About The Society
The presidency is currently vacant following the death of
The Most Honourable the Marquess of Anglesey, DL, Hon DLitt, FSA, FRSL, FRHISTS, Hon FRIBA
Vice Presidents: Rodney Robinson, William S. Curtis & David Cliff
Editor Emeritus: Major Colin Robins, OBE, FRHISTS
Chairman: Glenn Fisher FRHISTS  Vice Chairman: Mike Hinton
Secretary: Ken Tough OBE  Treasurer: Lee Tough
Publicity: Glenn Fisher FRHISTS   Editor: Louise Berridge
Webmaster: Thomas Muir

The Crimean War Research Society (2014) was set up at the AGM in York on 26th April 2014 as successor to the original, but now dissolved CWRS (a registered charity).
The CWRS has always had two main aims. Firstly, to honour and remember all those that fell in the war. Secondly, to study the war in its entirety: to educate about the war; to preserve and promote the availability of contemporary documents; to preserve and publish personal histories and diaries; to record memorials, monuments and relics, and through our journal, The War Correspondent, to provide a medium for the publication of original research, analysis and comment about all aspects of the conflict.
From mainstream topics like the deaths from disease in the Crimea and the naval confrontation in the Baltic to little–known aspects of the war such as the British Army's refusal to deploy poison gas at Sevastopol, and the naval actions in the Pacific and White Sea. Scaling the Heights of the Alma; The Charge of the Light Brigade; Inkerman – the Soldier's Battle; Florence Nightingale; the Fall of Sevastopol; the incompetence of those in command; the endurance of the ordinary soldier; the Great Storm; the political wrangles in Constantinople, Vienna, Paris and London; the newspaper reporting and the new-fangled telegraph; the uniforms and the arms; the soldiers, sailors, camp-followers, spectators, businessmen and politicians; the effect on the military, industry and the man in the street; all of these and more are examined by the Crimean War Research Society.
The CWRS has members, both professional and amateur historians, who have done much research into particular subjects: the Heavy Brigade; the battle of Sinope; the fighting in the Danubian states; what happended at Hangö; the Russian nurses in Sevastopol; advances in steam technology; the British Commissariat; “infernal machines”; the siege of Kars and the fighting in the Transcaucasus; the lives of the generals and admirals; the foreign legions; the effect of the war on the Ottoman Empire and society; family history and the later lives of survivors; death rates from tuberculosis among those who served with the naval brigade; Mary Jane Seacole; the Victoria Cross… to name just a few!
Membership of the Society gives you access to hundreds of other researchers and students of the period; each with their own specialist interests and knowledge.  Many are keen to assist in the researches of others, knowing that it might soon be their turn to be faced with an apparently insoluble problem.  The Society is proud to number many leading historians amongst its members, and to publish their articles in the War Correspondent When you have joined the Society we hope you will also sign up for our online Members' Area to take advantage of our database of special interests, help offered and quick look-up of other members.  There are two 'blogs' you can follow as well: one for updates to this site, and one for news.
Pursuant to the requirements of the GPDR and Data Protection Act of 2018, the Society does not divulge membership information to anyone without your permission, except to our own officers when strictly in the performance of their duties. In the interests of the efficient operation of the Society, we ask your written permission on joining and renewing your membership for your few personal details to be stored on computer by the Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster, and this data is held securely under password protection. Personal details other than your name will not be distributed on Society lists nor published in the Journal without your permission. The Society does not sell the membership or mailing lists.  

Many thanks to Måns Grebäck for permission to use his font © Ornamental Versals in our masthead.
Also to Hugh Small, Megan Stevens, David Kelsey, Michael Hargreave Mawson, John Pearson, John Barham, Mike Hinton, Harry Willey and many others for their transcriptions and donations of material.