The Drake Letters
Over the years I have received assistance and encouragement from many people with my research into Drake letters and the events surrounding them. I would like to re-iterate my thanks to members of the Crimean War Research Society, including Tom Muir. My thanks, as always, to my dear and patient husband, Alun, my wonderful children, Bronwyn and Llewellyn, and my dearly departed family, whom I still miss every day: my father, Danie Ackermann, mother Shasta, sister Ina, and brother Niel.
Over the years I have also collected various family manuscripts and photos from a number of family members, including my late uncle, the Rev. Brian Banwell, cousins Margi Bragg, Andrea Brinkley, and Georgia Millad; and the Taylors in New Zealand: Daphne Taylor (and her late husband, Paul), and her children, Robyn Rendall, Janet Taylor, Graeme Taylor, and Anne Weir; and the daughters of the late Peter Taylor, Judith Hall and Sally Mac. I would like to thank them for their splendid cooperation.
I include here much of what I had to say on this subject in my thesis:

I would like to thank the following people and institutions for their help: to my supervisors, Dr. Eleanor Hancock and Mr. Bruce Knox, without whose very tangible support and encouragement this project would never have been completed; to the staff and academics in the School of Historical Studies at Monash University; to the library staff at Monash University, especially those in the Multimedia Services Department; to Paul and Daphne Taylor, without whom this project would never have started; to my late cousin, Lynne Bryer, and her parents, Nova and George Coetzee; to Brig. A. C. F. Jackson; to Dr. Lucy Frost, for providing me with unpublished portions of Annie Baxter Dawbin’s journal; to my friend Moira Teichert, for trying to obtain a copy of Louisa Drake’s death certificate; to Chel Swinford, for providing me with a copy of a letter by Florence Nightingale to Commissary-General Smith in 1887; and to Bruce Cook, for taking photographs in Istanbul for me. My thanks too to my friends, Brian and Elaine Bendzulla, for giving me a home while I conducted research at the Hobart archives in December 1993; and to Colleen Dean and Tim Winter, for reading my manuscript and providing me with constructive criticism.
I also owe a debt of thanks to all the members of the Crimean War Research Society (CWRS), for generously answering my queries, and encouraging me along the way, especially Larry Crider, Tom Downs, Michael Hargreave Mawson, Mike Hinton, and Graeme Marfleet for providing me with research information I would otherwise have struggled to obtain; and to Gary Campbell, Bill Curtis, David Kelsey, Major Colin Robins, Rodney Robinson, and all the other contributors on the Crimean War eGroup, for interesting discussion and debates. My thanks too to fellow student, Colin Smith, for his encouragement and help.


I also owe a debt of gratitude to the following institutions, without whom I would not have been able to find as much information about people mentioned in the Drake documents. The National Library of Australia’s Trove website ( and the National Library of New Zealand’s PapersPast website ( provided access to historical Australian and New Zealand newspapers, and the Gale Databases Newsvault, 19th Century British Newspapers, and The Times Digital Archive, 1785-2009), accessed through the State Library of Victoria, provided me with information from historical British newspapers.


Finally I would like to thank my husband, Alun, for converting my writings to web pages so that they can be displayed on the Crimean War Research Society website.
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