dermott Patrick Assistant Surgeon M'Donald Alex J J Captain M'Donald Alexander Cornet M'Donald Charles Willim Lieutenant M'Donald Donald Lieutenant M'Donald John Alaister M'Ian Capt & Bvt Maj 92nd Foot M'Donald John Alaister M'Ian Captain & Bvt Major M'Donnell Christopher Lieutenant M'Dowell Cameron Medical Department Surgeon Meade J Captain Meade John Captain Meade Richard William Assistant Surgeon Meadows Robert Wyatt Assistant Surgeon Meane John Asst Surgeon Meane John Asst Surgn Meaney Fr Patrick RC Chaplain. Meares W.L. Devenish Captain Mecham Maunsel Adjutant MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (CIVILIANS) MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (STAFF) Medley Lt (Transport) Mee James Surgeon Meikleham George Cunninghame MD Surgn 2 Cl Mein Frederick R Captain Bvt Major Mein Frederick R Captain Bvt Major Melville White Maj Turkish Contingent Meldegg Baron R von Ensign Mellish George Lilly Lieutenant Melville White Major (Cavalry) Melville White Major (Cavalry) Menzies Duncan Surgn 1 Cl after DIG Menzies Edward Surgn Menzies James Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Menzies Robert Assistant Surgeon Mercer Arthur H H Captain Mercer Cavalié Alexander Assistant Surgeon Mercer E S Major (Infantry) Mercer Henry Capt RA Meredith Henry Warter Captain Bvt Major Meredyth A L Coloniati Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Meredyth A L Coloniati Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Merrer J Commissary Clerk Meshullam Acting Assistant Surgeon Messenger John Horbdon Lieutenant Messiter Sussex L A B Captain Metcalfe Timothy Ensign Meurant John William Lieutenant Meyer Johann George Lieutenant Meyer John Meynell William Lt 75th Foot. Meyrick Augustus William Henry Captain M'Fie William H Surgeon MD Edinbr M'Gee Henry Edward Captain & Bvt Major M'Gee Joseph Quartermaster M'Gill Edward MD Asst Surgn M'Gorrery Henry Captain of Division M'Grath James Quartermaster M'Grath Patrick Paymaster M'Gregor Alexander Quartermaster M'Gregor Douglas Alexander Lieutenant M'Gregor George Assistant Surgeon (l/r) M'Guire Rev A RC Chaplain. M'Gwire Edward T St Lawrence Captain Michel Johann Lieutenant Michel John CB ex 98th Foot Major Gen (l/r) (Staff) Michel John Maj Gen 98th Foot Michell Christopher Ensign Michell Henry Seymour Paymaster Michell John Berkeley Lieutenant Michell John Edward 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Mickelthwaite George N. Captain Middleton H B Commissary Clerk Midwood Thomas Wroot Assistant Commissary General Mildmay H Ensign Miles Herbert Chalmers Actng Asst Surgn Millar G Major (Infantry) Millard Raymond Samül Surgeon Miller Alexander Grant 1st Lt RA Miller F Major (Infantry) Miller Frederick 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Miller George Murray Captain Miller Henry Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant 2nd Captain Miller James Captain Miller Joseph Priestley Lieutenant Miller Ormsby Bowen Assistant Surgeon Miller Ormsby Bowen Assistant Surgeon Miller William Adjutant Captain Millett Sydney Croham Lieutenant Milligan Charles Capt 39th Foot Milligan Charles Captain Milligan George Bengal Art Major TC M'Illree John Drope Surgn 1 Cl Mills Charles Captain Mills Charles Captain 3rd Lt Inf BGL. Mills Edward Lieutenant Mills Frederick Major Mills William Wilson Assistant Surgeon Milman George Alderson 1st Lt RA Milman Gustavus H Lockwood Capt RA Milne James Cornet & Lieutenant Milroy David MD Asst Surgeon Milsom Thomas Adjutant Milward Thomas Walter Capt RA Mines Thomas Asst Surgn Minister William Ensign Lieutenant M'Intosh John Apothecary M'Intosh Robert Vet Surgn (lr) M'Intosh Robert Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) M'Intosh William Quartermaster M'Intyre Colin Campbell Ensign Mirehouse Evelyan Lieutenant Misani Eduard von Lieutenant Mischke Franz Captain Mitchell Alexander Capt 3/Gren Guards Mitchell Alexander Captain Mitchell Alexander Lieutenant Mitchell G Ensign Mitchell Hamilton Asst Surgn Mitchell J H Adjutant Mitchell J Adjutant Mitchell James A F Deputy Assistant Commissary General Mitchell John Surgn 1 Cl Mitchell John Surgn 1 Cl Staff Mitchell Joseph Thomas Actng Asst Surgn Mitchell Rodney A 1st Lt RA Mitchell Thomas John Lieutenant Mitchell Thomas Oak MD Act. Asst Surgn Mitchell Wellington Captain Mitford Henry Lieutenant M'Kay Charles Lieutenant M'Kay George Ensign M'Kenzie James Captain Major M'Kenzie William J Acting Assistant Surgeon M'Kinnon William Alexander Assistant Surgeon M'Kinstry Alexander Captain M'Laughlin John Lieutenant M'Leod John Cheetham Lieutenant Captain M'Leod Murdoch Act Asst Surgn (l/r) M'lntosh W Cornet M'Mahon Check Cornet M'Mahon Edmund John Acting Commissary General M'Mahon Thomas Westropp Maj after Lt Col 5th Dragoon Guards M'Mahon Thomas Westropp Major after Lieutenant Colonel M'Mullen Edward Paymaster M'Munn John Alexander MD Asst Surgn RA M'Murdo Charles Edward Lieutenant M'Murdo Charles Edward Lieutenant 79th Foot M'Murdo Charles Edward Lt 79th Foot M'Murdo William Montagu Scott CB Colonel (l/r) M'Murdo William Montagu Scott unattached M'Nair John Miller Lieutenant M'Neece John Moore Assistant Surgeon M'Neece John Moore Surgn 2 Cl M'Neil Duncan Lieutenant M'Neill Christian William Captain Hampshire Militia M'Neill Christian William Captain Hampshire Militia (assigned) M'Neill D Captain (Artillery) M'Neill William Henry Lieutenant Captain Mockler George MA C/F. Modlin Robert Actng Asst Surgn Moffatt Charles William James MD Act. Asst Surgn Moffatt William Henry Ensign Moir Charles Vet Surgeon (lr) Moir Charles Vet Surgn (lr) Moir Charles Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Moir Charles Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Moir John Veterinary Surgeon Molesworth James Lieutenant Molesworth Richard Lieutenant Molesworth Robert Francis Captain (l/r) Moline James Pritchard Surgeon Möller J.Olaus Major Molony Arthur Ensign Molseworth H T Major (Artillery) TC. Named Jan to March 1856. Molyneux Charles B Captain Monck The Hon William Captain Monckton The Hon H M Major (Cavalry) Moncrieff George Henry Lieutenant Moncton M Captain Money E S Captain Money Edward James Captain (l/r) Monk F S Deputy Assistant Commissary General Monro David Arthur Major Monsell Charles Ensign Lieutenant Monsell Thomas Bewley Lieutenant Montagu Horace William Capt & Bvt Maj RE Montagü Francis F du Pre Lieutenant Montgomery Alex. Nixon Lieutenant Montgomery Alexander Barry Lieutenant Colonel Montgomery Henry Capt 42nd Foot Montgomery Henry Captain Montgomery Hugh Cornet Montgomery Robert B Captain Montgomery Robert James Cornet Montresor Henry Edward Lieutenant Colonel Montunaro H J Deputy Assistant Commissary General Moodie Daniel Adjutant Moody Rev W C/F Moon John Ensign Lieutenant Moore Henry Assistant Commissary General Moore Isaac Lieutenant Colonel Moore J Major (Infantry) Moore James Guy Piers Surgeon Moore James Guy Piers Surgn 1 Cl Moore John Croft Lieutenant Moore John Leslie Lieutenant Moore Stephen Lieutenant Moore Stuart Assistant Surgeon Moore T M Captain (Infantry) Moore Thomas Quartermaster Moore W W Commissary. Clerk Moore Willoughby Lieutenant Colonel Moorhead James Lieutenant Moorhead Thomas MD Surgeon Moorhead Thomas MD Surgn 1 Cl Moorsom Charles John Lieutenant Moorsom Robert Lieutenant Colonel Morant Horatio Harbord Capt 68th Foot Morant Horatio Harbord Captain Morant William Samül Captain Moreland J Lt Moreland J Lt EICS Moreton The Hon Howard Lieutenant Morgan Alexander Brooke Ensign Morgan Anthony Lieutenant Captain Morgan Bernard Adj Morgan Capt late 9th Lancers Lieutenant Colonel Imperial Ottoman Army Morgan Frederick Courtenay Lieutenant Captain Morgan Frederick Courtenay Lt after Capt 1/Rifle Bde Morgan George Anthony Capt 55th Foot Morgan George Anthony Captain Morgan George Manners Captain Morgan Hill Falconer Lieutenant Morgan Jonathan Lieutenant Morgan Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Lieutenant Colonel (l/r) Morgan Palms Spread Lieutenant Morgan Rev - MA RC Chaplain. Morgan Rev Aaron Augustus MA (Camb) C/F. Morgan The Hon Godfrey Charles Captain Morgan Thomas Kyd Lieutenant Morland George Lieutenant Morris Charles Frederick Asst Surgeon Morris Charles Henry Capt Bvt Maj & Bvt Lt Col RA Morris Charles Henry Capt Bvt Maj & Bvt Lt Col RA Morris Edmund Lieutenant Morris Henry Joseph Lt Col RA Morris Henry Joseph Lt Col RA Morris J Assistant Surgeon Morris S H Apothecary Morris Timothy Quartermaster Morris Timothy Quartermaster 30th Foot Morris William 2nd Capt RA Morris William Asst Surgn Morris William CB Bvt Major Morris William CB Bvt Major 17th Lancers Morris William CB Capt & Bvt Maj 17th Lancers Morrison G P E Captain (Infantry) Morrison Richard Fielding Captain Morrison Thomas Coutts Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Morse Henry Brown Deputy Commissary General Morton G Vet Surgn (lr) Moseley Godfrey Goodman Paymaster Moseley Herbert Henry Lieutenant Moss W Dispenser Mossman R C Apothecary Mostyn The Hon Roger Captain Motor Eduard Captain Mott Albert A Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Mouat James Surgn 1 Cl Deputy Inspector General (l/r) Mouat James Surgeon Moubray Edward 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj Moule William Cornet Moultrie Arthur Austen Lieutenant Mounsey Charles James Lieutenant Mountain John Kirby Quartermaster M'Pherson Cecil Lieutenant M'Pherson Cecil Lt 17th Foot M'Pherson Duncan Dr IGH (l/r) M'Pherson Philip Captain M'Pherson Philip CB Col 17th Foot M'Pherson Philip CB Colonel Muir William Mure MD Surgeon Muller Bingham Henry Edward Captain Müller Franz Captain Müller Jacob Assistant Surgeon Muloch John Joseph Asst Surgn Mundell Herbert Vaughan Capt 96th Foot Mundell Herbert Vaughan Captain Mundell Herbert Vaughan Captain 96th Foot Captain of Division Mundy George Valentine CB Captain Bvt Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Major Lieutenant Colonel Mundy Robert Miller Lieutenant Colonel Munn Henry Oldman Lieutenant Munro Andrew Cornet Munro D Quartermaster Munro James St John Lieutenant Colonel (l/r) Munro Rev G. D C/F (P). Munro William Lieutenant Colonel Munro William MD Surgeon Murchison Roderick Maingy Lieutenant Murdoch James M Burn Lieutenant Murdock Charles Townsend Lieutenant Mure Charles Reginald Lieutenant Mure Charles Reginald Lt 43rd Foot Mure John MD Surgeon Mure William Captain Murphy Adolphus Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Murphy John Lieutenant Murphy Thomas Turner Lieutenant Murray Alexander Henry Captain (l/r) Murray Alexander Henry Captain (l/r) Murray Arthur Cornet & Riding Master Murray Augustus RN 2nd Captain O.H.A Murray Charles Stewart Lieutenant Murray Charles Captain Bvt Major Major Murray D M Captain (Infantry) Murray H H Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Murray Henry Captain Murray J Veterinary Surgeon Murray James William Deputy Assistant Commissary General Murray James Lt RE Murray John Henry Lieutenant Murray John Ivor Murray John Captain Murray John Deputy Assistant Commissary General Murray Lord James Charles Plantagenet Lieutenant Colonel Murray William Captain Muscat V Muschamp William Henry Asst Surgn Musgrave Christopher Edward Lieutenant Mussenden William Lieutenant Muttlebury George Alexander Lieutenant Mylius William C. Rodney Lieutenant Mylne Graham Lieutenant Nangle Walter Chidiock 1st Lt RA Napier William C E Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Napier William C E Bvt Lieutenant Colonel 25th Foot Napier William C E Bvt Lt Col unattached Nash William Adam Lieutenant Nasmyth Charles Capt & Bvt Maj unattached Nasmyth Charles Lieutenant Bombay Art Nason John Captain & Bvt Major Naylor James Sadler Captain Naylor Richard Ensign Lieutenant Neave Wyndham Lieutenant Nedham William Robert Lt Col RA Nedham William Robert Lt Col RA Neill J G Brig Gen Turkish Contingent Neill J G Brigadier General (Infantry) Neill James George Brigadier General (Infantry) Nelson Charles Robert Assistant Surgeon Nelson J W Captain (Cavalry) Nelson M. Lieutenant Netherwood William Baynes Captain Neville Edward Capt & Bvt Maj 2/Scots Fusilier Guards Neville Edward Captain & Bvt Major Neville Glastonbury 1st Lt RE Neville Glastonbury 1st Lt RE Neville Henry Draper Captain & Bvt Major Neville Richard Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Neville Robert Capt 11th Foot Neville Robert Captain Neville Rothes Hastings Lieutenant Neville The Hon Grey Cornet Neville The Hon Henry Aldsworth Captain Newall William Edwall Lieutenant Newberry Paymaster Newbury Paymaster John Newdigate Edward Captain Newdigate Francis William Lieutenant Colonel Newdigate Henry Richard Legge Captain Newenham Wiliam Henry Captain Newiadowsky Rudolph von Captain Newland Arthur Captain Newman Charles Cecil Captain Newman Ernest Peake Lieutenant Newman Sir Robert Lydston Bart Captain Newman Walter Lt RA Newport Henry Bolton Lieutenant Newsam Thomas Henry Act. Asst Surgn Newsome William 1st Lt RE Newton Horace Parker Bvt Maj RA Newton Horace Parker Bvt Maj RA Newton John Surgn Newton William James Lieutenant Newton William James Lt 3rd Foot Newton William Samül Lieutenant Colonel Neynoe J H Captain (Infantry) Nicholas Albert Captain Nicholas John Ensign Nicholas T or G E Nicholetts Gilbert Alfred Lieutenant Nicholl Charles Richard Assistant Surgeon Nicholls Henry Lionel Lieutenant Nicholson John Captain Nicholson Lothian Capt & Bvt Maj RE Nicolls Oliver H Atkins 1st Lt RA Nisbett Francis Henry W 1st Lt RA Nisbitt Thomas Captain Nixon Alfred Capt 89th Foot Nixon Alfred Captain Nixon Arthur Captain Nixon G G Vet Surgeon (l/r) N'Naughten Donald Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Nolan Lewis Edward 15th Hussars Nolan Lewis Edward Captain Noodt Lorenz Captain Noott Edward Gregg Assistant Surgeon Norbury T Coningsby N Captain Norcott William Sherbrook Ramsay Col after 1 after 1/Rifle Bde Norcott William Sherbrook Ramsay Colonel Norcott William Sherbrook Ramsay Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Norman Charles J W Captain Norman G.H Lieutenant Norman Ralph Lieutenant & 2nd Captain Norman William de 2nd Captain Norman William de Captain (l/r) Norris John James Assistant Surgeon Norris William Lieutenant North Joseph P Lieutenant Northcote Lewis Stafford Captain Northey William Brooke Lieutenant Norton Algernon C W Surgeon 2 Cl Norton Algernon C W Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Norton Charles G Campbell Captain Norton Edward Major Nowlan Henry James Lieutenant Nowlan John Paymaster Nowlan John Quartermaster Nugent Walter George Captain Nugent Andrew Lieutenant Nugent William Lieutenant Nunn E Apothecary Nunn John Joshua Lieutenant Nunn William David Ensign Lieutenant Nutting George Stewart Lieutenant Oakeley Soulden Lieutenant Colonel Oakes Charles Joshua Tuffnell Lieutenant Oakes Thomas G Alexander Captain Oakley Rev Charles Edward MA (Oxon) BCL (Oxon) C/F. Oates William Henry Coape Lieutenant Oberlin Johann Captain O'Brien Bartholomew Captain O'Brien Cornelius George Lieutenant O'Brien John Captain & Bvt Major O'Callaghan Charles Actng Asst Surgn O'Callaghan Rev Patrick RC Chaplain. O'Connor J. DA-Comm FTD (RA) O'Connor John Quartermaster O'Connor Nicholas MD Surgn 1 Cl O'Connor Rowland Lieutenant O'Conor Luke Lieutenant O'Conor Richard John Ross Captain O'Dell Francis Assistant Surgeon Odell William MD Surgn 1 Cl O'Donnell W T Veterinary Surgeon (lr) Odwaine / Odevaine Ferdinand Surgeon LRCSI FRCSI O'Dwyer Joseph RC Chaplain O'Flaherty Richard James Surgn 1 Cl Ogilvie Alexander W A Lt RA Ogilvie Balfour Lieutenant Madras Army. Lieutenant Colonel Imperial Ottoman Army Ogilvie C C Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Ogilvie William Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Ogilvy D S Captain of Division Ogilvy John MD Asst Surgeon O'Gorman Purcell Captain O'Hara Denis Quartermaster Oldershaw Charles Edward 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Oldershaw Charles Edward 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Oldfield Anthony Capt RA Oldfield Anthony Capt RA Oldham Edwin Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Oldham John Augustus Captain O'Leary John Francis Assistant Surgeon O'Leary Thomas Connor MB Assistant Surgeon O'Leary Thomas Connor MB Surgeon Olguin James Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Ollerton James Lieutenant O'Loghlin John W Brooke Lieutenant Olpherts William Major O'Malley William Lieutenant O'Neil C H St John Captain (Cavalry) O'Neill Francis Adjutant O'Neill John James S. Ensign Lieutenant Onslow Andrew George Lieutenant Onslow Arthur E Lieutenant Colonel Oppermann Reverend Heinrich Ord Captain (Engineers) O'Reilly Eugene Lieutenant Colonel Orlebar O Robert Hammond Captain Ormerod Lawrence Surgeon Orpen William Newnham Norris Captain Orton Thomas Jerram Actng Asst Surgn Osborn Kean Acting Deputy Commissary General Osborne Rev Lord Sidney Godolphin BA (Oxon). OSMANLI HORSE ARTILLERY OSMANLI IRREGULAR CAVALRY Oswiecimski Peter Rodowitz Major O'Toole John M'Culloch Captain O'Toole William H Captain Ovens John Coote Assistant Surgeon Owen Charles Henry 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Owen E H M Captain (Infantry) Owen Henry Charles Cunliffe Capt & Bvt Maj RE Owen Rev. E MA. C/F. Owen William Lieutenant Owens John Lt Owles Alfred Job Veterinary Surgeon Oxenden Charles Vernon Captain Pack Arthur John Reynell Lieutenant Colonel Pack Richard Ensign Pack-Beresford Denis W Capt RA Pack-Beresford Denis W Capt RA Packenham Thomas Henry Captain Bvt Major Major Packwood John Cornet Padfield Francis Adjutant Page Andrew M Adolph Lieutenant Page George Hyde Captain & Bvt Major Paget Lord George Augustus Frederick Col 4th Lt Dragoons Paget Lord George Augustus Frederick Colonel Pakenham Edward William Lieutenant Colonel Pakenham The Hon William Lygon Maj Lt Col & Col unattached Palin J A Actg Asst Surgn Paliologus William Thomas Assistant Surgeon Paliologus William Thomas Asst Surgn Palliser Edward M Captain Palliser Edward M Captain West Cork Artillery Militia (attached) Palliser William Lieutenant Palmer Charles Deputy Assistant Commissary General Palmer Herrick Augustus Lieutenant Palmer Joseph Cornet Palmer Roger William Henry Cornet Palmer Thomas Lieutenant & Adjutant Palmer Thomas Paymaster Palmer William Henry Lieutenant Park Thomas Asst Surgn RA Park Thomas Surgn 2 Cl Parke George Fortescü Lieutenant Parke William Major Lieutenant Colonel Parker Arthur Charles Captain Parker Frederick Wyer Ensign Parker George Hubert Lieutenant Parker Rev. E George MA C/F. Parker William Buck Carthew Augustus Captain Parker William Henry Lieutenant Parkes Edmund Parkinson Charles Edward Lieutenant Captain Parkinson Charles Frederick Lieutenant Parlby William Colonel Parlby William Colonel Parnell Henry Lieutenant Parr Frederick Lieutenant Parr Thomas Philip Cornet Parr Thomas Surgn Parry J Capt Turkish Contingent Parry William Henry Lieutenant Parsons Clifford Captain Parsons Lawrence Hector H 1st Lt RA Parsons Rev L J MA C/F. Partridge William Veterinary Surgeon Paske Henry Gresham Lieutenant Pasley G M Maj Paterson F. T. Logan Captain Patesson James J Acting Assistant Surgeon Paton James Captain Paton Robert Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Surgeon 1 Cl (l/r) Paton Thomas Veterinary Surgeon Paton William Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Patrickson Edward Augustus Ensign Lieutenant Patrickson James Henry Asst Surgeon after Ensign Patterson S A Assistant Surgeon Pattinson R Major (Cavalry) Pattison William Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Patton Herbert Winsloe Capt RA Patton Herbert Winsloe Capt RA Patton Walter Douglas Phillipps Maj & Bvt Lt Col 74th Foot Patton Walter Douglas Phillipps Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Patullo James Brodie Lieutenant Colonel Patuschka Augustus Ensign Paulet Lord Frederick Colonel Paulet Lord William Lt Col Col Brig Gen & Maj Gen Pauline Rev J RC Chaplain. Payn Wiliam Captain 53rd Foot. Major (Infantry) Payn William Capt 53rd Foot Payn William Captain Paynter David William CB Capt & Bvt Maj Capt RA Paynter George Captain Paynter John Lieutenant Paynter Joshua Surgeon Paynter Joshua Surgn 1 Cl Peachey Henry Ensign Lieutenant Peachy A Apothecary Peacock George MD Asst Surgn RA Peacock George MD Surgn 2 Cl Peacock Henry Quartermaster Pearce W G Captain Peard George Shuldham Lieutenant Captain Pears Henry Lieutenant Pearse Arthur Thornton G 1st Lt RA Pearse Dudley Captain Pearse Edward Octavius Royal Marine Artillery Captain (Artillery) TC Pearson C. Knight Captain Pearson Richard Lyons Otway Bvt Major Pearson Richard Lyons Otway Lieutenant Pearson Richard Lyons Otway Lt 7th Foot Pearson Samül Lieutenant Pearson William Charles Lieutenant Captain. Pechell William Henry Cecil George Captain Pedder Charles Denison Captain Pedder Digby Coates Ensign Peddie Crofton Captain Peddie George Lieutenant Peel A Lennox Maj Peel E Y Captain (Infantry) Peel Edmund Yates Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Peel Francis Lieutenant Peel John Captain Peel Robert Captain. Pegers William Jefferies Cornet Pelletan Victor Joseph François Napoleon Louis MD Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Pellew The Hon Barrington Reynolds Pellew The Hon Barrington Reynolds Capt 2/Rifle Bde Penn Lewis William Lt 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Pennefather Henry Vansitart Captain Pennefather John Ensign Pennefather John Ensign Pennefather John Ensign 55th & 72nd Foot Pennefather Matthew Captain Pennefather Sir John Lysaght KCB Maj Gen 46th Foot Pennington Frederick Surgeon 2 Class (l/r) Pennington Frederick Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Pennycuick James Farrell 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Penton Thomas Lieutenant Pepper George Nicholson Lieutenant Pepys Edmund Lieutenant Perceval Ernest Augustus Lieutenant Perceval Spencer Colonel Percival Philip Captain Percy John William Captain Percy The Hon Henry Hugh Manvers Lieutenant Colonel Pering George Harmer Lieutenant Perkins Thomas Actng Asst Surgn Perrin James Captain Perry George Assistant Surgeon Perry Richard Perry William Cecil George Captain Perry William Asst Surgn RA Persse Walter Blakeney Lieutenant Peskett F W Actg Asst Surgn Petersen Art. Ensign Petersen Johann Ensign Lieutenant Petipierre Françoise Lieutenant Petre Oswald Lieutenant Petrie A E Deputy Assistant Commissary General Pettigrew James Cornet & Lieutenant Petty George Act Assistant Surgeon Petty George Acting Assistant Surgeon Pfeiffer Johann Caspar Captain Phelips H. Plantagenet P 1st Lt RA Phelps John Shaw Assistant Surgeon after Ensign Philip John Ray MB Assistant Surgeon Philipos Edward Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) Philipps Edward Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Philips E.W Lieutenant Philips George 1st Lt RE Phillimore William Brough Captain Phillip Friedrich Assistant Surgeon Phillipps John Lewis Captain Robinson Barnes Slyfield Lieutenant Phillips Charles Burch Captain Phillips Edward Lieutenant Phillips George Ensign Phillips H J Actng Asst Surgn Phillips H Captain (Cavalry) Phillips James Surgeon 2 Class (l/r) Phillips James Surgeon 2 Class (l/r) Phillips Nathaniel George Captain Phillpotts Arthur Thomas Capt & Lt Col RA Philpot F Apothecary Philpot Harvey John Asst Surgn Phipps Paul Andrew L Lieutenant Phipps Ramsey Weston 1st Lt RA Phipps William Frederick Hele Ensign Pickins Samül Asst Surgn (l/r) Pidduck T W Apothecary Piercey Henry Major (Infantry) Piers Claudius Buchanan RA (retired) Captain Piers John Captain (l/r) Pigott Augustus Purveyor Pigott Edward Charles P Lieutenant Pigott George G.G Lieutenant Pigott John Pelling. Capt after Bvt Maj unattached Pigott Sir Charles Lieutenant Pigou Arthur Comyn Capt RA Pilkington John Frederick Lieutenant Pilkington Sampson Captain Pinckney Philip Captain Pincoffs Peter Pine Chilley MD Surgeon Pine Chilley MD Surgn 1 Cl Pine Chilley MD Surgn 4th Dgn Guards & Surgn 1 Cl Staff Pinkerton Archibald William Pultney MD Asst Surgn Piper Robert William Captain Pipon Philip Gosset Capt & Bvt Maj RA Pisani F Pitcairn Andrew Bvt Maj 42nd Foot Pitcairn Andrew Captain Bvt Major Pitcairn George Kinkaid MD Surgeon Pitt Philip Morton Lieutenant Pitt Thomas Henry 1st Lt RA Pittman Richard Captain (l/r) Pittman Richard Captain Bombay Art Plaqü A Plaskett T Major (Infantry) Platt Arthur Ferdinand Ensign Platt Frederick William Captain (l/r) Platt Frederick William Captain (l/r) Plaumann Louis Lieutenant Playne Alfred Playne Frederick Carl Lieutenant Plowden E W C Major (Cavalry) Plummer Heathcote Lieutenant Plumridge James John Ensign Plunkett Edward Sidney 95th Foot Major O.I.C Plunkett The Hon Charles Dawson Captain Plunkett The Hon Edward S Captain Plunkett The Hon T O Westenra Lieutenant Poad M L Apothecary Pocklington Frederick Lieutenant Pocklington George Henry Lieutenant Pocock George F Coventry Captain Poett Matthew Veterinary Surgeon Pole Edward Colonel Pole Edward Colonel 12th Lancers Polhill Robert Graham Lieutenant Pollard William Henry Assistant Surgeon Ponsford Henry Cornet Ponsonby Henry Frederick Lieutenant Colonel Ponsonby The Hon Arthur Edward Valette Capt 3/Gren Guards Ponsonby The Hon Arthur Edward Valette Captain Pont Augustus Surgeon (l/r) Poole Welesley Wellington Waterloo Surgn 2 Cl Poole William Halsted Captain Pope John Andrew Paymaster Popplewell George Bell Assistant Surgeon Popplewell George Bell Asst Surgn Portal Robert Bvt Maj 4th Lt Dragoons Portal Robert Bvt Major Porter Joshua Henry Assistant Surgeon Porter Lawley J Acting Assistant Surgeon Porter W E Apothecary Porter Whitworth Capt RE Posnett J B Assistant Surgeon Posnett John B Asst Surgeon (l/r) & Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Potgièter Conrad Assistant Commissary General Potts George Edward Bayly Lieutenant Poulden Frederick George Assistant Surgeon Poulden R Ensign Poulett. The Hon Amias Capt 3/Gren Guards Poulett. The Hon Amias Captain Poulton Charles Walter Assistant Surgeon Powell Charles Thomas Major Powell Frederick Lieutenant Powell George William Surgn 2 Cl Powell James Lieutenant Powell James Lieutenant 39th Foot Captain of Division Powell James Lt 39th Foot Powell Malachi Cornet Powell Ruben Hill Cornet Powell Samül Hopper Lieutenant Powell Thomas Sidney Maj 57th Foot & Lt Col unattached Powell Thomas Sidney Major Power Charles Ensign Power George John Captain (Artillery) Power William James Tyrone Deputy Commissary General Pownall Walter Captain Powys Aubrey Palgrave Ensign Poyser Henry Vet Surgn (lr) Poyser Henry Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Poyser Henry Veterinary Surgeon (l/r) Pratt Francis Edward 1st Lieutenant RE Pratt Francis Edward 1st Lt RE Pratt Frederick Act Asst Surgn Pratt John Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Pratt John Actg Asst Surgn Pratt Robert Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Preiss Carl Eduard Lieutenant Prendergast Joseph Samül MD Surgn 1 Cl Prendergast Lenox Cornet Lieutenant Prentis William Taylor Captain Prescott Edward Barker Captain Presgrave William Lieutenant Preston Charles Edward Paymaster Preston George Berthon Lieutenant Preston Henry Captain Preston Horatio Berthon Lieutenant Preston Rev John D'Arcy Warcop Asst C/F Preston Richard Lieutenant Captain Bvt Major Pretyman William Capt after Bvt Maj 33rd Foot Pretyman William Captain after Bvt Major Prevost Charles Captain Prevost S.G Lieutenant Price Edward Lt Col RA Price George Barrington Lieutenant Price George Cornet Price John Andrew 1st Lt RA Price R S Commissary Clerk Price William Henry Assistant Surgeon Price William Henry Asst Surgn Priestley George Lieutenant Primrose George Ramsay Deputy Assistant Commissary General Prince William Stratton Captain Pringle Charles Lieutenant Prior J De Montmorency Captain Prior Lodge de Montgomery Lieutenant Pritchard Charles Lieutenant Pritchard Samül Charles de M Lieutenant Probart Francis George C Lieutenant Proby Charles Howe Lieutenant Proctor Henry Lieutenant Proctor Rev. George Henry MA C/F. Prokopowitsch Rudolph von Captain Protheroe Edward Schaw 1st Asst Surgn & Surgn RA Protheroe Edward Schaw Asst Surgn Puget Granville William Captain Puget John Lieutenant Purcell John Captain Purcell Peter Valentine Lieutenant Purdon W Ensign Purnell William P Major Lieutenant Colonel Puxley Edward Lavallin Lieutenant Pyddocke Rev Edward MA (Cantab Pye Charles Colquhoun Lieutenant Pye John Pye Captain Pye Thomas Dep Assistant Commissary Quallett John Veterinary Surgeon Quallett John Veterinary Surgeon Quallett John Veterinary Surgeon (Artillery) Quayle John Edward Taubman Captain Quicke Sidney Godolphin Captain Quin C W Captain (Cavalry) Quin Thomas Ensign Quinlan E S DA-Comm FTD (RA) Quinn The Hon Windham Henry Wyndham Captain Radcliffe Emile C. Delmé Captain Radcliffe Frederick Peter Delmé Lieutenant Radcliffe Herbert Delmé Lieutenant Radcliffe John Netten Surgeon 2 Cl (l/r) Radcliffe Robert Parker Capt RA Radcliffe William Pollexfen Capt & Bvt Maj 20th Foot Radcliffe William Pollexfen Captain & Bvt Major Rae James A Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) & Asst Surgeon (l/r) Raglan First Baron Sir Fitzroy Somerset GCB Gen. after Field Marshall Raines Julius Augustus Robert Captain & Bvt Major Rainsford William Henry Lieutenant Ramsay Fox Maule Captain Ramsay George Cornet Ramsay William MD Asst Surgn Ramsbottom Henry Batson Lieutenant Ramsbottom John Rd Lieutenant Ramsbottom R F Deputy Assistant Commissary General Ramsden Frederick Henry Captain Ramsden John Charles F 1st Lt RA Ramsey Norman Ensign Rance Frederick Ensign Randall Henry Lloyd Actg Asst Surgn Randall J H Commissary Clerk Randolph Charles Wilson Captain Ranke Dr Ranken George Bvt Maj RE Rankin Dr Surgeon Rankley F Dispenser Raper Augustus Frederick Lieutenant Rattray James Clerk Lieutenant Ravenhill Frederick George 1st Lt RA Ravenhill Philip 2nd Capt RE Rawlins Archibald Macdonnell Lieutenant Rawlins John Lieutenant Rawlinson William Sawrey Lieutenant Raymond Elliott Arthur Lieutenant Raymond H Asst Surgn Raymond Henry Hunter Asst Surgeon Raynes Robert Taylor Captain Read Constantine Caridi Assistant Surgeon Read George H Apothecary Read Joseph Act. Asst Surgn Reade Francis Neville Ensign Reade George Hume Principal Apothecary Reade Henry Cooper Surg 2 Cl Reade John By Cole Assistant Surgeon Reade John By Cole Asst Surgn Reade Jones Harper Lieutenant Ready Charles Lieutenant Colonel Reay R Lieutenant Reed David M C Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Reeve John Lieutenant Colonel Reeve Maxwell Paymaster Reeve William Henry Captain Reid Alexander Rothney MB Asst Surgn Reid Alexander Assistant Surgeon Reid Alexander Asst Surgn Reid Douglas Arthur MD Assistant Surgeon Reid Wilfred Reignolds Thomas S CB Lieutenant Colonel Reilly John Cornet Reilly John Cornet Reilly William Edgar Moyses Bvt Maj RA Reilly William Edgar Moyses Bvt Maj RA Reimer Paul Lieutenant Reinert Otto Captain Reisewitz Gustav Lieutenant Renant Thomas Lieutenant Rendall Henry Lloyd Assistant Surgeon Rendell William Jasper Assistant Surgeon Rendell William Jasper Asst Surgn Rennie George Deputy Assistant Commissary General Rennie William Adutant Renwick William Assistant Surgeon Reynardson Edward Birch Colonel Reynolds F Act. Asst Surgn RA Reynolds Francis Act. Asst Surgn Reynolds Francis Surgn 2 Cl Rhind W W Apothecary Rhodes Godfrey Captain Rhodes Godfrey Captain 94th Foot Rhodes Godfrey Major (l/r) Rhys Thomas Surgn 2 Cl Ricard Edward Dickson Ensign Rice Cecil Captain Rice Walter Brook 1st Lt RA Rich George Whit. Talbot Captain Richards Arthur Maurice Lieutenant Richards Arthur Oswald Lieutenant Richards Edwin Captain Richards William F Lieutenant Richards William Hamilton Captain Richards William Powell Lt 2nd Capt RA Richardson Charles S Surgeon Richardson Henry Thomas Cornet Richardson John Soame Richardson R Major (Cavalry) Richardson R Medical Officer Richardson W H Apothecary Richmond Henry Fullerton Lieutenant Rickards Andrew Knox Actg Asst Surgn Rickards E Apothecary Ricketts Charles Assistant Surgeon Ricketts Charles Asst Surgn Ricketts George Thorme Paymaster Rickman William Captain Bvt Major Rideout Arthur Kennedy 1st Lt RA Ridley Charles William Col 3/Grenadier Guards Ridley Charles William Colonel Ridley William John Lieutenant Colonel Riedel Eduard Captain Riky Benjamin Lieutenant Colonel Riley C H Captain (Infantry) Riley C Captain (Infantry) Riley Frederick Arthur Lieutenant Riley John Edward Lieutenant Rimmer John Whittle Actg Asst Surgn Rimmer John Whittle Asst Surg RA Ring James Farrant Lieutenant Ring William Francis 87th Foot Major O.I.C Ringland John Act. Asst Surgn Ringland John Acting Assistant Surgeon Rishton A L Captain (Infantry) Rising Robert Arthur Lieutenant Risk Andrew Asst Surgeon Risk Andrew Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Risler Theodor Captain Risler Theodor Captain 1st JCBGL Rislillah Habib Medical Officer Rissler Wilhelm Lieutenant Ritchie Thomas Cornet Rivaz H Commissary Clerk Robb David Elvey Purveyor Robeck Rawdon Charles P de Captain Roberts Bransby Roberts Charles Fyshe 1st Lt RA Roberts Charles John C Lieutenant Roberts Charles T Cramer Ensign Roberts Edmund Humphrey Roberts Edward Angell Deputy Assistant Commissary Roberts Frederick Surgn 1 Cl Roberts Randal Howland Lieutenant Roberts Richard Llewelyn Ensign Roberts William Captain Robertson Alexander Crawford Act. Asst Surgn Robertson Arthur Masterson Captain Robertson Caleb Lieutenant Robertson G M Lieutenant Robertson George Gordon Surgn 1 Cl Robertson J L Commissary Clerk Robertson James Alex. Lieutenant Colonel Robertson James Peter Captain Robertson James Scott Purveyor in Chief Robertson Patrick Alex Lieutenant Robertson Patrick Capt & Bvt Maj 4th Foot Robertson Patrick Captain & Bvt Major Robertson William Robertson William James Captain Robeson G H Captain (Infantry) Robinson Douglas Captain Robinson Frederick MD Assistant Surgeon Robinson G W Captain (Infantry) Robinson Henry Kirwan Lieutenant Robinson J C Captain (Infantry) Robinson John Bvt Maj 44th Foot Robinson John Captain Robinson John Captain Bvt Major Robinson Napier Douglas Lieutenant Robinson Rev Henry MA Assistant Chaplain to the Forces Robinson Rev Henry MA Asst C/F. Robinson W Commissary Clerk Robinson William Lieutenant Robison. H G Captain (Cavalry) Robotham John Harrison Act. Asst Surgn Roch Sampson Act. Asst Surgn Roch Sampson Asst Surgn RA Roche Charles Boyse Paymaster Rochfort Charles Gustavus Captain Rochfort George Lieutenant & Captain Rocke Herbert Captain Rocke Richard Captain Rodgers J Captain (Infantry) Roe George Noble Lieutenant Roe Robert Edward Lieutenant Roe Samül Black Assistant Surgeon Roe William Carden Assistant Surgeon Rogan J DA-Comm FTD (RA) Rogers G Quartermaster Rogers Henry Gordon Lieutenant Rogers Henry Capt & Bvt Maj RA Rogers John Francis Deputy Assistant Commissary General Rogers John Thornton Lieutenant Rogers Robert Montresor Lieutenant Rogers Thomas Lawes Assistant Surgeon Rogers Walter Lacy Ensign Rogers William Stamford Purveyor Rokeby Henry Robinson-Montagu Sixth Baron of Maj Gen after Lt Gen Scots Fus Guards Roll Carl Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Rolleston George Rolleston Philip Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General Rollo Andrew FitzJames C Lieutenant Rollo The Hon Robert Capt 42nd Foot Rollo The Hon Robert Captain Romaine William Govett Esq DAJ Romang Jacob Lieutenant Römer George Ensign Ronan Rev William. S.J RC Chaplain. Roney Richard Major Rooke Henry T L Rooke John Lewis Richard Captain Major Lieutenant Col Rooke William Rooke William F Assistant Surgeon Rooke William Frederick Augustus Capt & Bvt Maj 47th Foot Rooke William Frederick Augustus Captain & Bvt Major Rooke William 1st Lt RA Roome F Captain Rooper Edward Major Rooper Frederick James Lieutenant Rooper William Trevor Lieutenant Roper Thomas Captain Rose Eustace Henry Captain Rose George Ernest Lieutenant Rose Henry Joseph Act. Asst Surgn Rose Hugh Henry Brig Gen Maj Gen & Lt Gen Rose James Captain Rose John Baillie Captain & Bvt Major Rosenkrantz Baron Palle von Captain Ross Charles Cornwallis Captain Ross Hamilton M Asst Surgn (l/r) Ross John C Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Ross John Halyburton MD Assistant Surgeon Ross John Lieutenant Captain Ross John Lt Capt 2/Rifle Bde Ross Rev. William C/F (P). Ross Robert Lockart Capt 93rd Foot Ross Robert Lockart Captain Bvt Major Ross William Cornet Rosser Charles Potts Lieutenant Rosser Charles Potts Lt Capt 10th Hussars Ross-Lewin John Dillon Lieutenant Roth Ulrich Captain Rotheram Morgan Thomas Lieutenant Rotton Charles Paulett 2nd Capt RA Rourke H Rous William John Lieutenant Routh Leonce Deputy Commissary General Rowan Henry Sebastian CB Capt & Bvt Maj RA Rowan Henry Sebastian CB Capt & Bvt Maj RA Rowan John Joshua Lieutenant Rowan Terence Quartermaster Rowden H Rowell C Apothecary Rowland George Captain Rowland Thomas Lieutenant Rowlands Hugh Capt & Bvt Maj 41st Foot Rowlands Hugh Captain & Bvt Major Rowles James Captain Rowley Albert Evelyn Captain Rowley John Angerstein Lieutenant ROYAL ARTILLERY ROYAL CANADIAN RIFLE REGIMENT ROYAL ENGINEERS ROYAL MALTA FENCIBLES REGT. Rucke-Keene John Edward 1st Lt RA Rucke-Keene John Edward 1st Lt RA Rudd John Manning Deputy Assistant Commissary Rudd William Frederick John Captain Rudd William Frederick John Lt Capt 1/1st Foot Rudge Arthur Asst Surgn RA Rumbold Henry Edmond William Lieutenant Rumbold Sir Carlos Arthur Bart late 70th Foot Major O.H.A. Russell H DA-Comm FTD (RA) Russell Hickman Rose Lieutenant Russell Lord Alex. George Captain Bvt Major Major Russell Sir Charles Bart Bvt Maj 3/Grenadier Guards Russell Sir Charles Bart Bvt Major Russell Sir William Capt 7th Hussars Russell Sir William Captain Rutherford Archibald Captain Rutherford Cornelius Clark Assistant Surgeon Rutherford Cornelius Clark Assistant Surgeon Rutherford William Surgn 2 Cl Ruthven Walter J.H Lieutenant Rutledge John Brün Cornet Rutter Theodore William MD Assistant Surgeon Ruttledge Thomas Ormsby Captain Major Ryall Edward Canny MD Assistant Surgeon Ryall Edward Canny MD Asst Surgn Ryan E M Capt Ryan E M Capt EICS Ryder Henry Stewart Ensign & Lieutenant Ryecroft Thomas Christian Lieutenant Ryland A C Commissary Clerk Rynd M'Kay Major Sabin Rev John Edward BA (Cantab) C/F. Sadler William Lieutenant Colonel Safford D Lieutenant Sale John Henry Deputy Assistant Commissary General Sall William MD Surgn 1 Cl Salter Arthur Asst Surgn Saltmarshe Arthur Williams Lieutenant Samojé Fabian Surgeon Sandeman John Glas Lieutenant Sanders Gilbert Howard Ensign Adjutant Sanders Henry Shearly Assistant Surgeon Sanders Robert Lieutenant Colonel Sanderson Christopher Vet Surgn (RA) Sanderson George Quartermaster Sanderson Joseph Captain Sandwith Dr Humphrey Actng IGH Imperial Ottoman Army Sandwith Henry Fuller Captain Sandwith Humphrey. MD Actng IGH Sankey Francis Lieutenant Colonel Sankey Francis Lieutenant Colonel Sankey William Capt Bvt Maj & Bvt Lt Col 47th Foot Sankey William Captain Bvt Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Sargent Captain (Transport) Sargent Edmond William Captain Sargent John Neptune Captain Saunders Charles Bertram Lieutenant Saunders Edward William Lieutenant Saunders F J G Captain (Infantry) Saunders George Robert Lieutenant Saunders George Assistant Surgeon Saunders George Surgn 2 Cl Saunders Thomas Henry Lieutenant Saunders William Boyd 2nd Capt RA Savage Francis William Eveleigh Lt RA Savage Frederick Stuckley Captain Savage John M 2nd Capt RA Sawyer Charles Captain Sawyer Conrad Lieutenant Saxe Weimar HSH Prince William Augustus Edward of Col 3/Gren Guards Saxe Weimar HSH Prince William Augustus Edward of Colonel Sayer Frederic Captain Sayer James Robert Steadman Captain Scarlett The Hon William Frederick 1/Scots Fusilier Guards Scarlett The Hon William Frederick Lt Capt Bvt Maj Scarlett. The Hon Sir James Yorke KCB Brig Gen Maj Gen & Lt Gen 5th Dragoon Guards Scarth Frederick Major (l/r) Scarth Frederick Major (l/r) Schäner Theophil Ensign Schaw Henry 2nd Capt RE Schaw John George Captain Scheller Friedrich Lieutenant Schellhorn Theodor Lieutenant Schermbrucker Fred Lieutenant Schiffmann Rudolf Lieutenant Schmidlin Carl Theodor Lieutenant Schmidt August Adjutant Schmidt Ludwig Ensign Schmidt Rudolph Captain Schramm Friedrich Assistant Surgeon Schreiber Arthur John Captain Schreiber Brymer Francis 1st Lt RA Schwab Albert Assistant Surgeon Schwenke Hermann Lieutenant Scoones Henry Dalton Lieutenant Scot Thomas Goldie MD Surgeon SCOTS FUSILIER GUARDS Scott Alexander de Courcy 1st Lt RE Scott Arthur Lieutenant Captain Scott Charles E Southouse 1st Lt RA Scott Courtenay H Salt Lieutenant Scott Francis Cunningham Captain Scott G Vet Surgn (lr) Scott George Scott Hopton Bassett Captain Scott James Bligh Ensign Scott James Edward Assistant Surgeon Scott James Edward Surgeon Scott James Ensign Lieutenant Scott John James Assistant Surgeon Scott John Mortimer Quartermaster Scott John Captain Scott Lucas Clements Lieutenant Scott R Captain Scott Ralph Robert Asst Surgn Scott Robert Paymaster Lieutenant Scott The Hon Charles Grantham Lieutenant Colonel Scott Thomas Acting Assistant Surgeon (l/r) Scott William Fortesqü Paymaster Scott William Lane Robinson Lieutenant Scott William Quartermaster Scottowe C F J Captain (Infantry) Scratchley Peter Henry 1st Lt RE Scriven Henry Alexander Lieutenant Seager Edward Capt 8th Hussars Seager Edward Captain Seagram Albert Lieutenant Seagram Charles Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Seagram Leonard John Lieutenant Seagrave Henry Capt 12th Foot Seagrave Henry Captain Seale Frederick Southcote 2nd Capt RA Sealey James L Stanwell Lieutenant Seaman William Campbell MD Surgeon Seddell John Vernon MD Asst Surgeon Seddell John Vernon MD Asst Surgn Sedley Charles Herbert 2nd Capt RE Sedley Richard Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Seelman Rudolph Captain Sefton The Earl of William P Lieutenant Segrave O'Neil Stewart Lieutenant Segrave Thomas Captain Selby Robert Grey D Deputy Assistant Commissary General Selby Robert Lieutenant Captain Selkirk Stuart Purveyor Semple Andrew Actg Asst Surgn Semple Andrew Assistant Surgeon Semple H Captain (Infantry) Sergison Charles Warden Ensign Servantes W F G Deputy Assistant Commissary General Seton William Carden Lieutenant Sewell Charles Paymaster Sewell John Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Sexton John Ensign Lieutenant Adjutant Seymour Charles Francis Lieutenant Colonel Seymour Charles Francis Lt Col 1/Scots Fus Guards Seymour Francis Lieutenant Colonel Seymour J. Hobart Culme Lieutenant Seymour Walter Digby Lieutenant Seymour William Frederick Ernest Lieutenant Seymour William Henry Captain Shackelton William Cornet Shadforth Thomas Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Shadwell Lawrence Capt 19th Foot & Lt Col unattached Shadwell Lawrence Captain Shakerley Geoffrey Joseph 1st Lt RA Shakespear John Davenport 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj RA Shakespear John Davenport 2nd Capt Capt & Bvt Maj RA Sharp George Act. Asst Surgn Sharp George Asst Surgn RA Sharp Henry Jelf Lieutenant Sharp John Edward Captain Sharp John H Lieutenant Sharp Richard Palmer Major Sharp William Act. Asst Surgn Sharpe James Birch Captain & Bvt Major Sharples John Lieutenant Shaw George Capt & Bvt Maj RA Shaw George Capt & Bvt Maj RA Shaw Hugh Ensign Shaw John Wright Lieutenant Shaw John Lieutenant Shawe Arthur George Captain Shawe Charles Fleetwood Lieutenant Shawe William Lowe Cornet Sheaffe William L Frederick Captain Shearman R Lieutenant Colonel Shearman William Paymaster Sheehan Rev Dr Dennis RC Chaplain. Sheehy Thomas MD Assistant Surgeon Sheehy Thomas MD Asst Surgn Sheehy W Captain Sheffield John Charles Capt 21st Foot Sheffield John Charles Captain Shegog Frederick York MD Assistant Surgeon Shelley Edward 17th Lancers Major Shelley Edward 17th Lancers Major Shelton George Augustus Frederick MB Assistant Surgeon Shelton George Augustus Frederick Surgeon Shepherd George Assistant Commissary General Shepherd S S Surgeon Sheppard George Frederick Captain (l/r) Sheppard Thomas Winter Lieutenant Sheppard Thomas Captain Sherlock Henry Assistant Surgeon Sherlock Henry Asst Surgn Shervinton Charles Robert Capt & Bvt Maj 46th Foot Shervinton Charles Robert Captain & Bvt Major Shervinton Charles Robert Captain Bvt Major 46th Foot Sherwood Eugene Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Sherwood R S Captain (Cavalry) Shewell Frederick George CB Col 8th Hussars Shewell Frederick George CB Colonel Shewell W Assistant Surgeon Shiel Rev James RC Chaplain. RC. Shiell Thomas Wildridge Assistant Surgeon Shiffner John Captain Shipley Reginald Yonge Major Shipton John Noble Act. Asst Surgn Shirley A Maj Gen Turkish Contingent Shirley Horatio CB Bvt Col after Brig Gen 88th Foot Shirley A Major Gen (l/r) (Cavalry) Shirley A Major Gen (l/r) (Cavalry) Shirley Horatio CB Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General (l/r) Shorrock James Aloysius Assistant Surgeon Shortt William Aldersey James Lieutenant Shröer August F Lieutenant Colonel Shuckburgh George Thomas Francis Captain Shuldham Arthur James 26th Madr N.I Capt (Infantry) Shuldham Arthur James 26th Madr N.I Captain (Infantry) Shuldham Arthur James 26th Madr N.I Captain (local rank) Shute Charles Cameron Maj & Bvt Lt Col 6th Dragoons Shute Charles Cameron Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Shute Henry Douglas M Lieutenant Shute William Gordon Lieutenant Shuttleworth C. U Captain Shuttleworth George Paymaster Sibbald Acting Assistant Surgeon Sibbald William Quartermaster Sibley Henry William Paymaster Sibthorp Richard F Waldo Captain Bvt Major Siddall Thomas Veterinary Surgeon Sidebottom Leonard Adjutant Sidebottom George Kershaw Captain Sievwright Allan 2nd Capt RA Sievwright Andrew Paymaster Sillery Charles J Capt Maj after Lt Col 30th Foot Sillery Charles J Captain Bvt Major Major Lieutenant Colonel Silver Thomas R Cornet. Sim Robert Assistant Surgeon Simmons John Linton Arabin Capt & Bvt Maj RE Simmons John Linton Arabin Capt & Bvt Maj RE Simmons John Linton Arabin Captain Brevet Major RE. Simons Robert Thomas Actg Asst Surgn Simpson Harry Ernest Acting Assistant Surgeon Simpson John Marsh Lieutenant Simpson John Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Simpson Sir James GCB General Simpson Walter MD Surgeon Simpson William Henry Randolph 1st Lt RA Simpson William MB Surgn 2 Cl Sims George Lieutenant Sinclair Donald Quartermaster Sinclair Edward Malcolm Assistant Surgeon Sinclair James 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Sinclair James MD Asst Surgn Sinclair William Assistant Surgeon Lieutenant Singer Henry Crofton Lt RA Singer James Lieutenant Singleton Henry Corbet Lieutenant Singleton John 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Siree Charles Moore Brabazon Lieutenant Skeates Mowbray Cornet Skelton Joseph MD Surgeon Skene John George Lieutenant Skinner C H E Assistant Surgeon. Skinner R.F.H. Macgregor Lieutenant Skinner Sam B M Captain Skipton Samül Stacy MD Assistant Surgeon Skipton Samül Stacy MD Asst Surgn Skipwith George Captain & Bvt Major Skopnick Eugen von Lieutenant Captain Skynner Leslie Captain & Major Slack J Ensign Slade Alfred Frederick Adolphus Lieutenant Slade Charles George Lieutenant Slade Herbert Dawson Captain Slade J S Actng Deputy Assistant Commissary General Slade William Hickes Captain Slaughter George M Asst Surgn Sleeman Richard Evans Lieutenant Sleigh William Stratford Lieutenant Smales Thomas Chief Paymaster of Divn Smart Henry Hawley Captain Smeeton G H Apothecary Smith Acting Assistant Surgeon Smith Alexander MD Surgn 2 Cl Smith Andrew Robertson Actg Asst Surgn Smith Andrew Actg Asst Surgn Smith C G Lieutenant (Infantry) Smith C Hodginson 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Smith Charles Bagot Commissary General Smith Charles Francis Captain Smith D C Captain (Transport) Smith Emund Davidson Ensign Lieutenant Smith Francis Assistant Surgeon Smith Francis Asst Surgn Smith Frederick Augustus Captain Smith Frederick Moore Assistant Surgeon Smith Frederick Lieutenant Smith G Lieutenant Smith Henry Fowle MD Surgn 2 Cl Smith Hugh Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Smith Hugh Bvt Lt Col 3rd Foot Smith Hyde Sergison Lieutenant Smith James Castor Asst Surgeon Smith James Castor Asst Surgn Smith James Webber Lieutenant Colonel Smith John Percy Adjutant Smith John W S Captain Bvt Major Major Lieutenant Colonel Smith John William Deputy Commissary General Smith John Lieutenant 2ndCaptain Smith Jones Julian 1st Lt RA Smith Joseph Comet Smith Michael William 15th Drgns Major Gen O.I.C Smith Michael Maj Gen 15th Dragoons Smith P Lieutenant Smith Percy Shawe Captain Smith Pyemont George Smith Rev William George Parks MA (Cantab) C/F Smith Richard Playne Captain Smith Robert Adjutant Smith Robert Quartermaster Smith Robert Surgn 1st Cl Smith Sir Lionel E Bart Lieutenant Smith Stanley Robert R Lieutenant Smith Thomas Captain Bvt Major Major Smith Thomas Cornet Smith Thomas Paymaster Smith W M Major Gen (l/r) (Cavalry) Smith W M Major Gen (l/r) (Cavalry) Smith William Osborne Lieutenant Smith William Lieutenant 2nd Captain Smith William Paymaster Smyth Edward S R Adj Smyth Edward St George Lieutenant Smyth Harry Edmund Lieutenant Smyth Harry Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Smyth Henry Augustus Capt RA Smyth James Gibbons Lieutenant Smyth Percy Charles Lieutenant Smyth Ralph Lieutenant Captain Smyth Robert Beresford MD Assistant Surgeon Smyth W M Captain Smythe Edmund Captain (Infantry) Smythe Henry CB Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Snell George William Frederick Lieutenant Snodgrass A Campbell Capt & Bvt Maj 38th Foot Snodgrass A Campbell Captain Bvt Major Snow Edward Geary 2nd Capt RA Soady Francis James 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Soady Francis James 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Somers Henry MD Surgn 2 Cl Somerset Edward Arthur Lieutenant Colonel Somerset Poulet George Henry Lieutenant Colonel Somerset Poulet George Henry Lt Col 2/Coldstream Guards Somerville Reginald Hugh Lieutenant Somerville Rev Dudley MA (Cantab) C/F. Somerville Thomas Henry Captain Somerville William Meredyth Lt RE Sorrell Henry Edward Major Sotheby Frederick Edward Lieutenant Sott John Quartermaster of Corps Paymaster Southwell Rev Marcus Richard MA (Oxon) Asst C/F. Spaight George Lieutenant Spalding Warner R Captain (l/r) Spalding Warner R Captain (l/r) Spalding William Cornet Sparke George Whitfield Actg Asst Surgn Sparke George Whitfield Assistant Surgeon Sparke Henry A Lieutenant Sparke John Francis Lieutenant Sparks James Pattoun Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Sparks Robert Watson Lieutenant Sparrow George Waterloo Pennington Surgn 2 Cl Speke J H Captain (Infantry) Spence Frederick Captain Major Spence S Quartermaster Spence Thomas DIG Spencer The Hon Augustus Almeric CB Col 44th Foot & Brig Gen Spencer The Hon Augustus Almeric CB Colonel & Brigadier General Spencer Wiliam R Churchill Captain Spencer William Isacc Assistant Surgeon Spittal Andrew Actg Asst Surgn Spottiswoode Andrew Lieutenant Colonel Spratt Robert Hall Lieutenant Spry James Comet Spurway C Brevet Maj RA Spurway John 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA St Clair Alexander Bower Ensign & Lieutenant St Clair Alexander Bower Ensign & Lt 4th Foot St Clair Charles William Capt & Bvt Maj 57th Foot St Clair Charles William Captain & Bvt Major St Clair S Graham Bower Lieutenant St Clair S Graham Bower Lt 21st Foot St Croix Charles de Lieutenant St George John Lt Col & Col RA St George John Lt Col & Col RA St John John Henry Herbert Lieutenant St John John Henry Capt. 92nd Foot St John John Henry Captain St John Robert Lieutenant St John Robert Lt 72nd Foot St Leger G Captain (Cavalry) Stack Frederick Rice Major (Infantry) Stack T J Captain Stack Thomas Lindsay Lieutenant Stacpoole George William Lieutenant Captain Staines John Augustus Lieutenant Stämpfli Adjutant Stanley Edward Captain Stanley St John Assistant Surgeon Stanley St John Assistant Surgeon Stanley The Hon John Constantine Lieutenant Stansfield Robert Johnston Lieutenant Stanton Edward Capt & Lt Col RE Stapleton Michael Comet Stapp Charles Ensign Stapp Charles Ensign 58th Foot Statham Richard Lieutenant Staunton George Col 31st Foot Staunton George Colonel Staveley Arthur William Lieutenant Staveley Charles William Dunbar CB Lieutenant Colonel Stedman Metheun Edmund Major (l/r) Steele Thomas Montagu CB Col 2/Coldstream Guards Steele Thomas Montagu CB Colonel Steer Charles Boyes Lieutenant Steevens George Captain Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Steevens Nathaniel Capt & Bvt Maj 88th Foot Steevens Nathaniel Captain & Bvt Major Steiger Dominiqü Ensign Stephen J G Major (Infantry) Stephens Adolphus Haggerston Lieutenant Stephens C B Act. Asst Surgn Stephens Richard Lieutenant Stephenson Charles Benjamin Captain (l/r) Stephenson Charles Benjamin Captain (l/r) Stephenson Frederick Charles Arthur Capt 1/Scots Fus Guards Stephenson Frederick Charles Arthur Captain Stephenson Henry James Captain Stephenson John Paymaster Sterling Anthony Coningham Maj Lt Col unattadhed Steuart C J Captain (Infantry) Steuart David Captain Steuart William Actg Asst Surgn Steuart William Ramsay Asst Surgn Stevens Stephen J Bombay N.I (retired) Brigadier General CB (Infantry) Stevens Stephen J Brig Gen Bombay NI Stevens Stephen James CB Brigadier General (Infantry) Stevens William Quartermaster of Brigade 2nd Captain Paymaster Stevenson Charles Aldersey Captain Stevenson Henry Holford Capt 79th Foot Stevenson Henry Holford Captain Stevenson John Charles Newcombe Captain Steward Edwin A Tucker Captain Steward Richard Oliver Francis Captain & Bvt Major Steward William Alfred Lieutenant Stewart Alexander J Actg Asst Surgn Stewart David Surgeon Stewart Duncan Lieutenant Stewart George Gilbert Lieutenant Stewart Hopton Scott Lieutenant Stewart James Frederick Asst Surgeon Stewart James Captain Stewart James Surgn Stewart John Campbell Lieutenant Stewart John Act Asst Surgeon (l/r) Stewart John Acting Assistant Surgeon Stewart Robert Farquhar Shaw Lieutenant Stewart Robert Comet Stewart Sir John Marcus Lieutenant Stewart The Hon Rand. Henry Lieutenant Stewart W.G. Drummond Captain Stewart William Little Captain Stewart William Actg Asst Surgn Stewart William Lieutenant Stewart William MD Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Stiles Bradford Act. Asst Surgn Still Thomas Lloyd 1st Lt RA Stillman James Adjutant Stillwell William Quartermaster Stirling Charles Edward 1st Lt RA Stirling Henry Campbell Lieutenant Stirling John Lieutenant Stirling Robert Acting Assistant Surgeon Stirling William 1st Lt RA Stisted Thomas Heathcote Lieutenant Stockley John Surtee Vet Surgn (RA) Stocks Michael Captain Stockwell Charles M Lieutenant Stockwell George Dickson Thomas Ensign Stockwell John William Inglis Captain Stockwell William Act. Asst Surgn Stokes Alfred Ensign Stokes Charles Patrick Lieutenant Stokes Edward John Lieutenant Stokes Henry Bowles George Lieutenant Stokes John 2nd Capt Maj RE Stokes John 2nd Capt Maj RE Stokes John 2nd Captain RE Stokes John 2nd Captain RE Stokes Oliver Haldam 1st Lt RE Stone Edward William MD Surgeon Stone Edward William MD Surgn 1 Cl Stone Richard John Thorley Lieutenant Stopford George Montagü 1st Lt RE Stopford George Montagü 1st Lt RE Storer Thomas Whitmore Captain Storks Henry Knight Col Brig Gen & Maj Gen KH Stotherd Edward Augustus Lieutenant Stott Gibson Lieutenant & Captain Stott Watson Lieutenant Stracey Edward John Lieutenant Colonel Strachan Henry Augustus Captain Bvt Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Stranaghan David MD Asst Surgn Strange Alex Captain Strange Alexander Captain (l/r) Strange Charles John Capt & Bvt Maj RA Strange Charles John Capt & Bvt Maj RA Strange Henry Francis Capt & Bvt Maj RA Strange Henry Francis Capt & Bvt Maj RA Strangways Thomas Fox Brig Gen EA Strangways Thomas Fox RA Col after Brig Gen Strangways W. Aston Fox 1st Lt RA Stratford J Quartermaster Straton James Murray Lieutenant Straton Robert Jocelyn CB Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Straub Ludwig Surgeon Straubenzee Bowen van Capt 9th Foot Straubenzee Bowen van Captain Straubenzee Charles T Van Lieutenant Colonel Bvt Colonel & Brig Gen Straubenzee Charles T Van Lt Col Bvt Col & Brig Gen 3rd Foot Streatfield Edward Ogle Captain Streatfield John F Strecker Wilhelm Lieutenant Street James Petrie Asst Surgn Street James Petrie MD Assistant Surgeon Street James Petrie MD Asst Surgn Street John Alfred Maj 57th Foot Street John Alfred Major Stretton Samül Strickland Rev Gerard S.J RC Chaplain. Strong Clement W Captain Strover Henry 1st Lt & 2nd Capt RA Struthers Alexander MD Actg Asst Surgn Stuart Edward Andrew Lieutenant Stuart H Lieutenant Stuart James Frederick Dudley Crichton Lieutenant Colonel Stuart John Ramsay Major Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Kenneth Bruce Lieutenant Stuart Maj (l/r) Stuart R C William Capt 71st Foot Stuart R C William Captain Stuart Sir John Captain (Cavalry) Stuart The Hon James Captain Stuart W E Captain Stuart W Lt (l/r) Stuart-Wortley A H P Bvt Maj 1st Dragoon Guards Stuart-Wortley A H P Bvt Major Stücker Carl Ensign Stuhr Thomas Lieutenant Sturt Charles Napier Capt 3/Gren Guards Sturt Charles Napier Captain Stutz Joseph Captain Suckling Frederick Herbert Lieutenant Sullivan Daniel Lieutenant Sullivan G Captain (Infantry) Sullivan George Augustus Filmer Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan William Lt Col unattached Summers John MD Surgn 2 Cl Sunter Thomas Moore MB Surgn 2 Cl Surman Henry Vet Surgeon (l/r) Surman Henry Vet Surgn (lr) Surman William James Surplice R Ensign Lieutenant Sutherland Francis Lieutenant Captain Sutherland George S Assistant Surgeon LRCS Edin Sutherland James S C Deputy Assistant Commissary General Suttie George Grant Lieutenant Sutton Charles Comet Sutton Cornelius Graham Captain Sutton W G Maj Sutton W G Major (Cavalry) Sutton W G Major (Cavalry) Swaby G Captain (Infantry) Swaby John William Lieutenant Swaffield Charles James Orton Captain Swain Charles Acting Assistant Commissary General Swaine Augustus Otto William MD Act. Asst Surgn Swaine Joseph Quartermaster Swettingham Thomas Eaton Lieutenant Swift Arthur Delgarno Lieutenant Swindley John Edward Lieutenant Swindley John Edward Lt 12th Lancers Swinfen Frederick H Lieutenant Swinhoe John Assistant Surgeon Swinton Edward George Captain Swinton William Capt & Bvt Maj RA Swinton William Capt & Bvt Maj RA Swiny Exham Schomberg Turner Lieutenant Colonel Swire Roger Lieutenant Captain Swire Roger Lt 17th Foot Sykes Augustus Joseph Captain Sykes Cam Captain Bvt Major Sykes Henry Captain Sykes Rev William AM Actng C/F. Sykes William Lieutenant Sylvester Henry Thomas MB MD Asst Surgeon Symons George Lieutenant Symons George Lieutenant (Artillery) Synge Francis Hutchinson Major (l/r) Synge Francis Hutchinson Major (l/r) Synge Robert Daly Lieutenant Taafe George Captain Tabuteau Anthony Olivier Lieutenant Taddy Edward 1st Lt RA Talbot Charles Arthur Lieutenant Talbot George Major Talbot The Hon W. Leopold Capt 9th Foot Talbot The Hon W. Leopold Captain Talbot William Cornet Tannasch Carl Lieutenant Tanner Thomas Lieutenant 4th Foot Tarn Lawrebce Cook Assistant Commissary 2nd Class Tarrant Thomas MD Asst Surgn RA Tarrell Richard MD Surgn 1 Cl (l/r) Tarte Walter John Ensign Tasker George Comet Taswell Edward 2nd Capt RA Tate William B Assistant Surgeon MRCS MD Aberdeen 1854 Taunton Horace Deputy Assistant Commissary Taylor Alfred Lieutenant Taylor Arthur Henry Asst Surgn Taylor Arthur Henry Asst Surgn RA Taylor Arthur Joseph Lt Col RA Taylor Arthur Joseph Lt Col RA Taylor Duncan Campbell MD Assistant Surgeon Taylor Duncan Campbell MD Asst Surgn Taylor Frederick James Captain Taylor George Surgn 1st Cl Taylor Henry Hartley Ensign Taylor John Barton B Lieutenant Taylor John Robert DIG Taylor Markham Le Fer 1st Lt RA Taylor Rev H. A MA Asst C/F. Taylor Richard C.H Lieutenant Colonel Taylor Thomas Lieutenant Taylor William Mansel Lieutenant Taylor William O'Bryen Lieutenant Teeper J Apothecary Teesdale Christopher Charles Lieuteant RE. Teesdale Harry George Lt RE Teevan Thomas Assistant Surgeon Telfer George Home Deputy Assistant Commissary General Telfer George Home Deputy Assistant Commissary General Telfer John Thomson Surgn 1 Cl Temple Edward Captain Temple Francis 1st Lt RA Temple John Holder Qmaster 2 Cl Temple W Temple W H F MD Assistant Surgeon Temple W H F MD Assistant Surgeon Templeman Alfred Captain Templeman Richard Draper Lieutenant Templeton Robert MD Surgn 1 Cl Terry William Parker Captain Tessier J Dispenser Thackeray Henry Lieutenant Thackwell Joseph Edwin Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Thackwell Joseph Edwin Bvt Lt Col 22nd Foot Thackwell W. de W. Roche Lieutenant Tharp H Commissary Clerk Tharp William Montagu Lieutenant Thelluson Alexander Dalton Captain Major Thellusson Arthur John Bethell Capt & Bvt Maj 2/Coldstream Guards Thellusson Arthur John Bethell Captain & Bvt Major Thelwell R B T Major (Infantry) Theobald Cotton Edwin Lieutenant Theobald John Shadwell Lieutenant Thesiger Frederick Augustus Bvt Maj 3/Gren Guards Thesiger Frederick Augustus Bvt Major Thistlethwayte A. R. William Lieutenant Thistlethwayte Arthur Henry Lieutenant Thistlethwayte Henry Alex Lieutenant Thomas Charles Schomberg Paymaster Thomas Edward Adjutant Thomas Freeman Frederick Lieutenant Thomas Henry John Capt RA Thomas J Apothecary Thomas Richard Williams Captain Thomas Thomas St George Charles R Assistant Commissary 1st Class Thompson - Ensign Thompson Alford R Deputy Assistant Commissary General. Thompson Arnold Capt RA Thompson Christopher Asst Surgn Thompson E D Apothecary Thompson Edward Percy Lieutenant Thompson George William Lieutenant Thompson H. Masterman Lieutenant Thompson Henry Langborne Captain ex 68th Bengal N.I Thompson Henry Ensign Thompson J H Captain Thompson John Henry Lieutenant Thompson John Wycliffe Capt & Bvt Maj 10th Hussars Thompson John Wycliffe Captain & Bvt Major Thompson John Captain Thompson John Paymaster Thompson Justus Henry Acting Assistant Commissary General Thompson R Captain (Infantry) Thompson Richard Captain & Major Thompson Robert Thomas Lieutenant Thompson Thomas Adjutant Thompson William Cornet Thompson. Horatio John Ensign Thomsett Richard G Quartermaster Thomson George Latham Capt & Bvt Maj 4th Foot Thomson George Latham Captain & Bvt Major Thomson James MD Assistant Surgeon Thorburn James Lieutenant Thornett Thomas R Qmaster Thornhill F B Deputy Assistant Commissary General Thornhill Henry 1st Lt RA Thornton C M J Captain (Artillery) Thornton George Stanislaus Lieutenant Thornton Robert Assistant Surgeon Thornton Robert Asst Surgn RA Thorold George Edward Lieutenant Colonel Thorold Henry Ensign Lieutenant Thoroton Levett Captain Thorpe Edward Buller Captain & Bvt Major Thorpe John Paymaster Thorton C M J Capt (Artillery) Thorton C M J Capt Turkish Contingent Thring John Everett Capt RA Thrupp Henry Andrew 2nd Capt RA 1/12th Bn RA E p.53. Arr. Sept 1854 to Oct 1855. Invalided. Thun Paul E Lieutenant Thurburn F A V Lt Thursby James Legh Capt 9th Foot Thursby James Legh Captain Thwaites Jonathan Lieutenant Thwaytes William Lieutenant Thynne William Frederick Capt 2/Rifle Bde Thynne William Frederick Captain Tibeaudo Anselm Lieutenant Tice John Charles Graham MD Surgn 1 Cl Tillbrook Philip Limborch Captain Tilly John Lieutenant Timson Henry Lieutenant Tindal William Davidson Acting Assistant Surgeon Tinley Francis E Newport Captain Tinley William Newport Major Lieutenant Colonel Tinling Williams Pattison Captain Tippetts Alfred Malpas Assistant Surgeon Tipping Alfred Captain Titterton Henry MD Assistant Surgeon Titterton Henry MD Asst Surgn Tobias Siegfried Adjutant Tobin Arthur Lionel Lieutenant Todd James Archibald Ruddell Capt 1/1st Foot Todd James Archibald Ruddell Captain Todd James Acting Assistant Surgeon Todd Richard Cooper Assistant Surgeon Todd William Quartermaster Tolcher Christopher J. H Lieutenant Tolcher John Lieutenant Toller Charles H Purveyor Tom Daniel Captain Tompkinson Edward Bvt Major Tompkinson Edward Capt & Bvt Maj 8th Hussars Tompson William Dalrymple Lieutenant Toogood A D Captain (Infantry) Toppin James Morris Lieutenant Torrens Henry D'Oyley Capt & Bvt Maj 23rd Foot Torrens Henry D'Oyley Captain Bvt Major Torrens Sir Arthur Wellesley KCB Maj Gen unattached Torriano Charles Edward 1st Lt RA Toseland George Adjutant Tottenham Arthur Loftus Lieutenant Tottenham Charles George Lieutenant Tottenham William Heathcote Lieutenant Colonel Tovey Charles Henry Asst Surgeon Tower Conyers Captain Tower Harvey Captain Towers Thomas John Veterinary Surgeon Townley Thomas Manners Lieutenant Townley Thomas Manners Lt 10th Hussars Townsend Edward Ensign Lieutenant Townsend Henry Captain Townsend Samül Philip Capt & Bvt Maj RA Townsend Thomas Henry Ensign Townsend Thomas Henry Ensign Tracey John Lieutenant Traherne Anthony Powell Lieutenant Traherne Llewellyn Price Lieutenant Travers Augustus William Cornet Travers John Francis Eaton Capt RA Travers John Moore Clarke Lieutenant Travers John Capt RA Travers Joseph Oates Lieutenant Travers Julius Brockman Paymaster Tredcroft Charles Lennox 1st Lt RA Trefussis The Hon W Lieutenant Tremayne Arthur Captain Trench John Surgn 2 Cl Trench Power de le Poer 1st Lt RA Trent Francis Captain Trent John Lieutenant Trepp Caspar Captain Trevelyan Harrington Astley Lieutenant Trevelyan Walter Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Frederick Anthony Captain Trevor John William Lieutenant Trevor William Cosmo Captain Trimmer John Assistant Commissary General Trollope Charles Bvt Col 62nd Foot Trollope Charles Colonel Tronton - Acting Deputy Assistant Commissary General Trotter John William Assistant Surgeon Troubridge Sir Thomas St Vincent Bart Lieutenant Colonel Trousdell William Green MD Surgeon Trousdell William Green MD Surgeon Trützschler Carl von Captain Tryon Henry Lieutenant Tryon John Lieutenant Tryon Thomas Captain Tucker Aubrey Harvey Lieutenant Tucker Jervis Lt RA Tucker William J A Purveyor. Tulloch Alexander Bruce Ensign Tulloch J.G.M'Donald Lieutenant Tulloch Thomas Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Tunks Thomas Quartermaster Tunnelll H Dispenser Tupper Aemelius de Viv 1st Lt RA Tupper Caspard Le Marchant 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Tupper Caspard Le Marchant 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Tupper Daniel William Lieutenant Captain & Bvt Major Tupper De Vic Lieutenant Tupper James De Vic Lieutenant Turnbull Gavin Ainslie Assistant Surgeon Turner Alex William Acting Assistant Commissary General Turner Arthur William Lieutenant Turner Charles Hampden Captain Turner Francis Charles Captain Turner George Lieutenant Turner George Lieutenant Turner Henry Whichcote Captain Turner Henry Assistant Surgeon Turner James Graham Captain Turner John CB Capt & Bvt Maj RA Turner John Quartermaster Turner Medical Officer Turner Nathaniel Octavius Simpson 2nd Capt RA Turner Philip Assistant Commissary General Turner Robert Act. Asst Surgn Turner William Ross Lieutenant Turner William West 7th Foot Capt Bvt Maj & Bvt Lt Col Turner William West Captain & Bvt Major Turner William Lieutenant Tuson Edward Bailey Surgeon Tweedie Michael 1st Lt RA Twemlow George Hamilton Captain Twibill James Paymaster Twigg James Quarermaster Twining Richard Radcliffe Lieutenant Twiss Arthur William 2nd Capt RA Twysden Edmond Fortescü Ensign Lieutenant Captain Twysden Heneage Thomas Lieutenant Tydd Benjamin Assistant Surgeon Tylden Richard Bvt Maj & Lt Col RE Tylden Richard Bvt Maj & Lt Col RE Tylden William Burton Brig Gen RE Tylden William Burton Brig Gen RE Tyler Charles James 1st Lt RA Tyler Charles John Roper Lieutenant Tyler George Griffin Captain Royal Monmouthshire Militia (attached) Tyler George Henry Captain Tyler Lennard Barrett Lieutenant Colonel Tymons J Lieutenant Tyner Charles Ensign Lieutenant Tyrwhite Charles Lieutenant Colonel Tyrwhite Charles Lt Col 2/Scots Fusilier Guards Unett Alexander Fraser Lieutenant Unett Thomas Lieutenant Colonel Uniacke Charles Hill Lieutenant Uniacke Henry Turner Captain Uniacke Redmond Assistant Commissary General Uniacke Redmond Assistant Commissary Unsworth Rev Thomas C/F (RC). Upton The Hon George Frederick Colonel Urquhart Francis Gregory Major Usher Captain Ussher H T Commissary Clerk Utterson A. Hammond Lieutenant Utterton Edwin Lieutenant Vacher Frederick Smith Capt & Bvt Maj 33rd Foot Vacher Frederick Smith Captain & Bvt Major Valentine Eduard Captain Valentine Francis Ensign Lieutenant Vallance Thomas William Lieutenant Valliere Theodor de Captain Van Buren Carl Ensign Van Straubenzee Frederick Vance Horatio Page Captain Vandeleur Arthur Lt & 2nd Capt RA Vandeleur Hector Stewart Lieutenant Vandeleur Thomas Burton Lieutenant Vane Frederick F Lieutenant Vane-Tempest Lord Adolphus F C W Lieutenant Colonel Vansittart Coleraine Robert Lieutenant Vansittart Spencer Captain Vardon Noel H. Bryan Captain Varley William Veterinary Surgeon Vaughan Edward Percival Lieutenant Vaughan Ernest Courtenay 1st Lt RA Vaughan George Aug. Lieutenant Vaughan Hector Barlow Lieutenant Vaughan Herbert Millingchamp Captain Vaughan Herbert Captain Vaughan J L Maj Turkish Contingent Vaughan James DIG MRCS FRCS Vaughan John Crosby Captain Vaughan John Luther Major (Staff) Vaughan-Hughes James Vaughton Robert Dymock Captain Vauxden Thomas Ensign Veale Henry Richard Lobb MD Act.Asst Surgn Veale Thomas Venables Cavendish Lieutenant Captain Venables Thomas Captain Vereker The Hon Adolphus E P Ensign Lieutenant Vernede Henry Theodore Lieutenant Vernon Henry Arthur 2nd Capt RA Vernor Robert Lieutenant Verschoyle Henry William Captain Versturme Adolph Halkett Lieutenant Vesey Arthur George Major Vesey Charles C. Wellesley Adjutant Vesey George Henry Capt RA Vesey George Henry Capt RA Vialls George Courtney Captain Vibart Henry Collingwood. Lieutenant Vicars Edward Richard Fox Lieutenant Vicars Hedley S.J Captain Vick Frederick Goddard Deputy Assistant Commissary Vieth Fred Harris Dawes Lieutenant Vigors Henry Rudkin Lieutenant Villiers Charles Courtney Captain & Bvt Major Villiers Edward Wildman Lieutenant Villiers William George Villiers Captain Villiers William George Villiers Captain (l/r) Villiers. James Captain Bvt Major Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Virnard Edward Ensign Vivian James Edward Lieutenant Vivian John Lambrick Captain (l/r) Vivian John Lambrick Captain (l/r) Vivian Richard Hussey Lieutenant Vivian Robert John Hussey Lt Gen Madras Army Vivian Robert John Hussey Madras Army Lieutenant Gen (l/r) Vokes Thomas Capt Land Transport Corps Vokes Thomas Captain Von Travers Count Joseph Adjutant Vyner Henry William Paymaster of Divn Vyse Edward Quartermaster Waddilove Grainville Lieutenant Waddington Rev C/F. Waddy Richard Lieutenant Colonel Wade James Herne Captain Wadman Arthur James Lieutenant Wainman William Lieutenant Wakefield H. Furey Captain Walcott Charles Edmund 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Waldron Frederick William Commissary General Waldy Alfred Henry Captain Waldy E. Garmonsway Lieutenant Waldy William Thomas Lieutenant Wale Henry John Lieutenant Walker Alexander Assistant Surgeon Walker Alexander Lieutenant Walker Arthur Ensign Walker Charles Pyndar Beachamp Capt 7th Grgn Guards Walker Charles Pyner Beachamp Captain Walker Edward Walker Forrestier Colonel Walker George Albert Aug. 1st Lt RA Walker George Ensign Walker Hercules Captain Walker Mark Adjutant Walker Mark Captain Walker Robert Acting Assistant Surgeon Walker Thomas Houghton Assistant Surgeon Walker Thomas Houghton Asst Surgn Walker Thomas Quartermaster Walker W Assistant Surgeon Walker W Captain (Infantry) Wall David Adjutant Wall Thomas Frederick Assistant Surgeon Wall Thomas Frederick Surgn Wall Thomas Frederick Surgn 2 Cl Wallace Albany French Captain Wallace Henry Ritchie Lieutenant Wallace Rev James MA (Cantab) Actng C/F. Waller George Henry Lieutenant Wallis Alex Bruce Lieutenant Captain Wallis L Apothecary Walmsley Hugh Mulleneux late 63rd Foot Captain Walmsley Robert Lieutenant Walpole H Major Walsh Arthur Capt. 1st Life Guards Walsh Arthur Captain Walsh Augustus Frederick Lieutenant Walsh Augustus Frederick Lt 62nd Foot Walsh Lewis Paxton Lt RA Walsh Thomas Quartermaster Walsham Arthur 1st Lt RA Walshe Hugh Crawford MD Surgn 2 Cl Walshe Hugh Crawford MD Surgn RA Walter L H Lieutenant Captain (Cavalry) Walter L H Lt Captain (Cavalry) Walter L H Lt Turkish Contingent Walters Francis Dalrymple Lieutenant Wankel Gustave Adolph Captain Warburton George Alex Lieutenant Warburton Robert Sandford Captain Ward E W Actng Asst Surgn (?) Ward Edward J 1st Lt RA Ward Edward L Deputy Assistant Commissary General Ward Francis Beckford Capt & Bvt Maj RA Ward Francis Beckford Capt & Bvt Maj RA Ward G Captain Ward Henry A Captain Ward Lucas Purveyor Ward The Hon Bernard M Lieutenant Ward W H Captain Ward William Crofton Captain Ward William Pearson Asst Surgn RA Ward William Pearson Surgeon Ward-Ashton E John 1st Lt RA Warde Edward Charles Lt Col RA Warde Edward Charles Lt Col RA Warde G Maj Turkish Contingent Warde G Major (Infantry) Warde G Major (Infantry) Warden A W Apothecary Warden Robert P Lieutenant 16th Bombay N.I Captain of Division Warden Robert Captain Bvt Major Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Wardlaw George Captain Wardlaw Ramsay Lieutenant Wardlaw Robert Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Wardlaw Thomas Brodie Lieutenant Wardrop James John Marjoribanks Assistant Surgeon Ware George Henry Hibbert Captain Waring Holt Lieutenant Warner W. Hucks Harding Captain Warre Henry J CB Lieutenant Colonel Warren Arthur Frederick Captain Warren Augustus Edmond Captain Warren Augustus Riversdale Captain Warren Charles CB Lieutenant Colonel Bvt Colonel & Brigadier General Warren Charles Lt Col Bvt Col & BG (lr) CB 55th Foot Warren Dawson Stockley Lieutenant Warren Francis Paymaster Warren John Adjutant Warren Philip Splane Surgn Warry William Captain Wason Edward Sidney MD Actng Surgeon Waterfall John Henry Lieutenant Waters Marcus A Adjutant Waters William Henry Comet Watkins J W Deputy Assistant Commissary General. Watson Alexander Lieutenant Watson Charles Edward Captain & Bvt Major Watson David Major Watson George Stretton Lieutenant Watson Henry Surtees Bowes Lieutenant Watson J Lieutenant Watson James Major Watson John Major & Lieutenant Colonel Watson Musgrave Lieutenant Watson Patrick Herron MD Actg Asst Surgn Watson Rev. Robert Bog C/F (P). Watson William Henry. 1st Lt RA Watson William John Pearson Captain Watson William Quartermaster Watt Edward Col Bengal Cav Watt Edward late 1st Bengal Cav Brigadier General. O.I.C Watt Fitzjames Edward Assistant Commissary General Watt William Godfrey Surgeon Watts S H Apothecary. Waugh George Rowland Adjutant Wavell Arthur Henry Lieutenant Way James Paymaster Weare Henry Edwin Captain Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Weare Henry Edwin Maj & Bvt Lt Col 50th Foot Weatherley Frederick Augustus Lieutenant Weaver T Apothecary Webb Augustus Frederick Cavendish Captain Webb Daniel Peploe Lieutenant Webb Edward Henry Lieutenant Webb George Joseph Commissary General Webb John MacDonnell Captain Webb Randolph Act. Asst Surgn Webb Randolph Asst Surgn RA Webb Stephen Massett MD Assistant Surgeon Webb Vere Surgn Webb William Marshall Assistant Surgeon Webber George Daniel Lieutenant Webber William G Everard Captain Webber William G Everard Lt Capt 42nd Foot Webster Guy Captain Webster Peter Charles G Cornet Webster Rowland Paymaster Weddeburne C A W Captain (Infantry) Wegülin J C R Captain Weir Archibald Actg Asst Surgn Weir Archibald Lieutenant Weir Thomas C Deputy Commissary General Weir William Ensign Weisse Frederick Major Welch Edward Lieutenant Weld Robert Lieutenant Weld William Walter Surgeon Wellesley Edward Bvt Maj 73rd Foot Wellesley Edward Bvt Major Wellesley Hon William Henry Capt 1/Coldstream Guards Wellesley Hon William Henry Captain Wellesley William Henry Charles Colonel Wells Frederick Captain & Bvt Major Wells Harry Act Asst Surgn (l/r) Wells Thomas Spencer Welsford Augustus Frederick Major Welsh John Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Wemyss Charles Thomas late 17th Foot Major O.I.C Wemyss Charles Thomas Major Wemyss James Lieutenant Wemyss John Otway Captain Wentzelman Wilhelm Lieutenant Werge Henry Reynolds Capt & Bvt Maj 55th Foot Werge Henry Reynolds Captain & Bvt Major Wertmüller Albert Assistant Surgeon West C R Sackville Lord CB Colonel West Frederick Captain Major West John Henry MD Asst Surgeon West W H Capt West W H Capt EICS Western George Veterinary Surgeon Westhead George Edward Brown Captain Westmacott R M Major (Infantry) Westropp W. Montford Captain Wetherall Edward Robert 2/Scots Fus Gds Wetherall Edward Robert 2/Scots Fus Guards Col. Wetherall Edward Robert Lieutenant Colonel Wetherall Joseph Thomas Cornet Wethered Edwin Robert Paymaster Wheatcroft German Captain Wheatley John Paymaster Wheatley William Captain Wheble Rev John Joshua RC Chaplain. Wheeler Rev Horace M BA AM Asst C/F. Whiffen Mr H W S Ordnance Paymaster Whigham Robert Lieutenant Whimper Frederick Amelius Major Whincup W Dispenser Whinyates Francis Arthur 1st Lt RA Whinyates Francis Arthur 1st Lt RA Whinyates Frederick Thomas 2nd CaptRA White * Lieutenant after Captain White Alfred Henderson Ensign White Alfred Henderson Lieutenant (ex Ensign 47th Foot) White Augustus Barton Lieutenant White Charles John Assistant Surgeon White G Lieutenant White Hans Robert Captain & Bvt Major White Henry Dalrymple CB Lieutenant Colonel White Henry George Lieutenant White James Lieutenant White John Horsley Act. Asst Surgn White Lt after Capt 76th Foot White R G Acting Assistant Surgeon White Robert Captain Bvt Major White William Alexander MD Assistant Surgeon Whitehead Robert Children Lieutenant Captain Whitfield Rev Henry John. Whitmore Edmund Augustus Capt Bvt Maj & Maj 30th Foot Whitmore Edmund Augustus Captain Bvt Major & Major Whitmore Francis Locker Capt & Bvt Maj 2/1st Foot Whitmore Francis Locker Captain & Bvt Major Whitmore G S Major (Cavalry) Whitmore George Stoddart Capt 62nd Foot Whitmore George Stoddart Captain Whitmore Montagu Stopford 1st Lt RE Whitmore Montagu Stopford RE Captain (Engineers) Whitshead St Vincent B Hawkins Captain Whitten A Ensign Whitwell J H Apothecary Whyatt Rev William MA C/F. Wickham Henry Lamplugh Ensign Wickham Thomas Captain Wiederkehr August Ensign Wigan Ernest A Surgeon Wigram Godfrey James Lieutenant Wilbraham Richard CB unattached Wilby William Captain & Major 4th Foot Wildbore F Assistant Surgeon Wiles Julius Assistant Surgeon Wiley G Asst Surgn RA Wiley Thomas Act. Asst Surgn Wilford Ernest Christian Lieutenant Wilkie Arthur Alexander Lieutenant Wilkie Hales Lieutenant Wilkie John Lieutenant Colonel Wilkin Henry John Assistant Surgeon after Cornet Wilkinson Bathurst Edward Lieutenant Wilkinson Christopher Brice Lieutenant Wilkinson Dr Surgeon Wilkinson Frederick Green Captain Wilkinson Frederick Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Wilkinson Frederick Surgn 2 Cl (l/r) Wilkinson George Allix 2nd Capt RA Wilkinson Henry Chandler Lieutenant Wilkinson Henry J. William Lieutenant Wilkinson Henry John Captain Wilkinson J C Captain (Infantry) Wilkinson J George Captain Wilkinson J P Commissary Clerk Wilkinson Richard Wilkinson Robert Veterinary Surgeon Willan James Douglas Assistant Commissary General Willan James Douglas Commissary General Willan Stanley L Douglas Captain Willans Obé Paymaster Willans St John Quartermaster of Brigade & 2nd Captain Willet Edmund Medical Officer Willett Augustus Saltrem Major Willett John Saltren Capt RA Williams Thomas Robert MB Assistant Surgeon Williams A W Major (Cavalry) Williams Albert H Wilmot 1st Lt RA Williams Arthur W Captain Williams C P Quartermaster of Brigade & Lieutenant Williams C R Assistant Surgeon Williams D W Apothecary Williams F C Hambury Captain (Cavalry) Williams Frederick Lieutenant Williams H A Lieutenant Williams Henry Francis Capt 1/60th Foot Williams Henry Francis Captain Williams Henry Adjutant Williams J Actg Asst Surgn Williams James Edmund DIG Williams James Ensign Lieutenant Captain Williams James Ensign Lieutenant Captain 28th Foot Major O.I.C Williams John Ignatius Purcell Assistant Surgeon Williams Rev H C/F. Williams Rev H Chaplain to the Forces Williams Richard Edmond Lieutenant Williams Richard Llewellyn Lieutenant Williams S G Williams Samül Toosey Captain Williams Samül Paymaster Williams St George Act Surgeon (l/r) & Surgeon (l/r) Williams Theodore Lieutenant Williams Thomas Assistant Commissary General Williams Thomas Lieutenant Colonel Williams William Fenwick Lieutenant RA Brigadier General (l/r) Williams William John 2nd Capt RA & Bvt Maj Williams William Lieutenant Williamson Augustus Henry Captain Williamson Benjamin Actg Asst Surgn Williamson Benjamin Asst Surgn Williamson Ferdinand H Lieutenant Williamson George MD Surgeon 2 Cl Williamson James Assistant Surgeon Williamson James Lieutenant Williamson William Robert Captain Willington Rd Butler Captain Willis George Harry Smith Capt & Bvt Lt Col 77th Foot Willis George Harry Smith Captain & Bvt Major Willis Sherlock Vignolles Lieutenant Willoughby E Lieutenant (Infantry) Willshire or Wilshere Rev - C/F. Wilmer Hugh Francis Lieutenant Wilmot John Robert Lieutenant Wilson Charles Monck Lieutenant Wilson Charles Thomas Lieutenant Wilson Charles Townsend Captain Wilson Edwin Actng Asst Surgn Wilson John Comet Wilson John Lieutenant Wilson Robert MD Assistant Surgeon Wilson Robert MD Surgn 2 Cl Wilson Sylvester W.F.M Captain Wilson Thomas Deputy Assistant Commissary General Wilson William Henry Captain Wilson William Henry Ensign Wilson William John 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Wilson William John 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Wilton Edward Hayes Adjutant Wilton John Lucas Major & Lieutenant Colonel Wimberly Douglas Lieutenant Windham Charles Ash CB Col after Maj Gen Windham George Smyth Captain Wing Vincent Captain Bvt Major Major Wing Vincent Maj 95th Foot Wingfield Charles George Lieutenant Wingfield F Actng Deputy Assistant Commissary General Winham Rev Dan MA (Cantab) C/F Winneberger Christian Major Winniett A W Captain (Infantry) Winniett William Lieutenant Captain Winsloe Richard William Charles Lieutenant Winstanley William Lieutenant Winter James Quartermaster Winter John Pratt Captain Winton George de Captain Wirgman Theodore Lieutenant Wiss Algernon Qmaster 2 Cl Witchell Thomas Quartermaster of Brigade Lieutenant Withers Hicks Vet Surgn (RA) Wodehouse Edwin Capt & Lt Col RA Wodehouse H Captain Wodropp W. Allan Lieutenant Wodsworth Dudley Clifton Assistant Surgeon Wodsworth Dudley Clifton Asst Surgn Wolfe William Clarges Major Wolfe William Smyth Maynard 1st Lt RA Wollaston Robert W Wollocombe Thomas William Lieutenant Wolseley Garnet Joseph 90th Foot Wolseley Garnet Joseph Lieutenant after Captain Wolseley John Richard Lieutenant Wolseley Richard Assistant Surgeon Wolseley William Surgeon MD Edinbr Wolston C Surgeon Wolston Christopher Surgeon MD Edinbr Wombell Sir George Ormby bart Cornet & Lieutenant Wombwell Adolph. Ulrick Captain Wood Barnes Wood David Edward Lt Col RA Wood David Edward Lt Col RA Wood Edward Septimus Lieutenant Wood Henry William Actg Asst Surgn Wood Henry Lieutenant Wood James Asst Surgn Wood John Gillespie MD Surgn Wood John Gillespie Surgn MD Surgn 1 Cl Wood John Joseph Captain Wood John Stewart Capt Bvt Maj Bvt Lt Col Maj 13th Foot Wood John Stewart Captain Bvt Major Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Major Wood Samül Edward Lieutenant Wood William Arthur Adjutant Wood William Mark Lieutenant Colonel Wood William Thomas Captain Wood William Lieutenant & Adjutant Woodard Mortimer Neville Lieutenant Woodford Charles John Capt Maj & Bvt Lt Col 2/ Rifle Brigade Woodford Charles John Captain Major & Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Woodford Edmund Samül Grimshaw Lieutenant Woodford Edmund Samül Grimshaw Lieutenant 2/ Rifle Brigade Woodley James Wilkinson Assistant Commissary General Woodman George Thomas MD Surgeon Woodruffe William John Quartermaster Woods David Asst Surgeon Woods David Asst Surgn Woods Henry George Captain Bvt Major Woodward George Paul Minchin MD Asst Surgn RA Wooldridge De Lacy R F Ensign Wooldridge James Warwick Brig Gen Brit German Legn Wooldridge James Warwick Brigadier General Woollett Rev William L RC Chaplain. Woolrabe Frederick George Deputy Assistant Commissary General Wordsworth John C Wortham Hale Young 1st Lt RA Worthington Arthur Lieutenant Worthington George Talbot Lieutenant Worthington Henry C Adjutant Worthington Richard Jukes Assistant Surgeon Worthington William S Lieutenant Wragge Alfred Romaine Capt RA Wragge Henry Vet Surgeon (l/r) Wragge Henry Vet Surgn (lr) Wraxall F C Lascelles Assistant Commissary 1st Class Wray E Major (Artillery) Wray Jacob Captain Wray Thomas Charge Ensign Wreford Matthew Purveyor in Chief Wrench Edward Mason Act. Asst Surgn Wrench Edward Mason Assistant Surgeon Wrench Rev Henry Ovenden BCL (Oxon) C/F. Wright A Lieutenant Wright Frederick Ensign Wright Henry Arthur Lieutenant Wright Joseph Coleman Hornsby MD Asst Surgn RA Wright Rev. Henry Press BA (Cantab) C/F. Wright Thomas Assistant Surgeon Wright William L G G Lieutenant Wrottesley The Hon George RE Wrottesley The Hon George RE Würsten Julius Lieutenant Wyatt John Assistant Surgeon Wybergh Archibald Captain Wyndham C Captain (Cavalry) Wynn Arthur Watkin Captain Wynne Charles B Lieutenant Wynne Edward William Lloyd Lieutenant Wynne Heneage Griffith Major Wyse Arthur George Lieutenant Wyse John Francis Lieutenant Ximenes William Raymond 9th Foot Captain (Infantry) Ximenes William Raymond 9th Foot Captain (Infantry) Ximines Capt Turkish Contingent Yates George Assistant Surgeon Surgeon LSA Yates Henry Peel 2nd Capt & Bvt Maj RA Yates John Quartermaster Yates John Quartermaster Adjutant Yates William Henry Asst Surgn Yea Lacy Walker Bvt Col 7th Foot Yea Lacy Walker Bvt Colonel Yellon G DA-Comm FTD (RA) Yelverton The Hon William C Capt RA Yelverton The Hon William C Capt RA Yeoman Constantine 2nd Captain Yeoman Constantine Captain (l/r) Yonge Julian B Lieutenant Yorke John CB Lieutenant Colonel Yoüll George Asst Surgn Young Arthur Sibley Lieutenant Young Charles Colville Capt & Bvt Maj RA Young Charles Frederick Lieutenant Young Edward William Surgn 2 Cl Young George Henry Lieutenant Young Grahame Assistant Surgeon Young James Capt Young James Lieutenant & Adjutant Young John Eldon Assistant Surgeon Young Plomer John Captain Young Robert Captain Young Robert Lieutenant (l/r) Young Sir George J Bt 1st Lt RA Young Sir William N Bart Lieutenant Young Thomas Lieutenant Young W L M Comm FTD (RA) Young Walter William Ensign Young William Lieutenant Young William Lieutenant Younghusband Charles Wright Capt RA Zastrow Louis von Ensign Lieutenant