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The Drake Letters
General James Simpson (Crimea) – Lord Panmure, Secretary of State for War, 2 October 1855
  The Crimea
October 2, 1855 1
My Lord
I have the honor herewith to submit a letter from Commy. General Sir George Maclean enclosing a statement of the Services of Depy. Commy. General Drake –
I am fully aware of the good Service render’d by Mr. Drake, and can bear my testimony to his zeal activity & intelligence; and it will be a source of satisfaction to me, if by thus bringing him to your notice, I shall have been instrumental in gaining for that officer any recognition of his Services that can be confer’d upon him.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your obedient Servant
James Simpson 2
Genl. Comg.

Lord Panmuir [sic] 3

WH Drake Journal
Oct. 13. Fine. Expedition to Eupatoria projected. Ordered by Sir G. Maclean to accompany it & superintend the Commissariat.
Oct. 14, Sunday. Went with Brig. Genl. Dupuis & Lt. Whinyates R.H.A. 4 to French Park to divide the Brass Guns. 5 English get 67, French 68 after 10 to Turks & 2 to Sardinians.
October 15th. The Highland Division & Artillery under orders for Eupatoria, counter-ordered, no Expedition. Mail of 1 Sep. arrived. Rode to Highland Camp & called on Lt.-Col. Gaisford 6 72 & Col. Atherley 92 Highls. 7 Very high wind & much dust. I played a rubber at Lt. Col. Hardings. 8
Oct. 18. Ottawa sailed. We sent box with 2 dozn. Kertch Wine & small box & Dr. De Lisle 9 box for Grassie 10 by Capt. Bowen. 11 5 p.m. embarked on bd. Oneida No. 222 Capt. Morton with Detmt. 12th Lancers for Eupatoria. Capt. Cureton, 12 Capt. Clifton, 13 Lt. Gough, 14 Lt. Penton, 15 Dr. Turnbull, 16 V. S. Murray. 17 [Written in margin] Capt. D. Morton, 1st Off. Mr. Cory, Dr. Wood, Purser Mr. Turner.
Oct. 19. Eupatoria at 7.45. The Oneida went on a Sand Bank having stood too far in by Order of an Asst. Master sent from H.M.S. Drummond, commenced getting out horses, carts, &c. Capt. Hamilton R.N. came on board. The ship occasionally struck heavily. At 8 p.m. hauled off by French Steamer ‘Berthollet’.
Oct. 20. Fine. Quiet all night. Ship landing horses &c. Went ashore, saw D.A.C.G. Green, 18 called on Lord G. Paget, 19 saw Armstrong, 20 Goad 21 & Major Seyd Ali & Mrs. S. A., Achmed Pacha & his three wives. Returned on board to dinner.
Oct. 21. Sunday. Cloudy but fine. The last of the 12 Lancers landed. Sent my horse on shore for Mr. Price. Court of Enquiry held on board Oneida respecting her going aground. I went on shore & around the Town with Capt. Cureton & Capt. Clifton.
Oct. 22. Fine. Expedition of Cavalry started. Oneida left for Balaclava. Wrote hurried notes to Lu & Sir G. Maclean. Diamond left in tow of St. Candia No. 213. They returned at 5½ p.m. Capt. Morton, Lt. Shairp [sic] R.N., 22 Dr. Wood & W.H.D. cruize through Eupatoria.
Oct. 23. At 8 Oneida got under Weigh & went alongside H.M.S. Diamond to take in guns. Capt. Hamilton R.N., Dr. Evans, Mr. Bunnill Boatswain, Gunner & 48 men & 4 32 Pdrs. taken in. Left at noon, ran down coast, saw allied troops & Russians, 3 Villages, one set on fire, Karagurt, tried range of guns. Anchored near French B. of War Alouette.
Oct. 24. At anchor off Sak. Allied troops retiring. Sak on fire. Cossacks appeared on the hills, opened fire on them; they retired. Oneida returned to Eupatoria at 3 p.m. Went on shore with Capt. Hamilton to see Lord Geo. Paget. Found him in bed. Returned to ship. Night cold. Thermometer 45º.
Oct. 25. Eupatoria. Went on board Diamond & on shore. Oneida left at 4 p.m. Ran down coast until 5½. Saw Russians, fired 3 guns (18 pds.) at them, did not reach. At 10 p.m. lay off the Monastry [sic].
Oct. 26. At 7½ a.m. went on board Leander & on shore. At 3½ p.m. received English Letters of 13th. Rode to Sardinian Band.
Oct 27. Weather fine during the Week, mornings cold. Thermometer as low as 45º. Wrote to England, about Blaney’s Bill 23 & an account of my trip to Eupatoria.
Oct. 28. Sunday. Two years since poor little Emily 24 died. De Lisle 25 came to spend the day with us. Lu & Lu Jr. went to Castle Hospital Church in the afternoon.
Nov. 6. Fine & Clear. Note to Mr. Andor. Lundy sent £28 to B & S on my A/C. Mail of 23 Oct arrived but the Bags of the Commt of Forces & Com Genl left behind. I went to Hd Qrs & asked Genl Barnard 26 for a copy of Genl Simpson’s 27 letter about me. Saw Sir R. Airey. 28 Whist at Hadleys. 29

1. I received a photograph of this letter in an email from Mike Hinton, on 18 July 2010.
2. Lieutenant General James Simpson, Commander-in-Chief, following the death of Lord Raglan.
3. Fox Maule-Ramsay, Lord Panmure, Secretary of State for War.
4. Lieutenant Frederick Thomas Whinyates. [Transcribed as Whynigates.]
5. For details on the stores found in Sebastopol and how it was divided between the Allied forces, see “THE STORES AT SEBASTOPOL.” Royal Cornwall Gazette, Falmouth Packet, and General Advertiser [Truro, England] 7 December 1855: 6. 19th Century British Newspapers. Web. 24 July 2013.
6. Lieutenant Colonel John William Gaisford, 72nd (The Duke of Albany’s Own Highlanders) Regiment of Foot.
7. Colonel Mark Kerr Atherley, 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot. [Transcribed as Atherlly.]
8. Lieutenant Colonel Francis Pym Harding.
9. Surgeon Richard Francis Valpy de Lisle.
10. Thomas Richard Grassie, brother-in-law of Richard Francis Valpy de Lisle.
11. Captain William Henry Bowen.
12. Captain Edward Burgoyne Cureton.
13. Captain Chandos Frederick Clifton.
14. Lieutenant George Thomas Gough. [Transcribed as Gooyl.]
15. Lieutenant Thomas Penton. [Transcribed as Panton.]
16. Dr. Gavin Ainslie Turnbull.
17. Would this apply to Cornet Arthur Murray, of the 12th Lancers?
18. DACG Walter Umfreville Green.
19. Lord George Paget.
20. Dr. Lancelot Armstrong, 13th Light Dragoons.
21. Lieutenant George Maxwell Goad, 13th Light Dragoons.
22. Could this be Lieutenant Philip Ruffle Sharp, R.N.?
23. The Charing Cross tailor mentioned before?
24. Henry’s daughter, Emily Caroline, died in 1853, aged 8.
25. Dr. Richard Francis Valpy de Lisle.
26. Major General Henry William Barnard. Transcribed as Bernard.
27. General Sir James Simpson.
28. Brigadier General Sir Richard Airey.
29. Dr. Henry Hadley.

Drake Letters Index 80. Maclean to Barnard 25 September 1855 ◄ ● ► 82. Drake to John and Maria Drake 10 November 1855