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The Drake Letters
illiam Henry Drake (Balaklava) № 16 - Louisa Drake (London), 17 - 18 October 1854
№ 16 Balaklava 17 Oct 1854 1
My dear Lu,
        My last was on 13. I yesterday recd. my Fathers & Louisa’s 2 of 28th Sept & Illustrated of 23rd. you will long before this have recd. mine from No. 8 to No. 13 of the 3rd Oct – I forgot 3 to mention I think in former letters the fact of Major Rose 55th Brother of Lt. Col. Rose R.E. 4 being killed at the battle of Alma
This morning at 6 A.M. our Batteries opened for the first time on Sevastopol and up to this time we have good accounts from the front of the great damage to the Forts & Walls
Having been obliged to send the “Hope” to Eupatoria to tow down some Corn Ships & as on her return she goes to Constantinople for Supplies – I have moved ashore, bag & baggage, It of course is not so comfortable, but I have as yet nothing to grumble at considering this is campaigning   I have a House such as it is to myself – Office below & Shed for my Horses & Three rooms & Kitchen up stairs – One a tolerable one I am now writing in the other two are dens – in one are two Bedsteads piled with Bedding belonging to the Greek family departed in the other a Sofa (my Bed). the room has two windows very small & my sitting room two to the front & one behind plenty of furniture so I am not very badly off   I have two tables, Chest of Drawers sofa 6 chairs – a dog & a Cat!! My Interpreter is a first rate fellow & Cooks for me   I need not say my living is the best I can get – besides rations I get a Ham, a loaf, some butter, Salt, Pepper some Sherry 3 from the Hope, Brandy 3, Ale 12 rum plenty I had so I shall not starve   I have also plenty of Tea – Two Captains of our Commt. Vessels just returned from the advanced Lines & report Two Russian Forts silenced, two small & one large Magazine (Russian) blown up & both our fire & that of the Fleet & the French to be first rate & incessant, The Lancaster gun has done nothing as yet   I hear every Shot it shakes my Windows.
Oct. 18. The Russians have just been making a strong attack on this place & met a very severe repulse our people are even now firing heavy guns at their Columns – Ld. Raglan has I think shown himself a very prudent General taking time to fortify this place strongly & thus protect his flank & rear   We are under command of Sir Colin Campbell 5 who fights his men very well – Young Read 6 I presume arrived per Tonning this morning   I saw her come in with the Guards & some Turks half an hour after the attack commenced & they were landed & ran up to the front with only their arms & ammunition. So he soon has an opportunity of seeing active service & of practice in his profession
We are all very hard at work very so I conclude by wishing best love to all

Believe me
Your affectionate Hub
W. H. Drake
1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. Henry’s eldest daughter, Louisa Maria Drake.
3. Henry had not forgotten to mention this. He wrote of Major John Baillie Rose’s death in his letter to Louisa of 27 September 1854.
4. Lt. Col. Cowper Rose, R.E.
5. Sir Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, British Field-Marshal.
6. Assistant Surgeon Constantine Caridi Read.

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