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The Drake Letters
William Henry Drake (Balaklava) №48 - Louisa Drake (London), 16 February 1855
№ 48 Balaklava
16 Feby 1855 1
My dear Lu,
        I acknowledged your last from Mr. Filders as I got it just as his bag was closing   I heard from the Orderly that by dint of hard riding he just saved the Mail – As he does this frequently I had sent my letters by Lord Raglans Bag which of course regulating the others must be in good time
We have since my last had very fine warm weather & no rain – the place is drying up a little & things look better but there is Still very much Sickness in Camp. Dr. Marshall 2 has gone Sick to Scutari & will I imagine manage to get home from there – Mr. Weir is to have the Cash & Correspondence & Mr. Turner 3 the Superintendence of Supplies at Pera – So I remain here – praying for Peace –
The Russians have continued their very heavy firing almost ever since I wrote about it last – as the weather dries the ground they will be able to work their Artillery & we may expect an attack – There are rumors that Genl. Jones R.E. 4 Bomarsund man just arrived and the French General of Engrs. both say all our Works are wrongly done & faulty – if so Sir J. Burgoyne 5 & the Engineer Officers who have done them are nice 6 people – Lord Lucan 7 has been recalled by command of her Majesty 8 because he differs from Lord Raglan respecting the Order for the Balaklava Charge 9 as Lord Lucan says he has the Written Orders of Lord R. 10    you will have it before the House of Lords 11 – His Son Lord Bingham 12 told me he was very Savage & determined to bring the matter forward – he refused to see Lord R & take leave – He will probably tell some truths but he is not a Clever man – All depends upon his influence with the Ministry who may be in 13
We are every minute expecting the Mail of the 4 & 5 Feby which will give us the News – Singular it is just in & our bag at the C.G.’s 14
Thanks for yours of the 1st and the Army List which came to hand all safely   I must say it looks more respectable as regards my own name in the list – Lundy opines the same thing – I see the death of Ackroyd 15 – What is to be done with the Old D.Cs.G. is the next question. I see Mr. Greig 16 goes to West Indies to relieve Swain 17 who is to go on H.P. 18 Well it does not much signify so long as this War lasts there is plenty of employment for all who can serve – Give me [sic] best love to all with plenty of kisses & believe me ever
Your Affectionate Hub
W. H. Drake

1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. Dr. John Marshall died on 10 February 1855.
3. ACG Philip Turner.
4. General Sir Harry David Jones.
5. Chief Engineer, Sir John Fox Burgoyne.
6. Nice: Trivial; unimportant. [The household dictionary of the English language, p. 490.]
7. George Charles Bingham, 3rd Earl of Lucan.
8. Queen Victoria.
9. Henry here obviously refers to what is now known as “the charge of the Light Brigade”.
10. “The order was written by General Airey, the Quartermaster-General, who had been constantly at Lord Raglan’s side during the day. It was in the following terms: “Lord Raglan wishes the cavalry to advance rapidly to the front, follow the enemy, and try to prevent the enemy carrying away the guns. Troop of horse artillery may accompany. French cavalry is on your left. Immediate.”, from Letters from Headquarters: Extract – The Battle of Balaclava, by Lt.-Col. S. J. G. Calthorpe. Also, accessed 30 April 2015.
11. See Hansard, House of Lords, Friday 2 March 1855,, accessed 30 April 2015.
12. Lt.-Col. Lord George Bingham, Coldstream Regt. of Foot Guards.
13. Henry here refers to the change in government which took place when Lord Derby was asked to form a new Government after Lord Aberdeen’s Government resigned following Roebuck, Radical member of Parliament’s, successful motion for an impartial inquiry into the conduct of the Crimean war.
14. CG William Filder.
15. ACG Robert Ackroyd died of cholera at Mauritius on 13 October 1854.
16. DCG William Isaac Greig was stationed in the West Indies from April 1855 to July 1859.
17. DCG Charles Swain was stationed at Barbados untl April 1855.
18. H.P.: Half Pay.

Drake Letters Index 58. Drake to Louisa 13 February 1855 ◄ ● ► 60. Drake to Louisa 19 February 1855