HMS Vesuvius Crimean Medal Roll
Transcribed from  ADM 171/28  and  ADM 171/25 
at The National Archives

Great Britain, 1854-60. Digital ID: 1500626. New York Public Library
This list is transcribed and merged from photocopies of the hand-written originals, and as such is not guaranteed to be error-free. The originals are  ADM 171/28  - the main medal roll for Vesuvius and  ADM 171/25  which is the Vesuvius roll for the 'Azoff' Clasp. The original lists are not totally accurate. The Master, George Reid, is missing for example. Where names are unclear, [?] has been used.
Some of the officers are linked to biographies offsite at T. Muir's blog about Richard Ramsay Armstrong (see below).
 S  signifies the 'Sebastopol' Clasp for the medal;  I  the 'Inkerman' Clasp and Az the 'Azoff' Clasp. Note: a request was made to get the ship's company awarded the 'Alma' Clasp (  A  ) as well - it was declined.
RMB Muster is used beside the names of nine Gunners to link to their names in the Royal Marine Brigade muster for Vesuvius. These are reciprocated in the muster to link back to their names here in the medal roll.
Armstrong, R. R., Acting Mate,  S   Az
Andrews, Alfred, A.B.,  S   Az
Aslett, John, Carpenter's Crew,  S   Az
Ashley, Edwin, Stoker,  S   Az
Abercrombie, John, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Ahern, Patrick, Ord 2Cl,  S   Az
Adams, Henry, Private RM  S   
Bath, William, Capt. Fore Top,  S   Az
Brown, James, Ord,  S   Az
Brown, George, A.B.,  S   Az
Butten, William, Ord,  S   Az
Best, John, A.B.,  S   Az
Bagge, S, Captain's Steward,  S   
Butcher, Edward, Ord,  S   Az
Bailey, H.J., Boy 2C,  S   Az
Boiven[?], John, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Brice, Matthew, Sergeant[?],  S   Az
Birchfield, W.A., Boy 2C, Az
Brown, John, Private RM  S   
Birds, George, Private RM
Clements, Ebenezer, Asst. Engineer 1C, Az
Coombs, R. E., Musician,  S   Az
Coward, Henry, Ord,  S   Az
Caddie, William, Stoker,  S   Az
Carter, George, A.B.,  S   Az
Calnon, Timothy, Stoker
Costa, Joseph, Ord,  S   , Az
Costa, Francis, Sub-Officers' Cook,  S    Az
Carhill, John, Stoker,  S    Az
Cook, John, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Cooper, Henry, Sub-Officers' Steward,  S   Az
Campbell, George, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Cashman, Daniel[?], Boy 1C,  S   Az
Crittenden, Thomas, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Campion, Hubert, Lieutenant, Az
Clarke, William, Private RM
Congdon, John, Carpenter,  S 
Dudding, John, Boatswain's Mate,  S   Az
Dagnall, samuel, Ord 2C, Az
Dolby, Henry, Ord,  S   Az
Davis, Henry, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Davis, John, Gunner,  S   Az    RMB Muster
Dublin, Thomas, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Ede, Henry, Captain Main Top,  S   Az
Ellise, G. E., Leading Stoker,  S   Az
Evans, William H., Fifer, Az
Farquharson, R. D. R., Naval Cadet  S   Az
Franklin, R, Stoker
Frood, James, Stoker,  S   Az
Frow, William, Caulker,  S   Az
Force, Henry, Captain After Guard,  S   Az
Foster, John, Captain Mast, Az
Fell, Joseph, Boy 1C
Foster, William, Boy 2C, Az
Flower, John, Boy 2C, Az
Fox, Samuel, Boy 2C, Az
Gould, Robert, Quarter Master,  S   Az
Graham, R., A.B.,  S   Az
Googe, George, A.B.,  S   Az
Gerard[?], Thomas, Ord,  S   Az
Grearey[?], Cornelius, Ord
Gray, Alexander, Gunner, Az
Griffin, Charles, Gunner,  S   Az
Gamble, Daniel, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Glue[?], Thomas, Gunner, Az
Girvan, Hugh, Surgeon
Gory, Charles, Captain's Steward
Hill, Shuldham, Clerk,  S   Az
Haynes, James, Captain's Coxswain,  S   Az
Haynes, John, Ship's Cook,  S   Az
Herring, Richard, Captain After Guard,  S   Az
Hyett, Thomas, Ord 2C
Hilliard, Richard, Ord  S   
Hegarty, Edward, Ord 3C,  S   Az
Haill, Philip J., Ord 2C,  S   Az
Harwood, J. H., Boy 1C, Az
Heath, Thomas, Sergeant, Az
Honey, James, Gunner, Az
Hore, Edward, Commander,  I   S   
Holman, Richard, Asst. Engineer 2C  S   
Hewett, John E., Stoker,  S   Az
Hews, Henry, Ord,  S   Az
Humphreys, Isaac, Boy 2C, Az
Jenkins, William, Captain Forecastle,  S   Az
Ide, John, Gunner, Az
Johnson, Frederick, Boy 2C, Az
King, G. L., Asst. Surgeon, Az
Kirk, William, Boatswain 2C,  S   Az
Keaten, John, Ord,  S   Az
Knapp, Charles, A,B.,  S   Az
Knotts, John, Painter,  S   Az
Kerr, Thomas, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Lynn, George, A.B.,  S   Az
Langworthy, A., Carpenter's Crew,  S   Az
Lambert, James, Quarter Master,  S   Az
Lassister, William, Ord,  S   Az
Lavender, Joseph, Ship's Steward's Boy,  S   Az
McDowell, William, Asst. Engineer 3C,  S   Az
Maxwell, Henry, A.B., Az
Messum[?], J., Sailmaker,  S   Az
Midlane[?], James, Leading Stoker,  S   Az
Morley[?], James, Stoker,  S   Az
Manson, Duncan, Leading Stoker,  S   Az
Milligan, E., Ord,  S   Az
McClune, James, Ord,  S   Az
Messum, John, Captain's Steward,  S   Az
Metcalf, George, A.B.,  S   Az
Melville, Peter, Ord 2C
Murphy, M., Boy 1C,  S   Az
Molloy, Thomas, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Mason, Alfred, Boy 2C,  S   Az
Middleton, Thomas, Gunner,  S   Az
Marshall, William, Stoker,  S   Az
Matthews, Charles, Boy 1C, Az
Neil, Eugene, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Osborn, Sherard, Commander, Az
Odger, Nicholas, Carpenter 3C,  S   Az
Orchard, George, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Oxenham, Henry, Gunner, Az
Perry, George, Acting Master,  S   Az
Prowett, J., Asst. Engineer 3C,  S   Az
Patterson, J. H., Surgeon, Az
Pay, William, Captain Main Top,  S   Az
Page, John, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Piddell, Joseph, Captain Fore Top,  S   Az
Palmer, William, Ord,  S   Az
Penford, Henry, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Pope, Edward, Gunner,  S     RMB Muster

Powell, Richard Ashmore, Commander,  S 
Pearson, Richard, Boy 2C, Az
Rowe, George, Boatswain's Mate,  S   Az
Raymond, John, A.B.
Ronan, Patrick, Ord,  S   Az
Ramsay, John, Stoker,  S   Az
Rogers, M., A.B.,  S   Az
Roach, John, A.B.,  S   Az
Ross, Peter, Ord 2C
Ross, William, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Riga, George, Interpreter, Az
Sulivan, G. L., Lieutenant,  S   Az
Stephens, S., Chief Engineer 3C,  S   Az
Scott, J, Gunner 3C,  S   Az
Salmon, William H., Stoker,  S   Az
Smith, Daniel, A.B.,  S   Az
Smith, John, Stoker, Az
Shannon, James, Stoker,  S   Az
Stroud, Thomas, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Sutherland, George, Ord,  S   Az
Stone, William, A.B.,  S   Az
Soisa, Anthony, Stoker,  S   Az
Santiago, Cavallis, Ord 2C,  S   Az
Stanfield, George, A.B.,  S   Az
Smith, Charles, A.B.,  S   Az
Seymour, John, A.B.
Stinchcombe, Joseph, Boy 1C,  S   Az
Sharp, William, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Smith, Robert, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Sutherland, James, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Swann, John Billingham, Asst. Paymaster,  S   
Spain, William, Quarter Master,  S   
Strode, Augustus Chetham, Lieutenant,  S   Az
Tracey, M., Midshipman,  S   Az
Trattle, Edward, A.B.,  S   Az
Taylor, Richard., Stoker,  S   Az
Tarzey, James M., A.B.,  S   Az
Tipper, William, Boatswain's Mate,  S   
Tees, Joseph, Ord,  S   Az
Thomas, Henry, Quarter Master,  S   Az
Tennant, George, Armourer,  S   Az
Tookey, John, Boy 1C, Az
Taylor, Samuel, Gunner, Az    RMB Muster
Vincent, Reuben, Armourer,  S   Az
Warburton, William, Paymaster,  S   Az
West, T., A.B.,  S   Az
Whittonden, G., A.B.,  S   Az
Wilson, Edward, Ord,  S   Az
West, William, Ord,  S   Az
Wayt, Henry, Ord,  S   Az
Wallace, James, A.B.,  S   Az
Wyatt, George, Gun Room Cook,  S   Az
Wigzell, William, Boy 2C, Az
Welch, James, Private RM
Originally transcribed by T. Muir from  ADM 171/28  and  ADM 171/25 
The National Archives, March 2001.