Drake Letters Index 78. General Orders 4 August 1855 ◄ ● ► 80. Maclean to Barnard 25 September 1855
The Drake Letters
William Henry Drake (Balaklava) - Sir George Maclean (Balaklava), 23 September 1855
  Balaklava 23rd Sept. 1855 1
        The ardous & long protracted Operations before Sevastopol having been brought to a successful termination, I beg respectfully to request that you will submit the following Statement on my behalf to the consideration of the Commander of the Forces. –
        I embarked with the Army at Varna in September 1854 and was appointed by Commy. General Filder to the charge of the Supplies and the Superintendence of the Field Commissariat. –
        I performed these duties at the disembarkation of the Army and without intermission through the hardships of the whole winter until selected to take charge of the Commissaries detached with the Expedition to Kertch.
        The duties of this Expedition were of a highly responsible & unusual character, the manner in which I performed them met with the approbation of Lt. General Sir George Brown.
        In the interval between Mr. Filder’s health giving way & your arrival, I had the charge of the whole Department in the Crimea, and for a considerable time have been the only Field Officer of my rank with this Army.
        The duties entrusted to me have been from the first of an ardous & most responsible character & I have ever endeavoured to perform them with Zeal for the Public Service.
        Concurrent with these duties I hve been Selected for Various others, & may instance that I was appointed by the late Lord Raglan, one of the Board relative to the formation of the Railway and am now one of the “Commission Mixte” engaged in the Division of Trophies &c. taken at Sevastopol, and the only member of it without some distinguishing honor.
        The Services entrusted to me have constantly brought me in contact with Officers of all ranks not only in our own Service, but in that of our Allies & I have ever maintained that courtesy to all which tends to the proper performance of Public duty.
        I trust this Statement of my Services with the Army before Sevastopol may not be considered intrusive by The General Commanding in Chief, but will meet his favourable consideration.
I have the honor to be,
Your most Obedt. Servant,
W. H. Drake

Sir George Maclean
Commy. General

WH Drake Journal

Sept. 25. Attended Commission Mixte by Summons of General Niel. Wrote to C.G. 2 & Copy of letter to Sir G. Maclean. Forwarded to Hd. Qrs. as my claim. Wrote to Mr. H. A. Bayley 3 – Edwards 4 – “Sent £3 by D.C.G. Smith.” 5 Wilson 6 about demurrage & my claim. Called at Q.M.G. A.G. & Chief of Staff all out, on Intendant General Monsr. Blanchard also out. Louisa Jr. thrown, not hurt. … 

1. I received photographs of this letter in an email from Mike Hinton, on 18 July 2010.
2. Henry’s father, retired CG John Drake.
3. ACG W. Henry Addington Bayley.
4. ACG Alexander Edwards.
5. DCG John William Smith.
6. DCG James Wilson.

Drake Letters Index 78. General Orders 4 August 1855 ◄ ● ► 80. Maclean to Barnard 25 September 1855