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Please report any broken links to the webmaster. There are many more books to be added to this list, but if you have a particular favourite at Google Books which isn't here, and you think it should be, then please let me know ('Full View' only, please). The list is really in no particular order, except where more than one volume of a work are listed, and a very loose chronological and thematic system has been employed, which might be just discernible! Books open in new browser: “The Russo-Turkish Campaigns of 1828 and 1829: With a View of the Present State of Affairs in the East”. By Francis Rawdon Chesney. “The Crimea: Its Ancient and Modern History: the Khans, the Sultans, and the Czars”. By Thomas Milner. “The Progress and Present Position of Russia in the East: An Historical Summary”. By John MacNeill. 1854. “A Handbook for Travellers in Turkey: Describing Constantinople, European Turkey, Asia Minor, Armenia, and Mesopotamia…” John Murray. 1854. “The Languages of the Seat of War in the East: With a Survey of the Three Families of Language, Semitic, Arian and Turanian”. By Friedrich Max Müller. 1855. “An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire”. By Robert Sears. 1855. “The Crimea, its towns, inhabitants and social customs, by a lady resident near the Alma”. [Mrs. Andrew Neilson]. By Andrew Neilson. “History of the War: Or, a Record of the Events, Political and Military, Between Turkey and Russia, and Russia and the Allied Powers of England and France, Showing the Origin and Progress of the War to the End of the Year 1854 : Compiled from Public Documents and Other Authentic Sources, with Two Maps of the Crimea”. By George Fowler. “The War” By William Howard Russell, the war correspondent of the London Times. “Pictorial History of the Russian War 1854-5-6”. By George Dodd. “The Crimean Expedition, to the Capture of Sebastopol. Chronicles of the War in the East, from Its Commencement, to the Signing of the Treaty of Peace, Volume I”. By César Lecat Bazancourt, translated from the French by Robert Howe Gould. A. W. Kinglake's “Invasion of the Crimea up until the death of Lord Raglan”, 3rd Ed., Vol I, 1863. A. W. Kinglake's “Invasion of the Crimea up until the death of Lord Raglan”, 4th Ed., Vol II, 1863. “The War in the East: From the Year 1853 Till July 1855 : an Historico-critical Sketch of the Campaigns on the Danube, in Asia, and in the Crimea, with a Glance at the Probable Contingencies of the Next Campaign”. By György Klapka, Alexander Mednyánszky. “The Life and Reign of Nicholas the First, Emperor of Russia”. By Samuel Mosheim Smucker. 1856. “The Battles of the Crimea: Including an Historical Summary of the Russian War, from the Commencement to the Present Time”: Giving a Graphic Picture of the Great Drama of War …: Embracing a New Plan of Sebastopol, Its Fortifications, Batteries, Position of Contending Forces, Siege Works, Etc. and a … Map of the Seat of War … “The battle of Alma, and its incidents…”. By 'An Officer'. “A Remedy for the Evils that Have Caused the Destruction of a Large Portion of the British Army Before Sevastopol”. “The History of the Baltic Campaign of 1854”. By Charles Napier. “The Unholy Alliance: An American View of the War in the East”. By William Giles Dix. “A visit to the camp before Sevastopol”. By Richard Cunningham McCormick. “The Crimean Commission and the Chelsea Board: Being a Review of the Proceedings and Report of the Board”. By Alexander Murray Tulloch. “Opening Address Before the Board of General Officers Assembled at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea”. By Richard Airey Airey. “Letters from Head-quarters: Or, The Realities of the War in the Crimea”. By Somerset John Gough Calthorpe. “The Armies of Europe: Comprising Descriptions in Detail of the Military Systems of England, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sardinia ; Adapting Their Advantages to All Arms of the United States Service and Embodying the Report of Observations in Europe During the Crimean War, as Military Commissioner from the United States Government, in 1855-56”. By George Brinton McClellan. “Military Commission to Europe in 1855 and 1856: Report of Major Alfred Mordecai, of the Ordnance Department”. By Alfred Mordecai, Julius Schön, Josiah Gorgas. “A Campaign with the Turks in Asia”. By Charles Duncan. “The Trans-Caucasian Campaign of the Turkish Army Under Omer Pasha: A Personal Narrative”. By Laurence Oliphant. “A Narrative of the Siege of Kars: And of the Six Months' Resistance by the Turkish Garrison Under General Williams to the Russian Army: Together with a Narrative of Travels and Adventures in Armenia and Lazistan; with Remarks on the Present State of Turkey”. By Humphry Sandwith. “Kars and Our Captivity in Russia: With Letters from Sir W.F. Williams, Major Teesdale, and the Late Captain Thompson”. By Atwell Lake, William Fenwick Williams, Christopher Charles Teesdale, H. L. Thompson. 1856. “A Review of the Crimean War to the Winter of 1854-5”. By John Miller Adye. “Manna in the Camp, Or, Selections from the Letters of a Medical Officer to His Wife, During the Eastern Campaign in 1854-55”. “The Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis: A Balaclava Nurse, Daughter of Dafydd Cadwaldyr”. By Elizabeth Cadwaladyr, Elizabeth Davis, Jane Williams. “Notes on the surgery of the war in the Crimea”. By George Husband Baird Macleod. “Eastern Hospitals and English Nurses: The Narrative of Twelve Months' Experience in the Hospitals of Koulali and Scutari”. By Fanny Taylor. “On Military and Camp Hospitals and the Health of Troops in the Field”. By Lucien Baudens. “Narrative of a campaign in the Crimea”. By George Shuldham Peard. “The Story of the Campaign of Sebastopol”. By Edward Bruce Hamley. “An Account of the Artillery Operations conducted by the Royal Artillery and Royal Naval Brigade before Sebastopol in 1854 and 1855 by W.E.M. Reilly”. War Office. “Journal of the Operations Conducted by the Corps of Royal Engineers”. Captain H. C. Elphinstone. 1859. With Appendix “Six Months at Sebastopol - Selections from the Journal and Correspondence of the late Major George Ranken Royal Engineers” by W Bayne Ranken - Charles Westerton London (1857). “HISTORY OF HTE ROYAL SAPPERS AND MINERS”. By T. W. J. CONNOLLY. 1857. “Memoir of Captain M.M. Hammond, Rifle Brigade”. By Egerton Douglas Hammond. “Descriptive Sketches: Illustrating Mr. William Simpson's Drawings of the Seat of War in the East. First Series”. By George Brackenbury, William Simpson. “The Life of Major-General Estcourt: Adjutant-general of the Army in the East”. By George Ryan, Robert Charles Winthrop, George Perkins Marsh. “A Remedy for the Evils that Have Caused the Destruction of a Large Portion of the British Army Before Sevastopol…” “A voice from within the walls of Sebastopol, a narrative of the campaign in the Crimea, and of the events of the siege”. By Robert Adolf Chodasiewicz. “Reminiscences of an Officer of Zouaves”. By Jean Joseph Gustave Cler, translated from the French. “The Powers of Europe and Fall of Sebastopol”. By a British Officer.
BOOKS IN FRENCH, ITALIAN &c. “Défense de Sébastopol. Ouvrage Rédigé sous la Direction de Lieutenant-Général E. de Todleben. Tome 1. Première Partie”. Eduard de Todleben. “La Russie dans son droit; ou, L'autre coté de la question turque”. By Joseph Moseley. “Histoire des causes de la guerre d'Orient d'après des documens français et anglais”. By Eugène Forcade. “Guerre d'orient: Les victoires et conquêtes der armées alliées”. By Eugène Woestyn. “La campagne de Crimée”. By Viktor Mikhailovich Anichkov, Capitaine de L'État–Major Impérial Russe. Traduit de L'allemand de G. Baumarten par C. Soye. “I Piemontesi in the Crimea”. By Mariano d'Ayala. “Der Krieg gegen Russland”. By Wilhelm Rüstow. “La guerre de Crimée: les campements, les abris, les ambulances, les hôpitaux, etc., etc”. By Lucien Baudens. “L'expédition de Crimée: la marine française dans la mer Noire et la Baltique, chroniques maritimes de la guerre d'Orient”. By César Lecat Bazancourt. “Cinq mois au camp devant Sébastopol”. By César Lecat Bazancourt. “L'expédition de Crimée jusqu'à la prise de Sébastopol: Chroniques de la …”
by César Lecat Bazancourt. (Première Partie, Quatrième Édition). “L'expédition de Crimée jusqu'à la prise de Sébastopol: Chroniques de la …”
by César Lecat Bazancourt. (Deuxième Partie, Troisème Édition). “L'expédition de Crimée jusqu'à la prise de Sébastopol: Chroniques de la …”
by César Lecat Bazancourt. (Deuxième Partie, Quatrième Édition). “Messieurs les cosaques: relation charivarique, comique, et surtout véridique des hauts faits des Russes en Orient”. By Taxile Delord, Clément Carraguel, Louis Huart. “Défense de Sébastopol. [Avec] Service sanitaire des hôpitaux russes, par le dr. Hubbeneth”. Tome 1, Premiere Partie. By Franz Eduard Ivanovich Totleben. 1863. “Discussion sur le typhus observé dans les armées pendant la guerre d'Orient”. “Guerre d'Orient”. Par Eugène Jouve. 1855. “Les fastes de la guerre d'Orient: histoire politique, militaire et maritime des campagnes de Crimée”. Par Eugène Pick De L'Isère. 1856. “Guerre d'Orient: Siege de Sebastopol”. Par Charles Auger. 1859. “Histoire complète de la guerre d'Orient: contenant le récit complet des opérations militaires dans la Turquie d'Europe et d'Asie, la mer Noire, la Crimée et la mer Baltique depuis le passage du Pruth jusqu'a la prise de Sébastopol inclusivement”. Par Jules Ladimir. 1856. “De la conduite de la guerre d'orient, expédition de Crimée: memoire adressé au gouvernement de S. M. l'empereur Napoléon III”. Par Tavernier, un officier général. 1855. “Deuxième mémoire adressé au gouvernement de S.M. l'empereur Napoléon III sur l'expédition de Crimée et la conduite de la guerre d'orient”. Par Tavernier, Théodore François Sterckx, Ludwik Mierosławski. 1855. [Sequel to above: De la conduite de la guerre d'orient, expédition de Crimée: mémoire adressé au gouvernement de S.M. l'empereur Napoléon III. Par un officier général. 1855.] “D'Angers au Bosphore pendant la guerre d'Orient: Constantinople, Athènes, Rome”. Par Victor Godard-Faultrier. 1858. “Memoria sobre el viaje militar a la Crimea, presentada por los oficiales del cuerpo de ingenieros nombrados en 1855 para seguir y estudiar las operaciones de la guerra entre Rusia y las potentcias occidentales, Francia é Inglaterra, auxiliando a la Turquia…” By Tomás O'Ryán y Vázquez, Andrés Villalón y Hechavarria. “Kars et le général Williams: Réponse au livre bleu” By S. de Zaklitschine. “Histoire du Congrès de Paris”. By Édouard Gourdon.
HART'S ARMY LIST; THE NAVY LIST; THE ANNUAL REGISTER, and other reference works… Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List for 1853. Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List for 1855. Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List, Jan 1857. (for War Services) “The Navy Lists, corrected to the 20th June 1853 and the 20th September 1853”. The Admiralty. “The New Navy List and General Record of the Services of Officers of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines”. February 1855. Joseph Allen R.N. “The Annual Register 1854”. Edmund Burke. “The Annual Register 1856”. Edmund Burke. “Men of the Time: Biographical Sketches of Eminent Living Characters… Also Biographical Sketches of Celebrated Women of the Time”. By Alaric Alexander Watts. 1856. “The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art 1855”. By John Timbs.