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The Drake Letters
William Henry Drake (Balaklava) № 36 - Louisa Drake (London), 8 January 1855
№ 36 Balaklava 8 Jany. 1855 1
My dear Lu,
        Thanks for yours of the 19/21 Decr. recd. here on Twelfthday 2 we are expecting another mail today – Since my last on the 5th Inst. nothing new has occurred, no news has been recd. of our Promotion but that of course you will have long before us – Mr. Filder has told me if not promoted he will give me the Acting rank a promise which leads me to hope he thinks I shall be promoted – I have found out one reason of his great civility towards me – I became well acquainted here with Sir Edwd. Colebrooke 3 a Bart with some £12,000 a year – we are often together   I had once seen him in London when I don’t remember   Seeing us together one day, Mr. F asked Sir E. C. if he had known me long & he replied oh yes we are very old Friends – F likes great people & had met him at Sir C Trevelyans & at some other big wigs in London & heard from Mr. Tremenheere 4 that Sir E. was great gun. – The other day he spoke to me about Sir E & said what I have told you as to what he said about our acquaintance   Now of course next to great folks are those great folk are civil to & thus my standing with him is partially explained – Our work rather increases than otherwise in consequence of the humbug of potted game & plumb puddings sent out trash unfit for Soldiers in the field cannot be got up to them & the Ships crowd our harbor so that we cannot work the Vessels with the actual necessaries of life on board – I hope to hear of my Father’s gout having departed by next mail   I see the French advertise the Marseilles Steamer to leave direct for Pera on each Monday at 3 P.M. & for Pera via Malta each Thursday 10 A.M. & to arrive there fr. Turkey on Tuesday at 5 A.M. & Saturdays 3 P.M.   add two days to Marseilles & that will give you the day to close & to expect letters from me   the latter will be Thursdays & Monday Nt. or Tuesday morning as I never fail to write if only just to say I am well – & that is nearly all I have to say twice a week – Lundy has not yet arrived I look for him daily – I hope the girls enjoyed their holidays & that the weather has been favorable   I hope you have had a good Xmas pantomime for Loll 5 especially. There are many things to see in London & they may not have such a chance again – Mr. Read 6 is quite well I had a short note from him this morning asking me to take care of a portmanteau for him – Our weather has for four days been fine & frosty, but though fine   Several men had died from Cold in the Trenches & 2 Officers whose names I did not hear – Capt. Swinton 7 Rl. Artillery was suffocated in his tent with charcoal a few days ago – The third who has died so you may depend upon it, my House & fire are not to be lightly thought of in these days – I am snug & warm & have a good bed very good things all. Lord Raglan has been to Balaklava today the 1st time for many weeks – he has also once, since Inkerman 8 visited some Divisions but only once they say – He remains snugly at home – has plenty of Coal, of Sheep [sp?] & good things   He is no favorite with his Army who call him the Marshal of the Staff – not of the Army   many got Brevet rank who did nothing   it’s a regular Rotten Row Staff. Love & Kisses to all & believe me   Your affectionate Hub

W. H. Drake
1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. The twelfth day of Christmas, 6 January.
3. Sir Thomas Edward Colebrooke, Bart.
4. Hugh Seymour Tremenheere.
5. Henry’s youngest daughter, Laura Mary Drake.
6. Surgeon Constantine Caridi Read.
7. Captain William Swinton, Royal Artillery.
8. The Battle of Inkerman took place on 5 November 1854.

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