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Army List, December 1854.
Staff, &c. on Foreign Stations.

Errors in the spelling of individual's names (actually rare in the Army Lists) have been corrected, where known, to simplify searching. For the same reason, full names have been used (again, where known), unlike the original which only employed initials for most middle names. Any corrections would be much appreciated - please email the webmaster at the address given on the contact page.
Field Marshal Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, Lord Raglan, G.C.B.
Military Secretary
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Montagu Steele, Coldstream Guards
Aides de Camp Brevet Lieut. Col. Francis William Henry Fane, Lord Burgersh, unattached
Lieutenant Colonel Poulett George Henry Somerset, Coldstream Guards
Captain Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge Kingscote, Scots Fusilier Guards
Lieutenant Hon. Somerset John Gough Calthorpe, 8th Hussars
Lieutenant Hon. Leicester Curzon, Rifle Brigade (extra)
LIEUTENANT GENERAL Sir John Fox Burgoyne, G.C.B.
Aides de Camp Lieutenant George Montagu Stopford, Royal Engineers
Captain John Hardman Burke, 88th Foot
Major Charles Nasmyth, unattached (extra)
Sir George Brown, K.C.B. K.H.
Aides de Camp Captain Alexander Macdonell, Rifle Brigade
Captain E. A. Whitmore, 30th Foot
Lieutenant Richard Lyons Otway Pearson, 7th Foot (extra)

Lieutenant General
H.R.H. George W. F. C., Duke of Cambridge, K.G. K.P. G.C.M.G.
Aides de Camp Major Hon. James William Bosville Macdonald, unattached
Captain Thomas Henry Clifton, 7th Dragoon Guards
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Tyrwhitt, Scots Fusilier Guards (extra)
Lieutenant General
Sir De Lacy Evans, K.C.B.
Aides de Camp Captain James Gubbins, 85th Foot
Captain Hon. William George Boyle, 21st Foot
Lieutenant General
Sir Richard England, K.C.B.
Aides de Camp
Captain Edward Neville, Scots Fusilier Guards
Lieutenant Richard England, 55th Foot
Lieutenant Hon. Charles James Keith, 4th Dragoons
Lieutenant General
Aides de Camp
Lieutenant General
George Charles Bingham, Earl of Lucan
Aides de Camp
Captain Charles Pyndar Beauchamp Walker, 7th Dragoon Guards
Captain George Lord Bingham, Coldstream Guards (extra)
Major General
James Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan
Aides de Camp
Captain George Viscount Dupplin, 1st Life Guards
Lieutenant Henry Fitzhardinge Berkeley Maxse, 21st Foot (extra)
Brigade Major 
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel George Wynell Mayow, unattached
Brigadier General
Hon. James Yorke Scarlett, 5th Dragoon Guards
Aide de Camp
Lieutenant Alexander James Hardy Elliot, 5th Dragoon Guards
Brigade Major
Captain James Conolly, unattached
Major General
Henry John William Bentinck
Aide de Camp
Lieutenant Alexander Viscount Balgonie, Grenadier Guards
Brigade Major
Captain Cuthbert George Ellison, Grenadier Guards
Major General
Sir Colin Campbell K.C.B.
Aides de Camp
Captain Lawrence Shadwell, 19th Foot
Lieutenant Charles Edward Mansfield, 33rd Foot (extra)
Brigade Major
Hon. Robert Rollo, 42nd Foot (temporary)
Major General
John Lysaght Pennefather C.B.
Aides de Camp
Captain Alistair McIan McDonald, 92th Foot
Brigade Major
Captain Joseph Edwin Thackwell, 22nd Foot
Major General
William John Codrington
Aide de Camp
2nd Lieutenant Hon. Henry Walter Campbell, Rifle Brigade
Brigade Major
Captain Kenneth Douglas Mackenzie, 92nd Foot
Brigadier General
Henry William Adams C.B., 49th Foot
Aide de Camp
Captain Cadwallader Adams, 49th Foot
Brigade Major
Captain James Wells Armstrong, 49th Foot
Brigadier General
Sir John Campbell, Bt., 38th Foot
Aide de Camp
Lieutenant Archibald Campbell Snodgrass, 38th Foot
Brigade Major
Captain Ludford Harvey Daniel, 38th Foot
Brigadier General
George Buller C.B., Rifle Brigade
Aide de Camp
Lieutenant Hon. Henry Clifford, Rifle Brigade
Brigade Major
Major George Vaughan Maxwell, 88th Foot
Brigadier General
William Eyre C.B. half pay, 73rd Foot
Aide de Camp
Captain Lumley Graham, 41st Foot
Brigade Major
Brevet Major Hon. Adolphus Hope, 60th Foot
Brigadier General
Arthur Wellesley Torrens, unattached
Aide de Camp
Captain Henry D'Oyley Torrens, 23rd Foot
Brigade Major
Captain Robert Bruce, 23rd Foot
Brigadier General

Brigadier General

Aide de Camp

Assistant Adjutant General
Brevet Major John Miller Adye, Royal Artillery
Brigade Major
Captain Hon. Edward Thomas Gage, Royal Artillery
Commanding Royal Engineers
Captain John William Gordon
Aide de Camp
Lieutenant Hon. George Wrottesley, Royal Engineers
Brigade Major
Captain John Williamson Lovell, Royal Engineers
Adjutant General
Brigadier General James Bucknall Bucknall Estcourt, unattached
Aide de Camp
Captain Charles Carew De Morel, 67th Foot
Assistants Adjutant General
Colonel Lord William Paulet, unattached
Colonel William Sullivan, unattached
Major Hon. William Lygon Pakenham, unattached
Brevet Major John Stewart Wood, 13th Foot
Brevet Major Robert Blane, unattached
Lieutenant Colonel John Studholme Brownrigg, Grenadier Guards
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Coningham Sterling, unattached
Quarter Master General
Major General William Lennox Lascelles Lord de Ros
Aide de Camp
Captain Arthur Walsh, 1st Life Guards
Acting Quarter Master General
Brigadier General Richard Airey, unattached
Aide de Camp

Assistants Quarter Master General
Colonel Arthur Augustus Thurlow Cunynghame, half pay, 51st Foot
Lieutenant Colonel Hon. Alexander Gordon, Grenadier Guards
Lieutenant Colonel Hon. Percy Egerton Herbert, 43rd Foot
Major Thomas Westropp McMahon, unattached
Lieutenant Colonel James Talbot Airey, Coldstream Guards
Brevet Major Hon. Francis Colborne, 15th Foot
Colonel Charles Ash Windham, unattached
Brevet Major Charles Nasmyth, unattached
Captain Lawrence Shadwell, 19th Foot (temporary)
To be employed either as Deputy Assistants Adjutant General or Deputy Assistants Quarter Master General
Captain Edward Robert Wetherall, Scots Fusilier Gds.
Captain Hon. Arthur Edward Hardinge, Coldstr. Gds.
Captain John Hackett, 77th Foot
Captain William Morris, 17th Lancers
Captain William Sankey, 47th Foot
Captain Charles John Woodford, Rifle Brigade
Capt. Arch. Hen. Plantagenet Stuart Stuart-Wortley, 1DG
Captain Henry Edwin Weare, 50th Foot
Captain Edmund Gilling Hallewell, 28th Foot
Lieut. Col. Charles Lennox Brownlow Maitland, Gren. Gds.
Captain Hugh Smith, 3rd Foot
Captain Edward Fellowes, 12th Dragoons
Captain Henry Meade Hamilton, 47th Foot
Captain John Alexander Ewart, 93rd Foot
Captain John Agmondisham Vesey Kirkland, 21 Foot
Captain Charles Stuart Glazbrook, 49 Foot
Instructor of Minie Rifle Practice
Captain Lane Fox, Grenadier Guards
Deputy Judge Advocate
William Govett Romaine Esq.
Queen's Commissioner at the HQ of the French Army
Brigadier General Hugh Henry Rose, C.B.
Aide de Camp
Major Hon. St. George Gerald Foley, unattached
Queen's Commissioner at the HQ of the Austrian Army
Brigadier General Gustavus Charles du Plat, K.H.
Aides de Camp
Captain Charles Edward Conyers, 2nd Dragoon Guards
Ensign Alexander Bower St. Clair, 4th Foot (extra)
Employed on Special Service at the HQ of the French Army
Brevet Major Edward Stopford Claremont, Canadian Rifles
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Colingwood Dickson, Royal Artillery
List of Assistant Surgeons and Veterinary Surgeons detached from their Regiments for Service with the Forces in the East
Assistant Surgeons
Stuart Moore, 6th Dragoon Guards
Jenkin Homfray Llewelyn, 7th Dragoon Guards
Robert Wilson m.d., 7th Dragoons
Usher William Evans m.d., 16th Dragoons
Robert Beresford Smyth m.d., 1st Foot, 2nd Bn.
Francis Holton m.b., 2nd Foot
Edward William Young m.d., 11th Foot
Henry Fowle Smith m.d., 16th Foot
Theodore Gordon Bone m.d., 17th Foot
John Coates m.d., 26th Foot
John S. Furlong m.d., 39th Foot
Thomas Ligertwood m.b., 40th Foot
Patrick McDermott m.d., 48th Foot
Benjamin Tydd, 58th Foot
Thomas Connor O'Leary, 59th Foot
William Ker Park, 65th Foot
Michael Fenton Manifold, 67th Foot
Charles Walter Poulton, 73rd Foot
John Knox Leet, 85th Foot
Alexander Grier m.d., 92nd Foot
Veterinary Surgeons
F. Delany
Thomas Jex
John Legrew
Captain Commandant
Major Walter Colquhoun Grant
Captain Robert Stuart Baynes, 8th Foot
Edward Budgen, 12 Sept. 54
Robert William Sanderson Raper Hunton, 14 Sept. 54
Captain John James Grant, unattached
Captain John Pelling Pigott
Adjutant and Quarter Master
William Henry