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Royal Marine Brigade Muster
Those ashore from HMS Rodney

Transcribed from  ADM 38/4674 96731  at The National Archives
Links to the page for each ship in the order they are recorded in the muster:
Britannia | Albion | Queen | Rodney | Trafalgar | Vengeance | Bellerophon
London | Algiers | Arethusa | Leander | Diamond | Vesuvius | Sans Pareil | Agamemnon
Eli GardnerPrivateWilliam PitmanPrivate
George HarcourtCorporalThomas KentPrivate
Alfred FennellPrivateReuben IngramPrivate
A. J. WilsonPrivateCornelius CrossPrivate
Joseph DurowPrivateGeorge WildsPrivate
Joseph BrownPrivateWilliam Ozling [?] Private
Robert SpraguePrivateFrancis CarpenterPrivate
Thomas DyerPrivateJames McLeodPrivate
Alfred SmithPrivateJames FurnellPrivate
Eli SimsPrivateJames LeatPrivate
E. Febry [ or Thomas ] PrivateRobert GriffithsPrivate
Edmund SmithPrivateJames HortonPrivate
John JowettPrivateCharles LucasPrivate
Robert GodfreyPrivateSamuel StreetPrivate
Frederick BossomPrivateAnthony BrownPrivate
George WattsPrivateJames NashPrivate
Michael DorePrivateWilliam Henry LowePrivate
Thomas HindPrivateStephen ColePrivate
Felix McGeePrivateRobert BuckleyPrivate
Charles HandleyPrivateGeorge GrimesPrivate
Isaac PeckhamPrivateHenry HarrisPrivate
Thomas RussellPrivateWilliam Collins [ or Collings ] Private
Charles AbbottPrivateIsaac FrankhamSergeant
Thomas EatonPrivateGeorge BurnettPrivate
Thomas ParkerPrivateJohn SaundersPrivate
Thomas HurleyPrivateJohn PagePrivate
Thomas HurdenPrivateJohn MundayPrivate
Thomas BowlesPrivateWilliam Stag [ or Walter Stagg ] Private
James LakinPrivateWilliam Biascahill [ ? ? ] Private
William ColeyPrivateJohn Bryant [ or John James ] Private
James Woods [ or Joseph ] PrivateJohn YoungPrivate
George SimsPrivateWilliam HearnPrivate
John StringerPrivateWilliam Staple [ or Stables ] Private
George WilsonPrivateBenjamin WicksPrivate
William BiggsPrivateWilliam CornickPrivate
William Casford [ or Cassford ] PrivateWilliam BartlettPrivate
George StillPrivateGeorge Smith [ or Geo. J. ] Private
Henry WestonPrivateGeorge Trollope [ or Trollip ] Private
James Hallett [ or Joseph ] PrivateThomas BaughurstPrivate
Charles LangtonPrivateRichard DorePrivate
Charles HalePrivatePatrick KelleyPrivate
John ErskinePrivateEdwin WhitePrivate
James FlemingPrivateJohn WhitePrivate
John BoylePrivatePatrick Millins [ or Mullins ] Private
Sampson StokesPrivateThomas AtkeyPrivate
Stephen JonesPrivateEdwin HewsonPrivate
Richard HockinPrivateStephen SaundersPrivate
Charles Whylett [ or Christopher Whytell ] PrivateWilliam HillierPrivate
William HughesPrivateCharles MilesPrivate
John EamesPrivateA.Chillers [ ? Aaron Chivers? ] Private
William FordPrivateEdward DickinsonPrivate
William ScammellPrivateJohn MillerPrivate
Thomas PenneyPrivateJohn StevensPrivate
Thomas BarnettPrivateJohn SmithPrivate
Walker OrdPrivateEdward KnightPrivate
Charles PrimerPrivateDraper GardnerPrivate
James OliverPrivateThomas MacklinPrivate
John GiddyPrivateThomas CornwellPrivate
John ColePrivateCharles BennettPrivate
George MarchantPrivateJohn GorrinPrivate
Thomas Warner Gary Warren [ alias? ] PrivateEdward ChubbPrivate
James PinnockPrivateWilliam BrownPrivate
Thomas C. HearPrivateJames McEwenPrivate
Job BoulterPrivateGeorge WhiteSergeant Major
James GillickPrivateJames JacobsCorporal
George RixPrivateElias Wire [ or Wroe ] Private
William KingPrivateJohn PickfordDrummer
John McCormackPrivatePatrick HoranPrivate
James BubbPrivateJoseph LetmorePrivate
John CavePrivateJames Marsh [ or William ] Private
Thomas Farrell [ or Farrall ] Private 
Original photocopy acquired by T. Muir from  ADM 38/4674 96731  The National Archives, 1996.

The following is the list of officers belonging to HMS Rodney who served ashore with the Royal Marine Brigade from its first landing, but are not recorded in the muster:
  • 1st Lieutenant A.C. Critchell Navy List 20/6/1855
  • 1st Lieutenant F.L. Dowse Navy List 20/6/1855
  • 1st Lieutenant J.R. Lloyd Navy List 20/6/1855 War Services Army List 1859

Links to the page for each ship in the order they are recorded in the muster:
Britannia | Albion | Queen | Rodney | Trafalgar | Vengeance | Bellerophon
London | Algiers | Arethusa | Leander | Diamond | Vesuvius | Sans Pareil | Agamemnon