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The CWRS Members' Area
PLEASE NOTE: This page takes you to the private network area for members of the Crimean War Research Society. You must be a member of the Society already to join this network, and you must use your full name to sign up, otherwise we will have no idea who you are and simply reject you! You cannot join the Society itself from this page. If you want to join the Society, please see our How to Join pages.
If you are a member of the Society and haven't yet joined the network, but would like to, then launch the Members' Area Login & Signup and follow the If you don't have an account, please sign up link. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming you have joined our network.
Privacy and Security
If you are a member of the Society and want to join the Members' Area network, but are concerned about 'social networking' software in general, and have never heard of the Crowdvine application - the one we use - then please read the Privacy Policy. If you want to know more about Crowdvine a bit of Googling will provide a wealth of information.
Put simply, our Members' Area is a closed, private network. You must be a member of the Society to join (the Moderator checks with the Secretary and Treasurer that every applicant is indeed a paid up member). Nobody from outside the Society membership can access the Members' Area or see any personal details. However, Crowdvine do use Google Analytics (as we do in this main site) to track anonymous statistics about the site. If you have concerns about Google Analytics, then please read Google's Privacy Policy.
If you simply don't like websites collecting traffic information then there are many ways you can block them. The CWRS webmaster recommends - and uses himself - the Mozilla Firefox browser with the NoScript add-on for example (free) and only 'allows' cookies from sites he trusts. This means you can simply block (or allow) javascript running on any site you visit. Google Analytics can be effectively blocked using this method. However, there are cons to blocking javascript: it may also prevent things like the navigation of a site working, or certain applications loading (like Flash).
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