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The Freefind search covers all the pages at the CWRS websites, i.e. and However, the three 'blogs' associated with the site:, and must be searched from the page concerned.
Please, please - we strongly advise that you read our FAQs before starting what may become a frustrating search of this site!
The FAQs tell you where to look if you are searching for an ancestor who may have served in the war: service records, musters, medal rolls, casualty lists etc are all available at archives (particularly THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES at Kew, West London) or in printed works and are not part of this site. The FAQs also tell you where to look if you are researching a particular regiment.
However, you may get lucky and find an individual's name in the search, particularly if he was an officer, as we have a number of Society Special Publications which contain lists of officer's names, and they will appear in search results. Also, there are some lists of officer's names in our Resources pages – mostly Navy, Staff and Commissariat at this time. As well as that, we now have The Wetherall-Small Database which contains the names of most of the army officers who served in the Crimea.
If the name you are researching was any kind of 'celebrity' during the war – general, politician, diplomat, hero, heroine or villain, then you are going to have much more luck: there is a large amount of transcribed material about the course of the war at Crimean War Texts in our Resources section and names mentioned there will appear in the search.
Eventually all our Special Publications and every back issue of our journal The War Correspondent will appear in the search, but at the moment that is work in progress. We are doing our best to get our own research material online and we already link to sites which are now offering direct online access (albeit still quite selective), like the National Archives, the British Library, and Google Books.