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The Drake Letters
William Henry Drake (Balaklava) - John Drake (London), 24 November 1855
  Nov 24th 1855 1
My dear Father,
        I send herewith Check of the Countess Poulett 2 on Herries, Farquhar 3 for £100 One hundred Pounds, & Navy Bill of Lt. Freeze [sic] 4 for £27 Twenty Seven Pounds   Total to my Credit £127.
        I have taken your advice & not sent Treasury Bills, keeping the Cash until what I consider good paper turned up   “My Lady” is of the Portman Family 5 & much richer than her spouse – Settled, they say, on herself – She is a very nice old lady, without nonsense – A Navy Bill is the best mode of sending money home, but this stray one is the only one likely to be had until the end of Decr. However, I shall not want to send you more until then.
Sir G. M. 6 is making his Annual Confidential report – I am not quite so interested in this as in last years – He can say little about me if anything   A.C.G. Osborn 7 & C.C. Lewis 8 are employed at it in his (Sir G’s) house, quite private   he has not spoken to me on the matter at all – In all such things, he is a true Scot   Mr. P. Hughes 9 – No. 2 to Petrie, 10 wrote to Carpenter 11 by last mail & said 12
“The Financial part of Commt. is to be retransferred to Treasury & they will do the work with Officers under them of their own selected from the Commt. Dept. and Ordnance – The rest will are to be amalgamated with Ordnance & have charge solely of the Supply Branches & called something perhaps Commissaries of Ordnance” –
I saw his note – He speaks of a thing settled in principle but not in detail & evidently wrote under instruction from Sir C Trevelyan 13 or Petrie –
His note not marked "Private or Confl.
        I shall not ask for either but I think let matters take their course
Your affectionate son
W. H. Drake

WH Drake Journal
Decr. 5. Fine but cloudy. Ordered to inspect Sizopolis 14 & Baltzic. Drew my pay to the 30 Nov. & paid Ration stoppages to same day. At 4 p.m. went on board St. Cormorant Capt. Byrne 15 & left for Sizopolis & Baltzic on a visit of inspection.
Decr. 6. On board ‘Cormorant’. A heavy Gale & a very rough Sea. Ship lying to from 3 a.m. to 1 p.m. Rainy. Gale all day but less at night.
Decr. 7. Cormorant. Strong breeze & swell. Land in sight at 11 a.m. Cape Emoni. Head wind at 6 p.m. Came to an anchor in 7½ fathoms. Some distance the Harbor of Sizepolis. 16 Blowing very hard. [Margin notes] My father and Mother married 50 years. 17
1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. Charlotte Fanny, Countess Poulett.
3. Herries, Farquhar & Co (1770-1893) –, accessed 30 April 2015.
4. Would this be Lieutenant Auchmuty Tylden Freese, R.N.?
5. Lady Poulett was the daughter of the late Henry Berkeley Portman, who died in 1803.
6. CG Sir George Maclean succeeded William Filder.
7. ACG Kean Osborn.
8. CC Henry Clutterbuck Lewis.
9. Philip Hughes, Senior Clerk in the War Department, dealing with Commissariat matters.
10. DACG Samuel Petrie, Director of Commissariat.
11. ACG Frederick Stanley Carpenter.
12. There is an ink blot partly obliterating this word.
13. Sir Charles Trevelyan was the senior Treasury official in charge of the Commissariat.
14. Sizopoli Bay is just south of Varna & Baltzik is just north of that town. Varna in Bulgaria was the advanced base of the force and the two places WHD was ordered to inspect would have been Commissariat depots.
15. Captain Edward Byrne.
16. Sizapolis is S of Varna.
17. John Drake and Maria Story were married at St. George’s Church, Bloomsbury, on 7 December 1805.

Drake Letters Index 83. Drake to John and Maria Drake 13 November 1855 ◄ ● ► 85. Louisa to Maria Drake 7 December 1855