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William Henry Drake (Pera) № 168 - John and Maria Drake (London), 23 June 1856
№ 168 Pera
23rd June 1856 1
My dear Father & Mother,
        You will see our whereabouts from the date of this. We arrived yesterday & took up our Quarters in three small rooms, scantily furnished, much preferring this to an Hotel. We pay per room 500 piastres – £4/3/4 per month, having to pay for that time at least. An Hotel would be about £3 a day. We shall breakfast at home & dine when it suits, as we have a small kitchen, our cook & servant & plenty of plates, etc., both in a canteen (pewter) & crockeries. At other times we shall feed at some Table d'Hote, there being one at several hotels in Pera. We did this yesterday (Sunday) at 6 francs each & then walked to hear the French band, notwithstanding the Archbishop of Canterbury. 2
We received your letter of the 9th & papers on our arrival here. Last Thursday, I was decorated with my Cross as C.B. by Sir W. Codrington, acting for Lord Gough 3 who had held a grand ordination (investiture?) at Balaclava. I am glad I got it before leaving the East, & Sir W. C. made me a very handsome say on the occasion. He wished it had been the K.C.B. & yet hoped to see me obtain that, etc. He has had no reply from my Lord Panmure 4 to his letter about me, & the same as regards several others respecting Promotions. Just what I expected. Ten Infantry Regiments & the 11th Hussars 5 are all that remain in the Crimea, of these 4 & the 11th will leave directly; perhaps have already left, the others are kept as Guards & Fatigues. Land Transport & Commissariat are the greater part of the Army now to be removed, & the Railway. They say 16,000 tons in all & that they have shipping for half there already. Adams 6 will, I suppose, be down here shortly, & Smith 7 thinks will go home leaving S[mith] to wind up. J'en doubte moi ca [sic]. 8 A[dams] liked the £7/10/0 per day as well as S[mith]. I shall not stay here very long. Gen. Michel 9 will leave about the end of June & I shall put myself in Orders if I get none to the contrary in meantime. We shall go home via Malta & Marseilles, Paris, sending baggage home in the Ship we go to Malta in. That is my present idea. We shall stay a few days in Paris of course to buy Bonnets. As our letters will now again be regular we shall be able to let you know our proceedings in this matter.
Your affectionate Son
W. H. Drake

1. This letter was transcribed by Brig. A. C. F. Jackson. I have not seen the original, nor a copy of the original, only a copy of the transcript.
2. John Bird Sumner, Archbishop of Canterbury.
3. Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gugh.
4. Fox Maule-Ramsay, Lord Panmure, Secretary of State for War.
5. 11th Prince Albert’s Own Regiment of Hussars.
6. CG George Adams.
7. Acting CG John William Smith.
8. I myself do not doubt that [sp?]. [The Collins paperback French dictionary French-English English-French, London, 1988, pp. 52, 204, 236.] I cannot find the word “doubte” in the dictionary, but presume that he is using the English word.
9. General John Michel.

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