Answer to the Frequently Asked Question:
“Is the medal group which appears at the bottom of CWRS web pages as a motif, a genuine group belonging to someone who served in the Crimean War?”

Well here it is again. The medals are, from left to right:
  • The Victoria Cross
  • The Baltic Medal
  • The Crimea Medal with two Clasps
  • La Légion d'honneur
  • The Sardinian Al Valore Militare
  • the Turkish Order of the Medjidie
  • The Turkish Medal

And the answer is No - but it very easily could have happened. The shortest method of identifying it as a fake group is to look at the Victoria Cross. The riband is blue, so the recipient was in the Royal Navy. Secondly consider the Sardinian Al Valore Militare: only five naval VCs also got the Sardinian award. They were Commander William Peel, Commander Henry James Raby, Lieutenant William Nathan Wrighte Hewett, and two Boatswains, John Sheppard and John Sullivan.
Our imaginary sailor served in both the Baltic and Black Sea fleets. Very many sailors did just that — serving in the 1854 Baltic fleet, then coming to the Black Sea in the spring or summer of 1855. (And a few did it the other way round.) However, all the five VCs who happened to get the Sardinian Medal as well served exclusively in the Black Sea. Q.E.D.
T. Muir