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The Drake Letters
Department Memo (Balaklava), 20 June 1855
Department Memo. Balaklava
20 June 1855 1
Deputy Commy. General Adams having been attached to the Turkish Contingent, D.C.G. Drake from this date will undertake the superintendence of the Shipping arrangements in which he will be assisted by D.A.C.G. Turner; 2 and he will be the Officer in charge of the local duties at Balaklava including the Depôt.
Sd. William Filder

WH Drake Journal
June 28. Heavy rain in the morning. Louisa 3 came on shore from the ‘Hope’. We all dined on board the ‘Lion’. At night, Major Mackenzie 4 & Ross 5 Q.M.G. Dept. came to my house about lead for a Coffin for Lord Raglan who died at 8½ p.m. At 11 p.m. note from The Honle. Colonel A. Gordon 6 to Mr. Filder intimating it   Martin got kicked by a horse in the Cavalry Camp. Lt. Gen. Simpson 7 Com. of Forces.
July 3. Fine. Wrote to England. At 4 p.m. the remains of Lord Raglan were removed from Head Quarters to Kazatch Bay to be sent to England by H.M.S. Caradoc. Louisa & Miss Lu went.

William Simpson: Funeral of Lord Raglan

Funeral Cortege of Lord Raglan Leaving Head Quarters, by William Simpson.
from Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University, accessed 6 May 2015.

July 4. Fine. Heard Genl. Simpson was appointed Commdr. of Forces. Faith arrd.
July 6. Fine in the morning. At 1 p.m. heavy shower & very hot afterwards. Dr. Hadley 8 told me Mr. Filder had applied to him for a Medical Board. Wrote to Sir G. Maclean in reply to his of 3rd.
July 10. Fine. Wrote home of Mr. Filder having it is said asked for a Mdl. Board. I bought 2 Horses of Ismael Pacha 9 for £32. Lundy retd.
July 14. Very windy & dusty but cooler. I went on board Str. Assistance. Saw Rice 10 & Doherty. Wrote for Trowsers with Gold Cord & how to send Miss Lu’s habit by Hayter & Howell 52 Mark Lane. 11 Mr. F. applied for a Medical Board.
July 17. Recd. letters from England. Got Pump up. Wrote letters home. Sent copy of General Order with Mr. Filder. Board in. His Board sat. Clothes brought out by Midwood. 12
July 18. Louisa’s birthday. 13 Weather cooler. Letter from England. Mr. Filder’s leave in Genl. Orders.
July 20. Rode up to Head Quarters. Saw Lt. Genl. Simpson, M. Genl. Barnard 14 & Col. Steele 15 Mily. Secy. about Mr. Filder’s Board & the charge of the Dept. consequent on it.
July 21. Wrote to Sir Geo. Maclean of Mr. Filder having been invalided on the 18th, that I am in charge of the Dept. until he may come up. Wrote Laura. 16
July 24. Very hot morning. Board of Survey on Fuel. Wrote to England. Thunder & Showers. Weather still hot.
July 25. Hot sultry weather but cloudy and with showers. Thefts made by Joseph my servant reported.
July 26. Joseph on being taken towards Police Station bolted. Receiver returned some of the things. At 5 p.m. Mr. Filder embarked per ‘Lion’.

1. Photographs of some of the Commissariat Orders (National Archives WO 61/31) received from Mike Hinton by email on 15 August 2010.
2. DACG Alexander Walter Turner.
3. Louisa was 19.
4. Major Kenneth Douglas MacKenzie
5. Major Robert Lockhart Ross.
6. Colonel the Honourable Alexander Hamilton-Gordon.
7. General James Simpson.
8. Dr. Henry Hadley.
9. Ismail Pasha.
10. Would this be Captain Ernest Bridges Rice?
11. Hayter & Howell, 52 Mark-lane, London, dissolved their partnership on 4 January 1870. [The London Gazette, 4 January 1870, p. 29.] [Transcribed as Hayter & Howell 52 Mack Lane.]
12. ACG Thomas Wroot Midwood.
13. Henry’s daughter, Louisa Maria Drake, was born on 17 July 1836.
14. Major General Henry William Barnard. [Transcribed as Bernard.]
15. Colonel Thomas Montagu Steele.
16. Henry’s daughter, Laura Mary Drake.

Drake Letters Index 74. The Times 16 June 1855 ◄ ● ► 76. Department Order 26 July 1855