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The Drake Letters
Louisa Drake (Balaklava) - Maria Drake (London), 24 May 1856
May 24th [1856] 1
My dear Mrs. Drake,
        I have only time this morning to write you a few hurried lines, I am as busy as a Bee packing up for Kertch, we were told at first the ship would go tomorrow, but I think it will be Tuesday. I heard from Henry the day before yesterday, he was quite well, and delighted at my intention of joining him there, he has been gone three weeks today, and I am quite tired of living alone; we got no letters by last mail, I suppose they have gone to Kertch; we have a young lady staying with us now, which is rather inconvenient, but I could not avoid taking her in, and must pass her on to Mrs. Barnett 2 when I go, she is a cousin of Mr. Routh’s 3 from Constantinople, strange that her friends should allow her to come alone, she seems a nice girl. Mr. Adams 4 has been very civil about getting us our passage, Henry wrote to him & the Admiral, 5 but we go in a Commissariat Vessel (the Nile). Brinson, Mrs. Conyers 6 lives on board. I must now conclude in haste as my time is up, with love to all,

Believe me ever,
Your Affect. Daughter,
Louisa Drake

WH Drake Journal
May 25. Sunday. Fine, rheumatism bad.
May 26. Fine. H.M.S. Sidon arrd. from Balaclava. No letters. Wrote to Lu by H.M.S. Swallow.
May 27. Dull, cloudy, showers cleared up. Wash 12 [sp?].
May 28. Dull, fresh breeze. Swallow returned last night but is to sail again today. I wrote to Mr. Adams 7 about Cattle & to Lu. Warm.
May 29. Fine, warm, sun & strong breeze. Louisa & Lou arrived in the ‘Bruiser’. Landed. We all dined with Archer 8 & Shepherd [sic]. 9
May 30. Fine. Lou cleaning & arranging house. Rode with Uniacke 10 to look at Gardens & said good-bye to Genl. Michel. 11 Lou Jr. & I wrote hurried notes at night for home.
May 31. Fine. Capt. & [sp? – of] Lady Eglington [sic] 12 called, just on point of sailing, promised to call for our letters. Capt. & Mrs. Conyer [sic] 13 & A.C.G. Uniacke dined with us. We got a piano, music in the Evening.
June 1st Sunday. Fine. Rheumatism bad. Laura’s 14 birthday, drank her health.
June 2. Fine. Mrs. D. went for a ride. Louisa dined on board Bruiser. Party at our house in the Evening for the Piano. I went to bed. Letters to England.
June 3. Fine. Bruiser left at ½ past 12 noon. We took a walk in the Evening.
June 4. Fine. Dined with Mr. Bare [sic] 15 Ordn. Cong.
June 5. Fine. Mrs. D. & Lou rode to Sea of Azov.
June 6. Fine. Louisa & I walked. Mrs. D. pallid.
June 7. Pietro ill. Dr. Johnson saw him.
June 8. Sunday. Fine. Pietro better. We walked round the cemetery, Museum etc.
June 9. Fine but Windy & cooler. Showers in Evg.
June 10. Dull, cloudy. Went for walk, wrote to Balaclava per Jarrow with Sheep.
June 11. Fine. Blowing fresh at night. Walked to old Manufactory for Prince Bally [sp?]. Mrs. & Miss D. rode to Fort Paul. (Brine Baths?)
June 12. Dull showery, wrote letters to Engld. Shepheard 16 left. Mrs. D. got roses & roots of.
June 13. Fine, hot. Rheumatism bad. Sold 2 [sp?] sheep. Genl. Neill [sic] 17 called. Mrs. D. & Lu rode to Gardens.
June 14. Fine. Rheumatism better. Took a walk.
June 15. Sunday. Fine, blowing. Mrs. D. & I walked. Lu rode with Dr. Johnston [sic] & Uniacke.
June 16. Fine, hot. H.M.S. ‘Lynx’ from Balaclava.
June 17. Fine. Hot. Last of soldiers of the Contingent embarked in Firefly. Sent Phelan 18 to Pera by Firefly with my three Horses. We went out Mr. Combe in his boat. Storm.
June 18. Cloudy, dull, thunder, lightening & rain that night. Sir W. Codrington 19 & Staff & Admiral Freemantle [sic] 20 arrived per Emperor. Guard of Honor. Lunch at B. Genl. Neill’s. They rode. I dined with Sir W. C. and had my ‘Order of the Bath’ &c presented to me. Sent baggage off.
June 19. Fine. Up at 5 to pack & went on board the Lady Eglington [sic] for Constantinople at 11 a.m. Capt. Dunn, Purser Mr. Davidson.
June 20. On board ‘Lady Eglington’. Fine.
June 21. Lady Eglington made the coast of Asia Minor 11 a.m. opposite Kili at 3 p.m. Lighthouse & Forts of Bosphorus at 8. Anchored at Therapia at 9.15. The Warp of a barge towing having got foul of the propeller. At anchor all night.
June 22. Sunday. Up anchor at 5 a.m. Ran down Bosphorus & came to anchor off Tophana 8 a.m. Sent Nameth to let Mr. Downes 21 know of arrival & went on shore to Lodgings at Noon. Called on Smith, 22 Edwards, 23 who was sick. Saw office &c. We dined at the Casino Cafe at 6½, 6 francs per head, & went to hear a French Band at the Petits Champs.

1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. Mrs. Barrett was the wife of Samuel Boyd Barnett, an officer with the Army Works Corps.
3. DCG Leonce Routh. His uncle, Richard Routh, had 13 children, of whom eight were girls. The two eldest were married by this time, and the four youngest were too young to travel to Balaklava on their own, as they were respectively 15, 13, 10 and 6 years old. Edith Louisa Routh was 19 years old, and Ada Josephine Routh, 18 years old, so it could have been either of these two young ladies.
4. CG George Adams.
5. Admiral Sir Charles Howe Fremantle.
6. Probably Mrs. Eliza Jane Conyers (née Blennerhassett), wife of Captain Robert Rowland Conyers, 89th Regiment of Foot.
7. CG George Adams.
8. DCG Francis Bisset Archer.
9. ACG George Shepheard.
10. ACG Redmond C. Uniacke.
11. General John Michel.
12. The Lady Eglinton was used as a troopship during the Crimean War –, accessed 5 June 2018.
13. Probably Captain Robert Rowland Conyers, 89th Regiment of Foot, and his wife, Eliza Jane (née Blennerhassett).
14. Henry’s daughter, Laura Mary Drake.
15. Samuel Graham Bake served as Chief Commissary with the Field Train of the Turkish Contingent at Kertch.
16. ACG George Shepheard.
17. General Adolphe Niel.
18. On 7 August 1855, Henry Drake noted in his Journal that Thomas Phelan was serving as an orderly.
19. General Sir William John Codrington.
20. Admiral Charles Howe Fremantle.
21. Acting ACG Arthur William Downes.
22. Acting CG John William Smith.
23. Acting DCG Alexander Edwards.

Drake Letters Index 103. Louisa to Maria Drake 9 May 1856 ◄ ● ► 105. Drake to John and Maria Drake 23 June 1856