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The Drake Letters
William Henry Drake (Varna) № 6 - Louisa Drake (London), 2 - 4 September 1854
№ 6 Varna 2 Sept 1854 1
Saturday –
My dear Lu,
        I send herewith 1st of Treasy. Bill No. 134 for £50. – My last letter was on the 29 Ult. 2 Events have of course progressed since that and the Troops are now nearly all embarked except the Cavalry who began yesterday & are still going on embarking, great numbers of French are all on board    Yesterday a Sad accident happened to them – A flat bottomed pontoon with about 50 Zouáves were going off when a Turkish Steamer in the employ of the French ran them down & some 30 of the poor men were drowned being encumbered with all their accoutrement, they had very little chance of escape    The Zouáves are a particularly fine Soldierlike set of men, they have an excellent & picturesque Style of dress half European half Asiatic – I believe we all embark on Monday the 4th. I go with the C.G. 3 D.C.G. Adams, 4 Carpenter 5 & some doz. men in the Steamer Hope & our Horses & Second Servant in the Albatross Str. We have 4 steamers Commissariat the above two the Cormorant & Sovereign & we tow at least 7 Vessels full of Victuals for man & beast. I have engaged a new Servant 6 at high wages my Greek 7 being afraid to go on    I have a very good man as Interpreter paid by the Dept. & he selected my new Servant for me    I am expected evidently to work hard & so I will especially if he the C.G. 8 gives me a lift in rank which however I fear he will not
Poor Webb is appointed to the Depot of all Regiments & to be left at Varna    he is just like a flat fish out of water going about bewailing his hard fate appealing to everybody to assist him & grumbling very much –   3rd Sept: Poor fellow he was very ill yesterday after I finished the result of over excitement & distress of mind, the fact is as a Field Commy. he is not worth a rap. – I was pretty well tired out yesterday & have much the same prospect before me today tho’ Sunday. Lord Raglans Staff & Baggage embark today. We go tomorrow morning but all our horses, our Transport & live Cattle have yet to be embarked. The Navy assist us in doing it tomorrow & I shall probably have to close this abruptly, if so you will know the reason – I shall keep it open to last moment in hopes of having to acknowledge both letters and the Shirts by tomorrows Mail
6 P.M. Just recd. yours of 17 August & Lochées 9 with the Deed which I will sign tomorrow in the presence of the Brit: Consul 10 & enclose with this to Ty.
I am glad to find you were then all well – I have been on board my Ship & put my baggage on board except my Bed & Valise – I do not write to Lochée for I have not time for such a letter but I am quite content to leave the affair in his hands – Just at the last moment my Greek who was going as groom has struck for Wages but I shant give in as he is a stupid fellow
We go on board today (4th Monday but I do not expect to sail until Wednesday Morng. & then to the Rendezvous at Balsheik Bay to leave that on Thursday. Signed the deed before Mr. Neal Consul here just off    Love to all from
Your affectionate hub
W. H. Drake.

4 Sept. 10 a.m.
1. Private family manuscript (Judith Hall and Sally Mac, Auckland, New Zealand).
2. I do not have a copy of this letter.
3. Commissary-General. William Filder, C.B.
4. ACG Leonce .
5. ACG Frederick Stanley Carpenter.
6. Giovanni Sperious [sp?]. [Journal, 1 September 1854].
7. Christi. [Journal, 1 September 1854].
8. CG William Filder.
9. Louisa’s sister Emma Purkis married Francis Lochée.
10. Colonel Edward St. John Neale, British Consul at Varna.

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