Mega Museum Aggregate Feed: Events & What's On
This is an experiment. It is an aggregation of feeds constructed from the 'What's On and Events pages of several naval and military museums. It seems that because these are not 'proper' feeds no date information is recognised, so the aggregated feed cannot be sorted into chronological order. This means the items are displayed grouped by museum. However within those groups the items should be in date order!
The items from each museum are identified as such. The letters in square brackets at the end of each item are the museum tags:
  • GHM = Green Howards Museum
  • NAMLL = National Army Museum Lunchtime Lectures
  • RAM = Royal Artillery Museum ('Firepower')
  • REM = Royal Engineers Museum
  • RGJM = Royal Green Jackets Museum
  • RRWM = Royal Regiment of Wales Museum
  • SMM = Scottish Maritime Museum
More museums will be added as I create feeds from their sites. This all works on the fly and should update automatically whenever any of the museums update their information. Unfortunately some of the links don't work, and in some cases an incomplete 'mailto' has been captured instead of a link to a page. However, it should be remembered that all this information comes from websites which do not provide feeds themselves: it all has to be extracted in quite a tricky process. I hope, at least, it proves useful in showing what's on, and where.