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The Drake Letters
William Henry Drake (Balaklava) № 39 - Louisa Drake (London), 18 January 1855
№ 39 Jany. 18 1855 1
My dear Lu,
        I recd. yours, my Mothers Charlotte’s 2 & C. A. D. D.’s 3 all right yesterday   Of course I knew my Promotion would please you all as it did me. I could scarcely credit it at first as I had so little reliance in their liberality or justice however It is real as I have drawn the Quarters Field Allowance of a D.C.G. I have an Official [sic] from Mr. Filder notifying it – Yours was not the first pen to let me know the fact – my Friend! “Newcastle” 4 gave the intelligence to Mr. F who gave it me & the little man spoke very fairly & complimentarily – it appears while recommending me for the Acting rank he stated I had the most arduous & responsible duties of the Dept. & exhibited great talent & energy in conducting them!! We have not yet seen or heard of any of the other Promotions in the Dept. I presume D.C.G.s Laidley 5 Ramsay 6 (who we know is promoted) & Robinson 7 will be Shelved as well as Some of the new promoted D.C.G. – They have given us the 1/6 per day Servants allowance the same as Medical Dept. we had it here since 1 July but in future it is universal
I enclose for you two Navy Bills £48.5.0 and £41.5.2. Tot £89.10.2.
Our weather has up to today been clear & Cold but a regular thaw has sit [sic] in & you remember the delights of a St John thaw
Our 1st & 2nd Divisions are being withdrawn from Inkerman & the right & all our troops are concentrating on the Centre   from Sickness they are not Strong enough in numbers to man the Trenches & the French take those on our Right attack   little or nothing is doing in the Seige 8 the Enemy do quite as much as we do & are very Strongly entrenching themselves inside the City – the Whole of the Southern Suburbs are quite destroyed & much of the place itself   The principal part of the Russian Corps round this have left & we suppose gone into Winter Quarters. A Swarm of Cossacks are occasionally seen on the heights they formerly held – those taken from the Turks.
Mr. Russell 9 thinks well of the Commissariat & has written well of us 10 – Edwards has had a trip to Smyrna – Lundy is very unwell with fever – Webb disgusted at being passed over – but he is almost useless – I have written to Sir Chas. Trevelyan, to Mr. Petrie 11 & to Mr. Wilson 12 by this mail – I wrote to Sir C. T. though no longer our Chef 13 he may one day have the power to give me a turn on a Commission or some other money making business – I have not heard of Mr. Read 14 since my last, Welsford 15 came in on purpose to congratulate me – Adieu give my best love to all and believe me to be ever your Affectionate Hub
W. H. Drake
1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. Henry’s sister, Charlotte Augusta Drake.
3. Henry’s daughter, Charlotte Augusta Dring Drake.
4. Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle, was Secretary of State for War from June 1854 to February 1855.
5. CG John Laidley.
6. CG Thomas Warton Ramsay.
7. CG William Henry Robinson.
8. The siege of Sevastopol was eventually lifted on 9 September 1855, when the Russians evacuated the city. [W. H. Russell, Russell’s despatches from the Crimea 1854-1856, (London, 1966), p. 17.]
9. William Howard Russell (1821-1907), The Times’s correspondent.
10. TURKEY. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) CONSTANTINOPLE, DEC. 18. … Now that the road is in better order it is hoped that the Commissariat will make renewed efforts to supply the troops regularly and well, and that during the rest of the campaign they will suffer no losses but those which are inseperable from a state of warfare.” [“Turkey.” Times [London, England] 2 January 1855: 7+. The Times Digital Archive. Web. 5 July 2013.]
11. DACG Samuel Petrie was a Treasury official in London.
12. DCG James Wilson was stationed in London.
13. Shortly before this, control of the Commissariat Department had passed from the Treasury to the War Department.
14. Surgeon Constantine Caridi Read.
15. Augustus Frederick Welsford, 97th Regiment.

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