SP12 Foreign Decorations awarded to Officers of the British Army engaged in the Crimean War 1854–56.

General Sir James Simpson GCB General Sir George Brown GCB General Sir John Fox Burgoyne Bart GCB Lieutenant-General Sir De Lacy Evans GCB Lieutenant-General Sir Richard England GCB Lieutenant-General Sir Cohn Campbell GCB Lieutenant-General Sir William John Codrington KCB Major-General Sir John Lysaght Pennefather KCB Major-General Sir W F Williams of Kars Bart KCB Major-General George Charles Earl of Lucan KCB Major-General Sir Henry John William Bentinck KCB Major-General Sir Henry William Barnard KCB Major-General Henry Lord Rokeby KCB Major-General Sir Harry David Jones KCB Major-General Sir Richard Airey KGB Major-General the Hon Sir James Y Scarlett KCB Major-General Sir William Eyre KCB Major-General James Thomas Brudenell the Earl of Cardigan KCB Major-General Sir Hugh Henry Rose KCB Major-General Sir George Buller KCB Major- General Sir Richard James Dacres KCB Major-General Charles Ash Windham CB Major-General John Edward Dupuis CB Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet Colonel Thomas M Steele CB Colonel the Hon William Lygon Pakenham CB Inspector-General of Hospitals Sir John Hall KCB MD Colonel William Montagu Scott McMurdo CB Major and Colonel Lord Frederick Paulet CB Colonel the Hon Alexander Gordon CB Colonel Arthur Augustus Thurlow Cunynghame CB Colonel the Hon Percy Herbert CB Colonel Richard Wilbraham CB Colonel Studholme Brownrigg CB Colonel Lord William Paulet CB Colonel Charles Tyrrwhit Brevet-Colonel Edward Robert Wetherall CB AQMG Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Sterling CB AAG Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Adrian Hope Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon StGeorge Gerald Foley CB Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Stopford Claremont CB Colonel Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar Colonel William Sullivan CB Colonel Collingwood Dickson CB Lieutenant-Colonel John Stewart Wood CB Lieutenant-Colonel James Wells Armstrong CB Lieutenant-Colonel George Vaughan Maxwell CB Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Bruce Hamley Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Blane CB AAG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Douglas Mackenzie AQMG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Gilling Hallewell AQMG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Francis Colbourne CB AQMG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Wynell Mayow AQMG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Edward Thackwell AAG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Smith AAG Brevet Lieut-Colonel Charles J Woodford DAQMG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Harry Smith Willis DAMQG Captain and Lieut-Colonel the Hon Arthur Edward Hardinge CB AQMG Capt and Lieut-Col Charles Lennox B Maitland DAG Capt and Lieut-Colonel James Talbot Airey CB AQMG Capt and Lieut-Col Cuthbert George Ellison Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon James William Bosville Macdonald CB Brevet Lieut-Colonel Francis Pym Harding ADC and AAG Brevet Lient-Colonel Lawrence Shadwell ADC and AQMG Brevet Lieut-Colonel William Morris CB DAQMG Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Julius Richard Glyn Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Leicester Curzon Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Lockhart Ross Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Augustus Murray Cathcart Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Agmondisham Vesey Kirkland Major James Conolly DAQMG Major George Latham Thompson DAAG Major the Hon William Colville ADC Major Charles Frederick Torrens Daniell Brigade Major Major Roger Barnston DAQMG Major Andrew Pitcairn Brevet Major Arthur Maxwell Earle Brevet Major Gustavus Hume ADC and DAAG Brevet Major Frederick Smith Vacher DAQMG Brevet Major William Bellairs DAQMG Brevet Major Vincent Wing Brevet Major John Hackett Brevet Major the Hon Gilbert Elliot Brevet Major William Faussett Brevet Major Archibald Henry Plantagenet Wortley Brevet Major Archibald Campbell Snodgrass Brevet Major Algernon Robert Garrett Brevet Major Richard George Amherst Luard Brevet Major Frederick Hammersley Brevet Major Charles William St Clair Captain Henry Clarke Jervoise Captain Roger Swire Captain Charles Edward Mansfield Captain Richard George Ellison Captain William Earle Captain Henry Hooper Day Colonel Andrew Spottiswoode Major George Briggs Brevet Major Archibald Henry Plantagenet Stuart Wortley Surgeon William Holmes Jephson MD Colonel Edward Cooper Hodge CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William Charles Forrest Brevet Major Francis Rowland Forster Captain Michael M'Creagh Lieutenant Bathurst Edward Wilkinson Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Westropp McMahon Major Richard Thompson Brevet Major Adolphus William Desart Burton CB Brevet Major William Inglis Brevet Major Alexander James Hardy Elliott Captain Charles Augustus Drake Halford Lieutenant Thomas Lewis Hampton Colonel John Yorke CB Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Wardlaw Brevet Major William de Cardonnel Elmshall Captain Michael Stocks Captain George Campbell Lieutenant Richard George Glyn Colonel Henry Darby Griffith Captain and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Calvert Clarke Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Augustus Filmer Sulivan Captain George Buchanan Captain Robert Scott Hunter Lieutenant Daniel Moodie Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Dalrymple White Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Cameron Shute Brevet Major Robert George Manley Captain Edmund D'Arcy Hunt Lieutenant Archibald Weir Surgeon Francis Hastings Baxter Colonel Henry Richmond Jones Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William Neville Custance Colonel Lord George Augustus Paget CB Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Low Brevet Major George Brown Brevet Major Thomas Hutton Brevet Major Thomas Portal Captain the Hon Charles James Keith Lieutenant George Warwick Hunt Colonel Frederick George Shewell CB Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Rodolph de Salis Brevet Major Edward Tomkinson Brevet Major George Chetwode Brevet Major the Hon Somerset John Gough Calthorpe Captain Edward Seagar Lieutenant William Mussenden Colonel Edward Pole Lieutenant-Colonel William Heathcote Tottenham Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel Lawrence Fyler Major Thomas George Alexander Oakes Colonel Charles Edmund Doherty Brevet Major Arthur Tremayne Brevet Major Soame Gambier Jenyns Captain Percy Shawe Smith Lieutenant George Gardner Colonel William Parlby Lieutenant-Colonel John Wilkie Major Broadley Harrison Brevet Major John Wyclyffe Thompson Captain Charles Potts Rosser Lieutenant-Colonel John Douglas CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Peel Brevet Major Edwin Adolphus Cook Brevet Major Edward Fellowes Captain Harrington Astley Trevelyan Lieutenant Robert O'Brien Jameson Lieutenant and Adjutant John Yates Cornet Henry John Wilkin Veterinary Surgeon John William Gloag Colonel John Lawrenson Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Roxby Benson Brevet Major Robert White Captain Sir William Gordon Bart Cornet James Duncan Surgeon Hampden Hugh Massy Colonel Charles William Ridley CB Colonel Charles Algernon Lewis Captain and Lieut-Col and Brevet Colonel Frederick William Hamilton Colonel the Hon George Cadogan Captain and Lieut-Col and Brevet Colonel the Hon Hugh Manvers Percy Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Bradford Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Arthur Hay Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Edward Montresor Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Frederick Ponsonby Brevet Major Alfred Tipping Brevet Major Henry Beaumont de Horsey Brevet Major Augustus Henry Lane Fox Brevet Major Frederick Augustus Thesiger Brevet Major Edward Sherard Burnaby Brevet Major William Gordon Cameron Lieut and Capt and Brevet Lieut-Col George Wentworth Alex Higginson Lieutenant and Captain and Brevet Major Sir Charles Russel Captain William Andrew M Barnard Captain Claud Alexander Captain Arthur Edward Valette Ponsonby Lieutenant and Captain Viscount Balgonie Captain Charles Napier Sturt Captain William Henry Versehoyle Captain Frederick Thomas Arthur Hervey Bathurst Captain Robert William Hamilton Surgeon George Eleazor Blenkins Colonel George Frederick Upton CB Colonel Poulett George Henry Somerset CB Lieutenant-Colonel Clement William Strong Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy Lieutenant-Colonel James Talbot Airey CB Lieutenant-Colonel William Mark Wood Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Lygon Cocks Lieutenant-Colonel James Halkett Lieutenant-Colonel Dudley Wilmot Carleton Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur St George Herbert Stepney CB Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Sedley Burdett Lieutenant-Colonel Ulick Canning Lord Dunkellin Lieutenant-Colonel William Gregory Dawkins Lieutenant-Colonel Francis William Henry Lord Burghersh CB Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Percy Robert Basil Feilding Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Baring Lieutenant-Colonel John Halkett Le Couteur Brevet Major Henry Armitage Brevet Major Arthur John Bethell Thellusson Brevet Major Philip Sambrook Crawley Brevet Major Sir James Dunlop Bart Brevet Major Gerald Littlehales Goodlake Brevet Major George Lord Bingham Brevet Major the Hon William George Boyle Brevet Major John Augustus Conolly Brevet Major Henry Fitzhardinge Berkeley Maxse Captain Harvey Tower Captain William Henry Viscount Dangan Captain Michael Walker Heneage Captain Christopher Edward Blackett Captain the Hon Henry Walker Campbell Captain Godfrey James Wigram Captain George Ernest Rose Colonel Edward Walter Forestier Walker CB Colonel William John Ridley Colonel Francis Seymour CB Colonel Lord James Charles Plantagenet Murray Colonel Charles Assheton Fitzhardinge Berkeley Lieutenant-Colonel John Hamilton Elphinstone Dalrymple Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Percival De Bathe Lieutenant-Colonel George William Fordyce Buchan Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Moorsom Captain and Lieut-Colonel Frederick CA Stephenson Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Poole Hepburn Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Haygarth Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Strange Jocelyn Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Adolphus Frederick Charles William Vane-Tempest Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon William Frederick Scarlett Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus William Henry Mayrick Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Holder Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Neville Lieutenant and Captain and Brevet Major Francis Baring Brevet Major George Thomas Francis Shuckburgh Brevet Major John Dugdale Astley Brevet Major the Hon Wenman Clarence Walpole Coke Brevet Major the Hon Alexander Edward Fraser Major Arthur Charles Greville Captain Seymour John Blane Lieutenant and Captain and Adjutant Robert James Lindsay Captain George Grant Gordon Captain James Ross Farquharson Captain Charles George Tottenham Captain John Scott Quartermaster George Allen Assistant Surgeon Frederick Robinson MD Assistant Surgeon Arthur Guy Elkington Colonel George Bell CB Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Barry Montgomery CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Burton Daveney Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Scott Hawkins Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Charles Dawson Plunkett Brevet Major William Little Stewart Brevet Major Henry Draper Neville Brevet Major Frederick R Mein Brevet Major Frederick Wells Captain John Alexander Chrystie Captain William Frederick John Rudd Captain William Spicer Cookworthy Captain James Archibald Rudell Todd Captain John Martin Brown Captain Charles Hurt Captain Morgan James O'Connell Lieutenant Frederick Harry Hope Lieutenant Richard Abraham Manners Lieutenant Sherlock Vignolles Willis Surgeon Charles Bush Hearn Colonel Richard William Huey Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Going Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Gregor Urquhart Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Tyrrell Matthias Byrne Major William James Gillum Brevet Major Francis Locker Whitmore Captain John Edward Sharp Captain Theobald McKenna Captain Thomas John Gregory Lieutenant Edward Andrew Stuart Lieutenant William Freeborn Colonel Charles Thomas Van Straubenzee CB Lieutenant-Colonel James Paterson Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Francis Maude CB Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Smith Major Charles Hood Major John Lewes Brevet Major George James Ambrose Captain George Charles Burningham Lieutenant and Adjutant George Noble Roe Lieutenant Talbot Ashley Cox Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Williams CB Lieutenant-Colonel John Josiah Hort Brevet Lieut-Colonel George Latham Thompson Major John Cowell Bartley Major Archibald Rutherford Major Montagu Hamilton Dowbiggin Brevet Major Patrick Robertson Captain Francis Fisher Hamilton Captain James Paton Captain Thomas Sheppard Captain Cuthbert Ecc Captain Augustus Joseph Sykes Lieutenant John Howley Lieutenant John Winburn Laurie Lieutenant Henry Budgen Manle Lieutenant John Joseph Grinlinton Colonel Sir Thomas St Vincent Hope Cochrane Troubridge Bart CB Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur John Reynell-Pack CB Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald Yonge Shipley Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William West Turner CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Rowley Heyland Major Charles Edward Watson Major William Henry Dominic Fitzgerald Brevet Major Hugh Robert Hibbert Brevet Major Earnest Appleyard Captain Charles Reginald Mure Captain Joshua Harry Cooper Captain Henry Mitchell Jones Captain Lord Richard Howe Browne Captain Lewis John Fillis Jones Lieutenant George Henry Walter Lieutenant Adrian Bennett Lieutenant William Hope Colonel Arthur Borton CB Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Elmhirst Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick D Lister Major Duncan Munro Bethune Major Charles Henry Leslie Major Henry Ralph Browne Brevet Major George Harrington Hawes Captain Hopton Bassett Scott Captain Henry John Wilkinson Captain William Daunt Captain William Nugent Lieutenant John McQueen Surgeon Robert Thornton Colonel Maurice Barlow Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander Brevet Major John Dwyer Brevet Major William Douglas Brevet Major William Cosmo Trevor Captain Charles Cecil Newman Captain John Gittins Maycock Lieutenant Charles Monck Wilson Lieutenant Alexander Gordon Colonel Philip McPherson CB Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Lowry Cole CB Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver Paget Bourke Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William Gordon Major Thomas Ormsby Ruttledge Major William A Armstrong Brevet Major Alexander M'Kinstry Brevêt Major Richard John Ross O'Conor Brevet Major George Tito Brice Captain Ralph Smyth Captain Swinnerton Halliday Dyer Captain William Dalrymple Thompson Lieutenant Joseph Oates Travers Colonel Clement Alexander Edwards CB Lieutenant-Colonel John Clark Kennedy CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Frederick Stevenson Call Major John Lawrie Brevet Major John Cormick Brevet Major Anthony William Samuel Freeman Armstrong Brevet Major Matthew Jones Hayman Captain William O'Bryen Taylor Lieutenant Charles James Coote Lieutenant Thomas Durand Baker Lieutenant William Kemp Lieutenant Charles Hotham Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Sanders Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Edward McGee Lieutenant-Colonel John Lewis Richard Rooke Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Warden Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Onesiphorous Bright Major Lawrence Shadwell Brevet Major Edward Chippendall Captain Richard Doyle Barrett Captain George Clay Captain Henry Turner Uniacke Captain Edward Robert Ward Bayley Captain George Alexander Warburton Lieutenant Ames Goren Lieutenant and Adjutant Thomas Thompson Lieutenant William Godfrey Dunham Massey Colonel Frederick Horn CB Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Dennis Crofton Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Charles Evelagh Major William Pollexfen Radcliffe Major Charles Richard Butler Brevet Major James George Hay Captain Charles Edward Parkinson Captain William Druminond Sense Dickins Captain Augustus Riversdale Warren Captain George Dowglasse Lieutenant Hector Barlow Vaughan Surgeon Edward Howard Colonel Charles Richard Sackville Lord West CB Colonel Frederick Paul Haines Lieutenant-Colonel John Ramsey Stuart CB Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon James Lyon Browne Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Agmondisham Vesey Kirkland Major Thomas Francis Hobbs Major John Thomas Dalyell Brevet Major George Neeld Boldero Captain Samuel William Henry Hawker Captain Arthur Templeman Captain John Charles Sheffield Captain William Henry Carleton Captain Henry King Captain Roger Killeen Captain George Image Captain Shadwell Henry Clarke Captain Richard Stephens Lieutenant Vaughan Hanning Lee Lieutenant Stanislas Graham Bower St flair Surgeon David Reid Mackinnon Assistant Surgeon Arthur Jackson Greer Colonel Daniel Lysons CB Lieutenant-Colonel Henry William Bunbury CB Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur James Herbert Major Edward William Deddington Bell Brevet Major Henry D'Oyley Torrens Brevet Major Francis Edward Drewe Captain Frederick Sayer Captain James Duff Captain Frederick Fletcher Vane Captain Sydney Crohan Millet Captain Thomas Scovell Bigge Lieutenant Luke O'Connor Surgeon William Godfrey Watt Colonel Frank Adams CB Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Julian Baumgartner CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Percy A Butler Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Gilling Hallewell Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Henry LindselL Major Thomas Maunsell Brevet Major John Guise Rogers Aplin Brevet Major William Roberts Captain Sussex Lennox Aubrey Beauclerk Messiter Captain Orlando Robert H Orlebar Captain Simpson Hackett Captain Thomas Lynden Bell Captain Hill Faulconer Morgan Lieutenant Edward Garmonsway Waldy Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Mouleverer CB Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Augustus Whitmore Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Henry Pakenham Major James Rose Major Robert Dillon Major Graham Le F'evre Dickson Major Paget Bayley Major George Francis Coventry Pocock Major Robert John Eagar Brevet Major Archibald Campbell Brevet Major Francis Topping Atcherley Brevet Major Charles Mengaye Green Captain John O'Brien Captain Augustus Henry Williamson Captain Lachlan Macpherson Lieutenant Stainer Gubbins Lieutenant John Pennock Campbell Lieutenant Alfred John Austin Lieutenant Gilbert Howard Sanders Surgeon Richard Robert Dowse Assistant Surgeon David Milroy Colonel George Staunton Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Conyngham Kelly Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Spence Major Robert John Eager Captain Charles James Orton Swaffleld Captain Arthur John Schreiber Lieutenant Ralph Leeson Lieutenant-Colonel John Douglas Johnstone CB Lieutenant-Colonel George Valentine Edward Mundy Lieutenant-Colonel George Erskine Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Elias Collings Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Westhy Donovan Brevet Major William Pretyman Brevet Major Henry Charles Fitzgerald Brevet Major John Edward Taubman Quayle Major Henry Disney Ellis Brevet Major Frederick Smith Vacher Captain Charles Carter Barrett Captain Walter George Nugent Captain Alexander Bruce Wallis Captain John Ralph Carr Lieutenant John Owens Lieutenant the Hon R H De Montmorency Assistant Surgeon Thomas Clark Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Denis Kelly Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Cyril Goodenough CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Simpson Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Gwilt Major John Peel Brevet Major James Maxwell Brevet Major William Warry Brevet Major Joseph Jordan Brevet Major George Edward Brown-Westhead Brevet Major George Byng Harman Captain Arthur Scott Lieutenant Abel Woodruffe Boyce Lieutenant Francis Peel Lieutenant John Francis Wyse Lieutenant Rupert Inglis Cochrane Lieutenant-Colonel James Pattoun Sparkes Lieutenant-Colonel John William Sydney Smith Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William James Loftus Major James Steadman Hawker Farrer Major Samuel Hackett Brevet Major Ludford Harvey Daniel Captain the Hon Charles John Addington Captain Compton Alwyn Scrase Dickins Captain Arthur Brooksbank Captain Sidney Godolphin Quicke Captain Frederick Pocklington Lieutenant Constantine William Septimus Gaynor Lieutenant William Kidston Elles Lieutenant Arthur Johnson Allix Ewen Assistant Surgeon William Younge Jeeves Assistant Surgeon Dighy William Lawlor Lieutenant-Colonel William Munro Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Newport Tinley Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Augustus Strachan Major William Clarges Wolfe Major Thomas Wright Hudson Brevet Major Robert Hamilton Currie Brevet Major William Leckie Captain Ralph Edward Carr Captain Norman Macdonald Captain Charles Milligan Lieutenant and Adjutant Thomas Westropp Bennett Lieutenant William de Wilton Roche Thackwell Lieutenant James Gibbons Smyth Lieutenant-Colonel Julius Edmund Goodwyn Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Pratt Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Lumley Graham Major Richard Oliver Francis Steward Major Henry Warter Meredith Major George Skipwith Major Henry Stratton Bush Brevet Major Hugh Rowlands Captain William Allen Captain Armor Graham Lowry Captain George Peddie Captain Fitzhardinge Kingscote Captain Charles Vane Fitzroy Lieutenant Henry Seymour Hill Lieutenant Edward Leslie Barnwell Lowry Surgeon James Edward Scott MD Colonel Duncan Alexander Cameron CB Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Tulloch Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Robert Rollo Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Cameron Major Charles Murray Major Frederick Green Wilkinson Major Andrew Pitcairn Captain Levett Thoroton Captain the Hon Henry Handcock Captain Robert Baillie Lieutenant William Arthur Wood Lieutenant Alexander William Cobham Assistant Surgeon John Gibbons Colonel Sir Robert Garrett KCB KH Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Maxwell Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Cohn Frederick Campbell Major Arthur George Vesey Major William Hardy Brevet Major Arthur Wombwell Brevet Major Algernon Robert Garrett Brevet Major Charles Robert Shervinton Brevet Major George Frederick Dallas Captain Robert William Piper Captain Albert Nicholas Captain Charles Somerville McAlester Captain Thomas Douglas Forde Captain Nicholas Dunscombe Captain George Henry Knapp Lieutenant Edward Townshend Lieutenant Percy Malcolm Jones Colonel William O'Grady Haly Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Thomas Farren Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Francis Fordyce Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Lowndes Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel James Villiers Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert William Lowry Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Meade Hamilton Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William Sankey Brevet Major Charles Courtney Villiers Brevet Major Charles Elgee Brevet Major Charles Aldersey Stephenson Brevet Major Fitzwilhiam Frederick Hunter Captain Richard George Ellison Captain James Armar Lowry Captain Jasper Lucas Captain the Hon Bernard Matthew Ward Captain Henry James Buchanan Lieutenant Thomas Palmer Lieutenant Henry Bowles Stokes Lieutenant-Colonel John Thornton Grant CB Lieutenant-Colonel James Wells Armstrong CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Hynde King Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Cawallader Adams Major John Nason Brevet Major William Bellairs Brevet Major James William Dewar Captain George Henry Lamb Captain Edward Le Marchant Captain Thomas Priaulx St George Armstrong Captain William Earle Captain John Hopkins Captain Charles FitzGerald Captain George Kemp Chatfield Captain William Young Surgeon John Davies Assistant Surgeon James Hannon Colonel Richard Waddy CB Lieutenant-Colonel John Lucas Wilton CR Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Ward Weare Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon James Pierce Maxwell Major Heathfield James Frampton Major Edward George Hibbert Brevet Major Andrew Campbell Knox Lock Brevet Major Daniel William Tupper Captain Edward Crawford Autrobus Captain John Thompson Lieutenant Montague De Sails McKenzie George Augustus Clarke Lieutenant James Lamb Colonel Charles Warren CB Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Charles Barnston Daubeny CB Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Amelius Whimper Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Capel Cure Major Thomas Southwell Brown Brevet Major Frederick Cockayne Elton Brevet Major Henry Reynolds Werge Brevet Major Robert Hume Captain William Barnston Captain Richard England Captain John Richard Hume Captain George Anthony Morgan Captain John Granville Harkuess Captain William Hamilton Richards Lieutenant William Byrne Johnson Lieutenant Henry Burke Lieutenant Francis Williams Lieutenant James Scott Lieutenant-Colonel John Alfred Street CB Lieutenant-Colonel Henry James Warre Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William lnglis Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Percy Lea Brevet Major Jason Hassard Brevet Major Henry Butler Brevet Major Gerard John Forsyth Captain William Edward Brown Captain Cavendish Venables Captain Joshua Cunliffe Ingham Lieutenant Alfred Frederick Adolphus Slade Lieutenant Henry Douglas Mackenzie Shute Ensign John Shaw Phelps Colonel Charles Trollope CB Lieutenant-Colonel William Lennox Ingall CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel James Daubeny CB Major McKay Rynd Major George Stoddart Whitmore Brevet Major Charles Cooch Captain George Hampden Wilkieson Captain Graham Hay Captain Edward Henry Hunter Captain Charles Campbell Cubitt Lieutenant Herrick Augustus Palmer Lieutenant William Bromley Davenport Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Robert Alexander George Dalzell CB Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Edward Fairtlough Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Harries Major William Frederick Caner Captain Falkiand Logan Townshend Paterson Captain Christopher James Magnay Captain Vere Hunt Bowles Captain Archibald Wybergh Ensign James Slack Colonel Henry Smyth CB Lieutenant-Colonel George Macbeath CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Blount Major Thomas Henry Somerville Brevet Major John Edward Lewis Brevet Major the Hon Daniel Greville Finch Brevet Major Frederick Stukeley Savage Captain Charles Ughtred Shuttleworth Captain Thomas De Courcey Hamilton Captain Cavendish Charles Fitzroy Captain Herbert Vaughan Captain Henry Lumsden Battiscombe Lieutenant Aubrey Harvey Tucker Lieutenant Sheffield Grace Lieutenant Francis De Lutrell Saunderson Surgeon Thomas Connor O'Leary MD Colonel William Denny Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Ready Major Robert Dennistown Campbell Major William Hope Captain Henry Loftus Captain Frederick J Cohn Halkett Captain Arthur Charles Parker Captain George William Hamilton Viscount Kirkwall Captain Robert Charles William Stuart Captain John Otway Wemyss Lieutenant Francis Bonham Lieutenant George Campbell Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Palmer Sharp Lieutenant-Colonel William Parke Major James Mackenzie Major Alexander Dalton Thellusson Captain Richard Rocke Captain Richard Dennistown Buchanan Lieutenant John Campbell Stewart Lieutenant Charles Cynrie Wellesley Vesey LieutenantColonel Robert Jocelyn Straton CB Lieutenant-Colonel George Dixon CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Harry Smith Willis Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Henry Robert Carden Major John Hackett Major William Rickinan Brevet Major Richard George Amherst Luard Captain Henry Kent Captain William Molesworth Cole Acton Captain Edward Henry Chawner Captain William Butler Willington Captain Frederick John Butts Paymaster William Fortescue Scott Surgeon James Franklin Assistant Surgeon Robert Graves Burton Assistant Surgeon Ormsby Bowen Miller Assistant Surgeon Alexander Humfrey Lieutenant-Colonel John Douglas CB Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Chambre Hayes Taylor CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Douglas Clephane Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William McCall Major Andrew Hunt Brevet Major William Chauval Hodgson Captain Henry Wotton Campbell Captain Alexander Cockburn McBarnett Captain Edward William Cuming Captain Henry Holford Stevenson Lieutenant Francis Gore Currie Lieutenant John Macdonald Leith Lieutenant and Adjutant James Young Quartermaster Robert Jameson Quartermaster William McGill Surgeon Thomas Goldie Scot MD Colonel Horatio Shirley CB Lieutenant-Colonel George Vaughan Maxwell CB Lieutenant-Colonel Edward John Vesey Brown Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Herbert Maxwell Major John Hardman Burke Major the Hon John Jocelyn Bourke Brevet Major Nathaniel Steevens Brevet Major Thomas Gore Brevet Major Edward Gilling Maynard Captain John Edward Riley Captain George Richard Browne Captain George Robert Beresford Captain William Charles Pearson Lieutenant Robert Vernor Lieutenant Ernest Augustus Perceval Lieutenant George Priestly Quartermaster Thomas Moore Assistant Surgeon William Harris Colonel Augustus Halifax Ferryman CB Lieutenant-Colonel Caledon Richard Egerton Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Charles Aylmer Major Robert Hawley Major Leslie Skynner Major Hans Robert White Brevet Major William Boyle Brevet Major J Macdonald Cuppage Captain Charles Heycock Captain William Cecil George Pery Captain Savage Hall Lieutenant Barnes Slyfield Robinson Lieutenant-Colonel William Paston Purnell Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Grove Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Smith Brevet Major James Perrin Brevet Major Henry Hope Crealock Captain Garnet Joseph Wolseley Captain Richard Henry Mangenis Captain James Herne Wade Lieutenant-Colonel William Bernard Ainslie CB Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Sebastian Leith Hay Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Adrian Hope Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Henry Gordon Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Alexander Ewart Major Robert Lockhart Ross Brevet Major Julius Augustus Robert Raines Brevet Major the Hon Eyre Challoner Henry Massey Captain George Cornwall Captain William Donald Macdonald Captain James Dalzell Captain Frederick William Burroughs Captain William George Drummond Stewart Captain Robert Crowe Lieutenant Richard Augustus Cooper Lieutenant William McBean Surgeon William Munro MD Assistant Surgeon William Henry Pollard Colonel William Sherbrook Ramsay Norcott CB Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Hastings Horsford CB Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Arthur Somerset Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Alexander George Russell Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Julius Richard Glyn Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Charles John Woodford Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Leicester Curzon Major Henry Hardinge Major the Hon Henry Hugh Clifford Brevet Major Hercules Walker Brevet Major Gilbert Elliot Brevet Major the Hon James Stuart Brevet Major Claude Thomas Bourchier Captain Thomas Harvey Bramston Captain Edward William BlacketL Captain the Hon George Barrington Legge Captain William James Montgomery Cuninghame Captain the Hon Augustus Henry Archibald Anson Captain Frederick Courtnay Morgan Lieutenant George Robert Saunders Lieutenant James Singer Assistant Surgeon Joseph Fletcher Longheed Colonel Arthur Johnstone Lawrence CB Lieutenant-Colonel Wilmot Henry Bradford Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Macdonnell CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Robert Elrington Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William Augustus Fycrs Major William Harry Earl of Erroll Major the Hon William Colville Brevet Major Edward Newdigate Brevet Major Charles Henry Spencer Churchill Brevet Major Arthur Frederick Warren Captain Arthur James Nixon Captain the Hon Barrington Reynolds Pellew Captain William Frederick Thynne Lieutenant Fitzroy William Fremantle Lieutenant John Croft Moore Colonel Alexander Gordon Colonel John William Gordon CB Colonel Frederick Edward Chapman CB Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Stanton CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Bent CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Charles Cunliffe Owen Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Eustace Fane Bourchier GB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel James Frankfort Manners Browne CB Brevet Major the Hon Hussey Fane Keane Brevet Major Charles John Gibb Brevet Major Fairfax Charles Hassard Brevet Major John Williamson Lovell CB Brevet Major Horace William Montague Brevet Major Anthony Charles Cooke Brevet Major Louis John Amadee Armit Brevet Major Charles Brisbane Ewart Brevet Major Whitworth Porter Brevet Major Philip Ravenhill Brevet Major Lothian Nicholson Brevet Major Charles Herbert Sedley Brevet Major Francis Horatio de Vere Captain George Montagu Stopford Brevet Major Arthur A'Court Fisher Lieutenant John Fretchville Dykes Donnelly Brevet Major Howard Crauford Elphinstone Lieutenant Glastonbury Neville Lieutenant Wilbraham Oates Lennox Lieutenant Arthur Leahy Lieutenant William Christian Anderson Lieutenant John Clayton Cowell Lieutenant Gerald Graham Lieutenant George Philips Lieutenant Charles Nassau Martin Lieutenant Francis Edward Pratt Lieutenant John Mervin Cutcliffe Drake Lieutenant Edward Renuard James Lieutenant Charles George Gordon Lieutenant William Newsome Cornet John Landry Major General John Edward Dupuis Colonel Noel Thomas Lake Colonel James William Fitzmayer CB Colonel John St George CB Colonel Edward Charles Warde CB Colonel David Edward Wood CB Colonel George Robert Barker CB Lieutenant-Colonel John Miller Adye CB Lieutenant-Colonel William Robert Nedham Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Joseph Morris Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Joseph Taylor Lieutenant-Colonel George Maclean Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Francklyn CB Colonel Edward Walter Crofton - Commandant Osmanli Horse Artillery Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Irving CB Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Sebastian Rowan CB Lieutenant-Colonel John Noble Arbuthnot Freese CB Lieutenant-Colonel David William Paynter CB Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Thomas Philpotts Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Wodehouse CB Lieutenant-Colonel George Ashley Maude CB Lieutenant-Colonel Henry John Thomas Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Spencer Delves Broughton Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Archibald Beauchamp Campbell Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Charles Dixon Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Turner CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Francis Strange CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Charles William Fortescue Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Henry Morris CB Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Stuart Henry Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Bruce Hamley Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Samual Enderby Gordon Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Edward Thomas Gage Major Francis Beckford Ward Brevet Major Charles Lawrence D'Aguilar CB Brevet Major John James Brandling CB Brevet Major Henry Rogers Brevet Major John Richard Anderson CB Brevet Major Miller Clifford Brevet Major Mortimer Adye Brevet Major Charles Trigance Franklin CB Brevet Major Alexander Caesar Hawkins Brevet Major William James Esten Grant Brevet Major George Shaw Brevet Major Augustus Frederick Francis Lennox Brevet Major Philip Gosset Pipon Brevet Major John Davenport Shakespear Brevet Major George Thomas Field AQMG Brevet Major the Hon David McDowell Fraser Brevet Major Charles John Strange Brevet Major Horace Parker Newton Brevet Major the Hon William Charles Yelverton Brevet Major John Fraser Lodington Baddeley Brevet Major Gustavus Hamilton Lockwood Milman Brevet Major Charles George Arbuthnot Brevet Major Francis William Hastings Brevet Major Edward Moubray Brevet Major George Colclough Osmanli Horse Artillery Brevet Major Henry Lowther Chermside Brevet Major John George Boothby Brevet Major George Barstow Brevet Major Robert Emelius Fazakerley Craufurd Major Hugh Bent Brigade Major Osmanli Horse Artillery Brevet Major Gaspard Le Marchant Tupper Brevet Major Dixon Edward Hoste CB Brevet Major John Singleton Brevet Major William Edmund Moyses Reilly CB Brevet Major Henry Terrick FitzHugh Brevet Major France James Soady Brevet Major William Wigram Barry Brevet Major Edmund John Carthew Brevet Major John Spurway Brevet Major John Edward Michell Brevet Major George Cecil Henry James Sinclair Brevet Major Charles Henry Ingilby Brevet Major Henry Peel Yates Brevet Major WiLliam John Williams Brevet Major James Farrell Pennycuik Brevet Major Charles Edward Oldershaw Brevet Major Nathaiñel Octavius Simpson Turner: Brevet Major Philip Dickson Brevet Major William Powefl Richards Brevet Major John Edward Hope Brevet Major Henry Walpole John Dashwood Brevet Major Algernon Brendon Brevet Major William Windham Augustus Lukin Brevet Major Charles Edmund Walcott Major Edward Grantham Bredin Osmanli Horse Artillery Brevet Major William John Bolton Brevet Major James Sinclair Brevet Major William Henry Randolph Simpson Brevet Major Lewis William Penn Brevet Major Edward Taddy Brevet Major Frederick Miller Brevet Major Charles Henry Owen Brevet Major Charles Alderson Milman Major George Malcolm Pasley Brevet Major Paget Walter L'Estrange Brevet Major Charles Edward Burt Brevet Major Hazlitt Irvine Brevet Major Reginald Henry Champion Brevet Major William Gilly Andrews Brevet Major Roderick Mackenzie Brevet Major William George Le Mesurier Captain Arnold Thompson Captain George Vanderheyden Johnson Captain Arthur Comyn Pigon Captain Archibald Edward Harbord Anson Captain Willoughby James Wilson Captain William Morris Captain Dashwood Jones Captain Hamilton Conotly Captain Frederick Thomas Whinyates Captain Henry Heyman Captain Gronow Davis Lieutenant John Andrew Price Lieutenant John Henry Brown Lieutenant Augustus Henry King Lieutenant Walter Aston Fox Strangways Lieutenant George Sisson Harward Lieutenant Edwin Markham Lieutenant James Lyons Lieutenant Charles Edward Torriano Lieutenant John Tatton Butler Brown Lieutenant Alexander Walter Armstrong Ogilvie Lieutenant Markham Le Fer Taylor Lieutenant Raysford Cytherus Longley Lieutenant Arthur Thornton Gratwicke Pearse Lieutenant Henry James Alderson Lieutenant Charles Lennox Treadcroft Lieutenant John Edward Ruck-Keene Lieutenant Henry Archibald Doyne Lieutenant Ernest Courtney Vaughan Lieutenant Henry Arbuthnot Lieutenant Robert Biddutph Lieutenant William Stirling Lieutenant Peter Edward Hilt Lieutenant Stuart John Mildmay Maxwell Lieutenant Arthur Rideout Lieutenant Henry Percy Tillard Lieutenant Benjamin Geale Humfrey Lieutenant Legh Delves Broughton Lieutenant Francis Walter De Winton Lieutenant Edmund Charles Cuthbert Lieutenant Ernest Augustus Montague Lloyd Lieutenant Leonard Griffiths Lieutenant Henry John Foquett Ellis Hickes Lieutenant Noel Hamlyn Harris Lieutenant Henry Whitby Briscoe Lieutenant William James Hall Lieutenant Edward John Ward Lieutenant Sir John William Campbell Rart Lieutenant Frederick Coulhurst Elton Lieutenant Frederick Augustus Anley Lieutenant Charles Orde Browne Lieutenant Henry Le Guay Geary Lieutenant Henry Barlow Maude Lieutenant Charles Fyshe Robert Lieutenant Charles Edmund Soutbouse Scott Senior Surgeon Richard Coffin Elliot CB Staff Surgeon William Perry Surgeon John Burt Surgeon Hugh Crawford Walshe MD Surgeon SH Fasson Surgeon W Pearson Ward Staff Assistant Surgeon Thomas George Fitzgerald 2nd Class Staff Surgeon Thomas Park Assistant Surgeon Arthur Henry Taylor Assistant Surgeon Essex Bowen Assistant Surgeon Alexander Scott Fogo MD Assistant Surgeon William Houghton MD Assistant Surgeon Robert Augustus Chapple Veterinary Surgeon John Surtees Stockley Commissary William Young Deputy Assistant Commissary John Isaac Lifley Deputy Assistant Commissary Arthur Hunt Commissary-General William Filder CB Commissary-General Sir George Maclean KCB Commissary-General George Adams CB Deputy-Commissary-General William Henry Drake CB Deputy-Commissary-General John William Smith CB Deputy-Commissary-General Philip Turner Deputy-Commissary-General Frederick Stanley Carpenter Deputy-Commissary-General Humphrey Stanley Jones Assistant-Commissary-General Edmund John MeMahon Assistant Commissary-General Montague William Darling Assistant-Commissary-General Kean Osborn Assistant-Commissary-General William James Tyrone Power Assistant-Commissary-General Edward Barrington de Fonblanque Assistant-Commissary-General Alexander Crowder Crookshank Assistant Commissary Philip Rolleston Inspector-General of Hospitals William Linton CB MD Inspector-General of Hospitals Alexander Cumming Inspector-General of Hospitals Thomas Alexander Deputy-Inspector-General of Hospitals David Dumbreck CB MD Deputy-Inspector-General of Hospitals John Forrest CB MD Deputy-Inspector-General Robert Lawson Deputy-Inspector-General of Hospitals Thomas Galbraith Logan MD Deputy-Inspector-General Thomas David Hume MD Deputy-Inspector-General James Edmund Williams Deputy-Inspector-General of Hospitals Alexander Sheriffe Macdonnell Deputy-Inspector-General Archibald Gordon CB MD Deputy-Inspector-General James Mouatt CB MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon Thomas Ross Jameson MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon Richard James O'Flaherty 1st Class Staff Surgeon John Charles Graham Tice MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon Joseph Samuel Prendergast MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon Thomas Hunter MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon George Anderson 1st Class Staff Surgeon James Guy Piers Moore 1st Class Staff Surgeon Frederic Roberts 1st Class Staff Surgeon Thomas Patrick Matthew 1st Class Staff Surgeon Henry Hadley MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon Joshua Paynter 1st Class Staff Surgeon John Gillespie Wood MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon William Home MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon Henry Downes MD 1st Class Staff Surgeon John Davies MD Staff Assistant Surgeon Thomas Clarke Brady 2nd Class Staff Surgeon Thomas Ligertwood MD 2nd Class Staff Surgeon Henry Thomas Sylvester MD 2nd Class Staff Surgeon Henry Fowle Smith MD 2nd Class Staff Surgeon Matthew Coombe 2nd Class Staff Surgeon George Hyde MD Acting Assistant Surgeon George Fair MD Acting Assistant Surgeon Charles O'Callaghan