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William Henry Drake (Balaklava) № 117 – John and Maria Drake (London), 13 November 1855
№ 117 Balaclava
13 Nov 1855 1
My dear Father & Mother,
        On Sunday we drank many happy returns of the 11th Nov. to the Comy. General 2 and as I promised in champagne; think of that in the Crimea. Our great changes have begun. Genl. Sir James Simpson 3 resigned & Genl. Sir Wm. Codrington assumed the command on the 11th. Sir J. S. leaves to-day by ‘Telegraph’ steamer for Marseilles. Sir R. Airey leaves on Saturday & is to be succeeded as Q.M.G. by Col. The Honble P. Herbert, 4 brother of Earl Powis 5 – a man of about 34 years of age. He is the senior A.Q.M.G. out here, has been all through the War attached to the 2nd Division & is a good Zealous Officer – Genl. Windham 6 or Col. Steele 7 (Mil Secy) would have been better Q.M.G.s but Windham is to be Chief of Staff. General Barnard 8 is going to the 2nd Division & Steele is going home. Sir W. Codrington is the son of the Admiral of Navarino, 9 a very gentlemanly well informed person of courteous manners. A Guardsman of course. I think a more businesslike man than Sir J. S. 10 – of more energy. He always looked well after his Brigade & subsequently for the Division when Sir Geo. Brown 11 left. I know him pretty well & have always been very civil to him so I hope he will be civil to me. Genl. Barnard 12 has not got me the copy of the Letter. 13 He says Sir J. S. is a very cautious old Scot & neither said he would or would not, but did not. Genl. Windham I know very well & when Colonel & A.Q.M.G. 4 Division, I met his views whenever I could; the same as regards Herbert, 14 but I regret Genl. Airey 15 & Barnard 16 for I have become intimate with both of them, although the first is not a general favourite, to me he is always particularly kind. Our expedition has landed from Kilburn [sic], 17 the lateness of the year it is said preventing any other – that is good after losing ten weeks of beautifully fine weather.
With love to all, believe me,
Your affectionate Son
W. H. Drake.

No mail of 29 Oct. yet.
1. This letter was transcribed by Brig. A. C. F. Jackson. I have not seen the original, nor a copy of the original, only a copy of the transcript.
2. Henry’s father, retired CG John Drake. His birthday was on 11 November.
3. Lieutenant General James Simpson.
4. Colonel the Hon. Percy Egerton Herbert, born 15 April 1822.
5. Edward Herbert, 3rd Earl of Powis.
6. General Charles Ash Windham.
7. Colonel Thomas Montague Steele.
8. Major General Henry William Barnard. [Transcribed as Burrand/Burrard.]
9. Admiral Sir Edward Codrington.
10. General Sir James Simpson.
11. Sir George Brown.
12. Major General Henry William Barnard. [Transcribed as Burrand.]
13. I don’t know what letter Henry is referring to.
14. Colonel the Hon. Percy Egerton Herbert.
15. General Sir Richard Airey.
16. Major General Henry William Barnard. [Transcribed as Burrand.]
17. W. H. Russell writes of “Kinburn having been secured against the attack of any forces the enemy could bring against it, covered completely by the guns of the formidable flotilla we left to protect it, the greater portion of the fleet sailed for Balaklava and Kamiesch.” N. Bentley, in his editorial note, says that this occurred in November 1855. [W. H. Russell, Russell’s despatches from the Crimea 1854-1856, (London, 1966), pp. 274-275.] Kinburn, now Pokrovskij, is situated near the mouth of the Dnepr River, north of the Crimean peninsula.

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