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William Henry Drake (Pera) № 172 - John and Maria Drake (London), 7 July 1856
№ 172 Pera
7th July (1856) 1
My dear Father & Mother,
        We have received yours of the 23rd June. To-day is that fixed for the final embarkation of all stores at Balaclava & tomorrow for all hands to leave. Sir W. Codrington 2 remains with his brother 3 on board the ‘Algiers’. Windham 4 has gone on by H.M.S. Valorous. Lots of the Staff went on Saturday by the Steamer Emperor. About a dozen of ours remain to come home, besides clerks, etc. ‘Times Russell’ 5 is here. He arrived yesterday by the Calcutta Star which went on with the 11th Hussars. I suppose by the end of the week all will have evacuated the Crimea. Adams 6 has given me no orders about myself & I consequently am here waiting them. Things are most incomfortable [sic] here, especially for the Ladies. Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitos & Heat, Filth of all sorts, everything very dear, so we shall not be sorry to get away, the Full Pay notwithstanding, that is now our only consolatory idea in Staying at Pera. By the end of this week I shall at all events know when I am likely to leave. On the arrival of Sir W. Codrington, we hear the Sultan 7 intends to give a Grand Dinner. I shall not be invited, but should much like to see it. As Sir W. C.’s staff will be small, I shall if possible get in as one of them. Marshal Pelissier 8 & Sir W. C. are to be invested with the 1st Class of the Medjidee, the Badges for each, handsomely set in diamonds & valued at some £2,000 have been made, as have two splendid swords for them. I suppose the ladies will give an account of our sightseeing, if not we will do so viva voce. 9 Lots of Travellers’ Tales we shall have, depend upon it, some marvellous grand but you must remember we have been great travellers. We are diminishing our Baggage as much as possible, selling Matresses, Blankets & all bulky things, but even so, we shall muster 15 or 16 packages large & small. We sell saddles here & glass, crockery, etc. which we have had all our campaign.

With love to all,
Believe me, Your Affectionate Son,
W. H. Drake.

I send you my delaration as C.B. to see & forward as addressed, putting on the requisite stamps unless you like to go & see Mr. Woods 10 , a very agreeable gentlemanly person according to D.C.G. Turner 11 who called on him with Smith’s. 12

WH Drake Journal
July 18. Fine. Louisa’s birthday. Took our passages by “Messagerie Imperials” 1176 Fcs = £49. Louisa spend the day & we dined with the Smiths, Mr. Adams, 13 Jones, 14 Osborne [sic], 15 Levine.
July 19. Fine. Sold ‘Big George’ £40. Paid up Lodgings to date & at 5½ p.m. we went to Buyukdere, Hotel Croissant, Monr. & Mde. Grossman. Dined, walked on the Quay & to bed about 12 in an excellent large room over the Bosphorus.
July 20. Sunday. Fine & cool. Blowing fresh. Went to the Russian Embassy. Saw Godfrey de Bouillon’ plane tree. 16
July 21. Left Buyukdere at 9½ a.m. Finished duties. Recd. Passage money £41 Pay & Allce. To 21st inst. Sent letters & after lunching at the Smiths, embarked on board French steamer ‘Alexandre’ at 4 p.m. Left at 8 p.m.
July 22. At Gallipoli 8 a.m. Left at 9½. Fine weather. Hysteric young lady. 17
July 23. At 8 a.m. saw Cape Colonna & at noon anchored at the Piræus. On shore & saw Strickland. 18 Sailed about in the Salamis Bay & sailed again at 3½ p.m. Passed Hydra etc.
July 24. Squally & rough during last night. Rolling heavily. Island of [blank]. Several vessels in sight.
July 25. Fine but hot. Lu’s eye bad. Saw Island of Sicily at 6 p.m. & came to at Messina at 9½ p.m. having run of the Calabrian coast & seen castles, houses, etc. At Messina, lights in boats fishing. Steamer coaled & left at 4 a.m. en route.
July 26. Fine but hot & head wind.
July 27. Sunday. Blowing fresh & ahead: at 6½ p.m. made the land Sardinia & Corsica, passed the Straits of Bonifacio at about 3 a.m. on 28th.
July 28. Fine. Corsica still in sight on Starboard beam & quarter. Nice breeze but ahead. Lights seen.
July 29. Arrived at Marseilles at 6 a.m., landed, passed baggage & went to the Hotel des Colonies. Drove out to Jardin des Fleurs & Meranton & left by express train at 10 p.m.
July 30. In railway train. Avignon, Lyons, Dijon, Melun, Fontainbleu & arrived at Paris at 7 p.m. & went to Grand Hotel de Louvre opposite The Tuilleries.
July 31. Fine but hot. Visconte & Victesse. de Cussy. 19 Palais Royal. Wrote to C.G. 20
Aug. 1st. Fine. Shopping. Mantle (Mrs. D.) and watches. Mrs. D. & L. M. D. Breguets, Bourse etc. Champs Elysees, Bois de Boulogne. In the evening drove round all the Boulvards, Place de la Bastille, Rue Rivoli etc.
Aug. 2nd. Fine. Ladies bathed. We called yesterday on Le Vte. & la Vtesse. de Cussy 26 rue Camartine. Recd. letter from C.G. & C. A. D. 21 Saw my name as Chevalier in Legion of Honor in French Gazette. Went to Louvre.
Augt. 8th. At 8 a.m. left Paris & arrived at Calais at 3.30. Left by St. Queen of the French at 4 & arrived in Old England at Dover at 6 p.m. Went to Lord Warden Hotel.
Augt. 9th. Left Dover at noon, in London 3.15 & drove to Lodgings 115 Stanhope St. C. A. D. 22 & C. A. D. D. 23 there. The C.G. 24 came round with Dr. De Lisle 25 & Miss Grassie. 26 Went to the Village. 27 Saw my Mother 28 & John’s children. 29
Augt. 10. Sunday. Stayed quietly at the Village.

1. This letter was transcribed by Brig. A. C. F. Jackson. I have not seen the original, nor a copy of the original, only a copy of the transcript.
2. General Sir William Codrington.
3. Captain Henry John Codrington.
4. General Charles Ash Windham.
5. William Howard Russell, correspondent for The Times.
6. CG George Adams.
7. Sultan Abdul Mejid.
8. General Aimable Jean Jacques Pélissier.
9. Viva voce: [Latin] By the living voice; by oral testimony. [The household dictionary of the English language, London, [before 1893], p. 918.]
10. Albert William Woods. Henry had written in his Journal for 7 July 1856: “Wrote to Albert W. Woods, Lancaster Herald acknowledging Ribband & Badge, Warrant etc. as C.B. and sent my undertaking to return the same or have it returned on my decease.”
11. DCG Philip Turner.
12. Acting CG John William Smith.
13. CG George Adams.
14. Acting DCG Humphrey Stanley Herbert Jones.
15. Acting ACG Kean Osborn.
16. Godfrey de Bouillon, one of the leaders of the First Crusade.
17. Not presumably Lou Jr.
18. ACG Edward Strickland.
19. Augustus Frederic Hyppolite, Viscount de Cussy, and his wife, Viscountesse Barbara Clara (née Middleton).
20. Henry’s father, retired CG John Drake.
21. Henry’s sister, Charlotte Augusta Drake.
22. Henry’s sister, Charlotte Augusta Drake.
23. Henry’s daughter, Charlotte Augusta Dring Drake.
24. Henry’s father, retired CG John Drake.
25. Dr. Richard Francis Valpy De Lisle.
26. Dr. De Lisle’s sister, Mary Jane Grassie, had three daughters, Eliza (born ~1847), and Maria and Maud (both born ~1853). It would seem that Henry was here referring to the older daughter, Eliza.
27. Henry’s parents and sister lived at 27 Park Village East, Regent’s Park.
28. Maria Drake (née Story).
29. Henry’s brother, John Minshull Drake, who was serving in the Indian Army, had four surviving children by his late first wife, Caroline: Alice, Lucy, Dennys, and Reginald.

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