Drake Letters Index 77. General Orders 27 July 1855 ◄ ● ► 79. Drake to Maclean 23 September 1855
The Drake Letters
General Orders (Sebastopol) № 4, 4 August 1855
4th August, 1855
№ 4. Assistant Commissary General Morse will have charge of the Depôt at Balaklava from the 1st August, relieving Deputy Commissary General Drake, who will be in charge of local Commissariat duties irrespective of the Depôt.
By Order, (Signed)

WH Drake Journal

Augt. 29. Sent by Sir G. Maclean to select new Sites for Cattle Depot & Hay.
Aug. 30. Sent by Sir G. Maclean to Head Qrs. to see Sir Richd. Airey K.C.B. Q.M.G. about the Cattle & Hay Depot. Lunched.
Augt. 31. Board of General Officers on Fuel. With them all the morning & in the afternoon went to see Sir Colin Campbell. Mrs. D. & Miss D. Jr. lunched with Booth 1 & Blackwood. 2 Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, 3 Genl. Pelissier, 4 Adm. Sir E. Lyons in Balaclava. Heard some of particulars of the Great Explosion on the night of the 28 in the Mamelon.
Sept. 6. Ordered by Sir G. Maclean to accompany Dr. Hadley to see Dr. Hall about Limejuice. Bombardment opened at 5 p.m.
Sept. 7. Heavy Bombardment night. At 6 a.m. we got up, had early breakfast & rode to the Front. Saw Russell 5 & Macloed [sp?]. To Head Quarters to see Dr. Hall about lime juice by order Sir G. Maclean. A second vessel burnt in Sevastopol Harbour, supposed to be a steamer. Lt. Griffin R.A. 6 & Lt. Nicolls R.A. 7 came to see us. An explosion at 10½ or 11 p.m.
Sept. 8. Quite cold in the early morning. Wrote about the Bombardment & expected assault this day. Sent Barron & Smith 1st of Treasury Bill No. 422 of 7 Sept. 55, £130. At noon the French attacked & took the Malakoff. The English attacked the Redan & were defeated. Lt. Col. Handcock, 8 Major Welsford, 9 Capt. Hutton, 10 Lt. McGregor 11 of the 97th all killed. At night the Highland Brigade advanced upon the Redan & found it deserted. They took possession.
Sept. 9. Sunday. Frequent explosions during the night, the Russians had blown up the public buildings & forts, fired the whole town of Sevastopol & passed over to the North Side, destroying the Bridge of Fort Paul at ½ past 5 p.m. Blew up boats.
Sept. 14. Showers. I was appointed one of the Commission Mixte under the Convention between France & England. Members: French Genl. Niel 12 President, M. Genl. Mesure [Mazare] Arty., Con. Adml. Rigault de Gonville [sic], 13 Mons. L’Intendent Gde. Impe. Paris. English Major Gen. Sir R. Dacres R.A. 14 The Honble. Capt. Drummond R.N., 15 Lt. Col. Chapman R.E. 16 & D.C.G. Drake. 17 We met at noon at Genl. Niel’s; read Commission & Convention, appointed sub commission for the two Districts of Sevastopol. 1st District under M. Genl. Mesure [Mazare] & 2nd under Brig. Genl. Dupuis R.A. 18 Called at Head Quarters on return. Saw Sir R. Airey, Col. Pakenham, 19 Col. Steele 20 & lunched with General Simpson. Lundy 21 & Sale 22 dined with us.
Sept. 19. Sent by Sir G. Maclean to Head Quarters & with Genl. Barnard 23 to Sevastopol about Fuel.
Sept. 20. To Sevastopol about Fuel with the Chief of Staff & Capt. Crealock (90th) D.A.Q.M.G. 24 D.C.G. Smith 25 & Carpenter 26 dined with us.
Sept. 21. Appointed one of a Board to inspect & report on the Wharves of Balaclava under Adml. Freemantle [sic]. 27 All day at work. …

1. DACG Robert Booth.
2. Acting DACG Stevenson Arthur Blackwood.
3. Stratford Canning, 1st Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe. [Transcribed as Radcliffe.]
4. General Aimable Jean Jacques Pélissier, French Commander-in-Chief.
5. William Howard Russell, correspondent for The Times.
6. Lieutenant Frederick Cockburn Griffin, R.A.
7. Lieutenant Oliver Henry Atkins Nicolls, R.A.
8. Lieutenant Colonel the Hon. Henry Robert Handcock.
9. Major Augustus Frederick Welsford.
10. Captain John Hutton.
11. Lieutenant Douglas Alexander McGregor.
12. General Adolphe Niel.
13. Admiral Charles Rigault de Genouilly.
14. Major General Sir Richard James Dacres.
15. Captain James Robert Drummond, R.N.
16. Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Edward Chapman, R.E.
17. DCG William Henry Drake.
18. Brigadier General John Edward Dupuis, R.A.
19. Colonel the Hon. William Lygon Pakenham.
20. Colonel Thomas Montagu Steele.
21. ACG James Bell Lundy.
22. Acting ACG John Henry Sale.
23. Major General Henry William Barnard. [Transcribed as Bernard.]
24. Captain Henry Hope Crealock.
25. DCG John William Smith.
26. ACG Frederick Stanley Carpenter.
27. Admiral Charles Howe Fremantle.

Drake Letters Index 77. General Orders 27 July 1855 ◄ ● ► 79. Drake to Maclean 23 September 1855