Our cookies policy
We use Google™ Analytics to track and analyse traffic and trends at this website. Google needs to place a cookie on your computer to achieve this. This is all these cookies do: anonymously track activity; however, if you have a blanket aversion to all cookies, whatever their source and purpose, then please block/refuse them. (More details can be found at the Google™ Analytic site). We don't use any other cookies. (But of course many sites we link to use cookies - for example, if you want to pay your subscription using PayPal you will find that they want to use several.)
We also use javascript in the navigation and certain applications like the daily diary. If you don't allow javascript in your browser for this site then you won't be able to see things like the daily diary. Google Analytics™ also uses javascript for tracking page visits.
It has also become very clear from recent revelations that no honest website like ourselves can be held responsible for the outrageous tracking and monitoring activities of various intelligence agencies around the world.