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The Drake Letters
Louisa Drake (Balaklava) - Maria Drake (London), 26 April 1856
April 26th [1856] 1
My dear Mrs. Drake,
        Mr. Adams having arrived, Henry is now in orders for the [Turkish] Contingent, he would like, if it were possible, not to go to Kertch at all, but join in Turkey, as he understands the Contingent is to be moved before the Army here, but I fear he will be obliged to go; if he does, he will take very little with him; he does not think it would be advisable for Louisa and I to go there, for such a short time, we are to stay here till we know where the Contingent is to be stationed, and then pack up and follow him; I do not expect to have any difficulty in getting a passage for ourselves and luggage to Contantinople, we know so many of the Captains of Ships, I began my packing yesterday; I am in hopes the Contingent will not last very long, it is to be given over to the Turkish government, and I am sure they will not like to pay so extravagantly, Henry is still very complaining with his leg, 2 now having nothing to do, he is going to nurse it today, he rode up to Head Quarters on Thursday with Mr. Adams, and afterwards went to see a grand inspection of all our Army, 3 I think being so many hours on horseback made it worse. I forgot to say in my last that Dr. Beatson 4 from India has paid his visit to the Crimea a very nice person, he was here about a week, busy all the time sight seeing, he rode with us to the French Review, he was lucky in seeing the Russian, French & English, three grand sights; I asked him about Major John 5 and his family, he has known him many years, but Mrs. John 6 only lately, he says the children are very pretty, the eldest has a slight cast in [the] eye; 7 Mama very lady like and agreeable, but very deaf, he knows many of her relations in India, he has been in India seventeen years, having been so long away, he was in [a] hurry to get to England, Henry gave him a passage back to Constantinople in one of his ships. Louisa and I have been riding every day this week, one day we went over Mackenzie’s heights, 8 as far as the Valley of the Belbec [sic], about 28 miles there and back, but were well repaid for our exertions, the view was so lovely and extensive, it reminded us all of the pictures of the country about Jerusalem, the mountains are so very grand; Mr. De Lisle 9 wants us to ride to the Alma, but I fear it will be too much of a day’s ride for Louisa, as it is thirty miles there, & I scarcely think [written across the page] her Pony would go sixty miles in one day. Henry says I must close this, perhaps by next mail we shall be able to tell you something more certain about our movements. With kind love to all, Believe me ever,

Your Affect. Daughter,
Louisa Drake

1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. In her previous letter, 100. Louisa Drake (Balaklava) - Maria Drake (London), 7 April 1856, Louisa mentions Henry’s complaints of rheumatism.
3. Henry’s Journal entry for 24 April 1856 reads: “Fine. Went to Head quarters with new C.G. Adams. Saw Sir W[illiam] C[odrington], Genl. Windham & afterwards rode to Grand Review of the British Army, some 35,000 men Infantry.”
4. George Stewart Beatson, M.D.
5. Major John is Henry’s brother, John Minshull Drake.
6. Margaret Maclean Drake.
7. I have only managed to find one child of John and Margaret Drake, a daughter called Emlyn Augusta Drake, who married Francis Arthur Gore.
8. Mackenzie’s Farm (Khutor Mekenzia), north of Balaklava, over the Tchernaya River. The Mackenzie Heights were named after a former Scottish settler in the Crimea. [R.L.V. ffrench Blake, The Crimean war, (London, 1971), p. 65.]
9. Surgeon Richard Francis Valpy De Lisle.

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