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This part of the site was originally constructed and developed by David Kelsey as a stand–alone website. Since 2007 it has come under the umbrella of the Crimean War Research Society.
The textual content of these pages consists of:
  1. original articles, essays, commentaries, etc, by named contributors,
  2. transcripts by named contributors of 19th century documents,
  3. original articles, essays, commentaries, etc, by David Kelsey,
  4. transcripts by David Kelsey of 19th century documents.

Permission to reproduce material within groups (a) and (b) should be sought from the named contributor.
A general permission is hereby given to reproduce material within groups (c) and (d) provided that:
  1. the source is acknowledged, and
  2. the person reproducing the material does not claim to possess the copyright himself or to transfer it to any other party.

This permission is given in the bona fide belief that copyright in the material is not held by any other person. If anyone believes that they own copyright in any of it, they are requested to draw the matter to the attention of the webmaster.
The primary purpose of this site is to provide transcripts of some contemporary documents of the Crimean War. They come from The Times newspaper (reports, leading articles, and letters), Hansard, Kinglake, and other sources. For the most part they are concerned with the Battle of Balaclava (particularly the Light Brigade charge and the recriminations which followed), commissary problems, and Kinglake's role as historian, but other items relevant to the war will be included as appropriate.
There is a list of sources itemising all the source documents. Many of them are also referred to in topics, which are notes, commentaries, and essays putting documents into a context. Unless stated otherwise, [David Kelsey is] responsible for all opinions, judgments, and prejudices. There are also some relatively objective background data, such as a chronological table of events, maps, potted biographies, orders of battle, etc.

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'Crimean Texts' Conventions
Commentaries and editorial matter, including interjections in the transcribed documents (see below), will be displayed against a very pale madder red background.
Source items and transcribed text will normally be displayed thus, against a very pale purple background.
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Editorial interjections within transcribed texts are also enclosed within square brackets thus: [sic], and may include words probably intended but unintentionally omitted by the author, and guesses at missing words where a page is damaged. Words and phrases where the reading is uncertain are indicated by a query, thus [?].
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