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William Henry Drake (Balaklava) № 38 - Louisa Drake (London), 14 January 1855
№ 38 14 January 1855
15 " – 1
My dear Lu,
        We hear the Mail has arrived but as yet our Bag has not come to hand so my Suspense continues 2 – We had a heavy fall of Snow last night & consequently Balaklava has reminded me of Br. North America 3 all day. Lundy & the Alma came in today – he is to be attached to me at all events for the present – He is looking fat & well
The position of our Army in the Front continues unsatisfactory to a degree   Bad roads has [sic] increased the badness of our Transport & that was not necessary it was very bad before
Sir R. Routh 4 is employed in London to organise a Transport Establishmt. for the Crimea – Comy. Genl. Hewetson 5 to lure laborers for us in Ireland & Sir G. Maclean 6 to institute enquiry on the Continent as to their Systems   now there are just so many gross jobs to give them full Pay & of course if the money is spent in that way the promotion of Working underlings cannot go on as it should – We hear our Uniform is come out Sky blue facings Silver trimmings & so I suppose you will send me a Coatee or tunic of it – I want a Coat as my frock coat, the same I had in Van D Land 7 is nearly done up – I have pants – Blue with Blk lace a pr. Greys & a pair of Black. Quant: suff.
Just got so far when I found the Mail was in & I got yr. Letters 26 to 28 Decr. & while reading them grumbling at want of information about my Promotion I had the pleasure of hearing of it myself   It is conveyed in a letter from The Duke of Newcastle 8 dated blank Decr. 1854 notifying to Mr. Filder the promotions here – We suppose many others are promoted as otherwise there wd. be no object in dating Smiths 9 Step on the 28 Decr. ‘54 & the rest on the 1st Jany. ’55 – Mine is a very acceptable New Years Gift to me – It makes my Pay nearly double 10 – Pay for this Month is more than £70 – not so bad you may on the Strength of it be generous & buy each of the Chicks a pair of new Shoestrings or something else handsome – A gift from the D.C.G.
Do you remember when I heard of being made A.C.G. in 1846 I said in 8 years I expect the next Step & how year by year this grew to 10 & then 12 years as promoting times got more & more & yet the man has brought me nearly back to the old mark – 9 years an A.C.G.
on the 16 April I shall complete 20 years as an Officer & my next thing to look forward to is 5 years on full pay as a Depy. to entitle me to the Half Pay of 19/- instead of 14/8 11 but I do not anticipate any prolonged Half Pay, a year or two perhaps if this War should be brought to an end which I fervently desire I assure you especially now, I have little to gain by it, how selfish we do get you see – Lundy is at work near me Colquhoun 12 as jolly as possible both rejoicing at their promotion – Webb is passed over & he is a useless donkey not fit for any work at all – Adieu   Thank C. A. D. 13 & Miss Lu 14 for their Notes & with love & thousands of kisses & wishes that I was with you to drink my own good health in a bumper believe me

Your affectionate Hub
W. H. Drake

1st time D.C.G.!!!

[Written across the page.] Major Colville 15 is Dead & I hear Lt. Annesley 16 also on their way down to Scutari
a Son of C.G. Dobree 17 on board of the Albion is also dead, he died in the Bosphorus

William Simpson: Winter Scene

Winter Scene, by William Simpson.
Photograph of the painting in Simpson's The Seat of War in the East, second series,
by Colonel (Ret) George W. Page, from the copy of this rare book at the Museum of the Heroic Defense of Sevastopol through
the kind offices of Dr. V. Krestiyannikov, at, accessed 9 May 2015.

1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. Henry was at this time eagerly awaiting news of promotions in the Commissariat Department.
3. Henry and Louisa had been stationed at St. John, New Brunswick, from 1850 until 1854.
4. CG Sir Randolph Isham Routh.
5. CG William Hewetson.
6. CG Sir George Maclean wrote a paper on Austrian Military Intendance. [J. Sweetman, War and administration: The significance of the Crimean War for the British Army, (Edinburgh, 1984), p. 53.]
7. Van Diemen’s Land. Henry and Louisa had been stationed in Hobart, Tasmania from 1848 until 1850.
8. Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle, was Secretary of State for War from June 1854 to February 1855.
9. DCG John William Smith promotion to DCG was dated 30 December 1854, while those of others were dated 1 January 1855.
10. The ordinary full pay for an ACG was 14/3, and extra war pay 5/0. The ordinary full pay for a DCG was 1/8/6, and extra war pay 9/6. [J. Wood (comp.), The Tasmanian royal kalendar, colonial register and almanack 1849, (Hobart Town, 1849), p. 98.]
11. Half pay for a DCG was 14/8, and half pay after twenty years of service as an officer and five years in last rank (here DCG) was 19/0. [J. Wood (comp.), The Tasmanian royal kalendar, colonial register and almanack, 1849, p. 98.]
12. DACG Francis Crossley Colquhoun.
13. Henry’s sister, Charlotte Augusta Drake.
14. Henry’s daughter, Louisa Maria Drake.
15. Major Robert William Colvill, 97th Regiment, died of dysentery on 2 January 1855.
16. Lieutenant Robert John Annesley, 11th Hussars, died on 28 September 1854.
17. CG John Saumarez Dobree. His son was Midshipman Charles James Dobree, on HMS Albion, who died at Constantinople on 7 January 1855.

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