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Royal Marine Brigade Muster
Those ashore from HMS Queen

Transcribed from  ADM 38/4674 96731  at The National Archives
Links to the page for each ship in the order they are recorded in the muster:
Britannia | Albion | Queen | Rodney | Trafalgar | Vengeance | Bellerophon
London | Algiers | Arethusa | Leander | Diamond | Vesuvius | Sans Pareil | Agamemnon
John MillwardSergeantThomas ElstonPrivate
Will PearceSergeantWilliam PagePrivate
Richard WilliamsCorporalWilliam Creeke [ or Creek ] Private
Richard TaylorCorporalHenry MuxworthyPrivate
John GillPrivateHenry BakerPrivate
John ReedPrivateGeorge HolderPrivate
John HoltPrivateWilliam Henry Biship [ or Bishop ] Private
John SydenhamPrivateJohn BulpinPrivate
William HarrisPrivateWilliam HazelPrivate
James LamshedPrivateGeorge ShortPrivate
Will Melluish [ or Meluish ] PrivateJames Connell [ or Connel ] Private
William BondPrivateJohn WilkinsonPrivate
Samuel PykePrivateJohn HancockPrivate
John CliftonPrivateJames FogertyPrivate
John CollardPrivateGeorge Turrell [ or James Terrell ? ] Private
George MillsPrivateJohn MadgePrivate
Richard AndrewsPrivateThomas NicholsonPrivate
John KipplePrivateWilliam ThurstonPrivate
John AveryPrivateJames HarePrivate
Edward MarshallPrivateJames WaltersPrivate
John LeyPrivateWilliam HoskinsPrivate
Malcom StewartPrivateJames OgeleyPrivate
James FurzePrivateGeorge WarnePrivate
William H. OughtonPrivateThomas Lappett [ or Lappart ] Private
John CornibeerPrivateWilliam JonesPrivate
Charles AllenPrivateDaniel ParadisePrivate
Samuel Kiddle [ or Kiddell ] PrivateGeorge HaywoodPrivate
James Vowels [ or Vowles ] PrivateWilliam Witting [ or Whitting ] Private
William MountfordPrivateCharles Kitchner [ or Kitchener ] Private
James MossPrivateGeorge CordingPrivate
Joseph TurnerPrivateThomas BowdenPrivate
John SymondPrivateCharles CrossPrivate
William CooksleyPrivateJohn WhitePrivate
Moses BrownPrivateJoseph Bryant [ or James ] Private
James RowePrivateWilliam Gowdey [ or Gowdy ] Lance Corporal
Samuel RichardsPrivateWilliam Edger [ or Edgar ] Private
Thomas AshPrivateJohn Blowse [ or Blows ] Private
Charles Laverty [ or Leverty ] PrivateHenry BeerPrivate
Samuel BartlettPrivateRichard Horford [ or Harford ] Private
John BiggsPrivateWilliam Evans (2)Private
John Clarke [ or Clark ] PrivateSamuel Rinch [ or Rench ] Private
Abraham RalphsPrivateJohn TurtlePrivate
Patrick McKoon [ or McKoone ] PrivateJohn AmblerPrivate
Abraham KirtonPrivateJames GoslandPrivate
John BakerPrivateWilliam BonneyLance Corporal
Charles SeatonPrivateWilliam Harris (1)Private
John BrewerPrivateDavid WeeksPrivate
Edwin WilkesPrivateThomas HigginsPrivate
James BoltPrivatePatrick MurrayLance Corporal
Martin Gitters [ or Gittus ] PrivateWilliam Mumm [ or Munn ] Private
John AdamsPrivateJohn Rodgers (2)Private
Walter WestPrivateJohn Broome [ or Broom ] Private
Robert KirkmanCorporalJoseph Palmer [ or John ] Private
William BowlesPrivateWilliam PerkinsPrivate
John Rodgers (1) [ or Rogers ] PrivateWilliam BucklePrivate
Richard LabinPrivateJohn WakehamPrivate
Richard Lynden [ or Lyndon ] PrivateWilliam ColePrivate
Henry ColesPrivateSamuel WillisPrivate
Edward Perser [ or Purser ] PrivateThomas HarveyPrivate
Owen Donaghay [ or Donaghey ] PrivateWilliam CoramPrivate
William WayPrivateRichard Sally [ or Salley ] Private
Joseph TriggPrivateFrederick DiffeyPrivate
Will Makepeace [ or Makepiece ] PrivateGeorge HodderPrivate
Walter HolleyPrivateJames HealePrivate
Richard Johns Navy List 20/6/1855 War Services Lieutenant RM  
Original photocopy acquired by T. Muir from  ADM 38/4674 96731  The National Archives, 1996.

The following is the list of officers belonging to HMS Queen who served ashore with the Royal Marine Brigade from its first landing, but are not recorded in the muster:
  • Captain William H. March Navy List 20/6/1855 no ship listed War Services Army List 1859
  • Captain Simon Fraser Navy List 20/6/1855 War Services Army List 1859

Links to the page for each ship in the order they are recorded in the muster:
Britannia | Albion | Queen | Rodney | Trafalgar | Vengeance | Bellerophon
London | Algiers | Arethusa | Leander | Diamond | Vesuvius | Sans Pareil | Agamemnon